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Dopa and Gepa

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Varna City "head" Kharkova Kernes Gennady Adolfovich - Jew, which not took in army from-for schizophrenia.
Dobkin Mikhail Markovic, left post governor area and has advanced themselves candidate in presidents.
Sweet couple, have developed plan seizing power in Kharkiv, by manipulating pro-Russian rhetoric, skillfully win elections for elections. Am confident, that this duo By purely for making money.
Dobkin flew forward paravoza. His candidacy was, as representative ostensibly pro-Russian forces, a weak and only mind feeling part of votes in favor of Klitschko (or can be Tymoshenko.



Ex-the head of the independent Oblast state administration Mikhail Dobkin was detained in the General Prosecutor Ukraine and is now in custody.

Was man and not became rights.
Bone-breakers "try.
Although there are option, that from this clown pindosy will want dazzle oncoming another "pro-Russian candidate."
If him give halo as martyr and give of dough, they his withdraw on 50% under its task.



the General about four hours were questioned by Gennady Kernes.
Him issued charges for three balances Criminal code -
1) the abduction people,
2) torture
3) the threat killings.
Measure cheaters Kernesu Court until not elect.
Against arrest Mayor of to Tahrir Freedom poured representatives city council,
Utilities and budgetary organizations

Jews issued Jew given charges and) have receded
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
also a window dressing.
Goyskie motherfuckers in Kharkiv took to the street with support beloved Mayor of.



Slippin 'type of made statement)



Creating in Kharkiv

All saw?

Emergency heroism - Gepa had flown to building, Sitting under house arrest. He right off the bat, not over, not trying to lead leadership siege from an evil, clean up. Lack phone, encouraged mechief about personal meeting and himself (HAND ONE) goes in the building, 's trying to persuade could give up, absolve one hostage.

Schwarzenegger dormant.

All of this under cameras.

You deeds before in such heroismhuman, fugitive who escapedbelly Yanukovych quite recently?

Such perhaps, only if very all organize.

1. Enough simply, if you mayor - militia its grains, reporters - their, buildings - its, and there is their militants - security agency.

2. Strange arsenal have FS, which already can officially receive weapons and touring with him on country. Three - sawed-off shorty, three hunting rifle, one the and two renovated storage a beanbag round. All of this on 32 rights. And from what killed people?

3. Imagine: If you just 32 human with the funny dityachim arms, you would have become come on stolen bus ride, to shoot in the crowd, to she for you chased.
This is possible only knowing, that you for this nothing not will. You hide your heads in the building, and militia will not in you to shoot, and contrary, will create living shield between you and enraged crowd, and here same attend SAM Stavropol Krai are planning - in fact you to rescue. Because with so arsenal even with militias not cope, not what with crowd.

4. Show, that mayor - hero, well. But sake of this people so hard not kill (could would and cat coming in with tree of save - effect the same). The typical braving with blood for entry troops.

Video full of the in Internet

Shootings in Kharkiv occurred in night on 15 March. Conflict began on Tiananmen Freedom, on which on the evening Friday gathered inhabitants cities with pro-Russian sentiments. According to local media, to Tiananmen pulled up minibus with members of “Right Bank sector ”, which began to to offend assembled. Participants shares smashed in minibus window, after what nationalists left, accidentally one of activists. Then members nationalist organizations've barricaded themselves in in office “Prosvita society ”, urge the not far from Tiananmen. Prorossiyskie activists also have reached until office “Prosvita society. ” Aside from called the shots from Bahamian weapons, participants clashes the... they threw cocktails Molotov and flash-bang that.


The head of the independent regional state Igor Baluta believes exchanged fire in the center of the Kharkova the result well-planned provocations.

- I believe, that events that occurred today at night on the street Rymarskoy in Kharkiv, - well staged braving, - said he.

On his words of, managed establish, that all began on Tiananmen Freedom, when to group pro-Russian demonstrators pulled up minibus.

This minibus was in seeking out, because precisely on it, with words eyewitnesses, came obscure in masks, are automated on participants pro-Russian underground meetings in Saturday, 8 March, is handing Interfax.



Mayor Kharkova, the heroic Gepa Kernes boldly went to their friends, which "slightly-slightly fascists (his words) on negotiations. Clustered near buildings with zasevshimi within militants (this already not office Patriots Ukraine - militants Oleh Tyahnybok, and support of the building) shouting "Gepa a traitor"!.


0.40 as government elephant and the.

1.25 has targeted for annihilation more 200 people, militia requests their move away - tantalizing militants from massacre.


With 1.20 per Gepa hero - talks with boss militants - Beletskim.

, two-, it turns out acolyte of Яrosha across Eastern Ukraine. FS already officially became the basis of National Guard.

And here he with 30 people's roofing firecrackers rally, Pulls Away on minibus (5-12 man, not more) not far and is abandoning your stolen machine under windows. And for a corner loosely the driver also?

2.40 Militia parked people for quarter, has ring-fence and is worth ???? - man fifty. And near buildings with 30 armed people's crawling dozen -By the cops. No railings, divide, columns racing up, and suddenly militants routing on breakthrough?

Militants, already aiding the people, made in ordinary buses without of the. And where all paddy wagons? Prepared for crowds.

Crowd knows, that happening. Tries to not miss buses. Why something all Bendery from neighboring Poltava.



MA – It many provocations.
Gepa handpicked successor oligarchs, until lunch supporter people, after lunch supporter power. Glides for as torchbearer freestyle.
The junta received support in Zaporozhye, camping on E. People simply don't give a shit, means support. In Sumy raised mnogotysyachnik, there grandmothers processors "Geroyam thank, death vorogam" (Heil Hitler! - sweet Heil!).
But on the east increasingly very difficult.
Literally units of citizens Russia can raising get things moving and posibility to set Russian prapory and Kyiv not can with this tackles.
That need to do? Introduce troops. For entry troops need pretext.
Oligarchs through Gepu probing for weaknesses. An ideal option - muster mikromaydan and his must you shoot disguised carol singers with georgievskimi ribbons. I think they prepare to such a scenario, for this in Kharkiv fastened observers and zhurnashlyukhi.



category: Jewish activists





Gepa shows 11



Today in the emergency Decoupling kharkovskoy hospitals immediate the emergency aid after assassination attempt died mayor Kharkova Gennady Kernes. Recall, attempted on life urban heads was introduced today, 28 April, in 12 :0 0.



Alex wrote:

died mayor Kharkova Gennady Kernes

News Turing until not in rate, that he died)



dmitr wrote:

news Turing until not in rate, that he died)

Or solve, need he for views or not. As-raze "vip"



A violin player a violinist glee.
Will even grand victims.

When Kernes let's roll with last underground meetings in which he participated, he understood, that his focus already not will have hosted.
He explained balustrade, that crowd his likes and himself believed in this samopiar. Unsuccessfully. Other magicians, distance themselves from people, conversed with him only through lens, and Gepa coined different.

Either himself has opted out, either helped.
These, runs each on humans not make




Ukraine this as would the, that from Left on also.
And the that from above circuit, this Yanukovych.
. Or they consider, that people in this believe, or people indeed in this believe.



Ah and where video with the wounded Gepoy?

Interview with physicians, Red? Emki seats reports with traces blood?

It turns out, this already the small attempted.

Not to me ?!

Three seats and species occupational called the media, they and not have shown not one there with these seats!

Wound is called very strange - so can be shoot from above down, for example on ladder from above through railing (Illy if in Oximetholone pills his dryuchil guard does, and a pistol accidentally mark. Or anyone blasts in bushes from travmata - bane of our fricking existence homosexuals then)

Each Chad’s way in war testimony of - the one times blasted away, then 12 times.

That did Gepa - basking, was running or Khal riding the - not knows so far, neither one thing media.

Gepu placed in hospital, declared, that his cannot be even log-roll on a gurney on corridor in ICU - Brad.

Caught up with are ENVIRONMENTAL management aspect. Was invited doctors from Israel.

T. E. There is no nor one evidence assassination attempt. Himself Gepa reliably isolated from on interesting. Talk decided to wait, than be turned events 11 on May, 25 on May. Now his for on treatment in Israel. And there and wonderful recovery



From biography Gepy. Organizsvat such a theatricalization he could still in 90’s years. Experience not forget that stuff.

Citizens G. Kernes, W. Purse, W. Nits, W. Demand, N. Serhiy Bezhenar, W. Long, razvodivshie gullible suckers under “snart ”, got in fraud more massive — have become“ sell ” nonexistent machines, i.e. engaged trivial kidalovom. Now group has become to practice beating up particularly, angular “clients ”, extortion and even... considered a suspect himself in committing assassinations. In April 1985, faced, that have some A. Selina there is money and burning desire to to purchase “Volga ”, Kernes, Long and Serhiy Bezhenar have proposed him“ option ”.

On place took on of the buyer 20 thousands of rubles, Kernes went calculated with seller machines, yes so and not returned. With each new was perturbed, required return him money, for that was here same beaten, and in his “zhigulyakh ” you able smashed glass and got stabbed through ramps of. Subsequently Gepu and company Court convicted in hooliganism not acknowledged — “a feud thing ” ostensibly was only consequence of mutual nepriyaznennykh relations. Another hapless the apparently on your cast, when’have Kernes checks. , for 19,500 rubles as not: Let. Him then explaining, nourished German, seller of-new fence is claimed militia. Which indeed picketed Kernes from the hotels “Spartak ”, where took place“ deal ”. But the same militia his and released through couple of hundred meters, and Gepy footprint of existence of. Then was arrest and a consequence, which clear things up for me picture all Gennady Kernes — Gepy as convener culpable of groups not only in perevody, but and in Kiїvskomu, the Moscow, faint, state power will not interfere, Mariupolskom, Kurovskoy Urban Settlement and Ryazansky regions! And what leading the! “I never complained on health and believed themselves, however, as and now, normal healthy man. So utterly quietly received agenda on physical recently in ties with call on only years service and believed, that me head.

However me suddenly dispatched in 15-defective hospital on check-ups, and I was about 10 days in 15 st Decoupling hospitals. And after statement me summoned in two friars: Blazhei Suska and instead call have handed over military ticket with Garanca, that I released from services on the basis UF. 7-B. But that this means, I not know. Heard, that I have psychopathy, but where this took, I say not can ”




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Alex wrote:

Сегодня 10:15:26
            Автор: Alex
            Сообщений: 61

Алекс, я вчера вечером и ночью следил за событиями... Расхождения в том, чем занимался Гепа - плавал, бегал или ехал на велосипеде, продолжались целые сутки... Находили взрывпакет, Доба объявлял несколько раз о гильзе и гранате без чеки... Доба мог чего-то не знать??? Теперь нам рассказывают, что еще вчера днем было найдено оружие...

Как только прилетел самолет из Израиля, стало понятно, что Гепа свалит, а ведь он под подпиской о невыезде...

Уж очень это хитрозадое существо... В прошлый раз, в феврале он с Добой свалил со съезда Сепаратистов 23 февраля, боялся за свою шкуру... Потом потихоньку прочуял ситуацию и вернулся как ни в чем ни бывало, занял свой старый пост...

Посмотрите на Харьковский форум - там треть людей с самого начала не верила в покушение... а к утру уже процентов 90 поняло, что нас развели, как лохов... … p;page=116

харьковский форум -2300 сообщений за сутки

А в ваших ссылках на видео нет абсолютно ничего... огороженное место и маленькая лужица непонятно чего...



джон wrote:

tailed very this khitrozadoe being.

Think, that the public such a level in rate plans views, in particular "mass shocking death." Fears be stakeholder his, in the form of "props."


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