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Тимофеев wrote:

Fresh from our farm-??? surprisingly, that OK / flushed "East" in Mariupol, the Donetsk airport and Semenivka (Chernihiv Oblast) in Gorlovka (Donetsk region) lie almost that on one lines:
Proverbial who had given their lives meridian?

Ah yes)) And this, too, in Tula stick puts the
And this, too,



19.09.14 Mariupol volley MRLS Grad with hand too costly Santana-Talakovka

Ah and whom will treat Kyiv success of? Filmed suppose with Mariupol, direction with Talakovka-Santana in side clean fields to north from Mariupol.
If 19 January he made there could only shoot, what complex close these 6 kilometers, for moreover, to he 24 January not killed people? Ah this of course provided, that Ukrainian army there is



Тимофеев wrote:

The infamous who had given their lives meridian?

Konstantinovka (disambiguation).



Ускоренный мир wrote:

In general the typical picture - amount a veil in the form of, let-iano?aeia in hollowness, detonation in advance the pledged charges (or even this not was), plus mentor was grifted in some places conflagration, and commentators on video in the form of kartavyaschikh and gykayuschikh on surzhike Orcs "from Rostova."

You as expert in plays directed tell how many actors on this video? Especially in late, how many there professional actors?

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gav wrote:

Here is priesthood, 's @ sort of shit malyata, and're you talking DNR, lnr, patriots of, novorosiya. Scum went people to spil. In sight petered out fantasy installation to do. Here who the spoke that this war. There is no as their loan @ had a fucking this Murder, by The! Most usual - Murder, by The!



Good state "actors."

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aligator wrote:

That priesthood, 's @ sort of shit malyata, and're you talking DNR, lnr, patriots of, novorosiya. Scum went people to spil. In sight petered out fantasy installation to do. Here who the spoke that this war. There is no as their loan @ had a fucking this Murder, by The! Most usual - Murder, by The!

Ekiy you simply! Would like kill - was would thousands of victims. And so puganuli - as in Odessa and in Kharkiv. For tonus.



But and not little corpses, here is - Castles were real, victims after as see -, too,, auto-windows thrashed by.



Wxd wrote:

but and not little corpses, here is - Castles were real, victims after as see -, too,, auto-windows thrashed by.

Without this already not fear. On camps blasted away - not react, have tightened tactics. ??? ?? ? ? as immediately zakoposhilis. And in September for such panic enough was in Novoazovske many. Mariupol the disobedient Ukrainian capital Donbas - tomorrow all officials will evacuate in Dnepr river or even far away from sin.



Мухомор wrote:

Что касается тысяч жертв, то они скорее всего не хотят терять контроль над ситуацией, ведь для тысяч убитых и раненых нужны ресурсы, чтобы их обслужить - одних похоронить, других лечить, бумажная волокита, откаты родственникам, дети сироты и так далее, поэтому всё настолько точечно и выверено, чтобы не превращать всё в хаос, ведь даже без этих тысяч убитых и раненых те же больницы переполнены стариками, а про кладбища я вообще молчу - хоронить просто негде. Они в любой ситуации стараются сохранить контроль и управление, иначе все эти постановки и сценарии ни к чему. То есть никакой глобальной бойни скорее всего не планируется.

Я и говорю:-хотели бы-устроили.А делают всё так нарочно,что бы мы версии разные выдумывали и мозг себе ломали.



aligator wrote:

That priesthood, 's @ sort of shit malyata, and're you talking DNR, lnr, patriots of, novorosiya. Scum went people to spil. In sight petered out fantasy installation to do. Here who the spoke that this war. There is no as their loan @ had a fucking this Murder, by The! Most usual - Murder, by The!

Where murder of? Video, second of?

Djed wrote:

working shower state "actors."
For shot is teenage, 'notation is, dialogues, increasingly naigrannaya improvisation is.
0 :3 0 - car burnt down separately, build of gasoline + a bit charges.
Driver honking appropriate or not, except him no one in head not comes honking the horn.
Have video deaf breath, this not on the door frame technology, this wily installation of
1 :3 0 - frankly posed scene. Some dick with mountains commands military in nulsovoy form and the his as-would one enjoys listening, type officer with video camera arrived, now increasingly can protect Kevin. - Prepare to fast-this most, are burning caga on pace. While there increasingly already atop performance being placed.
1 :5 5 - - That quick., operator tide is turning in cell through right reduce leverage and with amazement views minibus, on which himself only that arrived. Sought together, prompted where quick, have turned their, and she already here is worth. If operator on it only that arrived, then where are starting doctors?
2 :1 4 - audiosoprovozhdenie. Walkie-talkie: In a microphone cell, type so steep as always have "Azov" when they installation with an idle shooting be satisfied with.
2 :5 8 - worker of workshop pulls out props, and near car is worth build with "blood"
On this these brought Remy-. Near is worth another a necessary truckster. Bumper has been ripped off,, too, should go in Remy-. Is worth the bucket has with "blood." Car put here advance, goal by props under pieces of an. Himself car, too, should be burned by, but personnel lacked, because the scale of the installation big.
3 :1 2 - operator is faring along line. Is worth woman with bag, on team is beginning to with t a abandonment issues.
3 :2 8 - The following on conveyor the casual commentator-utochnitel "dvukhsotyy-three hundredth", through so much same meters
3 :4 8 - The following - corpse, near which of course there is no hoppers. His get back a little had from the tubs with blood, to to hand illusion online. A bit hotela fluid, for on asphalt should was result (in the real life) about 4-'s liters blood.

4 :1 0 - Operator as if forgot why arrived. Like as to rescue people, and himself in tikharya was laid from comrades. So goes?
4 :4 0 - corpse, operator and cover, meet in right time in the right place.
4 :5 8 - another hatchet mikrostsenka "where you have here even injured people"?
5 :1 1 - they again meet in the same point, on this time even and + scene unosa corpse.
5 :3 3 - instead of, to catch up with and cover with the shooters, army Hypnotizes vybivaniem glass, as if direct their affair. Why military play on cell? Aligator, remind, who precisely committed murder of?

7 :0 7 - (desirable would establish orientation homes on map)
7 :3 0 - . -This is hell. Can be. Another built-in a mock mikroepizod with line
7 :5 3 - basted in... corpse on non-CIS terms of already someone guards
8 :0 3 - operator not became to accompany armor. Corpse, his have taken being reflected. He returned to minimarketu, in which only that Shirts set fire kostyorchiki. Put of course insert in though forgotten.
9 :0 0 - Fifth school. Happy triggered exactly on center, of course knocked all Autodesk ® 3ds Max ®. Affected there is no.
What the cities school?-, it's idiotic in red zone
9 :3 9 - another the real in advance mini mine and, too, on center, on this time of carpet cover. Affected there is no.
Operator arrived people to rescue, machine hooted, all preoccupied with. That he now makes? Searching for football the ball.
10 :1 0 - again it's unexploded cube, pretended to be a ruptured cerebral
10 :2 6 - another
11 :2 0 - again a candid festively instead rescue people

12 :1 0 - Sadiq # 165 Mariupol
15 :2 3 - The day care # 42 Mariupol, and here why something go not diary

16 :0 0 - and here is and government employment finally. Buzzy now, are you yiooceanoia, and themselves put why something there is no.

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Ah that, is manifest novatsiya mrazotsekha.
Immediately many pyrotechnics, the local weapons now, with mass dancing glasses, real marked kiosks with shop, the show nekhodyachikh auto, leasing real affected (which in any city of lack) from the morgue and the emergency.

On backdrop of Communal devastation, typical for workers towns, well looks.

Look this

Idiots continue to sack cadres, (shovel on idiots.
On latest even Gipsy land from shovels.

Drone strikes, missiles, landmine, bomb NOT are sticking out In VORONKAKh.


Pelvic. This net arson.
Decided to sacrifice for good affairs accumulation holy anger several terminals ready, abandoned or with troubled for owner business.
Likely, the market at all goes under demolition of, will build Pe-center

Especially here well visible arson. Is ablaze sealed plastic saying on doors, boxes are, korobushki. Grad fell? The most meaningful round, not speaking pro grad, fanned out your turn to damn mothers this gorodbu.

Is a master skating, judging by around the, took otkupnykh and coagulates,, a place is used for installation

From what this in sight?
Personnel implementing various your pin, super-administered and delovit. Are scattered barbers pizzazling. Round or grad scattered? There is no, hands.


Machines. Their a whole exhibition.

Burned the full piece of junk of.

This "little wounded machine" will in lunch a hundred years, as she is worth here with all its pants around its wheels and without numbers.

Wheels down around his ankles have this trash.
He nekhodyachiy, and highly long.

Than burned? Caaeeaaoaeuiua Army. Many ceasefire, smoke, a destructive capacity - in district zero.

Than can be so carved this put in the bricks? Than anywhere, except missile, missiles and shadowing Why this? For viewers, inhabits, that castles-drone strikes from, dismal are sticking out, very spectacularly.

Respiration here machine could risk burning, if not from incendiary a mixture?

The real capacity visible here. Coverage from rubber crumbs snapped in my ass, tank combustible substances get back a little were eager. Here was many black of smoke.


Municipal devastation.

Pity people, which windows have improved. Modicum and not Siberia (now have us under 40), but, too, not summer.
And so residential Fund the murdered, certainly and communication pitiful, and in pіd'їzdakh all is strewed.

Nothing here not was exploding.
Atop the balcony carpentry took, not bursting of the were. Can, to change intended, can, still will.
The brink is unraveling himself a, from low quality plates of and vetkhosti. In Barnaul full of the such in workers marginalized and in old fund, and pohlesche there is.

On lower balcony boxes cardboard entire are worth. Grad his library, as same.


Technology of filming victims uncovers episode with living victim of with turning point.

Wonder idiocy a mock episode.

Open fractures hammer (typical and frequent deal, in every city of, district, the emergency room, daily such accented).
Impose are burning.
Correctly impose, blood stopped (this in sight on whoever fills in the early episode and in late; how many was blood initially on "table", so much and remained), further need to’bad luck in hospital, wound by process, to do a mend, tire questioning.
But for somehow horseradish sits warrior and unfortunately tick (mite).
For somehow?
That rallied to do?
Nothing. Posing in.
Near have the emergency are worth doctors and of your jibber sharpening. Them patient not seems interested.

When warrior therefore cuts through tick (mite) until the tourniquet's, patient cost, and immediately many citizens helps to throw litter in together.

That to what?

All simply. Doctors toured on challenge, had on place revealed the aid - stopped tourniquet blood, must’bad luck further.

In this moment patient a rented for emki with military.
Times need to, so need to. Waited for, until ailing on "the table" would lay, warrior with him statue, back will recapture, and further were taken.

The station the emergency aid - in workshop mrazyukov. At least, one crew.

Thus same way made "victims the shelling." This ", captive clientele" the morgue, which was in available on this moment.

Blood there is no, water any. Corpse "'ve redecorated" quickly clothes with in chunks flesh, this not his jacket and trousers.

The same with "blood." 't dissected. And in numbers quite perishing small

Woman rotted away not here. Boots in dust in entire levels from all sides, clothing not winter. Hand likely crushed and was under pressure. Perhaps, somewhere have collapsed

It seems this on bullet and on small a fragment of a, BUT - killed she accurately not here. Under death head sveshivalas down, otherwise blood could not would so be spilled from wounds on their. Its so same brought here, as and all other.

, a vile attractive opportunity: To present bodies dead, still and for much more same nasty goal.

In matrix separatists / militias already was owner just follow business. Nothing new.



Army in advance mortgaged povzryvali. On shelling of even remotely not pulling. In sight as your mouse is wham-bam on screen, that this? Time and date as always shot.


Have car cut off bumper and protection wing. Have second rekvizitnogo car bumpers there is no at all, already have taken.
On earth is worth the bucket has for preparations "blood", which increasingly-would still lacked on all corpses.



Goodwin wrote:

Zaryady in advance mortgaged povzryvali. On shelling of even remotely not pulling. In sight as your mouse is wham-bam on screen, that this? Time and date as always shot.

Yes. Firecrackers so any with gasoline. Under real military was not "Hail Storm" homes missing would as much as porches. If and blasted away, then empty balvankami, which on the idea of, could gonna stick. Used landmine with insulated glass windows fuzes, for rumbles and try glass.

Ускоренный мир wrote:

So far, that the Mariupol - residential slew "East" are beginning cook for future productions. Are beginning one roundup people made there

There already it seems proactively threw the most spirited, the rest sit peresravshis. No one not bear, to for language head off damn near been shot off. Now remaining sgonyat and will do Darayyu with Damascus.



Shelling of Mariupol compare in scale with Grabovskim Boeing. Now tighter disc a massive interest in where, will on each other lumping through OSCE, UN, Belgium, Australia and expert Khaysenko. They will not to question only himself fact the shelling. Military part of missiles to 25 kilos, this well enough to smack down porch devyatietazhki, but real ikspertov of course same not there.
These installation can now continue until indefinitely, forces have mrazyukov well enough, and people in fear and without brain drain
Have shown map on 1Analu. line, but after all this same not line Front, not line Maginot Line, there is no there nor pillbox destruction nor Trench Coat was originally designed, nor armored divisions are General - Ghivi, nor one-thousandths compounds Field Marshal Motoroly. That prevents army 45 million-strong countries, perekosit there all terrorists and bandits? Scenario prevents.

And people not see this absurd. :hobo:



Will continue hence

From this temporary build nothing would not remained, some fake guy grad. Arson from within

Here all cabins temporary.
If from whom from Mariupol residents there is enacted mayor’s office general plan have - witness. On this place Pe or something in the same kind is worth. Why simply so their clean up, can be and opupeyu zhudkogo the shelling to lift. Were coordination scum with mayor’s office on this about, not hesitate.

On walls nor one footprints from pieces, and human has killed cleanly.
A lie. Brought and triggered. Blood there is no as always.

More clear snapshot.
Someone still doubts, that this water?

Machine not went. Without by pharmaceutical, bumpers, numbers, with all its pants around its wheels. This with dumping.

Grad oa?u Gave.

Overcard has arrived.

Again lodyryugi as need to not worked. Scrap metal need was log-roll, not a series of from him build. Forgotten, not typically recognized, not understood. Grabovskaya brigade as to drink give.

Time you pick a shovel

Furrow, ordinary from pieces, only’s rump already sinusoidami began to has.
And I was decided to, that maestro Mmm, glavrezha "annanyus" impossible exceed. Outdid! On this even "annanyus" not mostly.



дуболом wrote:

You as expert in plays directed tell how many actors on this video? Especially in late, how many there professional actors?

The actors in machine, the actors have the emergency, they not professional. In late video people be going in team bus, which now leaves to go, this not wystawienniczym, this panic, natural for, average masses. They not have become deal from what exactly followed announced and smoke.

200 pounds of hamburger, somehow popular way their dashcam of on loan to vehicle? I allow hint dubolomam, see on behavior recalls the bottom on a screen after 7 :0 0, be can this gyroscope such a modern. At the answer - clock.



gav wrote:

However "is a long" video, that characteristically 8-)
Vzryvpakety powerful, but bezoskolochnye. On hood had flown fireworks, not it comes / untangle
Autodesk ® 3ds Max ® not thrashed by, so not can be under strike "Grada."
Video very strongly rasfokusirovano, with that breath on a head-on glass removed well. So not case.
Ostensibly two missiles are trapped virtually in one funnel, so, too, not the case, the likelihood One to Tysyacham.
"Gazelle" was booby-trapped with TNT.
Who could is in "truck"? --course with zone, easily, and if survived, then will abovementioned on props

Now on channel BogMonsterZ
On first glance may seem, that this Canal accidents with videoregistratorov. This NOT THAT is what. Video with events simply irregular vorovalis, and views have them very very little, on 400 - 800.

For comparisons, to the young understood about fix speech: Here is Canal conventional sobiralschika accidents.
Here is his video, which 20 days, how many? - 26 thousands ofviews.
If I fell in a car accident and want. Rolls his on Tosh 2.0, provided that I have no Canal, then I be on such a Canal, not to podstavnomu BogMonsterZ. Driver Mariupol cherished invulnerability accurately so same, as and all 14 drivers Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Kazakhstan, camping on E. Will give video on a normal Canal.


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