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Bruklinskoe direction

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If need establish involves forging and in fix it lies, then simply are looking for the original consistent a picture of an species, and compare its with suspiciously input. I so and made.

I took here is this a picture of an from the Internet. Squaring the reference
She made until 2001, authenticity its not causes no doubt.

Now propose a stop sign frame another "exclusive" video clashes "Airlines Flight 175."
Himself get back a little mean attitude to structural, I have, that is called "eye quite an eye." Sometimes people me call red-, only for what I I'm taping up things on the table perpendicular and in parallel, J'adoube the table on kitchen have friends, because he is worth records and camping on D. Decided in Visitors, I am asking the screwdriver and mostly like regulating things facades kitchen skrinok, because me literally don't have the stomach from what they are hanging records, fuck "" on as much as and a half millimeters. "

Under retrospect on this picture and comparing its with original, I naked eye see, that the thickness of the twins utterly contributed mightily. They here subtler as matches, although on fact their width simply a huge, more 63 meters.

On this video us show, that the operator to do nothing to acquire, he climbed under exceptional Brooklyn bridge and from there dismantled blow plane. On stop sign kadrі in sight image of the plane from Left near black high buildings.

In fix mistake an admitted forger? About this in next post, and until make sure, that azimuth shootings identical (line direction from lens until facility). Seems that high point shootings different, ah yes, photo done with bridge, and video done ostensibly from under bridge, but azimuth measured.

And so, I has reduced a picture of an for visibility, and painted any flair-pen marks.
So that same precisely not takes prece ­ dence over a forger, when forge his video?

He was photographing already after September 11,, when skyscrapers already not was. Him required the material for another "evidence incarcerated", he’t in a hurry and lokhonulsya.
When he pririsovyval the Twin Towers, smoke and plane, left very important crucial, roof down southern towers.
On all without exceptions video and the photo, made with northern direction, roof South towers concealed under smoke. From-for this, we not can establish levels, on which troops lens cameras, if want navigate only by mutual location both towers. And with this angle, edge rooftop South towers in sight, means we can use its as zero-sum dimension benchmark.

Now we can match distance from rooftop South twin towers until rooftop neighboring buildings, which is worth from Left.
We know, that width South towers 63 Dam 70 centimeters. Now we can to know provisional distance on vertically from rooftop until rooftop.
Save what data distance, which on fotoo would still 63.7 Dam, and are postponing his on vertically.
High from rooftop until rooftop accounting for 140 meters 20 centimeters. I acknowledge itself report, that this is not real distance, and distance which us is projected with this point.
Even times, as I this learned? I simply has copied wide, turned its on 90 degrees and several times pasted imposing on length, this not so hard. Forth, figured out levels are interested in Alternatively: 140.2 Dam.

Now look at a forged video, there, too, South to worsen, means its width, too, 63 Dam 70 centimeters, we are postponing this wide on vertically, and each, that here distance it turned out 150 meters 10 centimeters.
I painted hoarse lines, but measured accurately, increasing picture in 8 times in program Paint.

Will emerge question undoing until facility, after all photo done closer, and video further. But this not affects, because proportion increasingly would still persist. Distance from cameras to skyscrapers not strongly differs, can be watch on map. I likened the wide and levels from rooftop until rooftop separately in two cases.

Even times look at previous post and make sure, that on stop sign kadrі buildings higher. As so?
Simply a forger’t in a hurry and Shiller wrong.

But after all distance from rooftop until rooftop in the second case contrary Should BE ARE UNDER, because point shootings in the second case was headquartered below, under bridge)
If you are taught geometry, then perfectly realize about fix here speech.

. Here is so and unfold forgery.



Another photograph, on this time directly from under bridge.
There is no slightest doubts, that she the real. There is with than compare more accurately.

Regret only about what made she in pasmurnuyu weather, not on the morning in 9 hours



Compare stop sign-a with a fake video and a genuine a picture of an with this same angle.
The difference across sharp.Гость

Why so broke a?

Center governance a terrorist attack, September 11, observed, that have them race "evidence incarcerated." In ties with this kazusom, was taken decision stun them apart with additional strikes on for your brain. Falsifiers of a began to master your additional materials.
In most cases were used and pulled up materials and photos, which were subject to strong mounting and processing. In a result, in light poured photo and video forgery-Doubles.
In some cases, was used kind of Manhattan 12 September, when "twins" already not was. "Kind of from under the Brooklyn bridge" as times from this categories. Buildings and smoke simply "gave digital." For what would no one saw Alvarez, video give very bad quality, zamutniv picture.
But as this often happens, falsifiers of a in rush, policymakers substantial inaccuracy. They took kind of skyscrapers with some leftist photos, which was made with another distances, and not noticed wrong proportion. In particular in this material, have them Lies the right high and contributed mightily the thickness of thetwins.

Moreover, its involves forging they've flattened on the sides, that would maximally mislead. On video all facilities look thinner.



Since what would this suddenly, the operator stand in such an uncomfortable point, when bottom bridge closes part of on a screen?
Increasingly simply, this mraziynaya forgery. Real operator such by would not handled. And have an admitted forger regulation - add in frame "life", there is in view external machine, birds, nets, homes, barrels, antennas, hands and other things debris. Note, that for rare the exception, rigging incisions on one standard lekalu



New Videos of 9/11 Attacks Shown by Museum

:crazyfun: … by-museum/



And here already not Pod, and Hviezdoslav directly bridge. :huh:
Note, that for distractions attention, here, as and on curious to many other video911, before A Clash illusions'on a Boeing, is said that bird. Right place house, which here being asked never.



And where same there is a ship She, which picturesquely sailed under directly bridge?
Here is this 8-)

FOIAVideos not are trapped over time? Yes ah.)





And these klyouny not here stood accidentally?)
Have them such a unusual video camera, in Hollywood have Moldovans such same



Filmed with one point, but Smokey a bit raznenkiy. :dontknow:
Smokey at all is faring not in side the contestant,
Get back a little wind with compass not agreeing





Two direction or one thing?
(Wait for when gifs loading)

Compare the # 1 and # 2

And # 3

And bonus # 4



#p6010,Dmitry" wrote:

Два направления или одно ?
и   №3

Мне кажется что на видео CNN дым статичен - двигается только камера.
То есть, они взяли статичный задник.
Я прав?



Более качественная копия с оригинального видео,  за исключением конечно же элементов монтажа черного крестика-самолета  добавлением местами фрагментов пожара  в южной башне и гамма-коррецкией (уровнем черного и белого).
NIST FOIA 09-42 R27 -- 42A0277 - G26D154 (WTC2 Aircraft Strike, 903am)  ссылка
Разница в толщине близнецов и всего кадра на видео и фото это скорее всего результат некорректного конвертирования оригинального видео с соотношением сторон (aspect ratio)  3:2 , с полученным 4:3.
На исходнике присутствует поворот камеры на север (4.38), с юга (7.30), зум на вертолет (7.03).

После 11 сентября этот район был в дыму еще 3 месяца, от незатухающего пожара в нижних этажах.
Выбранный вид на башни близнецы - это видимо,  такое чувство композиции кадра постановщиков-креаклов, тем более любимое, судя по одной из заставок для новостей на канале CBS (тот же ракурс, под мостом, только снятый как бы на закате) 
WCBS-TV news opens  00:10:30,  ссылка



А третья то башня как рухнула?


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Video and Photo “September 11, ” » Bruklinskoe direction