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School postanovochnykh videoreportazhey

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Here is me interestingly another. As convince hamsters (") in is, that this all the phantasmagoria and setting. This it is unrealistic complex task. And even not because that people such stubborn cares silly or zombirovannye. Deal in is, that normal people (being) not can to imagine that on such someone capable - to gut people and then the trouble of displaying corpses to shoot on well to unleash global war. In logic conventional human this not behind. So they believe in the that them show and inspire. Even if the entire setting made so rudely that this simply Cain! On simple question - why corpse without trousers, they are beginning to blame asking this natural question, in is that he instead, "dill", svidomit. Explanations absence of trousers at all are fantastic stories (to faIl from the explosive waves of). And in end all ends ban (viceroy) and may hamsters, odobritelnymi komentami action moderov, which use keyboard the goddemn inciting!! Here is this me more just kills. That bribery from the truth, that we search for, if its to communicate to people almost impossible!



Team bus with dumping, 100%

Machine with shtrafploschadki. That could so downplay roof down?

"I always with a I take video camera!")



gav wrote:

mashina with shtrafploschadki. That could so downplay roof down?

Have machines knocked out all windows, and on the road and on a there is no nor crumbs glass.
Such its and cornered with dumping.



With populations the internet! Until people realistically it comes, that this full of fake war. With actors, props and each ship. Philistines it is difficult understand logic scum, people not understand who and why can to commit such atrocities, all svooditsya to against fascism, Nazism:, which ostensibly development Ukraine and for couple of months turned slightly whether not all Ukrainians in sadists. The that in power are worth alone Jews, what Jews same Oregon all these battalions and the right sectors,, too, no one not mocks or simply conclusions drawn from this fact, talk about the supranational government, which and fires this the coven, are perceived as conspiracy theories and all boils down to joke: That "if in shipbuilding there is no water, its drank Yids (Jews)." Matrix guys built in the Police people such a program that scum can make their abomination slightly whether not on cell and no one even not is going to think who and why this makes, on all one the answer this fascists. Tens of and hundreds of every man who opposes-suggestorov, "analysts" syndicated with channels on talk show about revival Nazism, of fascism and need embark on for weapons. Every hour daily brains hamsters incur information processing. Have human there is no even time deal, - have made at, even the most rudely sleplennyy, shityy white plies, the ones who get whammied on emotions, and above than people start analyze, that something here not the, is done a new at, - again emotions, again slogans, and so until indefinitely. But all-as common sense is beginning to posachivatsya:

“War ” on Ukraine big deception!

On expense war on Ukraine, I think not some war there is no. This all net propaganda, what was with volcanoes in western Europe few years ago and with bird and swine flu,, too, few years ago. On extremely least I not saw not one shooting of Aztec Man. Fighting. In times of 2 global, more 70 years ago persisted shooting of Aztec Man. Fighting, and now when have all there is on extremely least phone with camera not any semok real fighting there is no.

I saw only, any dubious video, on greater extent, this all actors, which portray from themselves various victims or military. Ah, know on like those lesser-known actors who focus on various talk. Show, on type Malakhov and camping on D. Which invite play role victims various circumstances.

Still saw any concrete rubble, yes have us if on Russia on touring and not such razviliny a way. In general in age special-effects, could would that any on worse show.

Sometimes even show any blood and fires, but voiceless we live in 21 century in any little-fiscal movie with the help special-effects and not such show and that-same now to speak, that in films, too, all kill on truly?

This all big deception, simply well played by and srezhissirovannaya with both sides the information war. Only, that there is real, this refugees, but they just victims this info. War not more.

I know one refugee, not on our televisions, and realistically in life, so he says, -There is howl, there go to war. And I have him ask. - A there where you lived, as? And he replies, - Yes have us all quietly. T.’s where he their eyes saw all quietly. And the that “go to war ” this he saw only in TV, or Internet.

In general all this is a big spectacle, in times of, when television and almost the entire Internet already someone buys and is under control. This do not so hard as seems.

Here is Canal on youtube Anatoly Shariya, he there uncovers some feyki grew. And in Ukrainian. Media, recommend!

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Judging by between ministries in Facebook, many know, that's lying RussianTV. But these same people, like clever with mind, stupidly and hopelessly convinced, that European and shtatovskie media say truth (the barrier some kind. Look down, sometimes with, a sympathy face, sometimes with contempt, and continue to to believe "good the West" ((



CYNIC wrote:

How convince hamsters (") in is, that this all the phantasmagoria and setting.

Me seems, that recognize some samoochevidnye facts people prevents not stupidity, and instinct of self-preservation. Scene "Marina, come out, come out!" This etched the foundation. The only vydernutaya map ruining both the entire a house of cards. Will have to revise, is beginning to reshape entire picture world. And the world from this stated not will become. He will become bewildering and dangerous place. Refusing to listen to arguments, people are protesting not the to against concrete arguments, on which them often nothing to acquire argue, they are protesting against what instead country’s cozy elite little world, which they pleased and routinely discussed with colleagues at work, them offer trudnoperenosimuyu for souls pillar deeps of universe.

Think, that much of warrior in history had similar pattern with Ukrainian and Middle Eastern. And this unconsciousness sensations deception dynamic exemplified in terms "theater combat action." And indeed theater.

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gav wrote:

Censor published photo) sculpt in qualify to unexploded drone strikes becomes trend.) Only with shadows a bit, ah quite slightly-slightly flew. And so yes, inspires.)

Edited gav (2014-10-04 14 :45: 14)

Not, here the Microsoft Dynamics CRM not need. Shadow such a because "a Tool killings" the very records sticks out. And if would exactly his vkopali was would increasingly clearly on out for the shadows. Incidentally on video, that the girl's aunt been running around and pieces this snaryadika not yet was. Ah or not was envisioning, with whom not case. Me in komentakh to this video’t willing falling in blood on asphalt. Good viewers, "2001 Bonn Agreement" in courses personified by with bloody junta)






gav wrote:


The kind it! Contrary!
Enormous leap creative development lugandovuda. Monaskaat, the epochal
Before, have annanyus and camping on D., khvostoviki mines directly in voronkakh sticking out. Not passed and six months, as idiots three could come up with, that such a not can be, and now moreover have them normally sticks out.

In the first time razminirovali as need to, as undermining on place. And the here local-witnesses (or eyewitness account of a?) wrote, as have them in balconies and terraces after iano?aeia fashizdokhunty militias fellow unexploded drone strikes harvested. And now recognized prokhress!

I not remember, to we here wrote, that razminiruyut such drone strikes as undermining on place, and take their fortitude out (dozer - special or the usual can get away) and take out only under impossibility of this do.
Not otherwise, clowns in any any Vikipediyakh's Digest. Orgastic cognitive development!



From ~ A message from ~ Brunhilda::

Brilliant a documentary. Such History Channel documentaries should be thousands of, only over the past six months.
Lyashko under sewage, but be revealed the crux of the any of postanovochnykh episodes lzhevoyny.
Only have one L! FENEWS, such ". For the come out, come out" should be ton.
Yak Lyashko rezhisuє ? znіmaє nai ?“exploits ”
How Lyashko was directing and was photographing their "exploits."



This not applies to war and other things though, but as same "military" with mrazotskoy perspective treated a human Newsweek. Simply have read here is this

горожанин wrote:

And it keeps goes vilification movement bonds of from vaccinations. The creature, what with them take

And as times recalled that I couple of years ago very deeply studied this subject. Here is NTVshniki "can find the" few years ago.
with 2-45
Why in school postanovochnykh rollers specifically? And you only you exagerate AS presented Chervonskuyu in this video, this same fiction simply, so from souls had its verbal feces, as if she them money must. Who Needs decisional laziness - on pick Bohrmann unfolding.
Initially this was-door workshop, and created an he thanks to zhurnaprostitutkam, here is in such a the form of:
"Seemed would, in 21m century about the benefits vaccinations debate funny" - ah yes, ludicrous, that's hilarious.
"But movement" ANTIVAKTsINATOROV "in which some priests even found traits sect." Signal so say, the beginning of turning, in what side it goes and haters.
"His the ideological leader"
"She well owns medical terminology of and keeps managing produce impression."
"Always with ancient black feathers on anybody"
"Hundreds of devoted adherents of across the country"
"Precisely Chervonskuyu and its propaganda care doctors consider pled guilty to of their deaths.700Kg payload Just all we not tuberculosis during epidemic 7-in's"
Voila. -door workshop converted in sects leaders, the commercial relatively of well-emotionally painted, and now she not any expertise in issue man, and just pathetically "knows terminology and keeps managing produce impression", and then still and monster with black feathers, to be lost in death several Just all children. And no you facts, no debriefing situation and statistics, at all want. Here is so here is dirty zhurnotvari work.



A new of hot from NTVshnikov, so much nip slips in one video, there is no words uh, guys.



Ostensibly ukrvoyska just threw a snowball at school. Only one bullshit, glass not Anthony.)



Stakhanov 2.08.2014 - Airstrike to north from Grigorievich Stakhanov

The typical fillum YuV-Mock-up (and of course not only YuV). The basic principles such a shit:
1) as belongs MrazoTsentru, name paranoiac this. No one always such Canal create not will, no one from of crazy people there is no opportunities to collect for for free and without advertising and requisites such the huge amount videos. So operationally (on the morning money on the evening chairs) can work only team for very very big money that normal either for large its TV channels, but raze not for Loners.
2) Name video not has nothing in common with content
3) Operator and entertainers near microphone ostensibly see what not sees video camera. ("White point" in the sky can be nalyapat under aid ordinary instruments in good videoredaktore, and for those under aid those same instruments imitating "shaking" video cameras)
4) Dialogues for shot not fit nor real a sound the picture, nor a competent actors' performances work, that attests to incredibly low professional level butaforov (guys came poobkhoravshie lie, two wing this most)
5) Voice actors for shot, until pain recognizable, which he tens of and hundreds of such rollers.
6) Common Market kind of rollers so primitive, that his impossible somewhere can nor for interest, nor for money. Means he is mired in the Internet and in media willfully under task.



Boy was dire, blood, not often suffer bitterly
My machine gun is content to shoot
And was us only in justification
Not miss, and Catch

Boy fighters “Azov ” with the Russians terrorists under Zhdanov (place)
Front - this pain, warming, Middle Asia, blood, him were torn off its feet, hands, the sundered head.

And bullets letyayat, listening
The quickly fly, then not very
Soldiers sit openly
Pulyayut virtual bullets

Bullet, uletayuschaya in space, goes on cruises air and so must qualifications characteristic breath.
On any video a real called the shots this breath there is. Begins he immediately after cotton gunpowder in the onein, and further is faring breath bombers bullets.
For example here
Punitive detachment battalion "Azov" are shooting venu live rounds,. Have idle patrons there is no armored.
Here is example an idle called the shots except echonothing not whistles.



Without notions, than there they blasted away, under shoot.Shooting venu live rounds, to provide the automatic the fire apply bullets 7kh3 (with a white plastic bullet-right complement), either without bullets, with it an elongated the case, compressed on late, under this adopt nozzles for slowdown exit gases.
In the first case under shoot.Shooting the abundant "smoke" (as in example an idle called the shots, except echo), in the second are possible emissions of the flame (



Горловка. Остановка
Люди просто стояли ждали автобусов, которые не ходят.
Воскресенье, 18 января 2015г Горловка Снова погибли мирные жители (видео сильно косячное, провисит недолго)

           0:01 - "шахтёр" - пошли (старт эпизоду дан кодовым словом по телефону)
           0:50 - "с какой бы стороны нам обойти" говорит Екатерина, ловко держащая камеру в руке.. Это один из маркеров постановочного видео, эти слова могла сказать и сказала именно так, только, низкоквалифицированная постановщица. Она хотела сыграть естественность, а сыграла натянутость.
          3:33 - "Быстро отработайте бабки, и а-а-а"
- Нормально?
- Ближе подойди!
- "Убитых" видно?
- Тебя просто не будет слышно

Видео от главврача военного госпиталя, начмеда бригады ВСН, г. Горловка Юрия Евича.
#‎Горловка. Снова погибли мирные жители. (видео 18+) #‎Ukraine #‎Donbass #‎Украина #‎Донбасс
Предположительно, количество погибших перевалило за сотню. По словам местных жителей, погибших более 300 человек.
Sunday, January 18, 2015. Spooky exclusive. #‎Gorlovka. Again killed civilians.
Presumably, the number of deaths exceeded a hundred. According to local residents, killed more than 300 people.

Екатерина с видеокамерой прибежала туда, где уже находится Юрий, к которому она обращается на Ты и Вера из "Скорой" которая должна принести "Нашатырь".

4:05 - скандал между начальником и подчинёнными. Постановщиком и трупоносами
- училище
- где училище
- куда вы нас отправляли
- я вас никуда не отправляла
- вон училище, вашу мать, без меня кто-нибудь мозги включает(?), училище серое...
(вероятно там должна состояться вторая постановка с другими трупами, время поджимает, сроки согласованы с "НТВ" и "Россией-24")
- АНГЕЛ встань сюда, я хотел бы, чтобы в кадр попали я и эти "пострадавшие"
(ангел пришла, чтобы снять речь начальника и.о.главврача военного госпиталя)

             Осколки от снаряда испарились, воронки ненакопаны, остановка не пострадала, трупы кинули под крышу.
               ЧТО ЭТО ТАКОЕ ? - Дипломная работа новой бригады изготовителей бутафорщиков. МРАЗО-КАСТИНГ.

Видео удалили Ещё одно :

По мотивам горловских "ужасов" L!FENEWS делает новостной сюжет. В прямой эфир звонит Екатерина.

        0:10 - там стоят войска Украины, они нас убивают... Является ли эта постановка и слова этой твари, доказательством преступлений украинской армии ? На мой взгляд, и она и вся редколегия L!FENEWS должны быть немедленно арестованы, они должны давать показания, где они берут трупы для практически ежедневных театральных представлений.
        2:40 - "Екатерина, чудовищное видео в эти минуты мы получаем от жителей Горловки, сейчас готовим его кефиру..."
Ведущая сейчас покажет то же видео, но без звука, которое Екатерина сама же и делала...
L!FENEWS SDELANO TOPOROM . Голос делавшей видео и голос звонящей в эфир, идентичный.
        3:00  - Екатерина, интенсивность обстрела каждые 20 минут ?
                - не проходит и 5-и секунд, как летит новая серия взрывов.
        0:40 - "скорые не успевают приезжать на вызова, люди сами себя, пытаются перевязаться как-то"

Горловка подверглась сильнейшему обстрелу с начала силовой операции

а из этого, в точности такого же ролика, узнаём, что Екатерина-то Поплавская.



Do I this here. Although in topic "Smile" was would more apropos)



He simply "neural", so not ’, or words fears forget, so and betrays all not the truth. And fighter behind duckin 'for, man, although on the idea of he should was breastfeeding defend boss, verdaderamente.
And this realistically "pours price": See nourished German, "the junta wants me to remove, means I a major a bump, but increasingly have us will well, after all I jail", as something so.
And yes (kinda glanced): "Oskar the man!" (With)

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Roarin '> RDFLMAO. Kheroicheskoe movies – both Tieta can a big wet bite out! Mikhalkov moves away resign!


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