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Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine. I third party

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Olympiada-80 or 80 days around World. :D

80 experts with dogs

Almost 80 international experts today again profits on place paleniya Federation state of Malaysia Boeing in Donetsk area. With a they drove dogs, trained seek bodies dead
80 international experts with dogs toured in district catastrophe Boeing

80 victims catastrophe

Specialists began to training to were terrain for search skeletons roughly 80 victims catastrophe and the wreckage of the plane, reports PressOrg with refers on Associated Press.

18 th day followed, most time start seek 80 corpses, which fell in boundless gave in intervals of from rassypnogo until only.



stamps media
Every day, all media being spanked news about the course operations. Even if say dog even sneezes, then this already news, which always is accompanied by explanation in late news:

recall, Boeing-worth roughly $airlines 17 for, to Kenton never made it. from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), failed ruin 17 July in Donetsk area. All 298 man, savagely on board, died.

Lies, povtorennaya a thousand times, turns into truth. (Yosya few, Minister propaganda)



Big story for! Boeings brought down from the enemy barred.
Joke nicely from CBC, and expert security Michael Bociurkiw

- I at all something not expert.
- A on victory, you there fool?
- Poslali and fool, and very polished



#p6958, wrote:

Who familiar with principle actions missiles, newly issued complex of "CBOs measure M1"?
Suppose, that this Boeing worth roughly $was in the sky over Donechchinoy. Suppose missiles was launched so far. Suppose their fate where in the sky.
Question. That should happen with plane of this magnitude under explosion podletayuschey missiles? Is deduced from by building electronics, loss governance from-for damage the governed elements, deformation - destruction fuselage or parts of plane, is torn on several parts of?

No gap,, military part of missiles too small for we-worth roughly $.
In Fighting parts of missiles are small remarkable for elements, in and organizations until 13 mm; their very many. Such a military part of provides greater Square destruction, but relatively a small kinetic force strike. This can be compare with example: Man in face defied handful contained sand. Wasn from this have human could blow off head? There is no of course, man will simply is blinded by on while,.
Rocket "Dr.-Ing." seems big and dire, but this is not so. 90-95% masses, this engine and fuel for engine, to provide an obscure flight. It comes / untangle small, in it are, sand around, if to compare with Boeing. Explosion it comes / untangle is happening about corps plane, to increase the likelihood embody.
Task it comes / untangle missiles ADIZ: Kill hosted the, underbid end electronics, penetrate fuel up, break the engine, elements governance, undermine of munitions on board. In one word - interrupt flight. To sever? - there is no. To blow up fuel up? - hardly. Yes indeed, B / untangle missiles can spectacularly on cameras had overthrown with small open goal, however with large plane, such a focus not will have hosted, and all the more with super large plane.


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » MH17 malaysia airlines » Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine. I third party