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"Phosphorous" bomb in Semenovke.

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phosphorous bomb El Faludzhi - 10 years later under was

An upper-level news days:

Sunday brunch Semenovki, commutes Slavyansk fosfornymi bombs 12 June 2014
Ghastly crime against humanity.

Only from Faludzhi, 2004 year (though and there nothing not under-recognized, nevertheless, publication December 2008 news CNN for 2004 year


On all portals heap different photo:
More nothing

Exactly, and add had nothing more.



All bountiful days.
Made a bit parses these terrible "Phosphoric bombs."
Publish, disagreement with someone's point.

"Higher military achieving - force goys mutually to wipe out each other"
Leba internationally the - Bronstein.

These video all already watched, nevertheless, I reiterate.

This video - December 2008 and partial performance of bombing (as asserted) phosphorus G. Agencies.

This video - (from essence Time) - shelling of fosfornymi bombs Slavyansk.
Read read description of on YouTube! And date check.

Here is this video - at all prozhivu! For particular bydlyaka. Ozaglavleno "phosphorous bomb 2014 Sloviansk standoff. Semyonovka (disambiguation). "
Goes to a solitary tank on him experiencing weapons.
Ale!’thatknocking in skull!

And here note on this "phosphorus." Akhkakoy phosphorus! Ozaglavleno "Sunday brunch fosfornymi MlNAMI."
I figeyu. From him even pozhukhlaya the grasses not soared with.
Delivers and "residential quarter."
And here is how looks real phosphorus.
This adukhatvarenava of a pretzel in a hard hat, burned would until acute the first charge of, to he so courageously not was.
I perishing not say about intoxication, 50-100 mg - a lethal dose.
And this nothing. Life-support chipper so.

And here is forth more interesting to do goes.
Here is this, MAY BE, the real Semyonovka (disambiguation).
Bitch complains on the absence of water, electricity. There is no, not on fires, not on phosphorus.
On OTHERWISE we, Razza, electricity And AGAINST JANUARY 2009!.
Relaxed just so. Even not viciously.
And even a gas mask not watch, given 50 mg Lethal doses of.

Ah and still here is pictures, uh, planted, there many, and all for the same topic.
Are looking here, there and explanations a bit, too, there is.


Question all the same.
Why idiots work so unprofessional?
Although what this I. Bydlomassa eats all this is so actively that whirring for ears.
Wasn not so?

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Here is a selection of photographs, in including and the use of US-zhidovskoy nelyudyu against people, KhIMIChESKOGO COCKS, in including and the, that call "fosfornymi bombs."
Nothing such a nor 2014 Sloviansk standoff nor in Semyonovke, of course same't sp.
This they need to for display demonizing "Ukrainian army", which there at all not accepts participation.

Semenivka (Chernihiv Oblast) wastes. Here is a mock Newsweek, which me says unambiguously - people in this tiny farms there is no if there near someone even and remained, then purely accidentally. In all video and fotoreportazhakh there is no the most chief attributes - "Ukrainian army." Pro it only write horrors, but on video its there is no, nor survivors, nor corpses, nor Wounded.

2014 Sloviansk standoff here is already three months vykurivayut people. Every day at night minomyotyat empty build "mountains" Koroksun, not give people sleep. Makes this a small the team scum. Man without sleep are getting away mad,. So and proceeds in rostovsku area.
Why this make?
2014 Sloviansk standoff will something type together “shovel, as on outskirts of Aleppo gathering spaces that offer universal have AnnaNEWS.Persons vytravyat, and then institute tanks with videoregistratorami and will movies sack in during years ten, until not will now detonate the real war.

Want ask have the damned Kiev fashiztov. Why they not firebomb Vladimirovku, rural-urban divide in several kilometers from Slavyansk, one of thousands of Yanukovych villages? This not rightly, because Vladimirovca this, too, landmark strategic point, "who owns Vladimirovkoy, the owns donbasschinoy" (ancient fashizstskaya wisdom).



Dmitry" wrote:

In Gorlovka (Donetsk region) here is already three months vykurivayut people. Every day at night minomyotyat empty build "mountains" Koroksun, not give people sleep. Makes this a small the team scum. Man without sleep are getting away mad,. So and proceeds in rostovsku area.

Unfortunately, not only. Scum on the sly to hunt starters. A lousy, siriyschina was started.
The door broken down outside.
Eviscerated family.
No SME, of course. Make ends in land.
Until people in this fuckin '"war" close to two, this will be come at the in progression and spisyvatsya on victims the shelling.



Virtual Donbas. Bride in Mal. Semenovke



Now and in Donetsk.

's Glow aganyochek on forefront not leaves somneniy- this Mandrykino
And in Semenovke very differently looked



moronic woman young gave in hands Aksu, she not knows that with him to do)
Okay modicum the text that :D



Another failure phosphorous bomb, a council estate, the Broad,, Donetsk:

Replica "This is phosphorus, guys" in late video not leaves doubt. That this phosphorus.



Not observed before this video and sign In)
1 :1 4 - Capsule with "soccer faerami" is sent in the sky, by taking over start in 50 metres from the. This heard on sound. On 1 :1 6 video has skleyku. Likely cut out the place, on which understandable, where and where are shooting.
On 0 :1 0 "a CNN" claims, that Ukrainian army employs uploading in any inhabited points phosphorous bomb. Operator absolves soccer faery, from which Semyonovke nor chilly nor feel hot. For shot is faring fiery debate, fotokorrespondenty crackle the with Velcro points, the entire heap accurately knew in what precisely Taking a deaf village need to come, where to stand up and far to channel their lenses :D :D :D :D
- "only would not chemistry", decided to bryaknut stupidity narrations, create teenage. But already late, because correspondent already explained that this such, likely he expert on military chemistry. :crazyfun:

What nonsense used in Semyonovke for visualization Ukrainian crimes?
Perhaps this lighting missiles, but likely this part ofand practice obstacles--the "window shade tugging", that use on tanks family Tbilisi-72 (90). Feature of this are gadgets, that she’as times on perform well 10-12 meters.



СК России возбудил дела против глав Минобороны и Генштаба Украины

Следственный комитет России возбудил уголовные дела против 21 высокопоставленного лица Украины, в том числе в отношении главы Минобороны Степана Полторака и начальника Генштаба Виктора Муженко.
Такое заявление сделала представитель СК РФ Светлана Петренко.

Уточняется, что дела были возбуждены и против заместителей Полторака и Муженко, а также в отношении других военнослужащих.
"Собирая доказательства преступлений против мира и безопасности человечества на юго-востоке Украины, СК задокументировал десятки фактов преступлений против русскоязычного населения Донбасса. Систематичность этих преступлений, способ и обстоятельства явно свидетельствуют о том, что организуют и координируют их одни и те же люди", - цитирует ТАСС Петренко.

В действиях украинских военных следствие усмотрело признаки преступления по статьям "Применение запрещенных средств и методов ведения войны" и "Геноцид".
В ближайшее время в отношении фигурантов дела будут выдвинуты обвинения, после этого их объявят в розыск. ,

не прошло и четырёх лет  :D


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » New Russia (region) » "Phosphorous" bomb in Semenovke.