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Muzychko for souls.

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Чубайс wrote:

nice Jewish girl)

Yes ah nah, what Jewish)
Here is Jewish:
Jewish girl Tanja from Simferopol, not spurn.
Ah yes, have Natasha did his mouth curve ah and that. But with those eyes big beautiful, hypnotic

Learn to distinguished Jew from rights.


Wu Natasha did Slavic genes won handily increasingly would still


With such a angle otherwise looks.

Dmitry" wrote:

but with those eyes big

Bulging eyes a sign of so say belonging, yes and & Leach analyst Jennifer with button nose. Plus surname savings in electricity consumption.
Tanja koneshn without issues)

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War and pathos. Many war, the war in the title groups, the war in every album, in each nose.
On its cover someone with demonic snout and neparallelnymi the axes eye :), who beats with all world and Takes from him all, looks as someone unfortunately each other the throat and destroys remaining. Trebuche on together from flags countries world

The first row songs

Build a fire a thousand miles away

0 :5 9

I fight the world and take all they can give

2 :3 0

Those who laugh and crowd the path
And cut each other's throats
Will fall like melting snow

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Someone fires the fire [войны|ненависти]for thousands of miles from its homes



Not quite about a show tune, but for souls :)
Mythological mythology MOVIE "420" (present nenormativnaya vocabulary) … Gu-GlDo9P5



National Anthem Bortsa for Truth 911

Свернутый текст

(read more

Wasn I wrong?

Wasn I wrong, if think out of the box, not so, as here adopted? (1)

Wasn I wrong, if say, that will choose a different path?

I not have been arguing do the, than engage in all the rest

Because, that they remove their affair.

Here is would me know: As strongly me yet to grow?

I of walking for this its road,

This road, that I sheepish home.


So wasn I wrong, if believe,

That we could truly something to achieve?

Wasn I wrong, if have been arguing of reach before,

That until for me invisible?

But I simply so feel,

Simply I so feel,

Simply I so feel,

When have been arguing of reach until unseen things.

[Куплет 2:]

Wasn I am mistaken, if I have there is dream?

Predict: I will follow to secure all crested. (3)

Hope, you not then become then look back ago

And always regulation do so, as decided to.

No one not let manage their lives -

Simply I so feel.

Navigate for what belongs you, not give up,

Not let to compare themselves with other, no!

Not be uneasy.', you not alone -

Just we so feel!



If you speak, that I wrong,

The I and not want be right.

If you speak, that I wrong,

What I and not want be right.









Dmitry" wrote:


Well itself dream communist. In Russia full of the such cities



, too, want a couple put.
To this

Dmitry" wrote:

And Indo a goddamn bloody reptaloydam!



And two songs my friend.
Who Needs need to, the understood, that them told my Sergio each, and where them not footprint .again..
Words should revolution in two places, but not became: Let as there is.

The second. On it my former Teammates - tolmachi vnematritsy.
With it and with biggest in the White Hall chief sacral seats in Barnaul began breakthrough in information fields, in including in some themes, represented in this Forum.

The my Comrade Sergei Gribacha, musician groups "FC Rusichi Oryol" Barnaulskogo State Pedagogical Institute, which in 1970’s, in the first and the only their participation in of rubble festival has become better in Russia. Musician moreover the composition Sergei Gribach after large hiatus continued engage music, began burn album, but not managed. I was the only from friends, who remained with him until the last days life (he died dire death; and this discussed not will). Remained several tracks songs in varying degrees willingness. This - one of them.

On-its own way, perceptions of musician, each, of course, saw, for what he its writes, and tried to say this available means. Island, Church, theme wedding, in all times svyazyvaemaya with Virgin, geography finally - here very many of similarities with real collisions, to be random (there is and still something, but not for the internet). Sounds also rural-urban divide Priobskoye oil field, homeland of slain mafia "popular governor" we kinda celebrated Yevdokimov's. The been written by, when We was alive and not was Governor (about circumstances that preceded the his demise and associated with ottorzheniem Republic land by the World Bank - Ise Altai ottorgayut from Russia for havens elites). At the dawn creative careers We was familiar with musicians groups "FC Rusichi Oryol", yes and at all the world very's a small world. Especially around the, that concerns Altai. This - importantly place on Earth, you can not to doubt.

The addressed politicians, about which here - Death yes Bride deal the general.



In what boevichki make



Hymn pro legitimate


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