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light wrote:

A as you such movies?

Nagy faltsetit, fool he in short)

- I just, evangelism domoooy
- I just been mulling, about vaaas

However. Signature under these video, told me, that THAT a catfish as well.

Published: 27 Febu. 2015.
My friends in Kharkiv! From A. S.! Finally I had the opportunity say truth! And precisely for this I wise these records! Simply imagine, that this video us forced to lift for clock until explosion in Volnovakha! This terribly! I already not can to accept participation in these feykakh! Me got this criminal power, which lies and kills people! I want, to people knew truth! At work us constantly controls (SBU, and blessed, and ordinary workers! Make go against truth, common sense and journalistic ethics! So much lies this already excessively! And I not want borrow participation in this, when Palestinians people! Feel themselves implicated in to assassination! Here is we wash their hands the plot, but on next day from this provocations died people. And for what? For, to ensure again to lie to! This Espreso TV me already he! Material RASPOLOZhEN:

Without original records Espresso TV, this a catfish as well. To understand, that this is not a catfish as well, need voice leading Espresso TV
Such a catfish as well do not the problem, two pictures of the inserted in espressovskoe have a mold



Dmitry" wrote:

Without original records Espresso TV, this a catfish as well

Here is the original of the video where vypilili leading (look with 19 th of seconds)
Zatrimanikh zhurnalstv ORT ? NTV aaea nuiaiai ? vizhenut ? ie

And here is already I rigged for simplicity perception, records of course, but perishing as was able
a catfish as well from "Kharkov patizan"



Z @ b $e $, prowess not propyosh. Is famously done.
They us wanted to open through this cheap a catfish as well, not broke a, because of all three witnesses in eyes know. Not believing witnesses Clarie :rofl:



Dmitry" wrote:

Z @ b $e $, prowess not propyosh. Is famously done.

Done kosyachno, video not're in sync (the first time such did yes and small weak for such affairs :blush:)
Will explain as I has found the original of the:
I began seek scenes pro Volnovakha with tyotenkoy-mummy on YouTube host "Espresso", but understandably so nothing and not has found, but when video from "Kharkov partiznan"and there in the comments section have said was such:

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Z@b$e$ wrote:

video from "Kharkov partiznan" and there in the comments section have said was such:
The or is a, or under next visit to the pages its there is no.
Service and much not bad, there some a glitch, which at different browsers kind of a showoff on ways.
So, blast her with picture on other normal fotokhostingi Video, GIF and other pictures of the.
Picture pngpack only in is case, if you need do the Canal transparency. If want give simple picture, then script and save your its in format jpg(open eps file)



Yesterday on 1 republic about 12 hours was the plot. Office-old woman-veteran the entire in German orders-feudalism. Evangelism, seems with critiques alike on this bus ride. Seen as some military Apu walking in field with flag Ukraine, as understood gave someone a badge of. After this were the bombings, those killed, injured people. On its words of team bus was not one.
Has tried find, but something not has found. LinkIn contact



Gangan wrote:

That and the entire the price these his, someone could only shoot (in the best case, provisional direction personally's sounding), the other "correctly" explained and. Ready knows.

Here is so and sought in online; it's, to deep watch, listening to, that for aaaea, as says, far looks (with eye signals access). But something not fate.


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