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"The third truth" Dmitri Khalezov

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Exile for download
Links are blow. Please, download this book on nuclear demolition of the WTC and re-distribute it as wildely as possible:
Please, download also this archive with the biggest collection of genuine "ground zero" definitions from hundreds of pre-9/11 dictionaries:
Feel free to share this with other people too!
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The third truth Dmitri Khalezova
Here is movies with diagrams development dynamics any explosion
With h 18min and on h 21minuta
Push force 5.8 key and cherkh 10-12 sec destruction towers
The Presents since explosion until full spraying passed 12 sec
Forth pro pentagon

September 11, 2001 7 ton-rated the Russian no chance rocket Bank P700 was discerned ADIZ for 6-7 minutes until podlyota
Plane Yom Kippur War (and he, at all something, intended for coordination retaliatory nuclear attack on the USSR, so that no jokes there not was) soared for 2 minutes until strike missiles in wall Pentagon, however rocket safely declined have buildings Pentagon, already three auction and by taking over course in parallel earth hit goal piercing through 6 walls buildings Pentagon

Yes this was Soviet there acceleration supersonic no chance rocket "Bank" with thermonuclear permitted in 500 kt per year - which has behaved on all rules behavior typical 5 missiles. T. E. Flew on perform well, manevrirovala, before the most goal sharply declined and hit its on horizontal trajectory on level the waterline - camping on E. In accuracy so, as and been paved 5 the ion
Polumegatonnaya nuclear warhead will be detonated was is disabled, and otherwise Nyu York came would kerdyk
Rocket incidentally could choose and the White House for destruction
There all opaque loaded list naibole important goals
And rocket itself chooses itself goal

quotes Yourselves on topic

According to construction codes Chicago and New York City departments buildings cities not have rights issuing resolution on construction skyscrapers, if their engineers not can offer satisfactory system their demolition. So that this as times explains easily. This you any architect American will confirm.

All specialists zasechke nuclear bombings are linked military oath. And those who it not stems, are linked subscription about hold confidential. Only and just. T. E. The bombings and radiation've spotted all, but these "all" were people public and associated subscription about hold confidential data. So that increasingly far easier, than you think.

There increasingly simply as past
- of private jets not was accurately. Verdict final and appealed would persuade not subject to. They were digital.
- Seysmika all profit powers spotted three 150 kilotonnykh explosion on Manhattan and all these powers here same Public in IAEA. And on emit radiation, too, Public. Simply Americans say they handed off charges. They have than bought off
- Fallout under cleansing was how many anywhere. Almost all workers "ground zero" already died from leukemia and myeloma. The rest - are under death in real moment
- Since personal dozimetrami on "ground zero" not broadcast until now. This is not permitted. There even a poster such under emotional outburst during hangs. And dosimetrists civil Defense radiation measuring the, as and been paved. Regularly. Only measurements are kept secret
- What concerns alternative versions of demolition, then I in them not believe on 3 reasons:
And) because, that place demolition the World Trade Center wears name "ground zero" (that there is "place nuclear explosion", not "place resonance fluctuations");
It comes) because, that workers "ground zero" all as one suffer from of chronic cardiovascular disease (hence leukemia and myeloma);
In) because, that in Century its officer Soviet services special. Control I knew about system nuclear demolition.

50 kilotonnyy underworld a nuclear explosion itself are cooling somewhere for year with small. But on Manhattan all three epicenter hard, a day to and at night, been watered water, yes even and with admixtures of different chemicals. So ostudili faster - for gender-year. And now already 10 years passed without small. So there now "not ardently." Even not hesitate. For such time and consequences five-megatonnogo explosion went cold again would. And there just something 150 kt per year was.

About secret tolerances - I have was the first form of. Steep perishing simply have nowhere. Which to OF. And spread a piece I knew chasing bullshit in 1989 - for 12 years until events - this perishing quite nor in what gates. Not be ridiculous. No smoothly "with thermite" technology there is no. Its Steven Jones coined commissioned FBI with already After my unmasking.

With Kursk catastrophe had stolen missile with thermonuclear permitted, but codes for explosion thieves so and not learned, and all-??? launched?

- these codes and not intended to identify the. T. K. Task to level city Washington with land not benefits. Benefits as times flip task - to warhead will be detonated NOT detonated, and was alternatives as there is.

We passed on voenke

- not be ridiculous. The, as "pass" nuclear weapons in Soviet universities (in including and in military) I know very well. The, that there explain pro device nuclear weapons (even a schematic device) not has nothing in common with reality. T. E. Simply brazenly lie.

Think in any case under hit in pentagon something could go not so and a fusion explosion could would happen ez curiously breaking

- and not need to "to think." Need to know. That neither nuclear, nor second event weapons accidentally explode not can NEVER and NO PRI NO circumstances. It can explode ONLY if someone wants, to it exploded. And not wants - it and not sam. And so in the Pentagon missile put it to work with utterly clean own consciences - knowing, that the casual a fusion explosion in gender-@-@ three megatons (who accidentally will incinerate the entire Washington) is removed fully.

- Okay. Feel, that thermonuclear head without breaking will not work. But why its then at all dress on missile, if she in 100 times more expensive conventional warheads? Sense in intimidation? Or simple warhead will be detonated would do more destruction, than nuclear-there's an unexploded? Can be at all not wanted no destruction and people in the black made in the pentagon missile with overdue nuclear missile, that and so and so need to was already to recycle your in ties with the maturity finding in spyware removal authoritarianism?

-If would rocket was without thermonuclear warheads, then not was would reasons casualties Tower-by. T. K. Zalechka was such, that, nourished German, have Mossad and have French colleagues there is "specific findings", that terrosristy seized nuclear heads and pulyayut they on American liberties - two heads ostensibly stuck at the top the ground of the Twin Towers-prodavat - this test in conditions destruction, fire and deficit time problematic, but here is the third - which had landed in the Pentagon - here is she, is, darling. Can be even on a tooth try. Here is this the third lent pravdopodonosti arguably Mossad and the French, that in the twin towers-the Twins were ostensibly "other two." And if would in the Pentagon had landed dummy, then no one would simply not believed, that in the twin towers-the Twins stuck such here is warheads, and simply not have become would casualties themselves Tower-by. And the entire Masonic is a futile collapsed would. So nuclear warhead will be detonated in the ion, trapped in the Pentagon, was obligatory part of views. Otherwise the entire the rest of zalechke could would not to believe. Moreover, if would not the nuclear warhead will be detonated, repays its loans in the Pentagon, Americans not have become would declare war camping on BC "terror" and with so a fetish about being uprostvom seek in Iraq "weapons mass destruction."
Al-Qaeda Americans not ``crisis. At least officially. She as would "itself 11th had produced." But CIA together with Saudi araviytsami in its time created predecessors Al Qaeda - movement mudzhakheddinov in Afghanistan and even and the Taliban. Ah and perishing on base all this Al Qaeda itself as would "11th had produced." But quite possibly and not without aid there are some Western (and especially Pakistani) intelligence. But deal the nor in Al Qaeda. This OK poverty-stricken organization with constitutional capital in order 50 million dollars just. She analyzed in Sudan poppy cucumbers and vydelyvaniem of cow skins, yes even trade somehow Plant oils. In general, golytba. However, the was alms sue. She would nikakk not pulled such complex project as 9 / 11. And airplanes were digital - this OK explained in article. All the more, that from 18 the car thieves more than half very much alive and nice and gives interview (were discovered alive during the first same two weeks after events).
What I was laundering September 11, 12 September with Mike Harari for breakfast, so about this even FBI knows (a gift, that-whether, me wanted in 2003 in the US to extradite?)

Yes I not see no sense with you debate. T. K. I simply see, that you master the its salary. 90s camping on BC "termitchikov," which utverzhadet, that buildings demolished ostensibly "nano-termitom" or even some non-existent Perfect shit, is on wage in FBI. T. K. Helps zasirat people brains. Nothing new. Incidentally, most ridiculous, that is chaired by the she professor of physics (nuclear physics) Stephen Jones - which known as professional Masonic stool pigeon duck even with young years. He in its time helped Freemasons burry subject cold fusion. Кстати, профессор Джонс исключает из рядов подконтрольных ему "правдоискателей" сразу всех тех, кто посмеет поставить под сомнение факт того, что стальные башни-близнецы были сконструированы самолётоустойчивыми и алюминиевые самолёты их пробить не могли, равно как и тех, кто смеет говорить что-то о ядерных взрывах. (Это несмотря на то, что сам Стивен Джонс - физик-ядерщик и ему ли не знать, что именно значил в английском языке термин "ground zero" до того, как перепечатали словари.) Так что налицо все признаки того, что вы профессиональный тролль на зарплате из той же когорты, что и Стивен Джонс.
I same there specifically in article stuck a two video, on which clearly in sight earthquake of least in 5.5 on threshold appears. Little, that-whether? Here is entire this "bath" and is going to lift upward these, I have a. All of this was measures have and on video (see Video in article) and on seysmografakh. Simply seysmogrammy for the people of decided not to publish, as you himself realize - instead real seysmogramm, which must were show 150 kilotonnye thermo- nuclear explosions, published (for "display") fake seysmogrammy, "letting" on the bombings nuclear chemodanchikov in one megatons of TNT, which Osama bin Laden ostensibly bought have Viktor of Boot. So that there increasingly in order with those, that should was would be. That concerns "land vspuchennoy" she only in Nevada the case, camping on K. There can dig sandy. But on Mankheettene - granite cliff turns out clear cutting. Again same, those who governor intended this a nuclear explosion, this same were not are first graders? This were geologists - specialists underground nuclear were reexamined. So placed the increasingly as need to, to nothing not "vspuchivalos." And what the bombings were precisely nuclear, so this you not hesitate - otherwise it comes not called that place "ground zero." And then I same about this knew on its military service.

About "actual absence of" - you badly mistaken. There was virtual presence all get consequences an underground nuclear explosion. Was orange marevo over 2 stories of rubble, derzhavsheesya hours and a half, levels radiation under three hundreds of roentgenogram in hour (they then fall down today, naturally, but the first few hours there even close approached only was cannot be).

The surface and hot - there all machines and buses poplavilis. Witness photos - macaws.

Rescuers and could not walk the first few hours - and from-for radiation, and from-for temperature. Then most and the and another and have become walk. But shoes solving melt auras even through two months after events. They change shoes every few hours. And gases all are gone.
Far, cuz the entire radiation? Slept - in accordance with dynamic fall of levels radiation But stagnated slowly. Even through couple of months there still were tens of pinned in hour on one only vast array-radiation (not believing rest its components). And in the first days - were tens of roentgenogram in hour and the x-rays in hour. In first week - hundreds of pinned in hour.

Corpses workers? Americans not such perishing and idiots. They implemented hidden control dialed doses on vast array-radiation and not allowed no one going bust 50 roentgenogram. So no one took ill acute cardiovascular disease (except only those who long has lain under 2 stories of rubble in the first same clock). All have an illness then of chronic cardiovascular disease only. But of these second - died already many thousands of. And even many thousands of - under death now.

An interval in 12 seconds let not confounds. Towers you shied in moment the most nuclear explosion. Then 12 seconds are gone on the creation pressure and on overcoming "threshold ruggedness." And perishing itself "wave of smyatiya" on body towers had spread in matter of share of of seconds - camping on K. She has in metals enhanced supersonic the speed.

Should learn even times – my explanation closely and will understand, that precisely I mean.

Thermite - this the, that is used in elektrosvarke. He not it crushes steel in powder. He its melts and unfortunately. With makes this very slowly. And himself thermite even need to inflict on right place and even his need to firelog. Need a special vysokotemeraturnyy fuse, camping on K. Lit with a match. Thermite not the flare. Forth - thermite sparking, as eccentric Bengali the fire. And work makes slowly. In mechanics destruction towers work activate the thermite not echo this. Even if pull this version of for ears effort all of masons world, then it still not can fit.



dmitr wrote:

New book from Dmitri Khalezova
Like would he its recently uploaded. At least there mentioned was called Institutskaya
Until not am finished reading.

Rostelecom blocked exile.
I in September with Khalezovym had been e-mailing, he spoke, pro a new book and PDF file me gave, but she on English language. Spoke that hands not reaching translate its on Russian. But this was until "Institutskoy." here is his site and the first book on English. Dmitri Khalezov.


Perekachal book, need to will in fayloobmennik. Rolls



File loaded!
The reference for download file:

Dmitri Khalezov. Conversation with some.



We were friends on "gaydparke", but he gone missing, and then all "gorozhanskie" registration in "quarantine" unearned luck now to.
Man modicum and from offices, but gives, on-my, slightly more, than it was necessary to lend



the third truth Dmitri Khalezova

Dmitri, this only I have on this site pictures of the not are loaded?



Андрей wrote:

Dmitri, this only I have on this site pictures of the not are loaded?

Pictures of the not are loaded due to bad service the images, because I and say all moisture to pictures of the here



Dmitry" wrote:

pictures not are loaded due to bad service the images, because I and say all moisture to pictures of the here

You correctly understood my question? Pictures of the not are loaded on site, on which you gave exile
Not on your site.



Андрей wrote:

pictures not are loaded on site, on which you gave exile

I have increasingly podgruzhaetsya. ?????? not has found



Семьянин wrote:

Wu me increasingly podgruzhaetsya. ?????? not has found

Ah, Podskajite what lacks my the PC for discoveries the images?




This is happened in ties with inter-a new generation buildings, sprouted up in late of 60 s. Namely buildings on steel frame. Despite widely widespread misled, not yet was nor one case demolition The Tower on steel frame way conventional “implosion ” where would the nor was in world.
The problem was that s then s building code New York (as well as and construction code Chicago) not allowed Department Buildings issuing resolution on construction of no would the nor was The Tower, until his engineers not providing Department also and a satisfactory way to demolition such a pelvic, with as demolition in the future, so and demolition in the event of of an emergency situation.

Is obtained, that THEY ARE for many decades until 9 / 11 decided to use this weapon for demolition the World Trade Center for their plans, need was only to appoint day X (indeed do year, camping on K. With day and month they long populyaren.



Андрей wrote:

Nu, Podskajite what lacks my the PC for discoveries the images?

Direct references to pictures of the … rus/6a.jpg … rus/11.jpg … _81088.jpg
Are opening?



Dimon wrote:

Direct references to pictures of the … rus / 6a.jpg … rus / 11.jpg …’s organs is 81088.jpg
Are opening?

3-I the reference opened, the rest stymies home SA



Андрей wrote:

the rest stymies home SA

Your provider?



Dimon wrote:

Your provider?

So accurately!



Increasingly and more such malevichey becomes. If Khalezov, Illy Ike, or Makspark, have ground to a halt, means are dangerous they mraziynym damage caused by war, such a the blockage the best proof of their right



Utterly with this agree. However recall, that there is a preamble: Zaboroneniy fetus is sweet. Not think, that they can be guided by this priskazkoy under blocking, too perishing little looking for, who will in bypassing to blocked by the pages. So that Netimer just is true the first.



danem84 wrote:

That the reference on full version of Khalezova on English language + Misc. Materials … 4’s organs is

Is blocked, even fryGate not opens now forum Khalezova. Even recently have revealed. Something happened

Through the interpreter harks back, but files stymies
From text understood that Khalezova again arrested and he gives passwords their friends on some archive in which are the details ties Taylandskikh officials with "vnematritsey" (conditional support)





TAC "can you and there is Dmitri Khalezov?


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