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Persona "Antimaydannye"

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Dmitry" wrote:

Since 2002 worked in Trade firm Solodke aeeooy. Was Then movement Mmm , was volunteer, and then, when on the basis of Mmm was created party, Denys Pushylin became its member of.

In sight, asked a herd frustrated, depositors to phantom war tie up. Usually these Humbugs - manager on sales, piramidchiki, seteviki all stripes - not terminated on public and advertising jibber-jabber (themselves are showmen).

And that? Well is logical. Depositors - the public the region, managed, a brainless and structured in Party-movement.



Dmitry" wrote:

Of dirt in-riches
Jew to success EU

Turns on system munequito :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

Leader DNR declared, that in moment attempts undermining the his car in Donetsk he was in Moscow.
The head of the Supreme Council self-proclaimed Donetsk Peoples Republic in interview LifeNews
Declared, that on him was introduced attempted in the center of Donetsk.

Since fantasy at all progress has been slow, look films pro's infamous mafia,
Some themes sometimes they're adapted tome in Donetskakh.
Grassroots comment to video: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Pushilion in blockbuster "Revenge frustrated, depositors."
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



that might discredit me on Girkinda.
Marshall Malofeyev. As Russian raider captured South-East Ukraine
Even in sell by March, Igor Strelkov (officer) "worked" in Crimea, that was see Scythian caves on Peninsula and notions not had, that his in April invited play 2014 Sloviansk standoff.
"" "Archive mails" gat man "for 5 years.



Jose Padilla head of Marshall Capital Constantine Chernyenko Malofeeva, informs: Known in ties with accusations in fraud and Corporate raiding, today proved the main figures among Yanukovych separatists. Chief of security services Marshall Capital Igor Igor Strelkov (officer) (a gat that) became minister Defense DNR, and consultant Malofeeva Alexander Borodai Prime minister. Already seized Slavyansk, Igor Strelkov (officer) inconversation was confirming it before Malofeevym for successfully privatizations of the operation.

Article here



Somewhere family, even 4000m2 as well as bored without them



Have Igor Bezlera asymmetry faces, the lack of earlobes ears, the typical surname,
In a coffin professorship bonding right "Heroes" "the Russian Civilization"

This aren't human, narrow lanes persuade in of so-called militias.
Ears, the lower lip.

The Couch even one "commander", the Schnoz, ears, eyes.

At all it is no coincidence that they prefer masks.
In accuracy, too, most was on Maidan, rights on murder of Slavs, received those, whom always Court keeping.
No Arian, nor in including murderers nor in including creatures on scene.



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Ah as Baie not actress, and the actor

Kiev alive and well. Defected together with greater part of Crimean Cossacks immediately after abandonment Dnipropetrovs. First they refused fulfill order and for Ban to go on, Donetsk (long mitingovali and pyzhilis : Type city not us leave! ), and then suddenly all time, fell and sow already on the most border. Honor forth assert New Russia (region) they have provided local the militia and those their the comrades who-volunteers, which govern so the hated, modern kozachestvu concept military discipline.

Under this he collects militia … c42faf8c99

Me one seems, that Kiev here under somehow magic a potion or anything like?




me one seems, that Kiev here under somehow magic a potion or anything like?

The Orthodox Church not prohibits to be christened sitting, but on-my this piggery.



Gruph wrote:

That this turn!

Increasingly in best traditions Santa Barbara.

There is no and not can be in "novorosii" nothing present, in camping on CHAMPION Weddings, because this mediafantom.
Have picked up uroDIKa-looking for the short one, couple of him have picked up degistirmek-poroslee. Because such couples are memorised. Nickname have uroDIKa pevuchaya, not the that any "a boogeyman" or "demon", although himself urodik - a faggot a fag. Wash their hands on it for fun "set", make "novorosiyu with a human face." Public such. Having a larf themselves over
That "extended wedding" and still over zombie., which this on "the human" forums modern.



Artist works regional theater Mazhaev-Kiev and his alcoholism

Vhat not drawn a sober breath artist, again podshafe.
Another artist-case of.
At all alcoholism in artistic background environment so same chast, as, for example, in environment its members "extreme" specializations


I when his the first time saw in Internet - obomlel. Here is after all, think, drunk yourself our Igor Nikiforovich! Then, of course, we with colleagues on form discussed what happened. Concluded, that he, apparently, all understood. A spree, you know here nor under than, although saws firmly, of course. Remembered, that the last time he been writhing around with somehow type, gracious behavior similar on, sorry, osobista. Then Igor Nikiforovich say a word about one times, that him offer role in often. And that sack his gather on Ukraine, and type of this - like would the director with Moscow. Pro that krovi not specify the exact, like something pro civil war. Not remember - we with him both then were under little buzzy
violations gone missing. And here is. Here,! Plays some have Baba. The director our says, that plays sucks, overacts. But expense of invoice airshed. Koloriten very, this not take that away SOLDlERS:.
A with other hand, I his understand. It is one thing a provincial theater (though have us very good theater, we even abroad traveled), another matter - international prominence. The questionable, of course, prominence, but the actor always seeks to glory. As the moth flies to fire candles. Yes perishing.
Importantly, to not killed his there. Igor Nikiforovich for, even in army not served - flat feet have him and obesity. But wife his says, that he there together with semochnymi groups only Daniel makes it and there, where indeed dangerously not butting in. For wife his, incidentally, the entire this story, too, surprise has become. She is experiencing strongly, well, that he it modicum correspondence of any kind sends.

A the, that he cap woolly behind took your, so here is this very poorly. Have us in the wardrobe and so read deficit. Love Andreyevna, our a dresser, very quarreling.
Testimony Andrei Denisovich Savchenko, actor works regional theater drama them. A. K. Tolstoy.

All this Ukrainian and anti-Ukrainian campaign, in information-a propaganda its parts of, - this created by peg finally collided reality, huge theater, over villainy, lies and hypocrisy. And gender-countries in as a jilted extra,.. extra.




The main thing, to not killed his there. Igor Nikiforovich for, even in army not served - flat feet have him and obesity. But wife his says, that he there together with semochnymi groups only Daniel makes it and there, where indeed dangerously not butting in. For wife his, incidentally, the entire this story, too, surprise has become. She is experiencing strongly, well, that he it modicum correspondence of any kind sends.
And what he cap woolly behind took your, so here is this very poorly. Have us in the wardrobe and so read deficit. Love Andreyevna, our a dresser, very quarreling.

So that is why Kiev know not knows as precisely need treat weapons and not puts his on fuse. :D
Because THAT II In ARMY NOT served, flat feet And obesity



But our commented on media Russia
. Words there is no vobchim (

278.5 ties and mass communication Wolin: My stance all normally. The first Canal bought these interview, he showed the, that said in interview. This fully fits all norms, rules and criteria journalistic ethics. There is man, he says. All. Sync by gave.

Now I so realized. Can be to lend takiiiiiie interview, that mamanegoryuy

Me always afflict the new gloves off have all, who is participating in the understudy (I pro a boogeyman and information)
I can to imagine, that need to every day brush your weapons. Or brush your shoes. But of our past. Absolutely new gloves off, even me. Nothing not convert in such veschakh, seem absurd

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But our commented on media Russia

This information was have repeatedly has been disproved all Russian journalists, which worked in this city of, and by all the world journalists, all residents cities, which nor until, nor after not saw such a fact. Nevertheless, this nor never not was refuted nor Central bankshighest channel, no apology not was been sacrificed. In the opinion of many representatives journalistic of workshop, this exactly behind in the, about than you talked, that is happening fall journalistic professionalism and quality journalistic activities. As you estimate this scandal, must whether incur what something punishment those people that have to this attitude?
Wolin: You want, to your colleagues to suffer a punishment?
Zygar: We might want, above all, your stance hear.
Wolin: My stance all normally.

Yes, stepped right into it they on most neboluysya. "The first oral" adopted rolling pennant and a yellow Lennox leader in mraziynoy race, leaving Ukrainian and geyropeyskie channels in deep whipping.
I shall remind, that with "crucifixion the child" they turned broadcasts two days, this not can be nor a mistake nor a misunderstanding. On videos, right? There is optionsthis report from every issuing news, with different TV hosts "the PC". Any always man (the employee anal), should was pay attention on a lie, even until curiously inspections.
Luganskie light bomb attack missed past ears, business card rosha, roof down FC airport, phony Ilyushin Il-76 again past ears,. Ah perishing after "of the crucifixion of" must will include head? (I mean all viewers series called). So there is no same, contrary are dumb with each day, even stronger



For two days until this prime-, we in blog volunteers discussed this at

History in written the form of about a crucified year-old boy typically recognized use many, in including collectors material aid for DNR
Many normal volunteer still joke, that type "sue less have become" one of organizations fundraising, where this was being published

Ah giggling. Poofigevali. And here bam and 1 Canal announce, too, most



Dugin uploaded on its page in Facebook the text cribs-creators of about the "certificate eyewitnesses" for three days until prime-" acceptance Canal ", writes Golyshev.

Judgement child entire pseudo healthier buddies in shoulder on ejection bonuses
:huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:

And after all think their way out of same :)



So this the plot and have set on first, to their still cover it up. Even quite zazombirovannye began to to doubt.
I read on coffee. Ru "stance", with interest looking as times behind this, on any the news people "trezveet."



Increasingly not watched, but here is such cadres, too, there is)



Still one actress DNR. Or Mmm. Spharischen without difference
Ah of our past accurately actress

About him
He same in contact

Feel known about the surrender Alexey Muratova, have mandated leader system Mmm.
Alexey MURATOV, - have mandated leader system Mmm (Ponzi scheme) working in country India, in one of states, handled promotion ideas, banana trees.
Not have become power India, wait another skama Mmm in India and have closed valiant guys, mmmschikov.
To achieve liberation Muratova, leaders Mmm decided to withdraw people on rallies, whip up community Mmm.
It is unclear tickles have them it or not, for idea no, you weren't who goes, only for proplatu. Of course pity Alexey Muratova, across semblance the ideological chief, but who knows who there is who, on fact, will show only life.

So same were arrested and rotary-- Alexey Muratova, which arrested, is unknown that with them will do next, if the Russian power not'll be prompted for contract Russias citizens, they will serve his term in a foreign country.
Personally I have MURATOV, causes feel feelings, like the ideological leader, with other hand (from-for looks) seems hypocrite and and unreasonable. Plus photos in profile tank, drinks he as a, likes-wikey image life, but so same there is his side as creative, creative rights.

Continues to engage any sign bullshit … _dejstvii/

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And still one actress from Mmm (DNR)
Andrei Kramar
, too, passes on trial Mmm in India
Sweet couple prophesies … oskve.html

Figaro publishes a picture of an Alexey Muratova. As explains newspaper, tridtsatishestiletniy the official representative Donetsk popular republics in Russian Federation not refused would from role ambassador of the self-manifested education, but until that meets in building Don Cossack Host society in one of sleeping neighborhoods Moscow.
First time in its present role MURATOV, emerged thanks to invitation of agencies Russia today on next day after referendum in Donetsk, - reminds Figaro. The author articles, correspondent Figaro in Moscow Pierre Averill traces the actors from publications in Internet biography Muratova. There arises information about his participation in notorious famous pyramid Mmm. In 2007, states here, founder doctoral Sergei banana trees, was convicted on four and a half years conclusions, and Russian government even claimed one thing time about his desire to ban pyramid scheme entrench.

Returning to the Muratovu, Figaro reports, that such same doctoral other its founders tried to organize in former republics Soviet Union and in countries Asia. In recently the country for Mmm advertising movie MURATOV, appear find high in white sari in Indian province Assam. As whilst in article, he was arrested authorities India in May 2013 and after two months, conducted in jail, was launched under collateral.

With Mmm stems and so-called the head of the parliament self-proclaimed Donetsk popular republics Denis Denys Pushylin. In late February 2014 he offered reward in 150 UAH everyone, who pleases to invest in this financial building, - whilst in article. Project Mmm Denys Pushylin represents as system, an alternative global financial pyramid, depressed under the sway of dollar. Newspaper reminds, that in Kyiv Denys Pushylin created political party under those same entitled, having received, truth, in parliamentary elections in 2013 less 1 percent.

Representative Pushilina refused confirm or rebut specific findings, concerning his past, - highlights Figaro. And all same, as states here, account for hauntingly, that just through three months after the election all those same functionaries Mmm we meeting on the most top authorities self-proclaimed republics, one in Donetsk, and another in Moscow. Another, the third a participant doctoral, Andrei Kramar also calls themselves official representative Donetsk popular republics in Russia. None of these new leaders not hurry to reveal itscommercial activities, - ends the its material Figaro , - so same, as Moscow not hurry their to recognize.

. DNR opened its the Embassy of the in Russian Federation, which temporarily wholly in headquarters Moscow secession Eurasia Union Youth Exchange Center. Also representatives DNR signed with faction Liberal Democratic Party of Russia agreement about encounters in humanitarian sphere. According to him, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia becomes the main operator on electronics humanitarian aid for DNR across Russia and at the personal the behest W. Zhirinovsky in one of facilities in Moscow openly official representation DNR in Russia. Has passed the joint press conference, in which adopted participation MPs faction Liberal Democratic Party of Russia in production and M. Degtyaryov and A. Didenko, and also designated the Presidium DNR official representatives republics in trades abroad Andrei Kramar and Alexey MURATOV,.

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