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Achtung. Whom they polled in power bl.
Terror on Donbas is happening under support large numbers of local population. (The blame).

Cyber this declared caretaker Ukraine, Chairman the Verkhovna Rada Ukraine Alexander the blame in program "Shuster live", reports press service. O. President Ukraine.
Tragically, noted he, "the Vinalia, a ghastly terror is happening under support large numbers of local population." The slow promotion Antiterroristicheskoy operations, noted the blame, above all, stems precisely with unwillingness inflict damage peaceful population.
On his words of, can be was would easily destroy terrorists, if would not was those people, which, 've been deceived propaganda, lips a criminals.
"This is the most complex the problem, when population, obmanutoe propaganda trades abroad, supports terrorists," said the blame
"Tasks Antiterroristicheskoy operations - this, in primarily, protect people from this discretion, from this horror, assassinations."



a Jewish the team "Dnepr river"



Dmitry" wrote:

a Jewish the team "Dnepr river"

Here is shoot he any banderlogu real bullet realistically-on - he in the same day will become global widest recognition, but this get with him.
Further his let Them in in turnover the entire political ATL cunting machine. Surname-erysipelas his here same will on all media light, street address his and relatives, very even realistically, on photos potaschut - nourished German, "not forget not are going to forgive", then and that, smartso.
And if "on a lines" - the as far firm Obama turns. Well is real and tribunal. Get a again same, under sanften noise and of, as "???-the arsonist war" or "simple, satira na."
"For fulfilling criminal orders on murder of citizens" or contrary, "for default orders not kill citizens and the unauthorized murder of without sheer threats life and camping on D. On statute. " Him, with automation manager which, without difference, as precisely.
There some “Real Estate ” page with their cellphones with dozen in field of view,, too, OK for good reason.
For "holy anger" increasingly Felix Blumenfeld, and Netimer just increasingly will be used.
Any subject with weapons perfectly understands, that "glavkomy" their here set (and their, with weapons, and banderozhyu the crowd with other hand), their hands tasks their solve, and their eternal scapegoat in two accounts would make. It no one not need to, wetting the each other, and them, soldiers with weapons, in primarily.
So and probavlyaetsya scum until that low--as's disco "war" and "fighting" with "by many losses."



actors from extra,.. extra, jangling role "Black clothed"
Released from bandits Mariupol. … i-mariupol

Clean nice suits have written the them, but simply another color of.)
Essentially, the same game and the same photo for the same instructions, that and have Ponomaryovo-Babaevskoy massovochno-together groups.

For moreover, to understand, that they simply pose, enough 1) serve as in army. 2) have not punctured propaganda and stereotypes brains. But. Deal in is, that the main crowd perceives army only through Pandora, films Hollywood and clown Tieta, so shone on Ukraine offered no one not surprises.

Fighter with PACs policies--and stance "who on me, I open."
Type he's covering for consomme Vichyssoise, turtle transition comrades through highway.

This fighter as and opolchenskiy the association ’-Hawryluk set, for photographer dismantled machine gun with-, ready kill thug atop the floor or even the roof) What whether movies based, then whether have photographer ten lives.

The in November rallied destroy Russian tank. Brilliant, talk and on combat. But.
He simply teenage, so no notions not has, that "shot" in "RPG" is inserted directly before mutilated.
Carrying RPG thus way, and all the more in such stallonovskikh poses, inconvenient and simply dangerously for life, but actress this not know, preparing to target films and Libyan installation.

The second shot sticks out have him from belly (in sight do part of of powder weapons). Actress not has hit on, that remain humpin 'not granatomyotchik, and the second Number their granatomyotchikov.) “I don’t ludicrous, because I have have the most" the additional "office" granatomyotchik. "
Witness, behind this Rambo, is "the second Number", have which in your bag remain RIGHT Since PRIKRUChENNYMI porokhovymi missiles. If he there is, then why Rambo humpin 'TWO YEARS snaryozhyonnykh shot being fired? If will tank, then he will one. Why Sylvester is so much shots in one thing stocks?

sessao of tables. Each photograph - the.) … i-mariupol
Some derzhitsya as if did the same the artist that and on lzheterakte in Nairobi.



Here is that the Internet zhivotvaryaschiy makes)

Now look here
AiF.UA. Nareportazhil in Red Small Crags the same granatomyotchika)

the photo report: In Red Small Crags go fierce-fighting on tanks

15 June the photo report "FotoVesti" (Ukraine) - "under-slung grenade launcher looking shift to the"
With RPG and machine - as released Mariupol … i-mariupol
19 June the photo report "The arguments and Facts on" (Ukraine) - "under-slung grenade launcher looking to the left"
In Red Small Crags go fierce-fighting on tanks

"Ukrainian" side instead "Ukrainian army",, Dick and Harry seems group such same actors, as and "Tristaen" side instead army DNR, Dick and Harry seems Ponomaryovo-babaevskuyu group.



Dmitry" wrote:

Fighter with PACs policies--and stance "who on me, I open."
Type he's covering for consomme Vichyssoise, turtle transition comrades through highway.

Battlegroups poses amazing on perekreste all roads - with the signature style all vmematrichnykh.
Here with kheroicheskim rembo led by they a host battalion beat.

The author tekstovok'd had a fling, or the day off took nerves healing, so won not conducted who, it is unclear where, and with low--as piiiii,
But battalion "airport to" battered, yes, "airport to" - this accurately!



the New word in medicine. The Boston feed belts wounds, not seeing their, atop clothing.

And what something ring from air ball, as if corner condom posts paint within pribintovali, to paint gradually of)

Have "kukurudzy-Wernick", too, some the ball under one end then draped over human player, but something not worked have idiots. Here is around the have them so, hands from International Office are rising.

first victims called the shots in Mariupol

Wash their hands trousers, pobryzgali paint and hauling is unknown far. Uzhos, uzhos!!

the creepy, terrible atrocities junta against one people.

Fountains blood!
Nerve not look!

Perhaps, assistant MPs has expired would blood the entire, if it comes tourniquet not just redid.

I it comes on place-plus contracting for this would not only not pay, and still would seek help from with idiots! For’helped discredit affairs war activists with junta.



Liza wrote:

Read now news, write pro-fighting under Zhdanov (place) :(

Mariupol. Trumps Grady on ’.



Mariupol in fire

agencies Donets'ka area classified shelling of Mariupol as terrorist attack
The prosecutor Donetsk area classified shelling of Mariupol as terrorist attack, reports “RIA News ” 24 January. In press service prosecutors Donetsk area told the, that militias DNR have dealt fire blow with novoazovskogo direction on residential quarters of Mariupol, accurately knowing, that in these neighborhoods not stationed Ukrainian military. “Open criminal production on fact the shelling militants civilian quarters Mariupol on article“ terrorist an act of ”, — states in Summit. Now is conducted the review seats events, viluchayutsya material evidence. The exact number of dead and affected is installing. Known, that drone strikes contaminants in private buildings, cars, urban market, court yard ago somewhere between multistoried buildings. Move investigations is on personal control prosecutor Donetsk area, notes agency. In Saturday Ukrainian siloviki told the about military was not Mariupol, accusing in it militias. Chief of militias Donetsk area Vyacheslav Abroskin told, that in a result the shelling died as least 10 man, and also, for different data, injured from 30 until more 40 people. In press service militias area commemorated, that on city been conducted shelling of from engine weapons.

To anyone have been accounted for? Yes 7 + 4 =1 1 Number of Wounded in Mariupol grew until 74 man … 4-chelovek

How many KV)? - 110

What concerns recovery communication, big complexity will with electricity. In a result the shelling (line 110 KV) in district Pavlopolya, told he.




To being asked speculation: Blow have dealt militants
But if you want speculation, then blow have dealt us Sverdlovsk "Uralochki."

“Impact, of course, a ghastly. Blow was applied, judging by information from eyewitnesses, village Shirokino, in immediate neighborhood from cities. Saw six “Gradov ”, which fully issued their cassettes, have dealt blow on a new-run a proper array, gustonaselyonnomu. All missiles fell in the center of the residential array, in district market of Kyiv. Damage very many. Many was fires. Worked 15 carriages the emergency plus all our B.B.: The ER, 49 machines, and all government employment machines ”, - noted mayor.

Mobilization full, panic there is no, assured Khotlubey. “At face – purely terrorist an act of. To not was no speculation on this subject, have dealt blow militants and beaten they with territory ,-militants ”, - stressed he.



Dmitry" wrote:

How many KV)? - 110

ah introduced such standard for’s distributional VL: Tensions 35 kV, 110 kV and 150 kV, ah that do about it - Freemasons, the OK



Something pictures race, and corpses even less
Mariupol: Outcome the shelling 24.01.2015 there is the wounded / Mariupol Ukraine

Mariupol raked There are those killed(Commission in the those killed)

And this video? Snow there is Snow there is no, yes god with him with covered in white. As such video can be putting in the Internet, after all this same net 18 +
So on attack on Mariupol, is faring battle, works Grad / launched an attack on Mariupol

Mariupol in the ring ceasefire :-fighting go on the perimeter cities.(that for concert tours plays? Perhaps key question rollers)

"News Ukraine" broom not, she knits

Armed forces Ukraine have dealt result blow to residential homes in city of Mariupol.
Here is already is prepared explanation who far neck and who far could only shoot, increasingly review on direction of smoke perhaps



Dmitry" wrote:

To anyone have been accounted for? Yes 7 + 4 =1 1 Number of Wounded in Mariupol grew until 74 man

"are copyright" is changing (again soloists sportachili, tried too hard), 76 Wounded



Val wrote:

"are copyright" is changing (again soloists sportachili, tried too hard), 76 Wounded

Up on the there below. Have MVD Ukraine calculator flew. 76-46 =2 8 + 2 to mind matter

"46 citizensreceived frags injured. Among affected – 12-year-old girl. 15 man died ", - said in Summit

. Incidentally announcing mourning on Volnovakha, injured coin pro 14-richnuyu girl.
Have them constantly this a stamp: Until now to me is worth picture, father bears girl (Gorlovka, Makiyivka, not it is important)



Than differs battle on bloc-office from strike "it to try"? Yes nothing, importantly quickly to flee after as tinder arson.

24.01.15. Mariupol, a ghastly battle on or transit stations, surges homes!

Have them) according, work many, pattern: Spit it out video, spit it out video.
Not concerned watch the very video, before as devise to him name. Okay modicum cities not mixed up, although could.

) according have butaforov. In the preceding video included the reference on "leaders shelling of Mariupol", I past on exiled, and where get stuck?
This same video, but thrown up over it otherwise.
Mariupol — capital after the shelling 24 01 2015 year

News Online
Germans and fraud is understandable?
Virtual war. For shot is The Ghoul.
For this scheme work all mrazokanaly with retarded names and) all big media, all until one.

Boy on bloc-office and the second shelling of Mariupol, in two different package sizes,
. I am confident that their not less ten only for this reels.

Any episode is faring on one and the same scheme, all video are mounted and are sorted mrazotsekhom in one office. Further video represent on media and on channels, sometimes they mistakenly confuse maydannye and antimaydannye channels. Borders invented measly ill gotten men, and for this upyryatiny borders there is no, with at all no.



Novolipeck forum … start=1025
Further from-for huge number of guests perhaps. All something somewhere heard, but nor one real evidence there is no.
Audio show make, all think that the war came

In Mariupol is worth Ukrainian army. Ah and that this for army, which not can we go 10 kilometers and Fucking bring upyryam? Set of letters this, and not army. Virtual unit. Real army deeply in very and on between ministries without ispravnogo weapons hold, time from time in sector for execution provide

1 :2 0 - Dali anonymity to suppress point with the BMP.
The BMP proved hard. Gave instructions the fire with the tank.
Tank said that have him NEMA shots.

Shoots the third side, that prohibited from now touch and Apu and vsn, here is and increasingly explanation.



Through terrorist attack have MARІUPOLІ zaginuli aaea 16 people, 87 poranenі
In Olgino Municipal Okrug quite, in sight, progress has been slow, if already on of a highly specialized forums have moved

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NIE: Three "Grady" issued on Mariupol complete boekomplekty (photo)
Castles left, for them wanted send three tanks, but too much fuel with. Deeley (
The second the top photo especially dire

Video disproves "THREE castles".
Jets systems was twenty FIVE
In video have shown horrendous consequences misses as hits. Cars as and in Donetsk, surges from three to five minutes, no one has time to lift as they surges.



Dmitry" wrote:

Стреляет третья сторона

Как вариант- Мразоцех

=Генералу или настоящему полковнику невдомёк, что весь смысл украинской операции вообще и каждого её эпизода в частности состоит в том, что нет в них никакого смысла. И быть не должно. Но это противоречит всему, чему их учили в академиях. Как можно разбазаривать живую силу и технику на штурм объекта Н, если тебе абсолютно фиолетово, будет ли он захвачен, или атака будет отбита, объект разрушен или сохранён, перебьют ли всех защитников или всех штурмующих, и в чьих руках он в конце концов окажется? Ради чего прилагаются такие титанические усилия? Верный ответ на этот вопрос проще пареной репы: «чтоб ты, дурак, спросил».=



Directly-??? surprisingly, that OK / flushed "East" in Mariupol, the Donetsk airport and Semenivka (Chernihiv Oblast) in Gorlovka (Donetsk region) lie almost that on one lines:
Proverbial who had given their lives meridian?


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