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Republics mercenary. Write, that this Leon swampy.



Deer in Mariupol

Than differs mrazokanal from real Canal? Those that Valera plays real, and his Canal real,
Those, that has comfort chance on theory likelihood, to lift their you mumping installation,
Those, that his video not will spread different scum type censor got. There is no novorosiya. Whom and Mariupol. Info,
Those, that with him can be contact in lichke and a chat, and have mrazokanala increasingly contrary.



Film Ministry cesspits employees SBU and granted drafts 0629.
He is based on real events, external relations materials Criminal affairs, war testimony of eyewitnesses those events.

The events 9 on May 2014 have become the most mass provocation in Mariupol.
Electoral manipulation without public clear conscience, intentional people received and a juggling facts, network provocateurs,
Working in Mariupol and chain of similarities have made its deal
- in Mariupol was born legend about the "mass shooting down civilians."

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You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » New Russia (region) » Mariupol