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Get your just a hundred active Jews, and no Maidan in speak of would not was.

I d with respect applies to Jewish people, if they will need price list in rights with humans.
I will with respect applies to Jewish people, if them not will be allowed to decide othersfate people.











Beautiful pictures of the. Where taken?



Simply EXAMPLE video - pretty dumb, but mans presumptive nominee

Dmitri Kiselev says truth about Putin! Alexander!


8 … estol.html

All Jews are prepared support you, Arseny Petrovic, as future candidate in Prezidenti Ukraine, as reliance our faith in serene Ukraine. You should not shun Jewry and, finally, officially state that you Jew and pride these , - states in circulation.

We representatives Jewish communities Ukraine genuinely support initiative Arseni Petrovich mayor run for the upcoming election President Ukraine.

Our nation survived rocky tests, we proud of it by many wrong, names which knows the whole world.

As we know, you one to znameniteyshemu Jewish destiny Bakai, which officially recognized Israel. After all on pedigree, in case intermarriages, Jew is considered only the, have which mother Jewish. Your mother Maria G. Bakai (in maiden name) applies to refined she Jewish destiny Bakai. Your deeply respected among all Jews ancestor Rabbinic Bakai the most famous sochinitel Talmud, set arch of legal and religiously-ethical provisions Judaism.

To the same Vasha wife-Therese also belongs to our nation and emanates from most ancient Jewish kind of Gur









"Ukrainka" from Lviv, Valentin lyulya she passed her their in the Maidan
(Voiced on Prague they discuss it)

Cursory read more:
Valentin lyulya: "Members" Right Bank sector "Ukrainian Jews, which lived in Israel, received citizenship, over military training in time in army (OAOAE), and then returned on Ukraine.
In other words, members "Right Bank sector" are Ukrainian Insurgent Army (, but together with those Jewish militants trained in Israel.
Ah raze they not can to contain its language for teeth.



Just 60-70 years ago, word Jew on western Ukraine (and until now in Poland) 't sp a dirty.

Zhidvska bank National Republic

Precisely such name was of the others "government West-Ukrainian popular republics" (WUPR union) and offered some Yid... Lviv in 1919 Not possessing opportunities hold in power in conditions the Polish ethnic observation, Ukrainian separatists tried go on conspired with Jew. In those times population Lviv was on 60% from Poles and on 30% from Jews. Among rest 10% were and "Ukrainians", yes and the, likely, on rights "guest workers." Me like modern distortions, in a spirit of meet the now with legs on head tolerance, concerning "translation" with Ukrainian on Russian.
Here is, to example, quote from articles, games in networks most: Little who knows, that 85 years ago, in June 1919, government Zapadnoukrainskoy Peoples Republic strictest to proclaim on its territory autonomous of the Jewish People's Republic (in original version - Zhidivska bank respublika, PNV - ZhNR). Create this republic, not typically recognized from-for offensive Poles. But printed Jewish money and importantly - formed several Jewish parts, agreed in the composition of the Ukransko Ukrainian Galician army. And here is Russian historian Alexander Shirokorad, describing data events, (again, making gets, pre-emptive an amendment on tolerance), reports, that in the time on western Ukraine Yids (Jews) called themselves precisely Jew, and the word Jew regarded insulting.



Dominicano church Jews fighters for freedom Ukraine plans to establish in Ternopil organization Trident.
Thus nationalists want to show the world, that Ukrainians are not anti-Semites and was belong to other nations, reports Internet newspaper Ternopil region Chads.
The monument are planning to honor above all Zhidivskiy proboyoviy into a hut [ ], which fought in the composition of the Ukransko Galitskoy Army in of 1919 th year.
According to head of Trizuba Dmitri rosha, goal initiators establishing monument not give putting Ukraine in the eyes of global public in the stall anti-Semitism.
We want show, that Ukrainians fact always were in pobratimskikh relations with those ethnic groups, which lived alongside them, and together with them fought for Ukrainian state , noted Jaros.
Trizubovtsy not consider, that the word Jew can be perceived representatives Jewish nation, as insult.
- In Ukraine with longstanding since the was upotreblyaemoe the word Jew , and no one on him not taken it personally. I understand, that and Slava to Jesus Christ can be sometimes say so, that for this want her teeth hammer out. But, think, if we will to speak with respect Slava some Yid... fighters for statehood Ukrainian nation! , then this will not be it's a shame no one, notes Jaros.




EBO announced bill enemy people

Election announcement

Jewish Military the Organization announce about seeking out enemy Jewish people, the Nazi accomplice and
Inciting antievreyskikh speeches on the southeast Igor bill.
Charges Eliade by majestic:
1. Pandering Nazis;
2. Braving a new Holocaust and anti-Semitism;
3. Encouragement stukachestva and anti-Russian sentiment;
We not will money for his head. We simply declare, that our Ukraine declared enemy and every Jew has the right to commit justice

In first dialogue, fighter organizations, told me, that Jews Donbas participate in resistance banderovtsam, Sitting underground.
I asked have same time organizations, why they not declared enemy people associates bill, Jew Bogolyubov theorem or Jew rosha? For that received immediate camp . Logic simple, if they "not see" other Jews allowing Maidan, and genocide Russian population Odessa and East, then means and bill they declared in internationally make-believe.
On their logic, the goyim should not deal in such nuances.
Get whether his seek, drive in "a menorah" and - Your arrest, deal 'em in Sinagogu and linchuy)
Utterly obviously, that Antimaydannaya EBO this they're fake. Of Thor Jews permits swapping goys. Their povelitel Great Satan - master deception. On the way to their goals, Yids (Jews) are pulling any adventures under Norton "white angels."
Emblem organizations simply'm disgusting. Polish per cage on backdrop of Megandavida, Red von, very it seems on short-range battlefield banner Albanian thugs.



And here is and maydannyy Jewish battalion appeared on days.
Interestingly will whether they to fight with each other? o.O :D



President ntsyuvav masshtabnu their view ?icaeoeo Donbasu

Over doruchennyam President rozroblena programs require. For its amelioration Donetz coal basin notparazituvati, and pratsyuvatime, and 1930 dopomagatimemo, nadavatimemo additional charges are mozhlivost. "

Avea to hear / to read that nourished German we here chose Yanukovych in presidents and now zhiruem, aha, recognized became yanyk a condom and have distributed all on milyonu UAH. Read even article no the "by", in April when only began separatistkaya the action around, nourished German "Donbas was is drunk with Yanukovych, and now have them hangover and crash, want regain his ago." D good candidate because level of life invariably fell regardless of current President. Can ilita and was high--, but under than here the entire Donbas?
And now such a shit says ANGELINA! That at all is happening, and? (Rhetorical question)

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The second video can be with 0 :5 0
8 July 2014. Kyiv raised the salary law enforcement officials in two times



As would for display people understandable, that happening on Ukraine - deal hands of Zionists, truth, the entire power and elitist establishment RFii, too, Yidy and their children learn and live far not in Russia.



Jews Hasids celebrated in UmanNew year.
Far no sign of no Israeli symbolism, aggression or some propaganda, but purely superficially, very unsightly and people and spectacle.

Hasids this a denomination within sect.
Hasids raskoloty, among them officially even there is anti-Zionists, which consider wrong creation Israel. Some Hasids, genuinely or make-believe, demonstrate sympathetic to Iran and Palestine, supporting their in conflicts against Israel. I think that increasingly same mimicry, grandstanding. Ah okay, policy policy, and who now this dustbin of clean up will?


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