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Muzychko for souls.

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Ukrainian and Russian musicians wash their hands an anti-war clip.



Song pro sanctions



How many forces gone and people vtyanuto in entire this pseudo-revolution-war
With real victims, likewise in 114,000




How many forces gone and people vtyanuto in entire this pseudo-revolution-war
With real victims, likewise in 114,000

Here only music and several words in late. And was having his OK, Hi,, from all forums this the commercial



1947 Tsyganova in gostyakh have Peter Matryonycheva,
But on 2 :5 0 emerges even and of the transit Ii?ic,
I first thought that the statue.
In late clip the statue cast soon.



Why the to mood now had to, yes and at all very likes this clip and the - simply so correct, hope, not strongly paper a common line in topic :blush:



Arkaic - The Zeitgeist





In really the early states (2.28): "Activate its DNA!". In 5.05 emerges whose giant stilizovannaya violet spiral DNA! From it on the crowd's flaking zatvarka!! :music: :whistle: . The city dweller quietly slipping back under the table :crazy:
Adore hardcore . Modicum a bit distracts from this govyonnoy objective reality :music: :cool:

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Tomorrow Day (feat. Vitaly Klitschko)






In really the early states (2.28): "Activate its DNA!". In 5.05 emerges whose giant stilizovannaya violet spiral DNA! From it on the crowd's flaking zatvarka!!. The city dweller quietly slipping back under the table
Adore hardcore . Modicum a bit distracts from this govyonnoy objective reality
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Usual, natural deal for mass music deystv.
Ranging with Woodstock.
Fantastic way hijack, although the organizers not it and refused.
Increasingly on place.
Aside from rhythm - fittest zombatora, neokulta and other things from "spiritual spheres" -

Contour with ionization

Ancient stones-mengiry

I ordered them specially "cola"

The public with crap all the from Tibet

And direct Hushpuppy: Feed up time genodryanyu, angkh-lure okurivaniem without maskirovok.

After Woodstocks population was born 200 thousand Extramarital children.



In X-files govroitsya about zatvarochnom virus.



Our theme, other:

How I already wrote the first that touches in nose, this the refrain of

Everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going
Yeah, we're going down

Every knows, every knows far we rightly move
Yes, we rightly move down
This quite curious the refrain in light of current crisis together with entitled groups One Republic allows look several in different light on the text songs and aeaai?ya clip. Is obtained as would people which create now one republic immutable with the whole world utilising their electorate of and fears in tight dip form, and guys came from rock groups Vital his kind of printer unconsciously... on paper, and then and in nose the, that now gathering in the air as an unprecedented storm cloud.

The text songs:
1) words from first sound that

Paint a picture of a perfect place
They've got it better than we need it, I once told you

By drawing a picture ideal seats (devices world)
They received outcome better than we need to was. I after all you spoke.

Indeed Western countries (golden billion), and specifically the US, lived much better than deserved a, parazitiruya on the rest of the world. Their excessively furnished life pulled for a mass of problems ecological, Resource and other plans. Now same time come to argue all more less in reconcile with real position things.

2) In the second chorus of this theme receives further development

I know we've got it good
But they've got it made
And the grass is getting greener each day
I know things are looking up
But we should head on down

I know we have made all as should
But after all they received all gotovenkoe
And greenery Golden more with every day
I know that all as would goes upward
But we cost would to channel this down
Indeed greenery becomes with every day all more. Federal Reserve in States runs hundreds of billion, and on some data trillions dollars.

The world is seeing stars, when you're seeing lights
Listen to* everything your messenger's taught ya'.

The whole world sees stars while you Cal: So you see light
He headed the that your envoys have taught, yes.
The whole world sees only individual vestige knowledge, while the who manages owns infinitely even more of number of information. Yes and those few vestige knowledge, which world given significantly bent people uchivshimi this know.

It can be possible to make you fall,
Only when it's over our heads
The sun is shining everyday, but it's far away
All the world is dead, they've got they've got

Something can force you fall
Only when this something higher than we (our heads)
The sun shines every day, but it too far
The whole world is dead, they received this, they received.
Recast their plans in their can only the who higher their in hierarchy governance. If under sun understand God. The in the second parts of sound that is obtained states that action God they feel on itself constantly (The sun is shining 534), but somehow they do act within His popuscheniya.

Except above in the text there is still several interesting seats. Who wants can download and revere.
Incidentally why the there is as least two options text. Here is the second and in it some reiterates moments were changed being designed so that emphasis more skewed with conversation about all world on domestic problems apples and their groups.

Aeaai?ya in music video as if specifically cesspits as time under above term text.
In really the early group climbs on scene and show begins with words the kid Lady and Szaszi, I give you one republic. A after all indeed us aggressively try to in term after otgremevshego crisis pawn off united world government.
After their words kid leaps once in hall and is sent to collect money with challenges around people under en a repeat of All types knows, every knows far we rightly move. Yes, we rightly move down. In the center of the the room for them Sinhalese misconception several dancing through steam. Likely 5 steam scene in the center of the the room the most mesmerizing on its quality of attendance and peculiar beauty Footbal - this those who in the text songs reported as I 'll be the King of Hearts, you be the Queen of Spades (I will with your king worms, and you my madam peak) or their directly a creation. Precisely King with madam lead on transcript songs as would dialogue about situation and future prospects.
Images rendered in music video can be to imagine the next way. Under the howling of media about how that all around crumbles and we rightly move down before all countries has played out spectacle Kings worms and their country under entitled planned target collapse dollar , so as greenery becomes all more and indeed it is time guide this deal down.
The boy runs round from countries to country and they throw him some what means, and in the same time he manages deceitful have them without their prior knowledge values on several orders more expensive. Who looks at the clip - can in this sure. The situation with those as countries emit means on fight with the crisis and as have them in the same time steal for their its back by devaluation their currencies, breakdown prices raw materials and in oodles of really inventive other ways grimly with watch recognized one in one.
For the entire clip there will only one person (country) which nothing this to the kid not will give and nothing will not allow have themselves, steal, like,, and only fun potrepaet born baby boy by for hair. These someone likely proved China, have which as before the crisis was 10% growth so and after. Behind have all countries constantly lurks another. He process goes there here and kid to him even not tries to podrulit. These one can be Switzerland. She constantly separately became all. Until now so and not enters in the EU. Swiss franc is worth itself as cliff turns out in from Ocean, and their banks know consider itself paid, man and nor Hitler in past nor crisis now them hopefully.

Also is a curious phenomenon the cover album of. On it Stilizirovano depicts the pyramid and the creators of moreover that is called Drew Brown (OneRepublic) (one Republic) for it.
Ah and of course name album of recognized in point - "Waking up" (arousing). And indeed crisis events evoked a something awakening, as in its time the attacks September 11,. People began to make more active ask questions and seek answers.
Incidentally together'm reminded of the writing on screen computer Neo in really the early movie "Matrix" - "Wake up Neo."
source of

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Dmitry" wrote:

Was blogs to video, that icon has closed glass, which closer the and enough the clean for moreover, to his not discern, and reaching gubischey directly to :x ah. :O

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tort5 wrote:

In X-files govroitsya about zatvarochnom virus.

Umovam govroitsa need to quote. If forumchanin forces to read increasingly this kheraten, then means he not respects other forums.



Where is emphasis on humanity, and where on upyryatinu?This question can be to reformulate multiple options.

And even homilies compare "modern art" and "classic French Republican" outside music, other spheres witness. , too, ask announced large question. And think why so happening.

For advanced in music / the arts. About New York eydzhe, minimalizme, etc:

For that will keep theme:

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