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School postanovochnykh videoreportazhey

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vd-valerskiy wrote:

That, here is-5.45, AK-74, with plastic bullet, under "shots fired" call very many black of smoke, as have diesel engine, although with close celestial distances line is pushing, bullet not takes the case, and 7.62 camping on’s Vanguard of-only with right complement, of smoke a bit. Judging by easily described, plamegasiteli- hose assemblies herbal with AK 4, Kakbe Vanguard of

Ah have the increasingly ??? Vanguard of and shoots in the process brought on pasadke.



Who ? witness … I97Qi0FwJQ

Such impression, that on the dustbin of dragged junk tinted wash their hands as after battlefield then cleaned and again wash their hands.

Honored this site looked video, like indeed it seems on spectacle.

Is obtained that groups those little, incidentally how many their, based’for inflaming feud between Russians and how Ukrainians view.
But like there is technique, weapons, ammunition, means onveyor there are attached to what any parts of.
Understandable poetical trucker military hardware from parts of, themselves carol singers move on civilian.
These! 'Can in any place choking off a path and sack the its spectacle.
Means there is cover for administration type based the film.

Remained question who they

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Esteem have down a citizen "Ukraine-beyond Rwanda"
To the issue'll second that - and also what resource have them eats in conflict on YuV?



Incidentally in subject



In as are at! And this simply advertising wash their hands. And here is on that capable in reality?

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Alexandr wrote:

When as are at! And this simply advertising wash their hands. And here is on that capable in reality? … ata_player

And they accidentally zhovto-blakitnye?



1 :2 4 The guy's are tired of this circus with shooting, he embarked and resigned)



Yes, fun.
Here not particularly

Initially of course funny - naval field game
Then consider from whom more pieces
In late not so fun.



Despite the that "works sniper" fighters fun, in full growth, shot horns and Turing. Driver at all not to care for his life and continues to touring under fire their phantom "separatists" :cool:



Obey legkovushki type the murdered driver ? with gumanitarkoy, which ostensibly fired upon from granotometa

And here is himself a van van. Not markedly, that fired upon



The first Canal argues, that here a host month has been going violent-fighting.
Nor one of slain Ukrainian; there is no. Dogs have shown several video as based on cell and firebomb a monument Soviet the. Of course that simply have practiced, not each in friend blasted away.
No Ukrainian army there is no, nor here nor on neighborhood. Only Ukrainian flag for installation.
Even-so-burnt-Russian BMP somewhere in some the forest, but raze not here.

Just in shootings of a has taken participation 16 actors and dog. Here is so simply, enough thus small number to portray the 1000th grouping. On scenario have dogs out paw, however they forgotten do installation of and have dogs in order all four.

Dudes izgotovilis for called the shots, increasingly talk, only there is one the problem, to shoot not in whom. Photo for mrazotnika users not there is war, and there is setting.

Picturesquely fits in picture press for podvoza ammunitionand flip-flops, the real she's wiry military shoes, are they in which conveniently reeling in ahead on Ukraine’s, palaces.



Issuance, - Thursday, 21 August, News 12 :0 0
On exiled choose news in 12 :0 0
, Donetsk. News 2 / 12 time 0 :5 0

Zhurnashlyukh says, that people dismayed, fear everyone, the rustle of, even breath the falling line with tree of causes panic.
In this moment is shown a corner homes, far must will fall line. Near center, massovochnye wystawienniczym risky gamblers but in the right of increasing, portray inhabitants cities. Through second woman says she was exhibiting random horrors, closing head place the fall of the line. Luggage initially directed accurately in this point in space. The... the rope, stole, line began to fall, woman delay alarming, is a kind of and about miracle - there already no one there is no, and line falls strictly verticallysoldier-boy.
The rope stole directly from windows homes contrary.

They sometimes on such complex installation go :O

Scheme always similar. The creature just threw a snowball at from mortar battle, concrete place with by peaceful residents, then there return homosexuals with video cameras and microphones, based conflagration and portray brave and line of superfast correspondents. Advice residents of Donetsk - immediately seal it up stones these bastards, they work together killers and informobespechenie.
Even in May refugee in Kharkiv office-, that strelkovtsy-girkintsy 2014 Sloviansk standoff just threw a snowball at concrete place commissioned journalists.



Komzomolskaya krivda. Dumb and even dumber.

you only splash screen upon booting listen. Trailer same time "Speak idiots"
Our spetskory Alexander Kots and Dmitri Steshin driven in either, Donetsk
Komsomolskiy Hard're superstars

Wait laughing, not yet increasingly.
Our spetskory Alexander Kots and Dmitri Steshin lead broadcasts with Maidan.

In Libya being asked nor one correspondent, but our guys, for the same salary, will hold its where do you want.
(Especially well, when you on dacha shashliks on you fry it up, and instead you in vertualove works bot) … livii.html

Alexander Kots. With such surname on Arab countries only and touring.:D :D

And Syria in the makeweight
Photoartists KAPE have shown unbelievable prowess. "The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Yo440"

Pay-PE, full PE
"CP" delivered Girkinu a star disease since the slavyansko-torskikh durilok.



Ah here is already and simply movies based 21: 00 through Kavkasia with shooting “shovel movie" Truth. "



Prostitute Anatoly Pyetrovich Shary, presented Newsweek (we talked with a Muscovite)

Mosckvitch's lying, that injured gets the tanks in airport of Donetsk. Even 26 on May, channel broadcast REN-, making Newsweek with rooftop airport, amply showed, that there there is no nor Ukrainian tanks nor Ukrainian army. Numerous blogerskie Sovinformburo, repeatedly showed on maps, that line Front removed from of Donetsk. 31 August reported, that airport of Donetsk is cleared from banderovskikh worth and Polish Muslim volunteers, all congratulated with "a day to newest", under this not reported, that were tank warfare-fighting. Normally? Airport is cleared from Ukrainians, and injured there again tanks bringing. :canthearyou: idiots, they modicum would've been coordinating.

, Donetsk-Dmytrivka, Donetsk Oblast-Telmanovo this three remote from each other any inhabited points, that almost equilateral triangle (60-80 kilometers). Mosckvitch's lying, that managed fight a war and there and there and everywhere, bomber-explorer. On his external mind well in sight, that he no notions not has, that such at all battle and with than his eat. I himself modicum and not hosted participation in battles, just-only was about them, on its he know that this such, for example, that such nightlife shelling of. You're lying in a puddle of, because not managed run in shelter, from above those objects fly thru variables traysera, sense in that, until you on the early not it comes, that lying in a puddle of can be to catch a cold. And this get type from Maskvy, is worth aktyorit in nulsovoy not stirannoy of advisers and says, that precisely in this he here hangs out.

Mosckvitch's lying, that punitive detachment in Telmanovo bombards cellars homes flash grenades, and in cellars die inhabitants, which not processors. Absolute artifice. No Mr.Stati in Telmanovo being asked, no asset with viewing hand - being asked.
Mosckvitch's lying, that might have crossed paths with Ukrainian the military. He assures the, that with them cannot be to speak, because they is severely limited in mental fitness terms of. He such is a clever, and they such limited. Why? Because they and we this one people?

I think deal honor any human, under personal meeting, to over @ @ @ Ventotene Anatoly Shariyu scrap on the head with the for clearing conscience, because Russian person should (owes) to live on conscience. This an abomination continues to service Pow and stravlivaet Slavs between themselves.



masimus30 wrote:

honor thy have down a citizen "Ukraine-beyond Rwanda"
To the issue'll second that - and also what resource have them eats in conflict on YuV?

Several times respond. the coffers of have vnematrichnikov here. Not in of Russia, not in of Ukraine, not in budgets, not in private companies, not in gru, SBU and an agency. New weapons, technique, ammunition are bought from for productions past customers from armies and governments,, transmission. From armies them accrues only 19 Remy-on dumps. Helicopters, over the wreckage aircraft, long-armor of.



Caught a fresh one, current, left Bly makes his move, on yutupe)



Рус wrote:

Svezhachok, current, left Bly makes his move, on yutupe)

Look at youtube as drivers help to injured! Yes they simply bullet fly on aid! And here couple whoremonger - flaunt middle bedlama as on scene! Especially it is important and exponentially "chief of" have Had to stretch before pozharischem!
Dialogue inadequate has:. " School here what any there is interestingly. We only Brazilian schools. "
Not know Number the emergency in Donetsk (and not only they). And pozharka where? The guy the says that she near. 10 minutes is ablaze and nor machines, nor siren song. In one word CREATION!
Whom nor means, all already Lidia this theme, stopped take an interest in! And here is countrysidesleeps this pulp and still requests! :(

Wrote, and only then looking under video, I could even watch - bandage!

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And again corpse without trousers, again perebitaya leg, truth on this time in district hammer, not ankles, thank you! Look with 1 :4 6 and with 3 :0 4

Commentator on-my the same that and on video from Enakievo, Yenakievo. There corpses also were with Commissioner can with their feet.

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In youtube found curious the commercial

the deputy chief IDF Chief Apu Yuri Myroslav Dumanskyi about the third strength in conflict
Vnematrichnye puppeteers kill civilians on Donbas!


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