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I pet goat 11

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On board on the top are portrayed male genitals in able ejaculation, seminal liquid on trajectory parable falls down. Us shown 4 breath, one of drops is eye sharks. , scarfs is on level left ukha Bush, then in this same positions will and Obama. Fall sharks is open, she either blows, either tries to, to bite off slice of the big ike. Struggle cavity sharks visible the flow of, either air either water, towards pylayuschemu home. Which is on right tell Abe Bush, and then Obama.

, scarfs in the American people is called -morskim a wolf, ah and recently released the film with Di Caprio "Wolf Wall-", those in this case, scarfs symbolizes world bankers, which their invariably proigryshnymi mortgages, destroyed sector real estate, and in thereafter and economy just Western world, putting all us before choice. Either tags, either death. Flaming flames, and nakrenivshiysya of cards, classical dream American family, is symbol of the shattered, a burned until the ground sector real estate Americas. If from whom there is doubt on this expense, then today in Detroit can be buy a house for 1 American penny.

Forth with lev from sharks, visible the gallows with the numbers move a and word with open letters evol T N. In English language not so many words from of Kazakhstan letters begin on evol. The only, which here suited this's evolution. If closely watch on word, then in sight, that in it 2 hew Oh, one already used, and second either forgotten, either deliberately not dorisovali. Is obtained with us play not by the rules. So as, in sight, that man already is dead on single gallows, on his eyes crosses, and ligule his stick your resurfaced. Can be done conclusion, that game lost. If you look more closely, then can be see, that some hew in this word capitalized, and some small. Initially I thought, that, grew here there is capitalized hew, then perhaps, here not one thing word and 3,
And to read need to not from Left on the right, and contrary. Then is obtained:
NWO To Love. But all it turned out easier. This sarkazam authors on slogan electoral struggle for's presidency creates chair Rhone Valley Paul, here is he:

Immediately in sight, that the authors rollers, give us to understand, that if you want to revolution, then will begin wholesale destruction holdouts. In New World Procedure, will hold its only those, who will bear on itself a mark of the Devil-microchip.

Instead revolution us offer three upon of the heart sex, reined debauch and moral decay. And that same symbolize eyakuliruyuschie genitals on the top chessboard, there, where should be the sun? That make with silent in jail? Correctly, their penalize penis. Is obtained, that in some point, rapists and perverts came to global power, and have become punish people penis, as in direct, so and in metaphorically diminishing. Us all, and Russians, and Americans, and nicknames, and Japanese throw up their. Us imposed're an unnatural laws life. Us drag the 1,000 with each other, being hounded our air environment habitat, GMOs,... .to infect disease from which (treatment, after, as 40% Africa sick unto death AlDS. Us, with the help corrupt politicians, ssuzhivayut crazy debts, for which have to pay the bill otrecheniem from God, and necessary slavery.

With rights from chessboard are located hew English alphabet. Usually the first goes associe, and then, near a small. Here same we see, that all contrary. Can be suggest, that here is done hint that education in schools studies skewed, junk reality. Making from children fuck-upS, that can be to see on example Americans.



Bush S its then Number turns into Obama, symbolizing what they both ares legal executives single programs. Both they managed, paid puppets their hosts. Who same their masters? In a cartoon, virtually in really the early shown hands a half man's gender reptiles with long nails, which hold pillar in the form of view, from which depart many nationalists threads to leaders Americas, ah and on analogies, to other leaders of our world. On the left unmarked because reptiles ring for yellowcake color of with middle in the form of hew S, symbolizing the, that this biggest either married for Satan, either a badge of dollar under an absolute control global elites. On index because right-wing hands, is ring with satanic ring, which quite copiously is bleeding, invigorating contagion of physical beatings, AIDS, moral corruption, degradation.

The authors in really the early Aoyama gave us to understand difference between satanic ring, second in the form of drawing on board, and real human the heart, an anatomical Figure which is on wall immediately under board. The difference in is, that label Satanic little heart symbolizes the low-lying human feelings, reined debauch, violence, moral a leper colony, Sodom and Gomorrah. The, propaganda what, now so hard engage in top representatives Hollywood and global showbiz. Enough recall s recent speech Madonna, where she was surrounded demons, and itself featured of a fallen angel, Miley Cyrus, which under first oppression case insists on sticking her language, symbol of Indian goddess Cali, and many other.

The trouble is, that people stopped to see delete user's account and perceive this, as whose corrupting and deadening influence.



What here dim? 're streaming matrix first.



In this episode depicts girl and adult a man, on backdrop of nuclear winters. Girl, judging by raskrasu faces and carved kids on the hands of and the body, belongs to people Oyo-Geo-Inpuls. Now this Nigeria. Once this was one powerful clearest empires Africa. Founded its some Oraniyan. As holds legend, after one of its military hikes, him Ahn priest, which gave him a snake, to neck which was directly related exorcism. Priest disciplined Oraniyanu to follow middle 7 days, and there where she will find harbor to establish his empire. Need to whether to speak, that if in basis of empire lies a Satan snakes, then and deeds this empire not will human.

Empire Oyo-Geo-Inpuls was one of the most powerful and prosperous in history Africa. On than same is based ylo this welfare? On sale slaves. Yes, as nor paradoxically sounds, but said were selling blacks, white and other Negroid. Moreover here widely practised human sacrifices, rudimentom, which remained dyavolskie customs reached until our days, such as mutilyatsiya or mutilation outdoor Genital female genital organs have girls, have pregnant. Precisely this moment and is enshrined in this episode, in moment unleashing tesemochki -glaza girls them stew. Unique and the Satanic symbolism on the body men only confirms higher because of. Y girls in hair a barrette in the form of of the heart, moreover the most, which on index because on drawn have reptiles, surveillance Busha and Obamy, and simvoliziruyuschem reined debauch, sex, moral degradation

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Banner in Moscow. Obama in the cover as and in, uh, cartoon. I pet goat 2



Dmitry" wrote:

Banner in Moscow. Obama in the cover as and in, uh, cartoon. I pet goat 2

Interestingly for what be



On least how figure of the Messiah in boat of Anubis passes through all establishment hell,

in parallel us show, that is happening in world, those with us. In this episode Israeli bombers they destroy Mosk in Turkey. This event not happened still. Means, the authors us, burnet about how, that happen in the future. Question when? And why? On the first question I not know answer, and here is on the second it seems, explanation when. Until only on the Arab and English.



Planet Earth is going to be RECYCLED

In late his spiritual and physical path, rebirth, travel, guy in boat of Anubis definition there in open space, battered planet Earth. Eyes his still closed, but markedly, that man became much robust, stronger. On his anybody, with the outset his travel through dreams made dead, and obedineniya his spiritual and physical component of, we see wreath from tree wire from for yellowcake metal, emblematic cabal of, dependence, spiritual and physical. After, as he opens eyes, and for his its back is fracturing symbol of Christianity, and the latter, the remaining in survivors spiritual the cloister religion on earth. Sloe wreath from tree provolki wears out, symbolizing the, that this an individual has acquired full freedom, spiritual, from all species religions and religious sects, which were destroyed previously, on least his advance

Destruction all existing pillars of religion, and so same other faiths, which, official Church recognizes as sektanrstvo, in this movie provided dancer constantly menyayuschem masks-symbols these religious movements, as the Cali, Shiva, Kvettsalkoatl, Kukulkan and others, suggests, that none of religions not is the true, and not has no relations to God. The latest destroyed Egyptian doctoral themselves sun. Can human looks and should sun. From Left are visible the contours of scorpion, right the contours of human their fingertips.

Not less interesting is and landscape, full destruction, a Flood, the dumping, nuclear sterilization, as if in giant an autoclave, vast unseen devilish of June. Land virtually not in sight. Such impression, that the planet bore a either full obliteration of just biomateriala, either another reprocessing, that would free and to clear its for human future. Human more committed spiritually and physically. Who same gets this happy ticket in the world of the future? Think, that the answer clearly configured by a webmaster on its cover the Economist 2015. And us with you there seats not reserved.

This blockbuster in boat this cartoon, on my view, not is prefigured Jesus or Lucifer Effect. Those signs and symbols, whom he described in movie, go in rupture with the classic "nation datasheets these religious characters. He so same not is Abraksasom, entity, according to Karl Yunga, nadelennom more complex characteristics, allowing him be higher Jesus and Lucifer Effect. I think, this blockbuster portrays those who will in the new world, those who will survive, those who will elected create a new world, new civilization. World after a Flood, after destruction, after reprocessing our planet and just live.



On his eyebrows have Bush the writing -- KILL USA



staysane71 wrote:

At his eyebrows have Bush the writing -- KILL USA

More it seems not red, and Avill, that the from it and I d.



Forsythe their simulated events such as numbers under management major world directors, and global the writers, Bush and Obama smoothly depart on the second plan. And us show class, before which American leaders opposed, in which we see 12 clothed and girl with bone.

12 clothed one color of, vylepleny from one material, if look narrowly, then in sight, that their shapes spill one in another, they are linked with each other, but they not are linked with girl be picked to apple. 12 families that drive these world, 12 Jewish bank families, which merged and pererodnilis with each other, they effectively sheltered... from girls barbed wire, all known, that Jews were in ghettos, and ghettos were ogorozheny from the rest of the world. Their faces we not see, this should be secret for people.

Girl with them not connected, she this we, Alisa from child I was signified the people the entire planet, but she in poisonous Yellow the ring, simvoliziruyuschem control, commitment to, nesvobodu, girl this we.

Girl in the White, it is difficult determine its age, but in sight, that she in still very a young age. Girl in the White, simvoliziruyuschem the lmmaculate Conception of. She holds apple before their abdomen, symbolizing the ascent new life. Girl is within for yellowcake circle, alongside loop blot, we have observed such a circle and blot in the title companies Kheliofant on letter of a . Satanic establishment usually either black, either fire red, as this usually nurtured a favorite designer... of the Rothschild family Alexander McQueen. But girl in Yellow range, why the authors used Royal, precisely the color and the contestant liquid, in which sinking scherbatyy it. The blue collar with a sickle and proliferation forth in movie?

Forth light in room pales, face girls is changing, as if under birth, check only the door behind room with the name board the exit, and rabbit on the wall obey, emblematic the birth of. Forth, apple-fetus is drifting on gender out of the hands girls, and for ocherchennyy circle, emblematic female start, on freemason gender in black and White bottom, simvoliziruyuschem full control of all, that is happening in our life.

Apple-fetus does freeze have boot print Obamas, crushed by the two. Alongside widely known Obamas boundaries drawn two hew Lukashenka's behavior is and Since, bar have boot print Obamas from white metal, either iron either silver, under a sock boot print coin. In the black backdrop of he or Lukashenka's behavior is - Lucifer, on Obamas White backdrop of Or "C," christ, or Christ. One currently an apple on letter of Since another on my shoe Obama. From quality two answered emerge dark rostochki, which moment coursing with each other, are reborn in the flower lotus, symbol of spiritual rebirth, a new spiritual starters.

Under foot Obama has coin, this an Australian coin otchekanennaya in 1937-1938. On the coin on the picture is missing the writing on its the edge of. The writing holds: The single Corona. United Corona. Coin chekanilas as substitute for such in Britain, initially for King Edward 8, then, in ties with his otrecheniem from throne in ties with a combination of marriage made with woman not noble bloodlines, for George 6. For many of us Corona simvoliziruetsya with British royal surname. But on fact, Corona this organization, which higher all royal families, in turn lifeblood only cloak for plebeians is attributed, for averting eye and attention from true kings.

The (British) Crown Empire and the spread-betting firm of London Corporation - includes in themselves those 12 Jewish bank families, led by Rothschilds, Oppengeymerami, Shiffami and Varburgami, The Corporation Corona runs the entire planet through their branches

Then us show's terrified face Obamas, from tension he had to. What same he scared? For window class on the wall graffiti reading Psalm 23. Content this Psalm refold throughout the not makes sense, central my shepherd, here is provisional content, but my view, important is here the, that Amen. this, in Catholic religion, is read on funeral. Obama some were frightened losses control over finances, in empire bankers hints significant change. Either, as this want the Rothschilds, to 2018 will the single the global currency Phoenix, either money stop have its sense, and its power over people. From-for spiritual Awakening. And, across semblance, funerals, destruction old world, old system, servitude.



Attack on Muslims, explosion mosque. This NOT JUST mosque! This mosque Omar! With it stems prophesy about the last days. In otkroveniyakh states: Beware, when will destroyed the mosque Omar - means, the Apocalypse began. On its place will restored the Yasukuni Solomon, in which and sits down at work for the Antichrist. Forth an important moment with nuclear bursting of the. Shown attack on Arab world. Likely, goal will become Syria.

the Red a halo - very a strong symbol of. Symbol of huge human victims. Huge!

the Epistles from illuminati - deciphering



A bit critics it's Latin. illuminate crossbut (or traktovschika)

Girl with in the White - this Russia. All signs on this point out, and their there not less 10. Want'll prove it to? Are looking:

- > 1 - She sits contrary Obamas, and, exactly, all of this show for it. Who chief geopolitical enemy the US? True, Russia.
Most knowledgeable people (like specialists in their areas) think that "chief enemy" this China. Ah yes okay, let Russia, so this that, the US government in faces Bush and Obamas "give misconception" enemy or all-??? "play on grandstanding" within countries (ironically, but the government consider enemy also and many Americans)?
- > 2 - Girl with Slavic looks, and the authors movie very clearly show all details. All coincidentally not accident. Many whether have us on the planet free from the US Slavic countries? 3? Russia, Belarus and soprotivlyayuschayasya Serbia?
Since thus same success can be was would sayabout German peoples, ramantsakh or keltakh, i.e. about some Europeans, except Balkan and Caucasian (the same can be say and about most popular image editors colonizers and emigrants in states). 760.46, why girl in the White not can be (if not America) Europe?
- > 3 - Girl with sits on backdrop of informal figures, men) resembling the overturned map Russia. On one of figures symbol of aspect dominates-Yan (China). Number of figures have been accounted for? How many? And now witness, how many countries borders with Russia. Gray mass envelops barbed wire - symbol, that these countries).
Difficult draw visually the overturned map trades abroad (why its upend, but if so, me more reminds map of Europe ("I so see" (sec. Number of informal figures 12, trades abroad borders with 16 signing accepted countries (+ two partly recognized) of them with 14 on dryer. Where mistake? 12 captive countries? Why so little? And that considered "enslavement"?
- > 4 - Bible apple - the same, which snakes gave Adam. Fetus of knowledge and sin. Here I have 2 version of. 1 - the, that Russia so terminally and not passed religion and she revert to its roots (for Vedic faith). 2 - the, that Russia one of past countries, which bears true teachings Christ.
On both far (the second option contradicts first, there is no?): How popular now what? After all, in trades abroad, .fat harvest more parishioners, than ROC? ROC - true teachings Christ?
- > 5 - Golden circle around girls - symbol of bogoizbrannosti. All remember, as Foma in movie ViJ drawn circle around themselves?. "Further goes scream, game words" (with)
Homa Brutus was scribbling circle protection, not bogoizbrannosti. Circle bogoizbrannosti portrayed in the form of His halo over head.
6-10 without comments.
- > oil, it in water - Oil on oil will fall. Will be held to water.
Wasn that to water in desert - all so same necessary and with price above the cost.
- > THAT NOT JUST mosque! This mosque Omar!
The mosque Omar in Jerusalem this not the same, that Kubbat al-Sakhrah (can with this columns are linked prophecy?) or al-properly (she more reminds picture in, uh, cartoon.). That remarkably, nor the kind nor another mosque not are linked with Omar ibn-Khatabbom (because, that they missed each other in time).

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#p39431,Val wrote:

Mosque Omar in Jerusalem this not the same, that Kubbat al-Sakhrah (can with this columns are linked prophecy?) or al-properly (she more reminds picture in, uh, cartoon.). That remarkably, nor the kind nor another mosque not are linked with Omar ibn-Khatabbom (because, that they missed each other in time).

At all the not there I dropped it off post, wanted to in "Kriticheskaya date 23 September" as continuation of / reaffirming this, ah yes okay perishing.
On mosques not special. However wiki writes, that Al properly "was initially small molitvennym home, ashes area Umar." Umar in sense Khattab. And under it "khramosolomonnyy a prequel", which some want restore. Two shrines on one place, and as I understand each side believes its enshrined gonna be collecting for the the other. Here is and the entire like themes, a premise this Aoyama.

#p39431,Val wrote:

- > oil, it in water - Oil on oil will fall. Will be held to water.
Wasn that to water in desert - all so same necessary and with price above the cost.

Heh, Igilovskaya oil and was for some whom cheaper of a Saudi contained sand, why and prices it collapsed. If would Russia not is caught in Syria, then the price oil could beat records 90-'s (about 10 S).

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#p28728, . wrote:

:: Message from: TAC "::

hit, steel, plane

In sense, sounds it seems? T. E. Not to read, and listen to? People should was this hear across the Americas, even not looking in screen was set up. And not dokopatsya- "Which-such still jet? You about than?? "
Konspirologicheskie in general something are gadgets. Interestingly, whom adresovalos this message?
Who Needs at all all they are addressed. Mags are grabovskie and other, and other.
Still reading of multa, whom decisional laziness seek.

Who Needs, whom. Yes us "blind" and "deaf."
According to to the legend Indians Hopi can escape it the, who that-there, hear it or ???

He said, that they should go in that place, looking instead at night on star, and day on a cloud, which can be see vibration center on sharp heads (kopavi). … ytsev_hopi

In short, more thoroughly need to be to what frame issues.
Very it seems on dvurushnichestvo in Zione.
Its among of strangers, someone else's among their.
To say right not can. Because as pledged silence.
Here is and spend time and money on compromise between say and shut up.
Ah not entertainment sake of so much money lose. All these toys profit funds are worth.
Motive not Euroskepticism. Two possible option.
1) Either conscience have someone Aco (that little likely), either
2) the Architect or someone the other conducts natural selection individuals from herd under artificial conditions (an extra $zabrakuyut). Something like the of latent eugenics.
In any case Illuminati burn in scum push it not worth. Need to first think. And why the hell would them then all this, if not Why to risk be I.D. 'd.
Here is example landmark forms of:
As least three mark.
now silence , Three sixes , Eye of supervisor
Although all of this only assumptions.

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011015 Oh always thinkin prophesies "HELIOFANT"? … fantq.html
Explanations look very logical. imho.



#p65896,aqwerty wrote:

011015 Oh always thinkin prophesies "HELIOFANT"? fantq.html
Explanations look very logical. imho.

Naturally. Remained one question: Why made this cartoon and toppled reading of (on canons "bible project" from ..-KPE) united showerbooth?



This with site

Below interpretation (machine read more):
When I began work over movie in 2005, character Lily quickly show up me in the context class. I was am puzzled this small ve gone blonde. Of course, this is a mistake, thought I. Children in the classroom on 911 were for the most part black color of. There not was fair cut child to imagine in the same day. Moreover, children 911 class were a bit older. Nevertheless, I continued to see its, and she felt, as it needs was be there, so that I refused from what was in sight. Only after events Sandy Hook (12 / 14 / 12) made I understood, that what I saw, was in the classroom Obamas, ritual sacrifices children with hand shadow government, intended for stike terror in country. And on anyone case you not understood, that in the classroom the scene Bush also was part of a larger 911 a ritual of, please, note on the next video children, has to say their mantra.



. . . , . . , (, ) . -

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/ Hancock (2008)


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