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Malay Boeings-worth roughly $9M-MRO / MH370

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Chinese latter hit a … 9217.shtml




from Egyptian latter hit a

Yes they all on one face

17 for - the main the airline Malaysia and one of the most large in Asia: Daily she flies order 37 thousands of passengers on 80 routes.
For 20 years existence series of Boeing worth roughly $only one jet this "family" fell in accidents: This happened 6 July 2013. Then died three schoolgirls, more 80 man were hospitalized.



And so. Will walk thru.
The first message:

an Airplane airlines 17 for, to Kenton never made it. flight Kuala Lumpur Beijing, not goes on the link. About this reportedly in Facebook airlines.

According to press release 17 for, jet Boeing worth roughly $-200 flew from airport Kuala-Lumpur in 0.41 on local time and should was sit down in Beijing in 6.30.

On board plane were 237 passengers (in including two child), and also 12 members crew. The link with a pilot was lost after two hours by air.

In companies commemorated, that largest operation already was initiated by under the auspices authorities.

Immediately are beginning with humor "reportedly in Facebook." Immediately same the first question: Why not in the fighting?



Even message, seen by intraoral:

In waters the South China Sea between Malaysia and Vietnam go the search of the gone of a Boeing ", Greenway one of largest airlines Asia - 17 for. On board were 239 people. Search work lead jointly Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, China and the Philippines.

It's a discrepancy in math.
GazetaRu told 237 + 12 members. 237 + 12 =2 49, and Air Force reports about 239



In this time jet was over sea, in airspace Vietnam, on perform well in 10 700 meters. Crew not reported controllers about the problems, told representative airlines.

For the time, until plane falls with such Heights, can be was ten times to inform about malfunctions, but nevertheless.

Territorial disputes about the South-Chinese sea between Vietnam and China were delayed in side. China deported the to southern coast Vietnam two rescue ship, the Philippines dispatched three military plane and three patruliruyuschie boats.

Vietnam asked all local fishermen report any possible sign a lost plane

Were would signs of, long would told the.



A fake list passengers.

Cpetssluzhby the US keen on tweet about how, that two passengers, registered on flight of the gone we , followed from capital Malaysia in Beijing, not was on board.
Subsequently became known that passports citizens Austria and Italy were kidnapped.

37-year-old Italian Luigi Malardi, whose name of and Number passports were in the list passengers, himself telephoned in Italy to his father from Thailand, to to inform, that he alive and well, and someone simply exploited his passport, stolen have him in Thailand several months ago.

Such a same history occurred with Austrian, whose name of not is called. Unknown are registered on flight of the gone plane, on passport, those stolen army have him also in Thailand still in 2012. Seen the victims Austrian Academic is at home, confirmed in foreign ministry Austria.

Spying on morazmom:
The other zipper heads'cars Thais abducted passports, and in airport Lumpur on registration, widely reveal to eyes, to be similar on ear what I had heard and 18th.

Vposledstvii became known that passports citizens Austria and Italy were kidnapped.

What "subsequently") passed several hours, and intelligence agencies Pindostana already keen on and conducted investigation?
And intelligence agencies Salvador investigations pursue not qualified or very polished?






Onboard Number 9M-MRO
Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER 9M-MRO




was shredded the disobedient search operations. In 1983, 80 ships wheeled overhead...... on Russian on the handkerchief on shoal, near Monerona, wanted find anything.
Ah yes, American military ship, which there quickly answered, well could splatter kerosene on the surface, and very polished.

A was whether plane something?



Main version of plane Boeing-worth roughly $ terrorist attack
FBI commits 3500 in Malaysia best specialists, to find possible organizers of collapse plane

The plane in the South China Sea could become terrorist attack
The fact, that four passengers who disappeared plane over on board on cause passports, allow view in as a one reason demise hundred people terrorist groups. In favor of version of about explosion or a fire on board Boeing-worth roughly $says and the absence of from pilotsmessages about any looses or vneshtatnoy situation before the fall for.

pindosy akhuemshi)
Them scenarios writes .MOBI scenarist nizkobyudzhetnykh films-militants.



In the South China Sea, perhaps, discovered over the wreckage Federation state of Malaysia Boeing
According to station's LifeNews, this information spread one of groups, host participation in search operations.

Previously to search of the gone plane were connected fishing court, told the Russian service news temporarily caretaker Consul, the first Secretary embassy Russia in Malaysia Vitaly who,.

In search operations are engaged 40 ships military and rescue services Vietnam, PRC, Singapore, the USand Philippines.

LiFENEWS ahead the entire planet



New mathematics modernize all economy sectors … 9217.shtml … eam_ref=10



Destino 239 man, which flew on "747 flying-worth roughly $", still is unknown
Are looking the original of the material on / new

. Hands you, recognized surprised)



From two until four passengers Boeing worth roughly $-200 airlines 17 for, the search which continue already more days, but until now not gave outcome, had registered had on flight on cause passports, is handing CNN.

CNN have LiFENEWS is picking off leadership championship. Here is this yes.
.. With two until four, roughly three, either three and a half.



Phone thought thought and decided to through short to's mesh the antenna establish the link with family.
What stories us even tell.?



Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER
Onboard Number 9M-MRO
A the fine print be Wingdings, will write 9M-MRO
Ah here is, Lies type official version of.



Minister transport Malaysia Khishammudin Hussein NOT PODTVERDILplaced authorities Vietnam messages about the crash plane Boeing worth roughly $-200 companies 17 for in territorial waters Vietnam. About this reports agency Reuters. According to Minister, any trace collapse in district islands Tho-Chu, where, according to signed to Vietnam, happened ruin, no. Accurate a seats collapse until not affirmed.

?? still on the eve Ralphies television showed in live the commercial, on which can be see, as a man is gathering Number his senior brother, flight missing passing. Phone call has passed, however subscriber not responded. And operatives relatives some other passengers Airlines Flight, instead messages "subscriber not available", they heard the usual phone call, but no one bought these up, writes NEWSru Ukraine Israel.

10 March
found in Ocean over the wreckage proved not interlinked with missing off the coast of Vietnam Boeing with 227 passengers

AKTsII airlines "MALAYSlA Airlines" ON open todays TORGOV fell ON 20%
10 March 2014
Paper had become cheaper on backdrop of news about loss of ties with one of aircraft. About missing persons report for, on board which were two hundred thirty nine man, told the themselves representatives "Malaysia Airlines." On board were citizens thirteen countries, in including one Russian you. The link with-plane-was lost, when he flown over the South-China sea.



Ah something have them all on standard matter.
Now, until "catastrophe" not would make, "find" not will.
About number of victims disagreements can go have scum "stakeholders" and after "finding." Official data dead in "catastrophe SS-100" under Special Capital Region of Jakarta, on-my even and now different in Russia and Indonesia.



Moscow, A-Moscow. Jet Boeing worth roughly $200 airlines 17 for, the missing on the eve off the coast of Vietnam, could unravel in the air, reports Reuters with refers on source of.
As notes agency, on the credibility this version of point out preliminary data investigations. In Sunday became known, that rescuers have identified provisional place the fall of the Malaysian Boeing, however his over the wreckage until now not found

Dostovernost version of :unsure:
Reports Reuters :unsure:
With refers on source of :unsure:

Persuaded. :dontcare: . Now move heaven, he simply crumbled.



. … lines-jet/
The author articles confidently calls yesterday in an organizer disappearances we.
Commission in Kuala Lumpur, couple of years ago, accused Israel in crime against humanity. Accused in the bombing subway in Europe and in brought the World Trade Center precisely Israel. Here is you and handle payback China-Malaysia.

I shall remind, that among victims 9 / 11, the most number of dead (except lime lists Americans), ironically, were, Malaysians and Indonesians had.
Rescue Vietnamese boats and ships were immediately relegated in district the projected collapse, to seek survivors. However not found nor single evidence inadequate to, that in turn automobile proves, that't sp no collapse. Was deception Aviation Dispatchers and public, and collapse't sp.
Blinkered goyam is offered continue to seek, and through month forget. Of well-deal in actual side affairs, no one not is offered, and who will insist, moreover simply and fulfilling death.
Boeings worth roughly $relatively a new plane, with modern decisions on security and credibility of. If refusal of immediately both engine, then he can plan and even safely to land. System a signal SOS, of course have repeatedly mirrored, they simply physically not can deny all simultaneously. The disappearance of such a plane, this genre fiction, in which goys make to believe. Meanwhile, this no not fiction, all of this can be to investigate and establish the guilty, was would desire to and will.


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