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Space. Lunar scam right

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fraud scam for 150 million dollars

First flight to those respects in 2017 th for 150 million
The first flight to those respects in 2017 th for 150 million
Company Space Adventures has found two customers, willing for Ban to go to those respects for 150 million dollars.
Moon will welcome their first tourists already in 2017. About this declared representatives private American space agencies Space Adventures, which and gather organize the first commercial flight. According to signed to Director companies to Tom of involvement, already when two human, which are prepared to spend on this Cosmic flight 150 million dollars and for Ban to go to those respects.

On this stage, company not uncovers names their customers. These two pick up on 150 million dollars for an overnight tour around ISS on board Russian Spaceship Union , run by professional cosmonauts.

Package also includes phase training and training facilities in Center Enforcement flying in contests town Russia, where all cosmonauts prepare to its it and 17-is a daily flying on moon and ago. This unique chance to join those who participated in mission Apollo project and to visit on the moon.

Company Space Adventures sold tickets eight, so-called, outer travelers to with 2001, but the were flights with around Earth with you dock with International Space Stantsiey.

Representatives Space Adventures describe mission as old good study an open space, because neither one person in world not left low-Earth orbit after mission Apollo project 17 in 1972, who was final flying, in an orderly America Space Agency NASA to the moon.

Mankind can progress in area winning space space, making small steps, necessary for reducing costs on access to this space. This mission will one of those small, but very significant steps - told the official Web site companies Space Adventures.

-planned mission also a significant for Russian cosmonautics, because their transport connectivity a means Union , which was developed for Soviet mission to the moon in late 1960s and in the early 1970's, never flied on outside low near-earth orbit.

We carefully are working with our partners from companies Space Adventures. We jakie all possible prospects cooperation with them. Technically this perhaps - told Vitaly Lopota, CEO of companies Energia.

Company Space Adventures was is based in 1998 in Virginia (the US) with goal provide private to individuals access in outer space.

In 2005 Roscosmos and Space Adventures signed for political about intentions on selection investors and astronauts on a-amateurs on implementation commercial project on oblyotu moon, proposed S.P.Korolev RSC Energia. Space Adventures receives exclusive collecting rights on marketing, S.P.Korolev RSC Energia receives the right on technical enforcement this project. Flights the planned exercise on dorabotannom a ship Union.

Cut down cash, and then abolish flights on flimsy reason)

As they gathered to surmount solar and space radiation?
Who them plot engine traction in 300 tons?
Where there is engineers, capable of this realize?



The best the film on this topics from Yuri Mukhina


Maylovy mudrily again something tripping over in publikatore soobov.

But theme important and want with you to share urgently, so as idea this nemalovazhna for of understanding stingy days. About the causes lies on a lunar project the US and correlation this lies with destruction the USSR on collusion Central Committee and global oligarkhoza.

Let me give you only two remarks on the subject. my the first (intuitively-the logical) and the second in resonance with him already with some evidence base publicly documented events.


Speech goes about rigging evidence by air Americans to the moon.

Council, 19.07.2014 - 20 :1 4 Evidence for technical and physical properties, of course, are important, but without evidence motivation will remain versions or hypotheses.

Motivation for the same forgery extremely is important.

If we accept for clean at face value hostility the USSR and the US their rivalries and competition, then in this raze not climbs faktologiya about concealing the USSR any something there barrels in rebutting how launches of the in the US and concealing critical literature and fiction in themselves the US relatively flights to the moon.

Here or the first lies or the second - bullshit, so as not is logical.

But what available a curious minds srednevzveshennykh "today, raze could not be inaccessible analysts and scientists in the USSR close to issues manned flights in space and simply to tech assist right away literate engineers, familiar with levels opportunities modern technology for his time. Plus for these years have accumulated and new facts and knowledge and the entire this story with greatest achievement the US in space achievements use of the in bubble.

So in than same was motivation for the and was seriously competition inter the USSR and the US in the very moment? After all complicity in fraud relatively lies about flying to the moon for leadership the USSR can be considered obvious.

You churchgoers was interest and he obscured hitherto - motive collusion.

And motive on the surface and he is simple - more-less.

Sits means a member of from Politburo and it included public thinks:

- here is again plan on a hundred percent ahead and longest on so much million tons more and tractors and homes and vacuno and fish're awash. To live became better - to live became more cheerfully! But on psyche cats of my stomach - this thanks to MY approach many leadership. This thanks to ME all of the lush bloom. This I, I, I) so wisely narukoy drove. And me that for this?

- and here is, for example, have US President all in three times thicker and longer than the. He and the he and that, smartso and so and times-so and money fellow and smoke Mamomtov`s striving. And I in country billion operations around here, and itself doing a lousy pack paper clips, with work home carry away fear, grew have denounced and'm gonna go to jail, and the and you shoot can.

And such executives acquired a host fat, tier. And wasn not came them to mind one and the same kramolnaya thought, and if would this all sell and in pocket itself beloved put an?

But as she could achieved, if on all level of intel the USSR got that stranglehold forward and buried paradise this Kremlin no dreamer.

"You politically be unlettered remain, pan-Chic, - used to say Susik from Trembity, soon and there will, too, most", - possessing in view, that westward collapses and will reign global sotslager.

And than same trial help in such tragic for members Politburo situation?

Only one - to do kind of, that have us worse, and in the west better things go, although saw the opposite and feared the prompt overkilya the US.

And here is on such a fertile ground and came systematic proposals about bribing, so as method all a long long known and bezotkazen - buy or kill. And why same his buy if he and himself ready all bins of the post-the homeland to for a nickel?

On how and worked out - Central Committee and Congress. And for fools Murku enshrined.

And decisive argument for citizens the USSR and for the world in a whole about virtues kapustalizma as times and was copycat flights to the moon, i.e. electoral loss the USSR in technical Sally - chief argument to dismantle appreciation and likvidkoma the USSR.

This conclusion confirms and other similar some conspiracy to top the USSR and the US - on yamayskomu agreement about falshdollarakh the US.

In 1971 song global finupra was is sung, the US proved their potential bankruptcy on all measure market rules. The dollar collapsed and yanked couple of times chook's foot, squeakin ? has stopped serdeshnyy, strike the latest (loud FART).

And here instead of proudly manage banner victory over falling kapitoliem the Chinese Central Committee gives team help reanimate corpse. And serves stakeholder Jamaican agreement about transition on candy wrappers. And moreover, signing this strictly a suicide for themselves agreement, that puts the rest part of the world strictly cancer before the USSR And the US and deny such a tandemu perishing there is no fools - a gift so a gift and for candy wrappers so for candy wrappers, you best, pakhany, - it occurs to the rest of the world and all podmakhnuli as one.

But the USSR, until is unknown from any Lukoil and podkovyornykh mischief-making, not became to ratify this agreement, and now perishing late. There is no actor for ratification from behalf of Union.

Further scenario certain in a hundred from a hundred a percentage options and led to progressively feeding assets the USSR west. For falshfantiki conjures and be never can. It and happened up to truly time and on beneath the kegs with heavy fuel oil from the hutch the homeland now Podler of all the Russias already the remnants of doshkryabyvaet.

Here is you and motive s the scam. Now everything kruglo and not shershavo?

So to hold on to this lzhu pro of lunatics. They will all has and teeth and hands, and here and there. So as the opposite Series in a dangerous direction worldview billion category: Cephalopods great apes.
In than sense lies pro moon?



The narrative collusion Soviet nomenklatura with bourgeois
Mon, 21.07.2014 - 13 :2 0
With my view, the most a serious argument in favor of, that Americans on the moon not were Soviet silence on this about.

Now already understandable, that Soviet elite long before Gorbachev decided to whack a the USSR, and conspired elites began still under Khrushchev.

The narrative collusion Soviet nomenklatura with bourgeois:

October 1962 "Caribbean crisis"

1962 Kosygin visited, Turin, with this talks began with companies Fiat. With hand companies Fiat in them participated magical Peccei, which presided over branches in Argentina, and with Soviet hand the main negotiator was Herman Gvishiani, deputy chairman of the State Committee on science and technology and s son Kosygin.

22 November 1963 Propulsion Assassinated Kennedy.

Augustus 1964 David up met with Khrushchev.

In October 1964 Cesspits - Hrusch.

1965 The beginning of Economic reforms in the USSR Kosygin-Lieberman (1965-70)
In a result which emerges the shadow economy tsekhovikov, so began initial capital accumulation.
Expertize reforms 1965 year were used under prepare economic reforms 1987-88 s, in including Law Oh public venture.

1965 year in Nizhnevartovskiy district Khanty-Mansiysk district was openly one of largest in world oil fields Samotlor oil field (industrial production began in 1969). In same year opened a giant Zapolyarnoye-condensate Kovytkino.

14 January 1966 died S. P. September - have "on the operating table Minister health the USSR professor B. W. Petrovsky. Accidentally or not, importantly on time, under Korolyov, Moscow Oblast close a Moon program was would difficult.

15 August 1966 in Moscow is a master block of a Fiat Gianni Agnelli signed contract with minister automobile industry the USSR A. Great Tarasov to create mainly seasonal fluctuations in city of Togliatti.

1967 January the beginning of negotiations for accomplishing the Soviet-American space project Union Apollo project.

23 and 25 June 1967 In Glasboro Chairman Council ministers the USSR Kosygin began dialogue with Lyndon Johnson made and his adviser M.-D. Bundy.
"This dialogue was neatly intercepted A. Suslov. Which torpedoed Andropov, flying from its international dialogue through Gvishiani, Agnelli, and associated with Agnelli Palena. Category: Perestroika trajectory, coiled (Gvishiani was born Kosygin) and simultaneously fought for the right be the main route, on which going to roll off derail train the developed of socialism ."

20 December 1967 foundation Institute the US and Canada AN the USSR (category: Perestroika shitehouse andropovskogo vykormysha of the auto).

1968 year magical Peccei creates "the Rome club."
In work of Rome club is participating academic D. M. Gvishiani and others. Comrades.

27 March 1968. Died First female Yuri either.

In 1968 emerged novel-warning Ivan Efemova Hour the Ox (as live on the planet warlord capitalism-of fascism).
Yefremov died 5 October 1972. Through month after death writer collaborators KGB conducted in his apartment an interrogation by. Novel Hour the Ox seized from libraries, in meeting Sonnin Yefremov 1975 about novel not remembered even in the epilogue.

16-24 July 1969 year Apollo project-11 on the moon.
Just on program Apollo project will 6" successful trips, "astronauts to the moon, the latter in 1972.

15 August 1971 golden default the US, President Richard Nixon announced ban convertibility dollar in gold for central banks.
In world begins crisis, which will last until Reyganomiki 1981-89 devolving, and the Chinese Central Committee instead of from around the Proletarian internationalization of finish off hydra capitalism, pomalkivaet in a wash cloth, as and with the Moon.
Contrary helps, in 70s sharply increases span oil exports in Western Europe, above all Germany and Italy, and to reduce the speed. "Release" arms race with the US.

22-30 on May 1972 Nixon visited the Soviet Union, the first for entire history the Soviet-American relations official visit US President in Moscow, signed with Brezhnev treaty ABM Treaty and Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty II-1.

24 on May 1972 confirmed program Union - Apollo project.

7-19 December 1972 Propulsion Apollo project-17 - It's eleven th and the latest manned flight within programs Apollo project.

1972 report of Rome club Limits to growth on outcomes computer simulations growth consumption resursovgruppy D. Meadows.
Reanimation of ideas, an ideologue British saluting-born 1599 companies, Thomas Malthuss outlined in young, this about law Population Divisions (1798).
Reason for stop project Modern and reduction population Earth (theory "gold billion").

1972 Propulsion Gvishiani jointly with Lord S. Zuckerman and M. Bundy organize the International institution application systemic analysis (MIPSA) in Laksenburge (Austria) under the Roman Club.

4 June 1976 - as Soviet subsidiary MIPSA had been organized All-Union research institution systemic research (VNIISI), where grow team mladoreformatorov - Gajdar, Aven, Berezovsky, Democrats, Zurabov, Svanidze and camping on D.

18-26 June 1973 Brezhnev committed counterattacking became visit in the US, on the results of which was signed agreement about preventing nuclear war, neprimenenii nuclear weapons, treaty about reducing strategic arms.

6-24 October 1973 which held its fourth Arab-Israeli war (the Yom Kippur War ).
17 October 1973 began "Oil crisis", when OAPEK, in that lay all Arab countries member OPEC, and also Egypt and Syria, declared, that she not will supply oil countries, podderzhavshim Israel.
After what in for next year the price on oil climbed with 3 $until 12 $, thereby the dollar receives oil ensuring.
And in the USSR come, not scheduled State Planning Committee, 180 billion, on current money this trillion. Nomenklatura the Chinese and KGB part of these money puts an in popular agriculture, and part of invest in shadow capital and western economy.
So initial capital accumulation in the USSR adopted public masChshtab.

9 August 1974 visible with "first scandal" (1972-74) US President Nixon resigned.

1974 year closing Soviet Lunar project with missile in developmental.

15 July 1975 is implemented flight on program Union - Apollo project.

Union - Apollo project as a symbol of collusion Soviet and American elites, on stop development. The road through * for perestroika is open!
In fix sense lies pro moon?

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Flied whether Americans to the moon?

Illustrating this article numerous photos in most his taken with various sites NASA and, as rule, strongly reduced in size, to on opportunities reduce its overall volume of. You can find appropriate photos large size on references in the text or in late articles.

This content, on fact, not shows full the site text (skipped prevents silly "arguments") and created, only to you could faster find interesuyuschiy you the partition. That Spain to read all consecutive.
some whether Americans on Long?

P.S. Many photographs no evidence demonstrating, that NO, not flied,



Americans ON LUNE: Grand breakthrough or Space scam of some kind?

Popov A. I. Americans ON LUNE: Grand breakthrough or Space scam of some kind? - M.: Veche, 2009. 296 sec. Circulation 5,000 copies.

In Internet (yes and not only) long goes dispute between no agnostics, wonder in identification winning moon Americans, and their advocates, utverzhdayuschimi were!
Success operations Apollo project threw it in the toilet a crucial component Russian national pride faith in ability to go led by scientifically-technical progress.
From works skeptics stands out book mainstream I. Mukhina AntiApollon.
From works protection - book ya Golovanov Truth about program Apollo.

That causes doubts:

1. NASA argues, that astronauts delivered on Earth 368 kg lunar undercoat.
Such argument was would proof, if would these moon samples over tested through an independent expertise in labs outside the US. The total mass samples for expertise would span would of currently (or tens of kilograms). And if would on expertise were represented indigenous breed (moon stones).
Machines can deliver with moon lunar dust and to be built, but raise or repelled slice of stone them until not under force.

2. So-called "Otus (" years to come surpassed, the US in space and in armament. Until now the direst the shipments in space are raising precisely those missile engines, which were developed in the USSR ("Proton" - the most powerful from used missiles and applies for the most diverse reusable space launches). Ship "Union" and of the same rocket, ship "Progress" - AirBridgeCargo modification "Union", created 40 years ago, until now consist on service Russian and international programs.
With 1967 and on now Russia, thanks to large missiles "Proton" and ships "Union" is capable implement manned a fly-moon.
And have the US there is no such technology.

Truth, thanks to easily described Russian engines phlebology-180 on American missiles a necessary host have the US soon will emerge.
Forgotten the American rocket Saturn-5 together with great engines Werner von Brown F-1, which, ostensibly, were used to flights to the moon. Forgotten even its predecessor Saturn-Try krYupky silently ustupivshiy more sensible and powerful Proton.
With Saturn at all history dark Since 1962 this missile pursued failures. In May 1962g. On trials in Saint-Louis detonated and, they've torn up on the pieces the second fist missiles. Bespilotnoe test 4 April 1968. , massive-6 foundered.
And here through 19 days NASA accepts decision about I might go people to the moon precisely on this some half-assed the ion!
If this - not Russian, what then is called adventures?

Through eight months after this decisions (23 April) Saturn-5 was launched to those respects, bearing on itself ship Apollo project-8 with crew on board. Then still 11 successful launches of the. Just rocket Saturn-5 was started common number 13 times. And in the same 1968, even before first by air to the moon, NASA awarded acknowledgment about firing regulations semistam employees Center for reusable space research them. Marshall Plan in Propulsion Huntsville, where shoes Saturn-5.
And just through two years chief Designer missiles Saturn-5 , Werner von Brown was released from office director Center for and forever removed both from leadership missile only 4% -6%. This was conductor, which remained without orchestra.

So why same such a a compelling rocket Nepalese flights with?

Defenders of suggest that mass the most tech-y satellites not exceeds 20 tons. Pardon and mass the most dire (PV) modules ISS (Kayisa and Zvezda ) comprise about 20 tons. Currently ISS intends to on orbit from individual blocs with host not more 20 tons. Three first module had a common mass of about 53 tons.
On for connecting ganglia accounts for one the seventh-a common masses station about 9 tons. So much weigh intermediate doors !
Not many whether!
And Saturn-5 , according to version of NASA, could in one fell swoop deliver on orbit is assembled station host 75 tons.
If would ISS was monoblochnoy, then expense of reducing docking knots easier and reassuringly certain became would its device.

The high cost of assemble?
So hard time delivering weight shattlami costs in 5-7 times more expensive.
On profligate will have Americans money there is, but on challenges missile Saturn-5 money there is no.

Journal best-selling mechanics (# 11noyabrr, 2003) informs: Now to forge production Saturn-5 it is unrealistic: Not retained nor full expenditure, nor assembly factories, nor specialists
Increasingly the establishment!

And where same the most powerful engines F-1?
Only in 1988, almost through 20 years after first by air Saturn-5 the USSR was able create missile Energia roughly with the same carrying capacity, that NASA called for Saturn-5. And modicum perestroika turned a blind this project, but engine lateral blocs Energy (phlebology-170) is used and currently as the first fist missiles-iineoaey Zenit (in including in project Sea start ), and engine phlebology-180, designed on the basis of phlebology-171, - in American the ion fungi-5. So why same for powerful new missiles use not native F-1 Saturn-5 , and Russian from Soviet missiles Energia ?

So existed whether in fact engines F-1 and the kind rocket (3,000 tons) Saturn-5 , that could raise only they?

Forgotten ship Apollo project. After sole joint by air with foreigners (Soviet cosmonauts) Union-Apollo project , hijack in 1975, he has vanished forever.
Why in the USSR for to come 13 years was six PE, and in really a precarious 1977 year occurred two PE (died two rights).
And have Americans for one 1967 year happened seven PE and died 11 people.

Cause certain thought and such facts, as lifting of with production of the lunar ak2 in the early 1969 year (virtually until tests the first manned flight in March 1969 In August 1968goda NASA in for one weeks adopted two regulations about reducing allocations. Chief contractor in make reusable space ships a giant plant in laws! (California, company offices American-more that ) shortened 3,000 people.
T. E. Ship Apollo project , too, fell under reduction even before starters of the lunar flights.
And successful amp; D with production not based.

As here not recall negligence goes inspections are underway of Baron's about how, that the sorry state of apparatus not allowed would achieve moon ?
That would he said later, if would not fell under train?

So that you, loving, pretend to sovkam with respect.
This leaders humanity.

P.-S. I not want to enumerate other facts: Absolutely clear traces four modes provide on of the lunar scenery, the photo astronauts and the like. Observe version of, that many photos removed automatic Council L.L.C..
There are asymmetries in reports about EuroLine flights, which did astronauts.

There is history about loss of original film historical piece of landing Nile Armstrongs in the archives NASA (37 years film even reported a missing, but miraculously has surfaced in Sydney, have producer Peter Clifton's).
History this published in Internet in December 2006.

Remain questions: Why Intact dust under Jet (nozzle) of the lunar (PV) modules? (Force traction planting engine under landing is about one ton. Divide this force to Tahrir and get pressure roughly in 0.1 atmosphere, roughly in 10 times more, than under uragannom wind).

Why lunomobil, ostensibly magnifying on the moon, leaves for a well't in form trains dust?

Why on denuding mountains Silver Spur in the region murder Delta (ostensibly the country on the moon) in sight, that she folded sedimentary breeds?

Why for six expeditions Apollo asteroids astronauts not have made nor one cogent emki on demonstrations dropout rates hyphenated in levels?

Why afternoon module under start not gives the torch under journalists nozzle?

Why under filming of maneuvers module there is no nor one outbreaks from engines orientation?

And fantastic the accuracy of for splashdown Apollo asteroids for # 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 swings from the statics points in 6, 5, 15, 2, 2, 5 and 2 kilometers constituted respectively. Secondary rejection comprised about 4 km.
For comparisons, our ships Union today (through 40 years) commit landing in 10 times less accurately.
And this with, that for these 40 years we launched with orbit on Earth tens of ships, and Americans one (flight Soyuz-Apollo Test Project, 1975 year the latest Apollo project ). Then Americans have gone on will.
Again a glitch

The author books convinced, that humanity became victim of hoaxes.
Fabrication public level was manifestation of rivalry two powers, and battlefields such rigging has become science. One of GDPs debate O. P. Tokarev writes: It'll get better few years, and we will with amazement recall, as us so much years were toying with. Americans declassified documentation of the most epic operations Cold War and will say: pardon me, but the war there is war, even the Cold.

Seemingly: http://www.manonmoon/ru/addon/12/gpn-2000-001137g.jpg

P.-S. Today, 29 th August 2009, found fascinating new exile:
There, in really endgame, there is the reference on photo, which works against the entire higher written, but until the end of the situation so and not has cleared.

P.P.-S. Place landing on the moon "been-11" have proposed do reserved zone

Specialists, focus on guards historical monuments, have proposed declare place landing on the moon space ship "Apollo project-11" reserved zone. About initiative scientists writes portal Fox News.

Researchers note, that aside from planting module ship in by the moonlight Sea of Tranquility, where have visited astronauts, remained about hundreds of other hyphenated. In their the number of includes four container for collection urine, special shoe covers for likely on those respects, several appliances. More detail left objects relative magazine Der Spiegel.

According to scientists, without a special status numerous artifacts, representing accommodated value for humanity, can be shortcomings identified. According to one of authors initiatives, discoverer, anthropologist from Penn University Peter Kapelotti (concentrated spills Capelotti), if appropriate measures not will be adopted, "us is worth start preparing now, that all these things will sold on Internet auction eBay."

Official reaction on proposal scientists until not widely reported. The US planned again send astronauts on the earth satellite within programs "Arkhangelsk", being developed by with 2004. However first February 2010 was released to the public decision White House to abandon by air to the moon. Reasons such change of appreciation sets here. Thus, in the coming years American astronauts not will return to the moon. However some other countries (in particular, China) intend send their representatives on the earth satellite until 2020 year.

Source of :http: / / / news / 2010 / 03 / 23 / conservation of /

Read fresh - … /23/366927

P.-S. For the most "persistent", inhabits in American honest astronauts, in what they realistically flied to the moon: Read the this information -

P.P.-S. Today found in Web such an interesting the film:
Received many new proof their on hunches too even and here:

The most point; arguments (ON always offer DAY) What you read HERE: … xnoi-nauki

Here - DOPOLNITELNYE PROOF rigging (30 on May 2012): Full of fake Long made civil USA -




Americans vozraschalis with moon on foot?

The entire 2010 year on American scientifically-popular channels 1607 lasted a major display documentary films, of land a Americans to the moon. Over this year displayed mass details and many interesting things about this ostensibly amazing mission. And that on fact?

With the most childhood every the boy my generation that was become casually and has open spaces space. Or become constructor and build reusable ships. And I was thus same, as all. But my the dreams from met Elisabeth materialize. In 1983 I entered institution, where us have become teach design those the most missile engines, on which is faring process ???? space.

I endlessly thankful their lecturers, which have been able me (as and all my classmates) instill this subtle sense of, which allows treat bots and different chemical substances as to something zhivomu, connection its character and their opportunities. Have taught innovate, design and analyze.

Passed time. And here is summer 2010, watching the another American the film about land a to the moon, I got interested in interview with March Armstrong the first from people, which, on version of the US, landed on the surface Sputniks Earth. Neill, much grayer and, like would, pomudrevshiy, responding on question journalist, ardently, mentioned what impression under landing on him launched his rocket anyway afternoon can dig: He was, as powder! As talcum! A minor-a minor. Only here is smells we made from him so hate, as if, something burned down. As if a burned tortilla rubber

After these words we with wife look on each other with unique collectors are often confused, and after silence she asked: A wasn protection suit not are airtight.?

This case became another stone , which switched the scales my scale in reorientation full skepticism relatively identification s mission the US.

Deal in that, in the other scientifically-popular European parliament will be admitted - Destroyers legends (the US) its participants under aid specialists from NASA and opportunities, provided these agency, consistently have recreated in conditions Earth all disputed moments, which illustrate lunar mission. This and incessant jumping, and swinging predictably flag, and sophisticated running on the surface Moon Illusion and much else. Was amply proven, that increasingly this can be done on Earth without special hardship.

Moreover: In world published mass materials, whom the American Lunar mission undergoes Galton along and forwards. On all seams!

But personally I want detail stop only on one the transition fact: Was whether real opportunity take-off American vzlyotnogo compartment lunar module with the surface moon?

AfterBurner with any the surface planet is undertaken with the help jet engine, pull which must be sufficient, to overcome attraction planet and raise weight an aircraft apparatus. Simple schools formula known all: Force equal most part, speed increased by on acceleration. Force, with which Cosmic apparatus weighs heavily on the surface Earth ( s to it), this weight apparatus. He equals most part apparatus, speed increased by on acceleration free fall on specific planet. Mass the magnitude of, which zaznacheno in passport to each apparatuses.

Force working engine, then raises its apparatus, is called pull. To apparatus soared, pull must be more weight apparatus on specific planet. Moreover, is needed supply, which will provide acceleration, necessary for achievements letatelnym apparatus so-called the first cosmic speed speed, under which apparatus can withdraw on okoloplanetnuyu orbit. This the speed should was achieve and afternoon module, for moreover, to on orbit moon his took away the returned apparatus.

For conditions Earth pull engine can exceed mass of missiles in ten times, as, for example, have engine the first stage missiles-iineoaey Saturn V , sitting in is American aerospace flight. Missile host 3 million kilos (3 thousands of tons), through thick and acceleration free fall 9.8 flushed / c2, before the first cosmic speed've been crop-engine traction 34 million ampere. I.e. pull engine 34.000.000 nyutona equal: 3,000,000 sq m kg scaled on 9.8 flushed / c2 plus stockpile of 10 15 percent.

According to published tactics-technical characteristics, afternoon module (the US) has full mass of 16.5 thousands of kilograms, mass of planting compartment 11.7 thousands of kilograms, mass of vzlyotnogo compartment about 4.5 thousands of kilograms; engine the runway stage has traction 1,590 ampere. According to higher one pictured formula, such a pull can raise on the moon, where acceleration free fall would still 1.62 flushed / c2, apparatus host only absolute kilograms.

Thus, vzlyotnyy a compartment the lunar mission host 4599 kilograms, not can be raised with moon the engine of, Finns traction 1,590 ampere. Moreover, this same module those more could not fly in terrestrial conditions, because lack of traction engine on Earth here usugublyalsya even in five times.

So, no amount Americans nor on what moon not flied, or, at least, with it already accurately not returned. On somehow reasons Soviet specialists space exploration agreed recognize this flight , us even not interestingly, because this raze not affects the very opportunity implement the lunar mission. And here is what vzlyotnyy a compartment American lunar module not had correlative engine, and also not had in its design even cans for combustible and 2008, eloquently explains those, that average age than four hundred workers Center for governance American the lunar mission comprised 26 years. This young specialists, without experience work, without skill, without necessary technical literacy. The oldest of them was 36 years, to offset his age, in Center must were even work three human, which was even on 18 years. And here is this child workers garden ostensibly fashioned an the, that later almost a half-century until now not on forces NASA. In any secret labs type NASA-Hollywood smelled them afternoon can dig Neill Armstrong, remains only guess.

Andrei Tyunyaev



Flight reusable space ships on program "Soyuz- Apollo project" was such same might, as and planting Americans to the moon.

The good article on this topic. All detail, on all counts:

flying Union-Apollo project - the last link s epic?

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Not know. How in subject. And how truthfully described by.

location times about the Baron Myunkhgauzene (Primate Research Centre the legend NASA)

1. 's accession.
2. Narrative NASA about manned flights to the moon.
3. Research the legend NASA.
3.1. Phase training and development project piece of landing to the moon.
3.2. There is no missiles there is no reusable space supporting.
3.3. Adventures been-13.
3.4. Pleasant the road to those respects.
3.5. Baron Munchausen's on the moon.
3.6. Return on Earth.
3.7. Scientific results expeditions to the moon.
3.8. Deal Baron Munchausen's lives and winning.
4. NASA against theory probabilities of.
4.1. A bit theory.
4.2. , Houston, you have problems
4.2.1. Start Saturn-5.
4.2.2. The exit on-Earth orbit.
4.2.3. Flight on reference near-earth orbit.
4.2.4. Fulfilling maneuver crackdown to those respects.
4.2.5. Flight to those respects.
4.2.6. Undocking command module.
4.2.7. Pristykovka command module other side.
4.2.8. Undocking the third stage Saturn-5.
4.2.9. Fulfilling maneuver exit on orbit moon.
4.2.10. Undocking command module.
4.2.11. Fulfilling maneuver drag for the vanishing with orbit moon.
4.2.12. Soft prilunenie.
4.2.13. The exit and "on the surface moon two astronauts.
4.2.14. Start with the surface moon.
4.2.15. The exit on orbit moon.
4.2.16. The search for, rapprochement and docking with commanders module.
4.2.17. Transition crew in major team module and his undocking.
4.2.18. Fulfilling maneuver crackdown to Earth.
4.2.19. Flight to Earth.
4.2.20. Undocking the ISS apparatus.
4.2.21. Drag on in the atmosphere Earth.
4.2.22. Soft landing.
4.3. 760.46, which receives less all.
4.4. Silent was nice deal masters of fears.
5. Reasons rigging winning moon.
5.1. Criticism versions of researchers.
5.1.1. Idea the first, political.
5.1.2. The first victim s the scam.
5.1.3. Idea the second, economic.
5.1.4. Idea the third, morally-ethical.
5.2. Reasons rigging: My version of.
5.2.1. Moon anomalies or a fake physics?
5.2.2. Nothing not forever under the Moon.

In general. In another times about "feykovom flight on moon."



Met interesting article pro moon:

THAT THE SAME In fact they took a picture of astronauts NASA, NAKhODS ON LUNE?

Or Astronauts NASA well over life on the moon, very interestingly, evidence with references from examining NASA:
Part of 1:
Part of 2:
Part of 3: … 10005.html

This article rebutting articles higher, about "feykovom flight on moon",
It turns out flied to the moon and even as:
some whether Americans to the moon?

This content, on fact, not shows full the site text (skipped prevents silly "arguments") and created, only to you could faster find interesuyuschiy you the partition. That Spain to read all consecutive.

's accession
A bit history

The shadows
Disappearing crosses
"Afternoon wind"
Three Americans on one those respects
Land on the photo
The quality of photographs

Factory ofs dream
Marked stones
Where the flames from engines?
Movie lapses
Experience Galileo was
All filmed in Hollywood!

Protection suit
Far flew "Apollo project-13"?
They simply could not this do because, that would not have been able and all (computers)
The US lost from Soviet Union in space so, that raze could not outperform his on the moon
History with fuel tanks
Afternoon module should was fall
Baikonur on the moon - who his there built?
Macabre strains will under landing to the moon
Than they there engaged in?
And why they there more not fly?

Nordic walking
Here conspire
Can dig with moon
Laser deflector screen
Flights with to the moon over too perishing smoothly
Almost on program
Bill Keyzing and other
A strange demise astronauts
Shuttles, satellites and evidence
All, a stable

Why in this believe

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Honored rebutting, acknowledge tribute waste author: Of NLP almost imperceptibly, after such articles realistically easier recognize, that flied, than something to prove to))




honored rebutting, acknowledge tribute waste author: Of NLP almost imperceptibly, after such articles realistically easier recognize, that flied, than something to prove to))

Perhaps, and I am finished reading yesterday:

location times about the Baron Myunkhgauzene (Primate Research Centre the legend NASA)

, where theory likelihood, basic element of evidence not opportunities by air on moon Americans - and after reading appeared big doubts in the, that amery flied, but if to accept the same theory likelihood, what is the likelihood, that 130,000 staff NASA and leaders the USSR and collaborators space the USSR for several flights on moon not razboltayut pro player "bluff", all ??? inclination is more, that more the likelihood, that amery flied. And the than explain silence ordinary, to example, staff space agencies the USSR for so many years and in further now in personified by already staff Roscosmos Russia?
As the I not met refutation not by air on moon amerov from whom the from staff Roscosmos, so until refutation people to Roskosmosu and to the space not expedited relations.

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From big articles "G-Cosmic deception the US" Stole attention organizational strategy episode:
"That here on place fire can be see interesting things?
That immediately catches in eyes?
Here is basic properties this paintings fire in-oxygen environment:
1. Fastening doors can be was easily to open scrap or motazhkoy, this clearly not doors from safe and it seems the door and not's been opened at all, traces hacking or fact, that doors opened ganged there is no, on the surface capsules there is no traces from scrap or tire arm
2. Domestic leave details not were not burnt and there is even seats, not covered burning smell. Under this in sight, that these seats not doll was from tar.
3. Wire wires a whole and not's body was burned in.
4. Plastic supply goffered hoses entire and not money, burned.
5. Paint on details cabin not was destroyed by fire.
6. The tumblers in the upper parts of the cockpit not circuits were fused, the contours of their well are visible.
7. On got lies White in 2006: Regulation or something similar, which virtually not's body was burned in and not was destroyed by fire. Suggest, that the regulation was in the hands of casualtys more than is logical. Hardly regulation was interrupted when martial law the body casualtys, in this case traces would air impact not was would at all.
8 At car seats there is no circuit tel affected, which must to remain, so as bodies must were some seats burnout in at and were apparently bringing to chair. Contour tel on car seats should be. But his there is no.
Conclusions ordinary: Before us place fire, which not has nothing in common with the oxygen worked, otherwise would degree of burnout was would significantly these. In high-flow oxygen all is ablaze much better, than in ordinary conditions.
And most important: In this place, which us shows NASA, tel affected, which died ostensibly under conflagration in-oxygen environment not was! Chair in leftist parts of snapshot not but and it storm uprooted significantly better, than all the rest details capsules.
Hearth of reverting was likely from below from Left. The central chair not in sight, either materials in clown, hardly his was removed. Right chair, too, strongly storm uprooted - part of his visible.
This picture not hapless case, this picture willful killings, massacred were destroyed in another place and conflagration was fraudulent by location on bottom capsules inflammatory fluid type of gasoline. Likely from Left and right from central seats, A A manuai apparently are dealt a pretty from upper pocket over central EU under destroying fastening this instructions and likely that is why upper part of paper not obgorela- she was close to krepleniyu, and the lower, that we not see must was zakoptitsya.
If would regulation was on the body dead -under him she'll end up hardly could, its would strapon together with the body.
And so is obtained that tel killed in this KM not was!
If would bodies were, then chairs would not burned down until such extent, it was would protected the body dead. And under seizure bodies were would moved and hoses and regulation and other wires and required unfathomable amounts, underlying on central got. The central would chair at all not has suffered would "



Dmitry" wrote:

First flight to those respects in 2017 th for 150 million
Company Space Adventures has found two customers, willing for Ban to go to those respects for 150 million dollars.

The Chinese, too, want in 17 year fly for, clarity soil, Americans want their outperform, can, they for so much something years have been able design more-less suitable project ship, the more they even have bought drawings Soviet missiles, already well ready to flying until moon.
To the same engines they ship the Russian production.
May well once traces - "find traces Armstrongs and flag, kolyshaschiysya on by the moonlight the wind." And bring finally real undercoat, to lodge an his, as inventory stored with 70s. And normal photo would make, although would Earth with moon, and the all the available arts and crafts, quality 19 century. Yes and at all little photo high resolution moon, here is found more less normal a selection of,, too, tsenzurirovannaya, painfully, but modicum something Photo moon

And then these tourists loudly many people will die from "unknown s disease", to other get message was to double-check.



There is easily herdable American the film as acquainting (Stanley Kubrick, 1980). In 2011 in the US withdrew interpretation of this movie, that ostensibly through as acquainting Kubrick hinting, that this he was photographing for NASA false explore astronauts to the moon.



Very interestingly and highly convincingly, and here is still messages, Perhaps this in signs and symbols need to

Interestingly, on the picture on envelope right-style theme twins, one of whom - Aldrin (further left than that), and more to the right afternoon module with of compasses and ugolnikom and two rombikami portray snout demon with beard - flames. (In sight only with large distances, or for myopic - without points)

This incidentally, the latter photograph Aldrin!, where he smiles nevymuchenno, she made even before "by air."
On all presskonferentsiyakh he closing its sees eyes and mutters zauchennuyu legend
And still, Lithuanian, Malay boying got back just in time in strictly to anniversary lunar vistavi. Ah, can to divert.

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tort5 wrote:

to a nail large finger on keep anyons from entering drawn will have angular the size of the about 2 degrees arc

fist will have angular the size of the about 10 degrees arc

from thumb until large finger angular distance with puts about 20 degrees arc

To a nail, fist, little finger) The main thing - KhVOST!



Many million years ago moon was such same stone as and now.
Dinosaurs update not a, and Long, when has become creating on orbit have Earth. Here much detail: … calo-nacal



#p37801,Magur wrote:

Many million years ago moon was such same stone as and now.
Dinosaurs update not a, and Long, when has become creating on orbit have Earth. Here much detail: calo-nacal

Doubt that now someone can confidently say that was millions of years ago. Get'll understand that now. Maybe, you is happening, as can go speech about hundreds, 114,000 and million years?
Better read "There a lie!" / / forum / 2
Sectoral agreements jeopardize economic lived not so perishing and long. Peter Bruegel senior.
Battlegroups sectoral agreements jeopardize economic.
So same not forget pro the legend about dragons, Leviathan.

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