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LeDoKoL wrote:

because this setting but a participant Forum mksmk72 the usual this, its statutes nor what not explains and shablonnymi language, and in the form of dokazov gives a photo from video)

Sorry, I this, asked for money do at

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mksmk72, :crazyfun: uh-huh now you, too, this. You nothing here not'll get to prove. Here apples pushes sometimes simply :D By the way blasted away realistically with – Metalist, on next day leapfrogged ahead all embody (counted 6) There on map can be all time calculating what.



And that to prove to? I not I'm in pursuit of any the benefits, me interestingly to know who then the tank quarter, and who you rockin 'failure war, after these iano?aeia with neighboring Owl 5 caramel and are gone in militia and with my 3 man



mksmk72, distinct "tank" (direction) well are visible on path near cafes (there was two embody) now of course all zatopcheno, but Wall homes 1 (square Peace, trolley onto a side, two Owl) can all show.




Can straight for the source code photo with his smartphone, from 03.06.14, his there is no have in networks, on it the building pogranotryada and local muzhichek requests through flaming worldly window ask his an estranged cousin. There is video kruzhlyaniya plane over paintings displayed 2 June. Incidentally many the photo and video there is on shelling it to try 14 July, in my house was from falling, ah and further there is different amateur photo video. In August I was in district Kryvy Rih, there are several video starts follow you also hurricanes in side Luhansk. And yes, for something summer I harvested a sweet many pieces, from different ammunition.

So - Take off your on forum, that you have, promised all same, a new material only privetsvuetsya. Desirable guide photo video your comments and ways on expense spectrum provided material.

A that to prove to? I not I'm in pursuit of any the benefits, me interestingly to know who then the tank quarter, and who you rockin 'failure war

- these people on this Forum and wipe

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On my photo video only consequences

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Have Apu not was MRLS not far from sec. Peredelsk (near Kryvy Rih), they not blasted away in side Luhansk. Want believe, want there is no.

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mksmk72 wrote:

consequences embody 18.07.14, victorious 17,

T. E. First one round fell in window, and the second with kuchnostyu 95% fell in a corner? From within this did, happy on wall taped and undermined. Such consequences mines are visible on 90% damage buildings of Donetsk.



tort5, no. In the air flew first in a corner and took on cuisine



Tort5 as say 2010 – Affordability continues, this was one round, A at all their had landed a series of, volley, one fell near the car wash "South", the second in this house, the third fell near neighboring 19 homes on st Pobedonosnoy. Incidentally until now there pleasantly not "zaplombirovali" these hull breaches.



av**nt wrote:

tort5, no. In the air flew first in a corner and took on cuisine

I.e., monumental the hole - this round Kolkevich mentioned it is center, 've torn right through a corner and further is gone in cuisine, where and peaked? Here is I something I threw on, you this auctioning the in view?

Please forgiveness for calligraphy - succeeded the it is difficult that the effect, but all same read can be.



mksmk72 wrote:

Nu here is still, I already spoke before that in August has relocated on liberal scattering, thought there silent will) here is one of video 14.08.14 sooner on the morning, hours 7 morning, start hurricanes not far from sec. Peredelsk (near Kryvy Rih), fly in side Luhansk. On our televisions and radio (channels Ukraine) talked that army shoots the hell out only columns changing technology. Far fell these three pieces me is unknown. Almost every day in August were such puski - on two-three missiles with massacres at regular intervals 15-30 minutes. Sometimes departed in side Slavyanoserbska.

Again same, want believe, want there is no.

Thank you, very interestingly! Regularly, how I understood, "they" repeatedly blasted away precisely with this point (with this seats) and always in side Luhansk?



mksmk72 wrote:

At expense boxes and itemization sticking, this room in the entrance near the trash chute, on our neighborhoods musoroprovody typically not work and their use as the Pantry, 2010 – Affordability continues building, place door bodystyles and're stuffing any sign crap all the.
. Drone strikes hail that did fly in were oskolochnogo type, undermining without delays, immediately under meeting with obstacle and so is unlikely was until, from this volleys became infected with machines on car park near cafes "Korefan" and in an industrial park. depots.

I see, that this gathering spaces that offer universal near the trash chute, messy any sign crap all the.
Simply'm, as did this when accessories.

Obviously, that Russia’s explosive device krepilos outside plates of, on the edge of hole.

Reinforced stove stove has window opening in entire levels, such plates of are used under mounting rooms with balconies. After mounting plates of the bottom have closed doorway faint oven, or again that the concrete, from above frame slapped with.

(The first time see such a hell is that - or engineers not dance.Is with head, or having plates were used "balcony" in force "austerity" on but clear plates, then Presents theft)

Fittings, the remaining after undermining the, clearly shows and place bookmarks, and the brink hole "the balcony" plates of, amount under mounting Owl. Woo was, apparently, in schіlini between Halytsh no apparent reason plates of and plates of for bookmarks hole.

(Joints such in your Luhansk "poppet. Oodles in zhilfonde workers increased; in force Communal devastation and theft construction and serving organizations)

From this zakladochnoy plates of should to remain KWh of scrap, not less. Outside near Owl his there is no. Means, he the entire on chessboard of in the entrance, for a part of part of no apparent reason plates of.

This one way creating "decorations fighting."
Found in your profile, mksmk72, the second way to.

27 July, Lutuhyne under knowledge, soldiers Apu for fun destroy the building rayotdela militias, separatists with terrorists within there is no

Idiots-mrazyuki, izobrazhavshie "troops Apu", they gave you some blakitnye gnomes and emblem from scotch directly atop clothing and depots.
Redkostnye morons.

After this-began spread here is such things, as, for example, here -
Catherine Abbasov and Marina Demidov in armored Mayor of cities Lutuhyne and local public activists looked over destruction, inflicted on punitive forces. Artillery 719 "Apu" not regretted it, nor civilian homes, nor buildings lyceum, where 1 September must were start schooling our children.

For the other matrix this destruction separastistov Terrorists sighting raked, unfettered city Lutuhyne Luhansk area

But their the init scripts "battles over Lutuhyne", "second Debaltseve municipality" or any "lutuginskogo the boiler" not ‘. Deflated in the middle of-. Resources are limited. Only with a large desire evidence training "lutuginskikh fighting" want ad in networks. One thing of them you has brought on forum. For this thank you.



Planescape3, an indictment was filed, I not in rate of course than specifically blasted away, (not discarded that and with several trends), camping on To another from falling, near another homes, about which spoke mksmk72 left funnel in earth which a bit differs (on trajectory by air) from those that --something in 17 house and near washing.
the city dweller, zhyttja Mommy. You simply not very aware of that affairs, in usual peacetime, you freely arrive at on hat from inhabitants this the most homes, if simply prikleite private announcement on porch, in peacetime. Ah I think comrade mksmk72 you more deployed will reveal.
PS. Your arrows with destination here nikatyat, there with other hand such same, if there is fotom ca they are going to throw.A about piles of bricks, Enura Abdullayeva there and outside there is and within a bit, this plates of within have foams, so that many pieces this not quite so

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av**nt wrote:

PS. Your arrows with destination here nikatyat, there with other hand such same, if there is fotom ca they are going to throw. And about piles of bricks, Enura Abdullayeva there and outside there is and within a bit, this plates of within have foams, so that many pieces this not quite so

Yes ones, that I.
And here, too,.
This says only about how, that the Benelux was exploding strictly on a plane, with reflective double glazing productions hand Wall, between made from Erection plates of and oven fufelnoy, which window opening's beautifully done.

The most razobychnyy donetsko-luganskiy grad, which either at all pieces not gives, either they fly strictly pile.

Is clear want it now, that there not OK / it comes - stove stove, and doofus, kind of tiles materials, perelozhennye, Iasi.
So after all and this open the there! Garbage there lying around, which with winters no one not keyboard is, because a street sweeper eliminates the authentication only traffic plates of have Owl, more nothing.


And this that for creativity?
DOCG level still from this burrows pipe from hail gunmen?
Yes ah you, fighters.
Castles nore not °, nor on winter, nor summer. And pipes from blasted-out cities on roads not lie and in 27 not are sticking out.



the city dweller, Yes all there in them there button! What Hi, winter of. Near porches always're cleaning up in. There with Heel still vygrebali over entrance in house. Still times will repeat, no amount ZU there physically (between) and not markedly not establish! Zu, too, near cafes worked? And on the road near homes where the kid with look, Covered? And in roof down 14 homes, too, lupanulo? And district base for square Olhovskiy? Not know where there, that who dug out, but similar the pieces (that below pipes) rolled near with a parking where hundreds auto. Familiar guys which were in this time near 13 homes on ol'hovski District talked so: "Was quietly, then began the bombings, then rustle and a powerful explosion" I so believe they heard from falling in roof down 14 homes. The, that was shelling of, I not doubt. And see, I hear and try to put listen to those whom later. Very respect your creativity, but under this always not forget a, that pushes sometimes you is thorough :canthearyou:

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mksmk72 wrote:
Опять же, хотите верьте, хотите нет.

mksmk72, tell please, and that again with sound near on video? Who edited? 0 :2 5 - man so to tear words not keeps managing.
You OK so a cat its in the end of the down--you're gonna scare ;) Yes and am confident that this "Hurricane"? Footprint perishing very look like on was time I with Right away and Boeing.
With so success and pro UFO, which on 76om works, can be risks pushing in masses and hamsters gonna swallow.

mksmk72 wrote:

The prove that I was then there and live now in Luhansk on sq ol'hovski District Afghan 16. Take pictures my, there is and videos. Here is they in folder for 14 July:

Well, your. Then where EXIF suppose here is this:


---- File has been modified! ----

---- No Exif Found ----

A little bit of a the size of the on couple of pixels from video size someone clipped and type ?????.



fire wrote:

:: Message from: Mksmk72::

Again same, want believe, want there is no.

I have simply question: Smartphone, which uses mksmk72 on immersion depth? Or aptly (on time and quickly!) ended on reference objects?

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the city dwellervideo from the shelling lutuginskogo ROVD not my, simply added to itself in VK on memory interlocutor. Now uninstall an

Forth there is no desires that tell or to prove to

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mksmk72 wrote:

not in city of Barnaul, Altai the brink

Utterly no matter who where lives. Is important photo-video footage in.


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