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Muzychko for souls.

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Camuendo MarkaPeruvian group; ethnic music America’s



Vhat on distortion washed up.
Sacred war one, matrix different

And most a serious matter enforcement

Copyrights descendents author Alexander Moldovan hardly who will pay.

The “Vstavai country a huge … ” was written in Tsarist Russia in 1916 year during 1 World War (then she named the Great Patriotic 1914) for rise of on fight" with tevtonskoy force groznoyu "Aleksander Moldovan. 24 June 1941, already after starters WWII, W. I. Lebedev-Kumach, occupation own name and not mentioning the Moldovan, published this the text in central Moscow newspapers “Proceedings ” and“ Red Zvezda ”, reversing the only several words. The text Moldovan seemed so so:

Get up, get up, the country a huge,
Get up, get up on cardinal battle
With making Germany's force tyomnoyu,
With tevtonskoyu the horde.

Let rage noble hope
Effervescence, as wave of,
Is faring war popular,
Sacred war

Let's go start bashing skulls the entire with soul force,
All the heart, the entire soul of
For land our unlovely,
For Russian the brink native.

Not dare wings black
Over homeland fly,
Field its that are spacious
Dare not speak enemy trample on a man!

S tevtonskoy evil spirits
Let's wrangle up bullet-on,
Otrepyu humanity
're going to make its robust the coffin of the.

What universal the Lies! The struggle with tevtonskoy / fascist / of the Kremlin / banderovskoy the horde.



Muses on service lzhevoyny.

The "the trailer" with Bobeye

Anastasia Prikhodko cries on concert for NatsGvardii, beginning song chief "later"



And not very the distant The run-up events.
Yanukovych dancing hava Nagilu and other dances.

Sang for dances: Sophia Rotaru, Joseph Iosif Kobzon, Filip Hey, Verka Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko, Angelica Varum, Leonid Agutin, Natalia Queen, group "are Accident of", Alexander Serov told me, Valery Meladze, French pop wonder Lara twenty and producer Igor Krutoi.

Leading the evening were Maxim from and Ukrainian presenter Maria Efrosinina.



анебожитель wrote:

"Activate the its DNA!"

Here is here not only DNA, but and the homestead I I okay through tineydzherskogo debris:

And here is this was reminded recent events in the US:

Chevy the Apaches - this to what?








Several music those of cult games Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and Heroes of Might and Magic 4. Composer - he Anthony A. Romero's.



This kneelength enforcement!
Better of the original, I think.
This Kyiv.
Celebration Victory, 9 on May 2014.
Concert program "Peremoga. One on the poorest"

Tina Karol - Number ten battalion … eE6Lw19a3H



Ali we not Cossacks, Ali we not tertsy.



Blind Guardian - The Bard`s Song (studio)

Blind Guardian - The Bard`s Song (the concert)

Can be compare perception of.



One of the most favorite rollers! :cool: :cool: :cool:
Different the combination of drive and styobnogo videos:

As correctly has forumchanin darkeffect: "The whole world-theater"
Agree on all 100!

"Даркэффекту". да и другим

Don’t sweat it,, my friend! I you not enemy, and you me, too,. Not need to nothing no one to prove to.
Sucks one thing-tomorrow me will bring agenda, and me will have to do choice. And somehow would he not was, he increasingly would still will remain a crappy, for ????? its grains meritocratic. Let-god, to you this not swept up by.

Love governor of maiden.alice cooper.megadeth. Black an obelisk, Aria, accept.rage.dio and prevents manowar`y:flag: :music:% -) ah and Ozzika, of course, as same without him!

And, yes, must have:

, my friend "darkeffekt", this you instead page vkontakte, for ye know NETU

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On subject: "David Bovie introduced electrocautery (sings songs" Nirvana "(1970)":

Where are rising its feet :P (1967)

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AEROSMITH - DREAM ON (1973 ) Legendado

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Get back a little Siberian music.

оригинал, если кто не слышал




the city dweller
Dipyopl not touch, they zachinateli present metal!
I so understand you music not you perceive at all. Only through own overreaction zombiefication
Here is you
My namber van have mandated



From Hi,! Not unearned luck now to those popular. Encompassing melodies.

Anything! - Tej.

There is still Deep Purple - zakachaessya!

оригинал, если кто не слышал

Popular Teutonic version of not so of Good, but also we its drive.



Stalin, Freund. Genosse treu und klug

In den weiten, wunderschoenen Landen,
Von der freien Arbeit froh beschwingt,
Ist der Freiheit hellstes Lied entstanden,
Das vom grossen Freund der Menschen singt.

Stalin fuehrt uns zu Glueck und Frieden,
Unbeirrbar wie der Sonne Flug,
|: Langes Leben sei dir noch beschieden,
Stalin, Freund. Genosse treu und klug.

Heimatland der Freiheit hier auf erden
Wurdest du, geliebtes Sowjetland,
Immer reicher unsre Ernten werden,
Wohlstand spendet jede fleiss'ge Hand.

Schoener als der klare Lenz des Morgen
Leuchtet unsrer Jugend Maienzeit,
Stalin laechelt, lebt doch ohne Sorgen,
Unsre Kinderschar in Lust und Freud.

Alle Wuesten werden wir bezwingen,
Alle Not der Welt durch eigne Kraft,
Und die allerschoensten Lieder klingen,
Wo der Mensch auf freier Erde schafft.


Es schwingt über Gipfel und Täler und Auen
mit Schwingen des Adlers ein herrliches Lied.
Das Lied über Stalin, dem alle vertrauen,
zu dem wir in Liebe und Freundschaft erglühn.

Wir lassen mit Stolz unser Sturmlied erklingen.
Wir führen zum Siege den Stalinschen Plan.
Wenn wir unser glückliches Leben besingen,
wir wissen, mit wem wir das Tagwerk getan.

Es schwingt über Gipfel und Täler und Auen,
wo Flieger sich grüßen in Wolken und Wind,
das Lied über Stalin, dem alle vertrauen,
dem alle wir treu und verantwortlich sind.




You all about prizemlennom, and need about high to think



Eternal memory you, Tolik.

You could and so:

But, alas.


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Different "quite different" » Muzychko for souls.