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Malay Boeings-worth roughly $9M-MRO / MH370

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Dmitry" wrote:

that the missing liner nestled for could table disappear in depths Indian Ocean.
The search Airlines Flight MN370 - largest and Herculean operation for entire history existence Australian coast services, stressed Dolan.

Me surprises as they just toss a words. If would they wanted, found would immediately. In 21 century, where all in satellites, wide variety devices, not can find, aha now. Maybe, you)
Have 10 April 1912 year. Case the other, but would still.



Alex wrote:

me surprises as they just toss a words.

Yes them spat than spots fill in, in this case to go into the BBC



interesting about the Boeing 777 to indeed have fly-by-wire technology: if something strange happens with airplane they can elsewhere satellites with the plane take elsewhere plane countries can not disappear

n earlier days left ships and planes and in some cases it was never heard of again.
When did that, but with the current state of technology is almost impossible.
The world is surrounded by satellites that can capture everything to the square meter what happens anywhere in the world. A large aircraft such as the Boeing 777 can obviously nevertheless disappear without even leaving a trace.
Since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 there are many people who wonder how in heaven's possible today with all the technical means available to humanity, a complete plane vanishes.
And all those people are right to question because this type of aircraft in not only disappear if those behind the scenes like that in it does not disappear.
In that context, we received the following interesting mail (thanks!):
Following all the worthless news reporting from the MSM and the ever growing demand why and how then in the head I started looking and an acquaintance of mine, a former pilot, pointed me to the override system that all fly-by-wire devices have since 9-11 aboard.
This means that governments in other words, the collectors of information etc etc at all times be able to control every passenger aircraft and the Satcom link aboard them know within 25 meters exactly where each unit is standing / has found.
Honeywell patent number US7475851 B2.
Apparently leased Rolls Royce engines so that they are at all times remain the property of the factory this for their engines always, 24/7, to track and monitor fuel consumption, oil pressure, etc.
If we what to look than the Boeing 777 appears indeed to have fly-by-wire technology:
Fly-by-wire is since the F-16 fighter planes and is applied for the first airliners used in the Concorde. Airbus used in the A320, the A330, the A340, the A350 and the A380. Boeing used the system in the B777 and the B787.
Therefore indeed proves that Honeywell has filed a patent under that number in 2003. A system called "automatic pilot who can not be deported."
It is designed so that there were strange things happen with a plane or things that are very different / suspicious behavior then is to grab the possible remotely and take control completely and even so somewhere to land.
According to the reader, all fly-by-wire aircraft on this uninterruptible autopilot and in that case it seems clear that it has taken control of the Malaysia Boeing through that system and the device has somewhere to land, such as Diego Garcia .
This is obviously the complete tattle tale of "the plane disappeared" also swept aside right.
Someone who has already filed numerous charges against Boeing and the US government in this area is the former Air Force officer Field McConnell.
He also confirms that since 2005 all fly-by-wire aircraft are equipped with such a system, and that they therefore can not just disappear. … ;Itemid=33

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Investigations airline crashes. That happened with 17 370? (Submitte the manuscripts) (national geographic)



venzoja wrote:

Investigation airline crashes. That happened with 17 370? (Submitte the manuscripts) (national geographic)

Yes, like they such by engage, invite kuevu of a shitload of actors, have the viewer create democracies even 4000m2 as well as impression presence.
Say about nonsense and forget say importantly on topic. On jet such a class by default must stand dublicate automatic system notified, in case deviation from appreciation, in case any vneshtatnoy situation, automatic itself must cede data about ???? ???? bombers. Signal SOS should let something slip automatically in many cases, for example under one engines. Even themselves engines RR or GE, regardless of desires crew and airlines, have the link with his firm, this Indispensable UN pleasant thing, which allows producer follow responsible use of these doroguschikh products exempted.

For moreover, to for example to circumvent tuchku, crew owes beg resolution have the dispatchers zone responsibility. In case warrantless changes route or end, latest disappearing act placemark or QSOs, dispatcher owes immediately expected to investigate reason. Nothing this in movie of course same there is no.



Dmitry" wrote:

location message, seen by intraoral:

It's a discrepancy in math.
GazetaRu told 237 + 12 members. 237 + 12 =2 49, and Air Force reports about 239

First all year, or specifically gave the beacon, then maintainers fixed.

This peg to s scam on kubrik:
Room 237 in movie "as acquainting" symbolizes lunar though.
The second boying falls in day marking first "by air on moon."
For all these boingami zaboltali anniversary.

P. S. 12 Americans included toptavshimi moon.

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l2 wrote:


Yes, there is such - but coincidence whether? Moreover OK, and pro two rebenkovmentioned still, as and in the 1990 movie - sslk. Not can indispensable mediyschiki without symbolism his a fucking.

08.03.2014, 04 :3 5
Jet airlines 17 for, to Kenton never made it. flight Kuala Lumpur Beijing, not goes on the link. About this reportedly in Facebook airlines.
According to press release 17 for, jet Boeing worth roughly $-200 flew from airport Kuala-Lumpur in 0.41 on local time and should was sit down in Beijing in 6.30.
On board plane were 237passengers(in including two child), and also 12 members crew. The link with a pilot was lost after two hours by air.


Announced technical bankruptcy



Company Boeing: The found on Reyunone a piece of the belongs worth roughly $model

Company Boeing confirmed, that the found previously on the island expatriates a piece of the plane, belongs Boeing-worth roughly $, declared in live station's BFMTV familiar with move investigations specialist from police Dominique Rize.

Over the wreckage unknown plane, found on expatriates
AFP 2015/ Yannick Pitou
On oblomke plane with Reunion discovered registration Number
Previously agency France Press with refers on sources of reported, that over the wreckage an unidentified plane discovered in environment on French the island expatriates in the Indian Ocean. According to agencies, local specialists licentiousness three version of origin fragment. In their view, a piece of the can belong to razbivshemusya in May 2006 have the coast islands dvukhmotornomu polyglots, malayziyskomu Boeing, that is missing, in 2014, or yemenskomu Domodedovo, which in June 2009 failed ruin have Islamic Federal Republic of Comoros islands.

"First specialists similarly Austral destinations were invited for implement visual expertise, and they already then said, that the fragment belongs Boeing-worth roughly $ Sdelannye photos were relegated companies Boeing, and on the basis of these photographs and conclusions similarly Austral destinations company confirmed, that the fragment belongs worth roughly $model", said Rize.

The fragment plane study power Australia and France, Malaysia sent in district group experts. Specialists from the US in area security flights argue that found parts of very similar on fragments Boeing worth roughly $, however their precise origins until establish not managed.

According to Rize, in real moment impossible answer question, has whether the found the fragment attitude to that is missing, more year ago malayziyskomu Boeing. "Indeed whether this the fragment from Federation state of Malaysia (Boeing ed)? In this the entire question ", concluded specialist.

In night on 8 March 2014 Boeing worth roughly $-200, on its flight MH370 from Kuala-Lumpur in Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 members of crew on board, gone missing with screens radar. Is supposed to, that jet failed catastrophe in southern part of Indian Ocean.

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French island of Reunionis Jinsha of Madagascar, this 5.5 thousands of kilometers from Malaysia.
Quite chyoknulis, skazoshniki.

At oblomke plane with Reunion discovered registration Number

Specialists from the US in area security flights argue that found parts of very similar on fragments Boeing worth roughly $, however their precise origins until establish not managed.

Polymers idiots :disappointed: even not laughing want.
Why "establish not managed", numbers that whether ours are already broken?
Specialists from the US I consulted about this with French colleagues and decided, that until photographers not will visit, a piece of the must continue to beat about stones, but as will visit, then can be and puling

Even if bent or broken, that found over the wreckage belong this will also MN370, there is no evidence, that our people died together with-plane-, cite Chinese media son one of passengers, Jiang Hui.

Okay modicum Hue not extended sanctions against Putins and on how thank you, and the entire an absurdity in is, that Hue, specialists okeanavty, aviator shades, aviastroiteli, the search engines, and other power all interested and absolutely left regions, remarked on on this crack on the out surface faster, than world news heard a about admirable Blackmar.



During the! Emu prinadlezhaschiy! Fuck with geese! (With)

Executive Malaysia: On Reyunone for a piece of the Boeing adopted slice of be straight

the MINEX, 2 12 Jul RIA News. The head of the Department civil aviation Malaysia Azkharuddin Abdul Rachman declared, that a new the fragment, the found on French the island expatriates, not belongs polyglots, and is part of be straight, is handing agency The press.

Media: Over the wreckage Boeing worth roughly $has thrown on expatriates still three months ago
Rachman declared s, that the found the fragment not has nothing in common with the rubble of the of the gone in March past year Federation state of Malaysia Boeing.

"I am the manager would in France, associated with study of the which began parts of (wing REM. I read in all media, that they (new fragments REM.) represent part of doors (plane REM.) But I checked in managing civil aviation and have people on places, on Reyunone, this was simply domestic de-leveraging a stepladder ", said he.

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I am the manager would in France, associated with study of the which began parts of wing

Abossaka. And who interestingly runs would the emergence of parts of on a tree behalf of Zhorena Akkermansa?

But I checked in managing civil aviation this was domestic de-leveraging a stepladder

A stepladder - enough weightier information reason, to citizens even times remind, that gone missing plane.



what are the same idiots work naborschikami in mrazoizdaniyakh.:hobo:

MH370 > > MH730 (flight from Malayzmii in Malaysia 8 March flew in Beijing)





The unspeakable history with experts in program "our of truth"



#p51699,Istina wrote:

Incredible history with experts in program "our of truth"

Flight 370 17 for / 17 for, 8 March 2014
Kuala Lumpur - Beijing
Comments to this video disabled
In this European parliament will be admitted, as and in European parliament will be admitted pro lawyer Maria,
Artists particularly underscores, that his, viewers again few become was lucky

Artists has advanced version of, that pilot-Muslim samoubilsya near frantsuskogo islands in protest.
The reason protest - cartoons "Charly Ebdyu." Artists knows, that pilot knew, that publisher "Charly Ebdyu" in this most time been out in the sun on exemplified beach French islands. Pilot wanted to retaliate, but the American rocket his has outpaced the, because Boeings threatened to the American repository nuclear ammunition.
Artists - this diagnosis :canthearyou: and Mikhail Delyagin, too,.

Karaulov invites in program only clowns
10 :4 4 -
"A plane can reach such Heights, on which locators his already not see" :D
If pilot iaaieoiue transponder, then his not stop to see military locators, but stop civil, pridurok.

18 :2 0 -
Another Dick says, that Americans brought down plane, which "was in Vashngtone."
Artists himself dumb and invites in program only.... Buoyed by those, that citizens viewers absolutely not know key points productions, pushing for in spots any gibberish.



#p51725,Dmitry" wrote:

:: Message from: The True-true::

Artists himself dumb and invites in program only.... Buoyed by those, that citizens viewers absolutely not know key points productions, pushing for in spots any gibberish.

Yes, very in listen to version of, that humanity actively is arming him, created nuclear and others deadly weapons, contain diplomatic housings and VSE sake of moreover, to answer cartoons some rag,) :writing:

And if seriously, then after comments about 9\ 11 listen to at all harmful



The global news # 1
Inhabitants one of southern provinces Thailands told the local authorities about of unintelligible Blackmar. Supposedly, this a piece of the of the gone in March2014 passenger we MH37. Only missing item in abyss ocean jet not found until now.

Reuters reported, that on coast the Siam Gulf in province Nakhon Si Thammarat province, that on south Thailands found supposedly over the wreckage of the gone in March 2014year Federation state of Malaysia Boeing Airlines Flight MH37.
As told the head of the local administration Tanyapat, finding represents a big curved DLP metal the fragment about two meters in wide and three meters in length. He was thrown out on Bank, where his discovered local people. According to fishermen, on prirosshim rakovinam can be to speak, that a piece of the could been sitting under water more year.
recall, Boeing worth roughly $-200 airlines 17 for Airlines Flight Kuala Lumpur-Beijing gone missing with radar in night on 8 March 2014. On bot were 227 passengers, most citizens PRC, one Russian you, and 12 members crew. Is supposed to, that he failed catastrophe in southern part of Indian Ocean.

The global news # 1
In Japanese companies Mitsubishi Heavy Industries declared, that metal a piece of the, washing upin previously on coast Thailands, across semblance, has attitude not to that is missing, in 2014 malaziyskomu Boeing worth roughly $, and to Japanese the ion, reports in Monday, Interfax with refers on agency Associated Press.

According to staff companies, founded on primary study photo- and video shooting sliver of, this object is part of Japanese missiles H-type IID U-or H-IlB has been, which enable with south Japan.

Boeing worth roughly $, carrying out their Main flight MH370, flew from Kuala-Lumpur in Beijing 8 March 2014 and has vanished later hour after takeoff. On board were 239 people.

We do News, we farting their from finger (media)





#p57117,Dmitry" wrote:

R. Choi texts wrote in get commissioned State Department. MP 19 countries


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