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Military operation

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Importantly dead there is no



This not sick.
This one freak out continued master your scenario, where-fighting ???-began … -foto.html
"-a-fake-@-@ "with" mediynym "and" policy-, assembly "have scum work discordantly.

But bodies zagotovleny in Donetsk-Luhansk area, this clear

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Dmitry" wrote:


Importantly dead there is no

On 2 :0 0 reporters lack of being yelled at on no fool of the, which them shooting overshadow)
The most emotional moment "stormed"!



1425 reader from Slavyansk in my magazine … #t107073762014-04-15 14 :5 8

Igor Ivanov
Began a war party on military airfield Dnipropetrovs about 16-00. … 49870.html
In Slavyansk comprised 20 BTRov and about 500 military, --witnesses
Today, 17 :1 7
In Donetsk area began counter-terrorism operation
Photo from open sources
In Slavyansk Donetsk area for conducting anti-terror shares enter Column MVD Ukraine in the composition of the about 500 troops and lot of military hardware, report-witnesses in social networks, is handing "Interfax-Ukraine.
"In Slavyansk only that enter Column MVD Ukraine from 500 military, 20 BTRov, 2 helicopter, several bus. Counter-terrorism operation will ", - states in Summit.
As reported previously, began-fighting in district its airfield in category: Kramatorsk. In Gorlovka (Donetsk region) and category: Kramatorsk is disabled mobile the link.
On the morning, 15 April,. O. President Ukraine Alexander the blame declared, that began counter-terrorism operation in Donetsk region
Recall, prorossiyskie demonstrators with 12 April began to administrative capture buildings in Gorlovka (Donetsk region) and other cities Donetsk region

In Gorlovka (Donetsk region) increasingly still quietly, no liberation not was.

Igor Ivanov
Until only air from every direction Dnipropetrovs, in city will certainly enter at night or under morning.

Slavyansk we just finished mad. After festival 4 concerts "grabs" have all certain paranoia about stormed, every night citizens fear lie down sleep. After today’s kramatorskikh events those more. Although description of varies enormously with precision until contrary. Have some at all create democracies impression of the staging skirmishes on airfield. In Monday, have closed schools and-care initiative. Tomorrow already promise open. In the news Slavyansk already released from "invaders", then as action no not was at all. Mayor cities judging by the latest interview already "has galloped" on side Ukrainian military, "liberators from Russian of fascism", then as in Saturday told "increasingly normal, this our guys, they not agree with Kyiv and we their support." Today was taking a walk in the center of the cities, first time - I feel warm since "seizing", and all people shipment here in center "fight with banderofoshyzmom", regularly take pictures on backdrop of "insurgents" and divide, call friends and look as work TV on backdrop of these scenery offer interview. People, democracy the male population Slavyansk, my friends and familiar on full seryoze already which day on bloc governing "defend city from foshyzdov Bandera men", then as Ukrainian army intends to "exempt us from Russian separatists." In general, city we just finished mad, and this very disturbing.

Igor Ivanov
You from Slavyansk? And that there in a whole happening?

I from Slavyansk. Live as times near "captured" gorotdela. Is happening the, that wrote higher. People fear, that are coming over "liberators." But in a whole increasingly quietly, and percent 99 news this M. Deza. Until so. As night will have hosted - is unknown.

A from Slavyansk … #t106464482014-04-13 00 :4 8
Have us, too, have seized (and on-my voluntarily voted, after mayor mentioned what this good and their) militia and divide installed. Center Slavyansk, about gorotdela, process build

Divide are building those same invaders Municipality, a small group. The Middle, which tyres were carring, in slaughter. Trailer quality production of rolled up, - work whether engineered.
Local looky-loos near are worth.

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A from Slavyansk … #t10717616
Here is even from lichki, reviews the inhabitant cities: "Yesterday over [микрорайоном]Ripeo was flying jet - but not Fighting (not such as today over kramatorskom) and simply a small jet - was flying very low - their eyes seen as he slightly not he crashed in tenth floor homes in which I live - (on Lesnoi), and neighbor who was on kitchen on seventh floor see those crime this in window - fell on gender, so as decided to, that jet flies directly in his window. About 15.00 days. Apparently pilot was either drunk either're a non-pro. All with the same airport.
And today on the morning call with Dnipropetrovs, said, that son can be to go on at school. Rallied, went - ringing - here military position, fly fighter, us again he embarks upon on homes. Told, to drove on rail train, not by bus - so harvesting.
Today began to walk mini bus, emerged bread in stores, on the streets all so same as and was. "



The entire staff already is debating. A downed helicopter in category: Kramatorsk and Syria



горожанин wrote:

At 2 :0 0 reporters lack are yelling to no fool of the, which them shooting overshadow)
The most emotional moment "stormed"!

Sort of increasingly in normalcy. Pencil dick churchgoers is clogging, him of being yelled at, but in the same time he as something to do with the, the attacker must.
And Private security contractors in turn, those same words say journalists.
Incidentally these journalists worldwide classrooms pictures this moment, in including a phenomenal with way out welders from muzzle the brake. … z2yyKdK9IQ
Ah and sold these derzhitsya in England.
A psychic attack in the hope, that the cops will open doors. In such moments me above all iai?yaaao continued.
Namely: Why video snuffed on really interesting place?
Think 20 February, all operators, which cast musketry dope-fiends - been circumcised of that right VIDEO. Especially barbaric are circumcised shootings with the hotels and with the most "Piglet (Milne character)"
Ah like more Hotel not to what. Fotookhotniki, watched in the point, far must were come Private security contractors on logic things and events. On sites seen by-such and Mail-shaped are hanging announcement with the indication price for photo and video materials, for any a valuable information. Owners serious photographic technique's rushed in cities Donetsk area earn pounds-sterling.



Dmitry" wrote:

By the way these journalists worldwide classrooms pictures this moment, in including a phenomenal with way out welders from muzzle the brake. … z2yyKdK9IQ
Ah and sold these derzhitsya in England.

Yes, Hi,, assault on stunning game against)
And where, interestingly, this warrior so has heroically doubled over, losing? And why?

Here direct live broadcast with four Web cameras from Slavyansk … amery.html
Horrendous terrible-fighting go in Gorlovka (Donetsk region).
And men something not know)

A here is what Slavyansk, a mediocre rathole of a town, Web live coverage offers, already interestingly.
In trades abroad, how know, osnaschali capital, osnaschali Volgograd, and then with these cameras type cast "of movement terrorist Asiyalovoy, vzorvavshey team bus", and station.
Slavyansk prepared to long Leba Spit, yes not ‘.

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Slavyansk prepared to long Leba Spit, yes not ‘.

Attempt to deal in editorial:
– my opinion: No one from "our" not wants to shoot, and have scum gap template. They even times look in instructions and not understand, why so. And can so, because occurred meeting with the Russian civilization?
On East was already several cases, when unarmed people opened or defeated armed pillar Ukrainian army. This at all not fits in logic, because in theory:
against army not can resist no one.
With other hand, Ukrainian army not fluent normal military teachings already 20 years, camping on E. Already almost not army and so, and here modicum, uh, drive gave on the BMP.
The military parts of Lviv area sometimes implemented wildfires. With NATO, but these parts of likely now there is no on East. Against Russians why something provide Russians.)
To Slavinsku and Zhdanov (place) were relined pillar, in the composition of the which installations "Grad." As they "Hail Storm" want to smoke popular militias from centers cities? Gap template. They than thought when received order take in pillar this technique?
Can be even justify, if "Grad" to roll him to border, but why their to roll him to Zhdanov (place)?
Set of photos 21 photo. Mariupol
Across Ukraine so much wheel, the EU that whether their here utiliziruet?



Net spectacle.
Picturesque clowns in end. Nice suits revolutionaries design from and talented.
Synthesis agitation at the highest level, all very opaque, carefully and politically of well-.
Tires from all waste dumps stascheny, without adm.-khozyaystvennykh details of junta their here not use this one.
Storey interconnected population pillar military - (blocked) under full indifference and "population", and military. Activists ("population") performed role, military marshal, honouring its order.
One of the authors -Steshin, from team "annanyus," which in Dzhobare under Damascus three years "reanalysis homs" and "-fighting in Darae "absolves) Vnematrichniki

Roughly so same (only on Musical, extremely rare) resisted "liberation Western Ukraine" in 1940 year.
Ukraine 2014 - this Poland 1939.
The partition East-the West and war.
Attempts on a third the global.

Local activists armed only two knuckleheads

“, the DJ ” puts only, patriotic songs

Bahamian weapons have activists Mariupol there is no. At least, on mind

Protection city council Mariupol

Window city council Mariupol

City council Mariupol

Barricades have city council Mariupol

Have city council Mariupol set dead miners,. Included mobile — instead caused candelsticks

Ukrainian military on positions in farms Rybatskoye under Zhdanov (place)

Deployed in starodubtsevke adolescent camp Krasnogradsko-Kievan Rifle brigades

One's a bad local residents Column the BMP have sela Republic under Zhdanov (place)

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From three until forty roughly)



Nachrichten von der Ostfront
Weapons the old and primitive.
Sapyornyya might looted generals on their ????.

'm making an Lviv language the fuck out of, not might the fuck out of





Only Jews could such in head come:crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun:

“Dear citizens Jewish nationality! In ties with those, that leaders Jewish communities Ukraine supported benderovskuyu junta in Kyiv and hostile determined in respect Orthodox Donetsk republics and its citizens, the Chief Headquarters Donetsk republics ruled the next:
All citizens Jewish nationality older 16 years, who reside on territory sovereign Donetsk republics, needs in term until 3 on May 2014 joining the to. O. Commissioner on Affairs nationalities in the building Donets'ka Regional State Administration, cabinet 514 for registration. The cost of registration accounts for 50 dollars the US.
Under itself to have cash means in the sum 50 dollars the US for pay for registration, passports for benchmarks about-Evangelical, documents about composition family, and also pravoustanavlivayuschie documents on all own you real estate and vehicles.
In case evasion from registration perpetrators will deprived of citizenship and expelled in compulsory order beyond republics with the confiscation of assets. ”





our Ukraine formed a dnepropetrovskiy "Beitar Jerusalem F.C." … 4147072486

first subdivisions spetsbatalona "Dnepr river" being framed and are prepared to fulfilling combat tasks. Checkpoints set.
I many thought about events in Donetsk and Luhansk. Conclusion one - this revolution poverty. Insurgency the weary, desperate and neuslyshannykh power people.
The clique Yanukovych, pogruzivshaya our fellow citizens plunged into despair, today incites their on separatism, by giving away money, the stolen have people and promising future in the composition of the neighboring unfriendly state.
Our Russian-speaking brothers with Donbas. Into. More benchmarks. Kupivshiesya on sweet your city scoundrels.
We have proposal.
For every returned barrel - paid an rewards for machine gun 1,000 dollars the US, gun - 1,500 dollars the US, a grenade launcher - 2000 dollars the US.
For every donated "green little man", he same mercenary, stupivshiy on our common land and tries push us in a civil war - reward 10 100,000 dollars the US.
For every cleared out the building, weapon local power and under guard spetsroty "Donbas" battalion "Dnepr river" - reward 200,000 dollars the US (???? have territorial a?iiaau remains free right access in any moment)
All the details, seats transfer of money, contact phones tomorrow in a special Summit directorate National for.
Boris March Kale Consultants bill on ODA with trade mark for luxiory

God Ukrainians, Jews you offer right now earn a fuckload money.
Forward on earnings. And Ukraine? The cock with it. Jews bad not robyat.
You already have proven its dedication Jews winter, led them to power in Kyiv.
Fitness its dedication even times, from you dolbayobov, not give refuge.



Of Slovenska Beach

Roughly hour ago in social media and on the telephone from friends starters spread information, that caf rural-urban divide Sergeevka, which on away to Kramatorsku. Are engaged tanks, large. My friends, living in district Dnipropetrovs Old city have become witnessing of the staging attacks — as homes, heard as in yard their iiiaiyoaaeee progressed some man with - little loudspeaker, and announced, too, most: Goes to the column tanks units 50, paratroops out there, which already "'s gonna get billeted in gardens", on such something neighboring the streets already go-fighting, are burning tires-battlegroups drapes. And here same DJ, kick it emergency vehicles for as one and ego i. Near on the short the barricade've organized storozhaschie people. Through while, on the street increasingly had tapered, and Kaptol there friends discovered, that there is no already no protestovalschikov. Within walking distance on the specified streets not discovered no traces battlefield, simple urban life. On one of streets defenders of indeed are burning tires — bask. About were no one not heard. My friend says, so already strapon all these provocations, that gave it comes stick, he and those and these on both sides standoff beat would without debriefing.

This I personally rebutting heard. And here is the same collections, but already harvesting, great walking on groups:

«1. Under Kramatorskom fixed airstrikes helicopters. In category: Kramatorsk already wounded one militia, is breached a roadblock
2. Begins assault on is an. Now people with underground meetings Lyashko tried to lead to an. The column moved in with howls "" Thank Ukraine! Leadership thank! "" Thank Bandere! "But until is an still not came close. People, however, on Tiananmen before is an failing. In the crowd our correspondents.
3. On all channels call to full mobilization. All szyvaem to is an
4. Under Sergeevkoy on or transit stations had landed large, was battle, armor of fired directly in a roadblock. Sergeevka repulsed him, armor of exits. Under Vasilevkoy, this with other hand Dnipropetrovs, had landed large, comes armor of, large after piece of landing immediately began to shoot in a roadblock on people. ”

- - - - -

And here is even that obvious. Need your comment. As think, -the firefighters say at, or simply has someone in the sky:

“are asked PEREPOST! Guys South-East! I a member for you, so and write. There is leaked the big info. Airplanes over “entertainments ” cities being pumped special khimtreyly – strong especially over means! If footprint held longer 15 minutes this it and there is! Signs of methyl: Drowsiness, apathy, indifference, depression, fear. From physical signs of vomiting and possible inexplicable diarrhea plus allergic reaction type wren's. If wind not, the put on it gnomes and respirators. Drink tea with pektinom (add in the jams, there is in foods and is) and immunostimulyatory (lemongrass, ivan-tea and others. Readers! Do please REPOSTY this kommenta!!

Vbrosy this text began today on the evening, 17 April. But on Google were even in January. Smiptomy staunchest, and an antidote? That you say? Treylit indeed began to taking a hell of a a few days ago. As would friends without disclosure the entire essence convince in unalterable antidotov. (You not responded on my blogs on treylam on previous page, and like would, and to list even times the possible antidotes).

Kyiv began to treylit with 2009 (on 2 year before trades abroad), in the Maidan, on address was used the same can kick out ("tea from Klitschko", support food-sale of alcohol protesters).
In days Maidan even 4000m2 as well as triangles've been hanged (derzhitsya there is then can find the money)

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Dmitry" wrote:

Two questions:
1) Ukraine sane country?
2) Ukraine country?

Ukraine-state did in the current form under today’s project.
For mega-carnage. Its and try to start, as began with Poland in 1939-45's
Current clowns from "junta" remotely not "power", power not were and not will. Troupe never been "under war", in the current regime "nor world, nor war" they at all no amount.

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"Chechen" photograph went for "Kramatorskuyu"


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