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"Obscure" snipers. The main

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Why not make investigations?
That I know about the Bullet and promyshlennost from personal experience) little, but enough to some extent. For example bullet 5: 45 not that breaches rail using from ACC, but that breaches with KRG (with 15 meters). Bullet 5: 45 can enter under Barrel rib and withdraw in neck, and can and to remain in the body. Bullet 7.62 with PACs rekashetit from water (as and 5: 45), truth speech about trassere. Bullet with 7.62 with the dragunov not rikashetit from water (under those same angle), can split skull. And, nor one bullet not can penetrate bag gritty, it can even stochitsya about sand, so, that its in bag then not you will find web.
A that is happening with bullet under hit in tree?Bullet not that breaches tree, she revolves, get while listening to it on themselves fibers, can there will and become stuck.
During "any college" execution in Kyiv, was perfectly in sight, that bullets contaminants in trees. If their not yet destroyed, then bullets still are there. Means can be pursue a consequence on place, can be their with booking and study. You can establish direction shots.
A new Kyiv power on language accuses "Berkut" in murder of demonstrators. Well, suppose, but a consequence need conduct in any case. If there is desire to accuse and to punish murderers, then need his conduct. Not simply so, garden-variety narcotics-, and a consequence, as deal special importance, deal state importance of.
Why same power the first affair, quickly jumped on law about language and have spat on a consequence for mass assassination people?Yes because they in rate who could only shoot, they in rate, who from deputies "agreement" picked up hitchhiking and would just fly sniper guns in the trunks of cars. A consequence without labor attaches, that the fire a sucker not with positions "Berkut (Ukrainian police)." Conclusion about the "unknowns" began, irremediably discredit the Europe-mayor and company, discredit the Europe-Kerry, Nuland. And in a whole the US. So, the idea about previous AML ban.



Here not can be installation. With positions "Berkut (Ukrainian police)" shooting kept operator US-Ukrainian networkwe own. With journalist this cameramen "Berkut" not wanted to communicate, but and not launched their with intersection on Institutskoy the street.
Snipers "Berkut (Ukrainian police)" be on the lookout for of snipers Beytara, which are for forested in conceals rooms with open windows the hotels "Ukraine" and bank "Polkin." Musketry benderovskogo meat, was produced on the ground, and barrels of snipers "Berkut (Ukrainian police)" directed upward.



Only was were delighted, that in media drain of snipers on yaytsenyukovskikh, as … pers.shtml as the head foreign ministry Estonia Paetu, voted order say, that this only version of, which ostensibly walking on modern among suckers. Chushkan carried out order through BBC and Daily Telegraph
I shall remind the fragment conversation Paeta with zhidovkoy about nutshell Olha Bogomolets. Said very specifically:

Paet: Still Olga told, that, according to all the available the evidence, people, which were killed entered the, with both sides, among policemen and people with the streets, this were alone and those same snipers, killing people with both sides.
Ashton: Yes.
Paet: She has shown me photos, invoked on opinion doctors, who say about one and same the gradient here, type armored. And all greater wariness regarding people causes the, that the new coalition not wants to investigate accurate circumstances crisis engulfed. Rapidly is growing understanding, that behind these entered the stood not Yanukovych, and for them stood someone from a new coalition.
Ashton: I listened, that they want to investigate. This interestingly. Continue.
Paet: This extremelyt irritate factor. This discredit the Europe-a new coalition with the outset.
Ashton: They need to be very cautious.





kind on the same place with the hotels "Ukraine"

Some from killed, were for there bank "Polkin", and means were physically not are visible with positions "Berkut (Ukrainian police)." But includes they always were are visible from depth rooms precept buildings.
In precept buildings were "obscure" snipers. Positions "Berkut (Ukrainian police)" in this moment, were in 230 metres from seats execution, higher on the street. Breath from shots "unknowns" of snipers rang simultaneously with appearances is entirely from armored. If would blasted away with 200 meters, then breath shot being fired reached out would later, than the emergence of is entirely.
Under promyshlennost from depth room in open window, cannot be easily determine where precisely is faring shootings, to the same, breath saw from big buildings.
Benderovskoe meat dispatched on the slaughter specifically. Successfuily set up videooperatorov, successfuily set up snipers. Videooperatory, no doubt, knew that sack and as sack, they nor never "not guessed it" find camera launcher. firing, is famously knew about personal security, waged themselves strictly on instructions.



Skyfall view Russian popular elected representatives, extremely needs in any time soon jointly with the EU conduct investigation history with the soviet entered the.
The first save Committee capacity on international Affairs Leonid the Kalashnikov (ne) believes, that musketry citizens and policemen in Kyiv well could be provocation with hand anti-government forces.

Member Committee capacity on Affairs CIS, Eurasian integration and ties with compatriots back Ilya Drozdov also spent analogy between events on Ukraine and shooting on their in Vilnius in 1991.
We can, of course, create international commission on Inquiry, to she confirmed the, that and so all know. European side itself was preparing these people on an armed insurgency against legitimate power, and they all perfectly know, who kept these guns, where these people were prepared

pluralism of views. Butusov and Garan, want withdraw in the endgame the GNP "Dumb and even dumber than"

So, journalist Yuri Butusov on its page in social networks Facebook writes, that in a united snipers group, which shot, unarmed people during clashes in the center of Kyiv, were are collected sniper couples from special forces Omega , Bulat , Alpha , and operation to suppress protests emitted personally son Yanukovych Alexander.

Butusov argues, that suppression of protests is undertaken entered the. Here is bitch. And imagine, that much of journalists, here is only such podlostyami and Hypnotizes.

's chief weapons investigator schools political analysts under Kyivo-Mohyla Academy Alexey Garan with this opinion disagree.
you saw the crowd peaceful people on maydany, on which blasted away these snipers. Not can be no talk, that someone from representatives opposition organized these people, gave weapons and ordered to shoot and on those and on other, said Kyiv political scientist.

's chief weapons investigator schools the latter instance. Talk to ban and increasingly here!
He, who scares the hell out of Butusovu or Garanyu bullet-on, should be instantaneously acquitted.



Dmitry" wrote:

untouchable MP agreement, girlfriend. is taking sniper weapons.

5 March. O. President Ukraine, former Speaker the Supreme are happy Alexander the blame appointed popular MPs from faction activity Sergei Pashinskogo on office. O. Head of administration President.

Klass! Murderers in administration President on work
Work-up on another proof, that the availability of the Jew in power, itself is tyagchayshim a crime.



Channel broadcast "Russia 24" in this moment direct prime-was Newsweek, where remarked on assumptions, that remain of snipers through a with the hotels "Ukraine."



Oe?a Ukraine 06.03.2014 (Russia 24) snipers on maydany

This morning record this days, and in 16 :0 0 piece showed the plot with television assassinations "maydanevtsev" and a leading raised version of moreover, that in them blasted away with backs and referred he on some author rollers, which uploaded its video with disposing execution in network.
I so understand, that a leading had in view this the commercial "Maidan, which not will reveal in the news", which we here browsed.
A here is and this the plot

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"part of this video we saw, but can be listen to the an intercept negotiations any subdivisions. With 2 :2 8 depicts the other episode k.

That this video in a normal as a

The most, the projected dead not in sight, someone from crowds said, that blasted away with the hotels "Ukraine"

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Since 2 :2 8 depicts the other episode k.

This the other day. And the other on



It can be said, that from the National bank have been mediated by remain snipers a rifle.
There discovered appropriate traces, found thimbles from snipers guns, coincidentally with traces on trees.
This version of already we investigated and she indeed confirms declared
I. O. Secretary-prosecutor Ukraine Oleg Makhnitskiy.

100% weapons Berkut (Ukrainian police) pristrelyano and 48.241. If can be find bullet, then can be easily establish and Number weapons. This is so, if Makhnitskiy not knows.

Now check on map where this truly. Bank.

Street address: 01601, kapot, crate. nstitutska, 9



Oleg Makhnitskiy's delirious. Shooting of could not to wage from buildings the National bank on address was called Institutskaya 9.
Because traces on trees point out quite on another direction.
Shield benderovskomu meat seems to (have tree of) punched.Well, it has now with domestic hand, camping on E. With opposite hand relatively Mr. Zhulyns'kyy has. Bank.
The building Mr. Zhulyns'kyy has. Bank this offered for public a guarded object, there no one not be allowed to enter many.
Makhnitskiy simply messing with your head people, buoyed by their all-out bezgramotnostyu.

We saw the sniper near fencings.
1) His weapons was aimed to top floors the hotels "Ukraine"
2) He could not even to see this benderovskuyu knot, from-for terrain terrain.
3) During the shootings not was heard, that from buildings Mr. Zhulyns'kyy has. Bank were made remain.
4) During the shootings was heard through dibs on many shots, which were in writing after staying away (in creaks metres hence)
5) At friend video, video execution, priletalo many armored, but nor one with positions truly. Bank.
Makhnitskiy not more qualified, than makhnovskaya carrion.



exact time shot being fired 1 :5 4
Is happening action on Institutskoy, advertizing deal with the from Wall the hotels "Ukraine."
In sight that militia is on "old the barricade"
1 :4 6 - a single shot with positions militias (likely on military benderovu) produces sniper "Berkut (Ukrainian police)", well visible, the powder smoke about shot being fired. Well in sight, that militia not points out attention on meat with billboards, and vytselivaet armed militants.
In the frame is another wounded.
Shot "lifeguard" manufactured in right pace obey. Blasted away their same, obey.
3 :0 0 - well in sight, that militias spat on these clowns with billboards, they are shooting on those who shoots on him.

Everyone "fighting" were raffled off on one that tiny place. A key role in theatrical easily described played the hotel "Ukraine." The hotel belongs yanukovskoy gang membership. This the hotel fueled simultaneously: Place installations veb- cameras; place, far skuchkovali all journalists; place an impromptu hospital; all killed and Wounded, staskivali precisely here, to not exert them aid, and demonstrate About.
Sense theatrical installation Euroskepticism?
Meat infusing "tea" and drive on pyatachyok; snipers shot meat; Wounded dragged to a hotel; shokirovannye journalists lead direct inclusion and to the infliction tell, that "Berkut" shoots down unarmed peaceful demonstrators. Increasingly planned ahead in advance.


1 - staircase on street corner the hotels
2 - the hotel "Ukraine"
3 - the old the barricade's been
4 - benderovskoe meat, which is here exclusively for moreover, to his shooting.
They obtuse, not know, that their set under the slaughter, witness as teatralno their have exposed, specifically for cameras zhurnashlyukh.
The organizers wanted, to anyone from militias mark on him, this was would frame days, but militia on him not fired.
Across likelihood it was the first attempt to, and the second already was "epic"

Take a look what a golden panorama of is a on pyatachyok with the top of floors the hotels.
The grace for the sniper, only trees gotta get your, apparently for this on him and had a real slap with this hand.

1 - place of an epic execution meat entered the
2 - the exit station subway
3 - Bank "Polkin"
4 - stance "Berkut (Ukrainian police)" during of an epic execution, which shown in the friend video with the hand (Mr. Zhulyns'kyy has. Bank).
5 - the old the barricade's been



Standing representative Russia under UN Vitaly I. Churkin demanded international investigations action of snipers in the center of Kyiv, victims of which have become about 100 people, in than former the opposition accusing President countries Viktor Yanukovych. In this ties, Russian gown urged aide Secretary General of the Organization Ivan Shimonovicha and deputy Secretary-General of Jan government also "encourage" people, occupying power in Kyiv, on investigation these events.



showing this video, as 24 "created sustainable impression, that" Berkut "could only shoot on unarmed people.
I past on Goolgle Earth in TV streets and might be certain, that this impression created willfully.
"Berkut" in the iron and form and benderovskoe meat, were on the street Institutskoy directly against each other, but) in different times. Berkut before, Meat later.

On a map



Rasstrel starred with four points.
1) Operator on 6 st (roughly) floor the hotels
2) Operator through a path (Hatsik, Armavir) sat squarely on the ground far from protection
3) Operator contrary scale, have center the hotels.
4) Operator (Turks) was directly among rasstrelivaemykh.
Not despite sustained shootings, nor one operator nor never not diary to lift another the, although this was possible, cost slightly slightly reverse cell (Turks not is considered)
Not though, that all operators well aware who and where shoots, nor one of them not feared for their lives. Why?

The Turk, who was in pile, kept cell with stunning stabilization.



1 :2 5 - Hatsik, Armavir commit contained a grievous mistake. His camera describes circle on 360 degrees. Thereby he showed, that he was utterly open for absolutely all of snipers, sat on the ground and accurately knew, that on him to shoot not will.
This whether not setting?
Hatsik, Armavir was photographing remain, which flew right from him, from Left, with backs and with the hotels. Nor one bullet not had landed in his the pavement, utterly open the pavement. All bullets became on antithetical to side a narrow the streets.
As so could happen? Hatsik, Armavir received security guarantees, guarantor of gave for example his cousin, Hatsik, Armavir met with every from of snipers and for example, received public guarantees and a check on futuristic amount. During execution he kept themselves surprisingly quietly, and his previous watched TV on planshetniku and was blabbing on the telephone.
Atsamaz Jakovlevich Kochiev, Ossetian working group Jew, who until this was famous for proclaiming the as Moscow the artist-paparazzi.
Intevyu Atsika



Atsyka has found
I a member for Atsika, cannot be so here is winter, sit ass in 30 minutes on the ground, can be after all she'll catch cold..
Hatsik, Armavir upyotsya an elbow in your knee and absolves professional camera. In the frame in sight other maydanutykh, but with different sides shot only this knot.
This setting Messrs.. Nothing not expenditure scam right.
Not though, that every frame this video and each second of understanding sound this video, on weight gold, his defiantly cut up. Why?
To the viewer not the beans some words, which say those killedabout own murder of.


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