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Military operation

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Putin received authorization on Core troops on Ukraine

the Security Federation hawk appeal President Russia Vladimir Putin’s about the introduction of armed forces on territory Ukraine. Decision adopted on vneoocherednom meeting the upper houses of parliament.

"Give consensus president on the use of armed forces on territory Ukraine. Present the resolution enters in force since the signing ", - states in managing the ordinance.

Previously in Saturday, 1 March, Putin contributed in the Security Federation appeal about using Armed Forces trades abroad on territory Ukraine.

"В связи с экстраординарной ситуацией, сложившейся на Украине, угрозой жизни граждан Российской Федерации, наших соотечественников, личного состава воинского контингента Вооруженных Сил Российской Федерации, дислоцирующегося в соответствии с международным договором на территории Украины (Автономная Республика Крым), на основании пункта "г" части 1 статьи 102 Конституции Российской Федерации вношу в Совет Федерации Федерального Собрания Российской Федерации обращение об использовании Вооруженных Сил Российской Федерации на территории Украины до нормализации общественно-политической обстановки в этой стране", - говорилось в обращении.



First reaction West on decision Putin’s

Covbez UN appointed there are strong meets in ties with intent Russia introduce troops on Ukraine. Session will mark today in 23 :0 0 minutes Moscow Time. Lithuania in ties with possible vvedneim Russian troops on Ukraine demanded convening Council NATO.

Reuters with refers on one of diplomats the EU writes, that ministers Foreign member countries European Union will host there are strong meets in Brussels 3 March with those, to discuss situation around Ukraine. "Extraordinario session on Ukraine will mark in Monday,. Most likely, after 13 :0 0, "said diplomat.

Foreign ministry Britain summoned ambassador trades abroad, to express "deep concern" actions Russian authorities in respect Ukraine, is handing Reuters. British Minister Foreign William Hague declared, that Russia’s actions on Ukraine represent "potentially a serious threat" sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity Ukraine.

"Russian companies and banks, with business with the West, will suffer in a result rushing to the decisions Putin’s. 's concluded whether they? ", - wrote in his Twitter former Ambassador America in Russia Michael McFaul.





20,000-strong Tripoli Military coup - this illegal change power.
Russia entry will enter troops to establishing law enforcement and legitimacy, and further let decides people on referendums. Higher law in right dictate people, not Plato bandits and murderers.
Westward sponsored bloody bath in Kyiv, so that let Gary) its his mouth.

Enemy of will broken, victory will for us!



President the US Barack Obama warned, that Moscow will have pay high price in case military invasion on Ukraine.

This statement appeared in ties with obostrivsheysya situation in Crimea, where obscure armed people took under their control administrative buildings and two airport. On them there is no unmarked signs, however new Ukrainian power proclaim, that this Russian military.

“Any violation of sovereignty Ukraine will deeply destabilizing, that not fits interests nor Ukraine, nor Russia, nor Europe ”, — declared Obama.

Previously caretaker President Ukraine Alexander the blame accused Russia in military aggression in Crimea. He addressed Russian president Vladimir Putin with call “stop provocations and start negotiations. ”

“Russian Federation went to less-than-hidden aggression against our Ukraine ”, — said the blame in teleobraschenii to nation.



Obama threatens not to come in Sochi and to abandon deepening.
State Department the US not was able find evidence Russian invasion in Crimea.

How declared representative foreign ministry official Jennifer jen Psaki, have American authorities there is no own sources information about situation on Ukraine. Such statement she made during press conference. Jen Psaki has clarified its, that entire information about Crimea State Department receives of those same sources, that and journalists.

In the same day US President Barack Obama warned Moscow from armed intervention in situation on Ukraine. On his words of, in America are worried messages about endurance Russian troops on Peninsula. In case invasion Obama threatened to ignore summit of the G8 in Sochi and to abandon in-depth trade ties.





President the US Barack Hussein Obama warned, that Moscow costly will pay in case military invasion on Ukraine.

Obama with coils moved out.
Such diplomatic enter through not allowed itself even the late Hussein Saddam.
On inertia still thinks, that Russia this country third World. May serve.



China will support Russia

China handles right "veto" on any decision UN Security Council against Russia - about this told the sources of in sidelines of the Organization joint of nations. Diplomats also added, that in any time soon China "'ll back geopolitical ambitions the US requirement repaying the dogovye obligations the US. Gold, which have America’s "is in a limited numbers."

China, theoretically, can cutting an America, holding demands repaying the debts. If the US refuses, then this will mean bankruptcy the US. Theoretically.





They tupyyee)
Signature under photography: Ukrainian ruler and Viktor Yanukovych




13 Вокзал Симферополя .

Симферо́поль — крупный город на юге Украины. Административный, промышленный, научный и культурный центр Автономной Республики Крым.



agni wrote:

Вокзал Симферополя .
Симферо́поль — крупный город на юге Украины. Административный, промышленный, научный и культурный центр Автономной Республики Крым.

Т.е. ты хочешь сказать, что часы там показывали на 11 марта ?  :unsure:



Moscow. 2 March. Their quantity can reach 600,000 - Prime Minister Canada Steven Harper announced, that in ties with the crisis on Ukraine PRD revoking its ambassador in Russia, reported agency PA.

That Ambassador, far he Ambassador.



Perhaps, on 11 February terrora €™ coup on Ukraine (rastrel on Maidan, and other events). An ideal time - no one would not In on Core troops in the height of the Olympics.

But Yanukovych has been so subtle, that refused issuing weapons dead policemen. And, without called the shots and dead revolution could not become legitimate. Contrary, information war elected Yanukovych. Poor unarmed the cops were eager and received stones on "cupple" smacks. And vecherinok all waited. Such over villainy from him masters not expected.

So and "massonskaya map" has shifted on on 11 days



джон wrote:

Paige, on 11 February terrora €™ coup on Ukraine (rastrel on Maidan, and other events). An ideal time - no one would not In on Core troops in the height of the Olympics.
But Yanukovych has been so subtle, that refused issuing weapons dead policemen.

Not Yanukovych to decide who whom weapons issuing should. He handled material, although his even get back a little poispolzuyut as legitimate figure.
I have at all stands at such option, that Russian intelligence agencies played out the entire Ukrainian map with the outset, I think this they pushed Europe on making stuff up some "European integration."
Get back a little game in just so self-indulgent, then events go on governing structure designed trajectory - to power come natsiki, which discredit its unusual stupidity any western idea, and then already people, implementing various their forward with their feet, and in late Russia receives prize, entire Ukraine. Then on hill from there undermine Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Estonia and camping on D. With then, as and on Ukraine, solve will people, with whom he and for what he.
That now and fulfilling junta on Ukraine? Salaries to lend not will, crimes in the will grow, robbery banks, killings, drawing hideous. Westward them loans will give and himself same their can, Strung neposilnye interest. Witness that they make, they he appointed an minister somehow, mind there is no. Government mayor not will endure long.



Dmitry" wrote:

T. E. You like it or say, that clock there showed on 11 March?

Veritsya with hard that figures show 11 / 3, but all same.

So same come the attacks in Madrid 11 March 2004 (3 / 11) "Skyfall data investigations, date organizations terrorist attacks was chosen with symbolic importance — the bombings occurred through 911 days (and exactly through 2.5 year) after terrorist attacks in the US September 11, 2001 (9 / 11)" perhaps were and other events from which can be's suitable to start until dates 11.03.2014. Von on a map perishing painful for look like on color of flag Ukraine.



agni wrote:

.. Perhaps were and other events from which can be's suitable to start until dates 11.03.2014. Von on a map perishing painful for look like on color of flag Ukraine.

11.03.2014, minus 911 days, tickles 11.09.2011, in New York were open two Caribbean on place two towers the World Trade Center.
. Calculator days
11 March 1931 - in the USSR introduced fizkulturnyy complex GTO (the Ready to work and defense).
11 March 1936 - in the capital the USSR city of Moscow first time began 2 campsites Ukrainian art.
11 March 1985 - on Extraordinary Third Plenary the Chinese Central Committee Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev was elected by U.N. Secretary General the Chinese Central Committee
11 March 2004 - in a result terrorist attacks in Madrid peri trains died 191 countries people.
11 March 2009 - in Vinnendene (Germany) Tim-Realschule massacre, brought the shooting of in school, and then and in district. Killing 15 man and injuring 11, he took his own with a in environment police.
11 March 2011 - have northeastern eastern the coast Japan happened earthquake, about about 9.0, which for a devastating tsunami. Likely, cause of earthquake became explosion atomic bomb. Tsunami inflicted the a giant damage-coast Japan, and ostensibly harmed nuclear-power plant Fukushima-1. Japanese engineers failed to rebuild system cooling, them even lacked mind launch emergency diesel-generator (and we in this deeds before, in a result what experienced overheating nuclear fuels, prevents the practically, huge explosion (likely artificial), a giant emit radiation. Leaked radiological water continues until now, a mortal threat he's been spreading the currents around the the Pacific.



Ukraine stripped of fleet

Moscow. 2 March. Their quantity can reach 600,000 - Recently, appointed by army Navy Ukraine counter-Admiral Denis Berezovsky in Sunday bears witness on loyalty new authorities Crimea, told the in Crimean administration.
1 March Berezovsky decree. O. Head of state Aleksander Oleksandr Valentynovych Turchynov was appointed the Joint Chiefs at Navy sea forces the Armed forces Ukraine


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