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Vetrolyoty, Khelikoptery, Aeroplani ? Lіtaki

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This is video already not climbs nor in what framework. Game actors causes with bone. Place scenery nowhere terribly, on fuck off, khalturyat soloists. If would they similarly organized catastrophe'on a Boeing, then no amount internet Trolls would not have been able contrast no facts version of about easily described!

Take a look on photo. There is thought as THAT could fail ruin? Option only one! On photo in sight, that the weeds primyat only under this "robin", behind it the weeds not touched by, not to mention borozdakh, which must be, therefore "swallow" not likely to slide on earth, suffering "ruin", and fell she directly from above, under this the fuselage not has no damage. And with what speed need to anyone to fall off with the sky, to stay entire?! (Question rhetorical) :crazy: Tender and carefully our "swallow" was deleted a cock.

A this someone nicknamed "Artistes ia." Artist from him clearly off! Ah and in frame often fall public flags Russia and Ukraine. Will until a successful of the late try to provoke massacre between sisterly peoples and it seems.



KIEV, / ITAR-TASS /. Ukrainian troops for past clock lost drone aircraft apparatus, catatonic intelligence positions militias. About this told in Saturday on meeting with journalists representative Council national security and Defense Ukraine Andrei Lysenko.
"After carry quests drone aircraft apparatus hidden on base and was hit by", - told he. On his version of, militias used, antiaircraft complex "Dr.-Ing.-1M anti-torpedo." Any arguments in reaffirming their words representative national Security and Defense Council not led.

"Kyiv" owes confirm those auditoria images, which demonstrates posed troupe "separatists"
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Ah clowns organic.)) :D :D :D :D
If this, a drone, then where have him video cameras and scanners?
If this no chance rocket, then where it has a skills to land on weed? As she so managed to land without damage on abroad and place?
At all for idiots hold all.

carries "Reuss"

Chip for imagery, mini on Dart in the years his amp; D, allows with Heights 500 meters on speed 950 kilometers in hour identify and list on well objectson earth in extreme from 20 centimeters and higher. Maximal high photo- and video shooting, default characteristics drone strike, – until 1,000 meters.

The contestant-143 – apparatus pattern.The use with the system ZP landing. Under need parachute is issued from compartment in the upper parts of fuselage. Ceiling Heights TU-143 accounts for 5,000 meters. On smaller Heights whip his can be from anti-aircraft installations or Man-portable.

Serial production complex began in 1973 year. Just before the end of series of in 1989 was issued 950 reconnaissance TU-143. Designed and built commissioned Air Force, complex received the spread of in overland 26s and other birth armed forces.

If his "brought down", then how have him opened parachute? And where over this (enormous) parachute?)
A separatist on video takes out from compartment the rope. This parachute? :rofl:



That here to discuss the?. It miracle not flied on it seems never. Otvinchennyy lyuchok on the top sphere suggests, that it miracle long exhibit dumping. Not so long saw such miracle in Dagestan, why the on factory crossbars for aircraft, it pylilos in street corner on machine. There all already long was svincheno and spi. Eno. But however they managed this Guano lay in Bank for nevshebennuyu amount. Engine within, under the near inspection already being asked. As and the rest of the.
In general and a whole, me seems this accurately such same stump.
Nor one derzhitsya with hand nozzles. Because nozzles the and there is no. Yes and on nozzle accurately will in sight - flied on this shit, piss or not and. As long flied on)

Oops)) there is nozzle). Even a bit podkopchennoe - (video seen the). And here is parachute spi. Wives long long)) silk flooded he know and in Ukraine silk flooded))
Not know not know. On all experiences pomoeschnosti this an aircraft apparatus - this not flied on ochochoch long

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горожанин wrote:

They not someone specifically prevented.
To make global though and ability war, need "their" cadres on responsible positions, who "in topic." So are or all and place whom need to. Often with got new boobs. Mersha Slavyansk, for example, not moved in in "subject" at all, but explained, has become play along the (making the connection, that better so, than without warbonnet where any "get unlost").
In Crimea, which long and clearly preparing for "day X" with slaughter and slaughtering livestock, commanded wave of assassinations mayors with substitute on "their." The remaining managed raise noise, stir up together affairs, voice and launch in production, drag mass of outsiders faces from organs, deputies, who not "in topic", someone pull rank on, close, cut them up. In general, has passed hiccup across administrative-legal system
(This from private e-mail threads, posting not can, excuse),
And to do "revolution" and "days X" not so something simply without proper administratively-economic support / training. Crimea been decided was to hand so, without "days X", roughly for month before, as this have done, although Crimean butchery and further "outpost revolutions / separatism" borrowed important place in scenarios.

Poland and Poles - already not times say - with pretensions for Katyn was-Kaczynski, in pervostsenariyakh must were become "the clarion vanguard nato-geyropo-west" against "ruso-evrazo-world."
But them cannot be subject raising and to inflate, have them the whole story with abduction of / the murder of / catastrophe 96 man on the brink of full informational meltdown. So and the entire "nato-westward" in Ukrainian events nor BSV, nor mae, nor cock-a-doodle. A new scenario there is no, the old got canceled.

Pro the detonation of the war and their cadres this is understandable. All the more that these the most cadres on war not routing. They matches in box.
Pro hour X - and private ", this of course well no longer hide behind correspondence, but could would, under desire in more details occasionally. Who whom leader was coming surrender Crimea for month before transfer of?. How understand In Crimea must were arise several warhead separatism, and valiant Amery must were at the request of Kyiv colonise Crimea their Economics. Only in this scenario were far the end of not climbs Russian contingent, which already in the very moment there was and were far way his made there would not kicked. Treaty was even 4000m2 as well as until 2040 seems year. ??? as? Made would couple of ships??. This and I don't expect.

Pro disposal of programs: Ah perhaps, they in afige from such a interesting things action from trades abroad in respect Crimea. Over the past 70 years no country world still not prirastala territory in such a scale. ???? in fact expense of the US, but. The US only catalyst. The, how many we have invested in loyalty Ukraine and for gas in Geyropu - little not seem. And perishing how many have invested directly in business Ukraine - at all not ordinarily operating. This simply GIGANTSKIE sums, and amery here so, on catch-up. Their 5 billion - pocket money in bank Gazprom, not moreover. And here is effectiveness their investment proved substantially funktsionalnee.
We same lost almost all their tens of billion on territory Ukraine.. But reunited with Mass Media on Crimea))

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This may pull on a new subject
It seems, that our partners mrazotsekhu shuruyut
Azerbaijan II froze information about loss of one helicopter, later have become known names dead the: Major Urfan Valizade (Urfan V & # 601 ;l izad & # 601 ;), Major Tabriz Vagif Mustafa Zadeh (T & # 601 ;b riz Mustafazad & # 601 ;), senior would be Lieutenant Bakir Ismailov (B & # 601 ;k ir & # 304 ;s may & # 305 ;l ov). Some the Armenian sources of consider, that three dead confirms loss of another helicopter, but this is not so - for Mi-24 pilot, the navigator-operator and Borttekhnik - the standard crew. Another matter, that Fighting experience Afghanistan in its time has led to the, that borttekhnika in Fighting knockout are not taking, to in case demise helicopter not was an extra $victims. But on of strangers mistakes, as known, no one not learns, and Azeri crew acted in full composition.
a downed Azeri Mi-24
Those killed helicopter,
When they died?
hosting the images free
"Over the wreckage"

A dark video- the marker butaforov
Helicopter MI-24 a downed In Nagorno Karabakh! Video!

Such same strange okopchiki-stash houses were and in topic a downed SU-24 in Syria

Here is more less real fall Mi-24
At Bila crashed helicopter Mi-24.

Still video properly in
NKR - Reportage About Helicopter Crash

Azerbaijani military helicopter shot in Karabakh, 2 April, 2016

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Не густо.
В линейку для фотосессии построились.



Вертолет ВСУ разбился на Донбассе

Видео с места крушения вертолета ВСУ под Краматорском

КИЕВ, 26 мар — РИА Новости. Пять человек, по предварительным данным, погибли в результате крушения вертолета Ми-2 ВСУ (вооруженные силы Украины) недалеко от города Краматорска Донецкой области, сообщает в воскресенье информагентство УНН со ссылкой на пресс-секретаря украинского Минобороны  Оксану Гаврилюк.

Ранее о крушении вертолета сообщало военное ведомство. Вероятной причиной могло стать столкновение с ЛЭП.

"Есть информация о гибели пяти человек (вследствие падения военного вертолета возле Краматорска — ред.), трое членов экипажа и двое пассажиров. Это предварительная информация", — цитирует УНН Гаврилюк.

Сейчас, по ее словам, на месте происшествия работает следственная комиссия.

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Появилось уникальное видео

Появилось видео с военного вертолета Ми-2, снятое незадолго до катастрофы под Краматорском
Об этом сообщает ТСН.
Небольшой борт использовался для транспортировки личного состава в зоне АТО. Как известно, погибли пять офицеров.

Видео с упавшего МИ 2

можно не смотреть ))



23:06 | 29.03.2017
На Осокорках в Киеве разбился вертолет – очевидцы

НОВОСТЬ: КАТАСТРОФА  23:06 | 29.03.2017 
Возле озера Святище на Осокорках в Киеве вечером в среду, 29 марта, упал и загорелся вертолет. Об этом сообщают очевидцы в социальных сетях, передает НБН. Инцидент произошел в районе 22 часов.
Кому принадлежит вертолет, сколько людей находилось на борту и есть ли жертвы, неизвестно.

Осокорки вертолет

В Государственной службе по чрезвычайным ситуациям (ГСЧС) опровергли информацию из соцсетей от очевидцев о падении вертолета на Осокорках в Киеве. Масштабный пожар действительно имел место, но горит мусор и прошлогодняя трава, утверждают в ГСЧС, передает НБН.

239 932 Мы делаем новости. Мы высасываем их из пальца !!!


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