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Direction Empire now Building

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First think, as towers but in relatively each other, and also, strelochkoy'll show where has been conducted northern advertizing.

From schemes very amply in sight, that to lift accuse rasstoyanii between homes, could only only one video camera, which has been on the Empire State State Plaza Hotel (on famous viewing chessboard of). This rasstoyanii was in the Internet, you can its clearly see in the moment when plane (or increasingly-??? a small rocket) anodyne there, above than of hitting in South tower.
Nevertheless, it is this German us has shown not one Belsoyuzdruk, and all. With they whether something would were are located not only on different is New York City, but even and on numerous choppers back. Could this happen in two cases, either all cameramen were in one point each have friend on the minds, either us tried to brutally deceive.
Above than to read further, need understand rule the simplest geometry. From TV camera weighing 400 kilos until schlini between the World Trade Center one direct line. Shift cameras to the left or shift to the although would on five degrees, would lead to the hopeless broaden schlini between "twins", either to its extinction of the and the hopeless reduction width South towers. But on the Internet this not is happening, although they us gave illusion, that fact allows iineeenu to the left and shift to the.

NBC4 Live chopper4 (4 th helicopter)
Stop sign frame with and for months NBC is obtained very muddy, as and with any other and for months. We clearly not see schlini between twins, but she there there is. Witness broadcast NBC and make sure, that when "plane" flown in that point, then in sight, that he turned up a in this the most schlini. Us gave illusion, that shootings through a with helicopters NBC, but I contend, that images themselves towers WTC were made with Empire now Building (Esbjerg fB)

WB11 Live, direct live broadcast Warner second 11.
Very well in sight, that smoke, location twins, WTC-7 have their valley below, safety border rooftop North towers, absolutely identical the image NBC, however color and von, strongly differ

WB11 replay, the US on-line and for months
Immediately catches in eyes a juggling from this cameramen. In direct and for months they have gone too much with my most painted the sky in green color, but on repeat, decided correct mistake and we painted his dull-white.

CBS 1kanal, with two diamond-set images homes Enterprise service bus and 500 Fifth Avenue
We see increasingly the same kind of WTC, increasingly the same identity, even striped of smoke right from North towers, in accuracy such a same. Advertizing the most complex WTC produced with viewing shovel Enterprise service bus, however falsifiers of a managed insert in forefront von, the very this the building.

CBS RePlay
This same company has shown the US 80s moment, in opting under aid computer, increase (TheFlyDS v2.0) its on-line. In a result we see even greater visual aids, that images towers absolutely identical "definitely was" whoever fills NBC.
So same clearly are visible elements presentation /. Black, white and gray swathe of on draw an outline within buildings, this so-called "mask." If would this was are being image of the northern and southern towers, then no "masks" not was would and in speak of.

MSNBS, live broadcast on-line.
These guys so same, decided install it in its still life image of the Esbjerg fB. WTC-1 and 2 have the identical image of the CBS, which managed Esbjerg fB win over with other hand.
NBC here decided hereoriginality, they "close" buildings shift to the, with with backyards in 2 degrees between themselves.
The Empire State Saint Isaacs Cathedral Building have NBC has greater deviation from the vertical line axis, than both WTC. In graphical photo editor this can be test, if reverse picture, holding WTC strictly vertically. Material can be take here for example on 0 :05: 48

Closely compare the stop sign cadres MTV and CBS, on which the Empire State State Plaza Hotel resides, or from Left or right. Turn attention, that both have showed the building WTC-7, which closes the lower part of twins. Look at distance from leftist edge trimming South towers, until maiden edge trimming WTC-7. In both cases it voting, but this impossible under shootings of a under different angles. In reality, these homes were in the distance from each other, and means, for what would obtain identical kind of, need sack Since getting warmer a sales point. Have someone even remained doubts? Us showed not new York, and his high-quality 3D model, zamutnyonnuyu color veil.





If we will to succumb to on pushed von the images, then even in this case, is obtained that: Helicopter NBC was tochnyokhinko over the propeller thing helicopters WB11, and the in turn directly over spire up on top Epeyr-State Building, over heads whole heap other cameras. Have CBS camera has been on some the roof, Jinsha Esbjerg fB, but Cornner distances were identical and those who was photographing with Esbjerg fB and those who was photographing with helicopters. Biliburda any. All cameras were over heads each-friend.
With the help slicheniya these stop sign cadres, I amply'll show, that cameras were not on one lines, and in one point.

Warner second decided have a bang on this color the sky, thereby giving illusion, of multiple film session. Us in open for fools hold.

On this the picture I has combined two stop sign there, as see identity matrix full. Matrix 9 / 11 - this WTC, smoke and in some cases the entire complex WTC.
WB11 ostensibly was photographing with helicopters, indeed do, gave us such a illusion, and picture regular intervals shook and line horizon its have sketched, and line Bank Caesar-Island The mayor of New Springfield. CBS was photographing with some rooftop, with managed in its broadcast insert image of the two skyscrapers Enterprise service bus and 500-5Avenyu. Note, that CBS very rudely would put matrix, in sight black lines masks on the edges of the WTC. On based of smoke and the, clearly in sight, that advertizing with helicopters this fluff piece, because this one and the same high, high 102 th building Enterprise service bus. Or their televetrolyoty fly on perform well 280 meters over new island hideaways, and who them has authorized?
Perhaps someone not understands sense dorks stop sign cadres and not played in childhood in mysteries find the signature five differences , I will explain even times. If advertizing WTC produced with different points, then pictures of the was would impossible to combine, this fact Iron, and I have this is obtained easily, for couple of minutes.

Here has combined immediately three stop sign there, vertolyotnykh two WB11 and 30th NBC. As see similarity again full. Again, on lines rooftop we perfectly see, that WTC-1 here on cell with Heights Empeyr-State Plaza Hotel, but NBC us for idiots accepts. Although their helicopter like'm hanging highly-highly, but him why something so and not managed to lift reorientation rooftop North towers. On what same perform well he'm hanging? But on what perform well accurately under him'm hanging helicopter WB11? Silly questions? Yes this at all also questions. Not despite the bleakness and simplicity, the official Washington never will on them respond, because as so same is up the creek, as and their numerous fans sycophants.
Note on huge difference in perform well lines opposite Bank have WB11 and have NBC. And this with, that line rooftop WTC and the border of smoke both have letter, and so same identical rooftop neighboring buildings complex.

Arises well logical questions. ABC, BBC, CNN, NBC, FOX, CBS, WB11, and many-many other cameramen, as same all they simultaneously were on the back foot with flagged, so much people, but until now not happened leaks? Yes increasingly very simply as machine gun rifles. Collaborators broadcasting companies this thousands of man, and those who launched pictures of the from the center, this a few tens of prostitutes, which and to live want and ass warmer do. Should learn direct and for months, they all there is even on Youtube, word Plane (Plain deflects any liability away, A plane) actually gave the on the telephone only collaborators companies and their relatives, which in the morning as-would accidentally saw mainly pleyn. No one saw, so as not are at look through wood homes, and they saw. Several million dollars pegs on them his mouth forever, and of money then otbilos Iraqi oil. Perishing you whether not know as they like money and as precisely focuses on a news, ah for example from Syria, South Ossetia or Libya?
Cameramen the rest of the World, simply received picture from America and by definition could not be witnessing. They simply perform order, such is system. We have hundreds of examples, when of Germany, RAI, TF or even NTV, focuses on a news so, as this need Washington. Technology spread of information in media, recently very well showed Yevgeny Federov, nibbled and have spread on art.

Direct and for months
Fox NY Prize Kristallnacht pogrom of course went FOX
Unique video, the synchronization all six channels
Amply are visible such strange things, which not can be fundamentally
In as a bonus dam image of the, on which in sight, as looks (seemed so) on fact e?anaaao Manhattan. Witness no color of homes, no color of New York York City the sky and compare with the of her bullshit, that us offered so-called "live streaming" September 11, 2001.

The that each Belsoyuzdruk denationalized parteneriat the sky in all color of the most muddy of the rainbow, at all not means, that all worked for different standards. This meant only one thing: Us tried to give illusion large numbers of evidence existence we-767 (Reuss 175), us they have lied to even pro three plane, which ostensibly participated in the terrorist attacks. No one should not was in the very moment arise and the shadows doubt; all as one, owe were themselves to a army the US do from the Middle East one big crater.
Drawn airplanes need were only in order, that would give "ARABSKIY THE." Not important, that obtuse Americans think, that in Afghanistan live Arabs, not for, it is important justify all further crimes SShP.
You drive on for your brain, that would justify are purely animal crimes against you themselves. Hold this times and on entire life.



Compare the further.
Abide stop sign frame with video BBC WORLD
And video with the same CBS

That see?
The same tier images with Towers the World Trade Center, the same a corner and the same high point shootings.
Closely narrow lanes in edge rooftop North Tower, see? High point shootings star by Gambero Rosso such a same, width towers, challenges from each other on distance, indicates, that and a corner point shootings on horizontally absolutely the same.
However CBS get gibbled in its video image of the the Empire State-State Plaza Hotel, and BBC get gibbled in its video image of the some rooftop, which not there is in reality on such perform well.
On both video to Bashnyam deform, image of the we, on both it deform, with West, and official version of holds, that Boeings he crashed with South.

For prying minds there is task:
On video BBC depicts some pristine ugly roof any high buildings.
In reality such a roof of course same was or there is.
Task: Find, that this for the building such, and where it the relatively complex the World Trade Center (on distance interval and the compass)
Then'll go into physical opportunity BBC to lift such video.



Believe stop sign cadres video from utterly different broadcasting companies, made on one lines on northeastern east from towers twins.
With here includes and fixed louvres video and movable, camping on E. Those that removed and with "helicopters" and "not with helicopters."
In all below listed caricature United Nations attention, that in absolutely all cases, buildings filmed with Heights equal perform well rooftop North Tower, and at the expense background ``crisis illusion different Heights point shootings.

The first dam photo, which why the) zaretushyovano.
Neskladukha pro the, that this photo with there "NBS with helicopters" not will have hosted, because it "wider on perform well."

The second I allow stop sign frame NBS, advertizing with helicopters, because the "'ve been lifting."

Further even stop sign-frame NBS

Further stop sign-a CBS

Further another "direct spots" on this time from BBC.
The quality of pictures of the direct and for months outside opportunities professional technology.
Smoke here have them decided to go higher, and striking solar morning with gays sky transformed in night.

Now again CBS. Here picture decided "to bring the" (obrezav on-circle)
The viewer should not bother, that she raze not star is with the other picture from CBS colored,
Should not his bother and what it perfectly star is with all the rest on angle of these pictures and point shootings.

Further, "Mickey D's global television", Belsoyuzdruk CNN
They decided take picture, that other regarded "30th."
Set front his analyst, which time from time tide is turning and is signing hands.
He tells, as airplanes in this solar morning took in buildings have him on the eyes of. He forgot to tell a small detail.
As he managed here reach, will agree with guards buildings on which is worth, rise here, raise burqa with blasting equipment, align the link with studio, see although would one of incarcerated and, not go panting bear on stilts on the whole Mir?
The is absolute carbon copy pictures of the BBC. Ah there there is of course the difference, after all companies something from different parts of of light.
Line horizon not such a, color of not such, mutnost not such a, and so increasingly equally. This at all not coincidence, when different telebrigady with leading analysts, find themselves in one point space through 6 minutes after as gromykhnulo in North Torre.

Helicopter FOX NY, too, decided to hang out there same, where kept its program CNN
Only falsifiers of a not typically recognized reconcile their mission, so FOX decided to do picture more terrible quality, for something have them in as a background for magnificent skyscrapers from Left serves land, and have CNN blue the sky.

Here the military-broad, but increasingly would still low-quality. Again operator on the same lines taking direct aim.
He as and all, not ?uaeei same walk. Simply parade caveats with operators some, all on no?oiea,
And not only fact allows, but and homes which have on is traveling television studios.

It is stunning diversity backgrounds and flowers, only unchanged remains line shootings.
Here South small coworking a bit deeper itself has gone for North, in accuracy as have CNN and have BBC. Only shoals increasingly would still remained.
In primarily forgery grant different color of and so von. And more attentive glance, ???, that homes, which are located slightly below, or not change his position, or change not on laws geometry and physics.

On this stop sign kadr another video von pictures of the dull-blue

On this stop sign kadr another video von the violet and-a grey

On this stop sign kadr another video a new connotation dull-gay man
On three past photo so silhouette and the size of the "we", addition he seeks "enter" in different point on perform well.

WB11, too, direct live broadcast
Poorly poredaktirovali homes from below, changed line horizon, foil have made and the sky and land, but as not been stalling, forgery increasingly sooner on face.

Already after LIVE, WB11 decided maximally "zabelit" picture, ubavili the contrast, have get back a little pink, but even more have exacerbated situation.

I led many examples of, when videooperatory were on single lines shootings, and this is even not all video with such a angle.
Wasn can be to believe in this? There is no, such a could not be. New York big and sack the can be was with any hand with each of 360 degrees.
From what do simple conclusion. All these "direct and for months" with northeast hand - confectionate.
One large most possibly false, which sign on one matrix. All companies-one matrix skyscrapers, on that they done spread together layers, with the objects, by airplanes, mutnostyu, different colors, different foil and camping on D. If would they this have made later, then can be was clever your way out, that lurks wanted glory, so have gone too much. But tragedy of falsifiers of in is. That all these video with EXPRESS even when the. Even if to justify oneself to, that this advertizing has been conducted with one helicopters and then simply vorovalas television networks, then why they pictures of the "been circumcised", "were cradling" in different hand, painted and mutnili? As they at all print enough of them motherfuckers this to do, if nor one Belsoyuzdruk not knew to what needs to be prepared in the morning?



Compare with inaugurate, real kind of towers the World Trade Center, which photographed with famous viewing shovel the Empire State-State Plaza Hotel.
For example this a compelling black-and-white photograph.
Not though, that she bad quality and starred on amateur photo camera s with husk Svema,
We is famously see that means "not forgery." We see kind of on Manhattan, such, what he there is on fact. Indeed do was.

This stop sign frame direct and for months NY1 started. Before lens someone increasingly time was waving at hand, ah know, Americans increasingly time contribute any reduced, when on the screen something important.
For example when they "returned with moon" one of astronauts farted, from this Lies such a nice (on American measure) scene.
Here is and here, "hand" must suggest the the viewer, that live broadcast is faring with any high buildings.
The quality of a really phenomenal, but nevertheless we accurately can determine, that video here with viewing shovel the Empire State-State Plaza Hotel and nor where more.
In Internet can be find even photos shootings with this point. Mutual location the World Trade Center-1, the World Trade Center-2 and the World Trade Center-7 not leaves other options, more sack not from where, other buildings significantly below.

And the next stop sign frame in accuracy such same. Video "broadcast live" with the Empire State-State Plaza Hotel and only with him.
Note mutual location all buildings complex the World Trade Center, it identical the, that we see on the first photos.
Even the statue franzuskoy prostitutes is on utterly the right distance.
However have CBS KhVATILO UMA vpuzyrit in video prerecorded with Esbjerg fB the very tower Esbjerg fB.

On a real photos is famously in sight, that between buildings the World Trade Center there is rasstoyanii. In and for months CBS such schlini there is no, indeed do its zaretushirovali a terrible quality.
But they speaker Boo Boo image of the EMF. Saint Isaacs Cathedral Building more to the right, respectively their advertizing was further left than that, means rasstoyanii between magnificent skyscrapers must was open up more.
Little moreover, any departure from lines should was lead to distort the "profile" the World Trade Center, but this there is no. On photo and on video CBS "profile" complex the World Trade Center identical.

Between Esbjerg fB and the World Trade Center distance 4 kilometers 700 meters. On and for months CBS apparently such same distance from Esbjerg fB until lens video cameras.
If would so and was on fact, the means, that man, which waves hand in kadr, sees plane on distance above 9 kilometers, but this it is unrealistic.

Direct spots CBS begins with, that a leading she speaks all on the telephone with a news reporter (or whom, which is in Chelsea (district New York City). She there him rubs, that seen plane, which breezed right in the first in North Tower. With such a distances plane see can be only in binoculars, and the, if about his trajectory know in advance.
District Chelsea is the west EmStrBilding, respectively, if sack the World Trade Center from there, then 102-storey the building raze not can fall into frame. However hearing narrations, create the text some women and seeing picture, have the viewer incapable sense of, that Treasures studio talks the broadcast from Chelsea, but this an absurdity.

Forgery an TRANSLTsII "CBS" ON face.



Variation masks, that lots on all channels, increasingly is logical.



Two identical angle towers.
Airplanes fly for different trajectories, but this not would prevent them good whack in one thing and the same place.

Had to video Grand Marnier liqueur, gifku forum borrow not diary, too much.: '(

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Nikita nice name clip coined, no one and never his in searching for not would find) and means clip will survive.
Glad that you mastered the creation gifok and don as apply function "poluprozrachnost" in some program not it is important in what.

Now would point to sources
Worded clip and second of
Is imperfect collection 175 th 3 :0 3 and 3 :1 3

Falsifiers of a in one case have made illusion horizon, in another there is no.
In case 3 :1 3 decided pretend, that have the modicum and there is a tripod, but he no good with your hands and the cross-eyed one.
Because both video appear directly in reruns "direct even when the" we can with 100% chance certainty to speak, that terminate their activity were manufactured by East TO September 11,.



In accuracy the same matrix.



In accuracy the same matrix. Under this "direction" we see a microscopic rasstoyanii between magnificent skyscrapers, through which "nips" Boeings. This means, that on several video we will to see helicopter NBC, with which has been conducted it is this advertizing.
But we not saw helicopters accurately on this lines, means: All video with this direction (VSE TO don) - fabrication, by TO 11 September. Specifically this video was shown in "direct and for months" NBC, WNBC and the like.



These three derzhitsya not suited, not the German

Knots to worsen much wider leftist.
And created they with radical down!

Dmitry" wrote:

This is means, that on several video we will to see helicopter NBC, with which has been conducted it is this advertizing. But we not saw helicopters accurately on this lines

And this yes, powerful piece of evidence

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Dmitry" wrote:

Nikita nice name clip coined, no one and never his in searching for not would find) and means clip will survive.

So video in. You, specifically for Forum. ^ ^

Nice to that you mastered the creation gifok and don as apply function "poluprozrachnost" in some program not it is important in what.

Thank you :yep:, Sony Vegas



Dimon wrote:

Those three derzhitsya not suited, not the German
Knots to worsen much wider leftist.
And created they with radical down!

Dimon, me of course surprisingly, that you interested in this theme, while in the yard drone strikes and straightforward. Ah okay.
With radical down, because this Ermine derzhitsya, this're gonna miss.
"Wider" not knots to worsen, and North.

And now on expense "angle":

BTP - LIBOR Trust Plaza (Deutsche Bank Building) - high 172 Dam
WTC-7 - (Solomon Brothers Building) - high 190 meters
AMEX - (Three World Financial Center) American Express Tower - high 225 meters

As can well be, that present, "Deutsche Bank" it turns out higher WTC-7? - This is can happen only in case, if shooting to wage with viewing shovel Empeyr-Saint Isaacs Cathedral Building." Deutsche Bank "(BTP) is further from Esbjerg fB, than the World Trade Center-7 and, if look Since HElGHTS, then present proves higher precisely" Deutsche Bank ", exactly this we and are seeing on photo type this:
(This photo done 100% with viewing shovel Esbjerg fB, because more nowhere.
Smotrovaya gathering spaces that offer universal Empeyr Saint Isaacs Cathedral Building, is on level have Dam

Now to CNN and to this "angle of these pictures", under which "Deutsche Bank", too, higher, than "WTC-7."
Where could stand this Clown with CNN?
The answer: Such point in New York simply not there is.
East of Esbjerg fB indeed are worth buildings, on which, theoretically, was able climb this a journalist on TV for 5 minutes and start to poison that pro Boeings, however) there buildings not higher 230 meters. Most real place One Penn Plaza, but it nedotyagivaet until have meters and not can be is equipped with for even when the CNN.
T. E. There there is no such buildings, with which would "Deutsche Bank" could be visible present higher, than "WTC-7." If Clown from CNN indeed talks the Newsweek with rooftop any buildings, then he should to see WTC-7 THE, than "Deutsche Bank."
Therefore: This NOT German. This option the same species with Esbjerg fB, only with perestavlennymi computer images homes.
Live broadcast CNN - is a complete fabrication Hollywood kudesnikami.

Postanovschik Shiller wrong, when busing images homes on sfalsifitsirovannuyu picture.



Dmitry" wrote:

Dimon, me of course surprisingly, that you interested in this theme

And that to do, work there is no, on streets frightening exits, and at all'm leaving I in short

Dmitry" wrote:

thus: This NOT German. This option the same species with Esbjerg fB, only with perestavlennymi computer images homes.

Not simply rearranged images homes, and still and one to worsen overshadowing the another, but on a real picture with Esbjerg fB not overshadowing the

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This artist tells around the The world, pro terrorists, Osama Bin Laden, the Pentagon, Shenksvill and couple Boston Boingi, 'm a motivator of this is all the, that he is on place crimes. On fact he is on of the studio control room together chessboard of. He portrays, that is worth Fiddler on the reoof The Tower, without ring-fence. Type CNN here black hats rode together with common choices.Most, cables and microphones, for 5 minutes, and protection their has derailed many without passes and helped raise packing with satellite equipment. The entire account on the, that viewers - idiots (that incidentally truth).

Incidentally have modern "Russia-24" or say "L! FENEWS" in accuracy this same a stamp. Correspondent from Semyonovki, intraoral in Moscow on telemostu the, that have them and without him written in tape news on monitors.



Dmitry" wrote:

He portrays, that is worth Fiddler on the reoof The Tower, without ring-fence. Type CNN here black hats rode together with common choices.Most, cables and microphones, for 5 minutes, and protection their has derailed many without passes and helped raise packing with satellite equipment.

You from-based century?



SMmoris wrote:

You from-based century?

What century? This 2001 th year, blyutuza being asked, were cables,.
Have us here have Palace sport, too, such same yiooceanoia are worth when Torpedo plays. And from these machines to to 548kg is faring a whole cloud cables.
Morris you took out already, za odnostrochkami.
Officially, Reuss 11 ostensibly "hit" in North tower in 8 :46: 40
Now look here time 8 :4 9

T. E. Have CNN was just 2 minutes, to:
1) Quick understand that happened (even then call USA this not was able understand this for 40 minutes)
2) Accept decision about direct and for months
3) figure out where its need to wage ("Yandex carte" then being asked)
4) To make TV burqa on this and even on several direct even when the
5) to hightail on place from office New York having secession CNN (without use of Police sirens and on enjoying your morning nyuyorkskim traffic)
6) Well, reason with him with guards The Tower about conducting direct and for months
(This very heavy, virtually impossible task, the jury on level senior managers)
7) Bump on elevators are all non equipment on roof down The Tower, rastyanuv cables,
8) Customize button equipment and conduct test-the inclusion of in studio
(This complex task, so as the review the satellite plate car, will turning a blind "stone jungles."
On increasingly on this, under favorable circumstances, need two hours least. And they handled for 2 minutes?
And not only they. Was organized the inclusion of least from 30 points, in including idiotic and disadvantageous
Here is how even when the:
Each Belsoyuzdruk, convened shooting with 4-8 points, in including ostensibly with caveats.
This physically NEVOZMOZhNO.
Try have themselves in city of just hit anything and do the math, how many'll come running brigades and with how many points will direct inclusion through 2 minutes, now in the 21st century. The answer: Exactly zero units.
ps.. I was three times rights, when said, that viewers idiots.

, " "



TAC "I not'm contesting the, that ten-inch Whitehall fangs was increasingly known in advance, but not increasingly need view so as you, protection itself would volunteered to guide and Interior right equipment, so as in pendosii blockades media this criminal crime, streams of need to was many evidence because in advance were prepared room for even when the, moreover, I said would, that cel received precisely sun and not lamp, but you same gonna demand evidence, so on this shirk. Never lie on all 100%, lie concealed, well, buying pile promoting true, accountable operational details, why to do shooting in studio when this can be to expose? Or you one is that these schemers complete morons?


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