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Other flown incidents

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Ah as always, visual a series of - randomly, and in network vbrosheny kits two different fires with different seats.

Real this. Eksklyuzivschiki on place. Means fluff piece.
Based pokazushnoe trying after combustion. ????, tail already there is no)
Ah accurately. All delivered advance.

LifeNews publishes video and photo with seats fall of Su-24



Moscow. 15 February. Their quantity can reach 600,000 - KIEVSKII "Boeings-worth roughly $" Airlines Flight Paris-Seoul [-, -]safely landed in Yekaterinburg after refusal one of engines.
"Jet managed safely plant in airport Ekaterinburg in 13 :2 6 minutes Moscow Time on one engine. On board are more 290 man ", - told" heartfelt "source of in emergency services airport.
As reported, "Boeings-worth roughly $", to Kenton never made it. on route Paris-Seoul, while to commit gets landing in airport Ekaterinburg. Crew testimony was about refusal one of two engines. All services airport were floated in regime heightened willingness on case any neshtatnoy situation with-plane-.



Again first airlines)

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In Malaysia crashed against two planes Indonesian pilotazhnoy groups.

15.03.2015 11 :1 8
In Federation state of Malaysia Langkawi pegs ruin two odnomotornykh plane KT-1B pilotazhnoy groups from Indonesia, reports The nestled Insider. Incident occurred in the course preparatory flights to the international marine and aerospace the exhibition.
One of aircraft he crashed in razvernula part of another, both became infected with and collapsed on land.
Pilots managed themselves into the, their life outside dangers. In a result fall of aircraft became infected with two buildings. … 3437.shtml



Five Indian aircraft from 40 job on Ukraine India for modernization according to Treaty 2009 remain missing, reports publication Defense News with refers on official Air Force India.

Skyfall his words of, according to Treaty 2009, Agreement India with Ukrspetsekport, about modernization and great need of repair 104 transport aircraft Ahn-32, purchased in Ukrainian Zapadnoe design bureau Woron , 40 aircraft should was be Krivan on territory Ukraine, and 64 rest on repair base Indian Air Force in ensure familiarizing yourself on initial Ukraine technologies. The total cost of contract is $400 million.

However in military office India report, that from forty aircraft Ukraine brought back only 35 renovated, the rest 5 table family.

On appeal Indian military officials in embassy Ukraine, Ukrainian diplomats responded, that this question should solve the DOS Woron , and state nothing help not can.

Treaty was dishonest until 2017, however from-for fighting on the east Ukraine implementation his has become, 12.5.



Dmitry" wrote:

that from forty aircraft Ukraine brought back only 35 renovated, the rest 5 table family.



In airport Istanbul exploded engine plane Iranian airlines Qeshm for. Airplanes should was fly in Tehran.
As report local media, this happened on runways the landing front page, when liner gathered the speed before soaring.
Pilots managed of Tehran stop jet, after what passengers were urgently evacuated, and newcomers are to community reports government employment fire put out the fire.
In a result overthrew the no one not suffered. Passengers dispatched in Tehran other flight.

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In miracles accented
Tweet Reykjavik-Denver during by air in Boeing 757 engulfed zipper, with hole in the fuselage 8 hours - flight a normal.

When Tuesday in civilian jet Boeing 757 aviakompaniiIcelandair, carrying out their Main flight from Reykjavik in Denver, engulfed zipper. Blow marked in's nasal part of naval ship, affected there is no.
Passengers air liner nothing not typically recognized understand, about fault they learned already after landing in Denver.
According to press General Icelandair Michael Raucheyzena, during by air all system air naval ship were in eni?aaiii able. Loophole, that has punched zipper in can also view galore of immediately after departure from airport Reykjavik, was discerned, when liner landed in States.
"After strike not was no signal, that jet is broken or not suitable for by air", noted staffer airlines.
Reportedly, that Office of governance civil aviation the US not plans to investigation incident:
"This happened in other country, with foreign by air carrier", explained stance departments his representative Allen Kenittser.
In this jet flew a participant musical groups The Bunny Gang Naten Maxwell.He told, that breathed resounding explosion, emerged vivid light. Passengers strongly were scared, but pilot on loud ties told, that all well, and further flight continued normally.



That he says us great Vrikipediya:

So as most modern aircraft (American Boeing, European Airbus, Russian TU and others.) have protection from electric discharges to the body and adaptable to fly in any weather blow electric storm in them passes without consequences. Under this planes, in which get hit by zipper, after landing detail browsing on subject integrity cladding corps.

That we have:
- That such here is zhovto-blakytnyy "a badge of" with a hole in it on center (shades of on Kyiv?)
- 7 April "vlupila" zipper, but about this incident in era information technology discover only two-three days later. Estonian news editors have seized all media world?
Why mrazotsentr only through 2 days launched this news? Everywhere one and the same the text, have media SShP, too, most.
- At board flew Naten Maxwell, he the us increasingly told, ah thank god, there is modicum one celebrity, which increasingly will confirm and will tell truth, and the was, slightly not believed.
- Boingi - the most secure airplanes in world, they retain any burden, even with a hole in it in the nasal parts of plane, not the that Eyrbasy.



gav wrote:

exploded engine plane Iranian airlines Qeshm for

Let-me guess, plane Airbus
In nomination, the most troubled airplanes 2015 would win. Airbus?


Oops bear down the French. From all sides




zhyttja bear down the French. From all sides

I have on Youtube before each trailer is faring advertisements Air Francais Paris. Already week and not change. Bastards.)



Yesterday, in airport Hiroshima, Japan occurred emergency modelanding for A-320asiana for. During landing tail naval ship were displaced by landand the airplane crash that with ground power swathe of. Damaged wing and engine for. More 20 people received trauma.

Layner A-320airlines asiana for, on its call between South Korean city Incheon and Hiroshima, under landing especially 18-metres telecommunications the antenna. About this reports izvescheniya with refers on leadership airport.

When liner were displaced by land, his chosen on 90 degrees, and he it rolled out beyond runways the landing swathe of. According to fireman governance Prefecture, have suffered 27 man, all they received lungs trauma.

Just on board A-320 were 73 rights and 8 members of the crew. All savagely in jet were evacuated. A landing had a was closed.

Currently specialists continue to screen place reports. About timing discoveries runways the landing swathe of until not reportedly.

In a result, collapsed altogether 54 Airlines Flight, from airport in environment failed to fly more 5 thousand People.

Sigue adelante conversation.



Trukish for Crash at Nepal - mistyped word on Freud along with the!

And jet real, and passengers frightened, all as should, only for cleanup old otsluzhivshego boinga to pay already not will have.
Something company boying, Sitting on the brink of bankruptcy, in the last time often loses their old planes, or Asians promised new at a discount, until they embrayery with Bombardier, Inc. Not began to purchase the, or those us to the punch faster.



Jet Airbus Atlas (A400m) fell on plant coca-Cola in Spanish Seville


20,000-strong Tripoli Military-transport jet Airbus Atlas (A400m) crashed in Spanish Seville. This happened soon after takeoff, reports El Pais.

Jet, in his eyewitnesses, in 13 :0 0 on local time (14 :0 0 on Moscow) fell on territory a plant coca-Cola. About able pilotsand precise numbers people on board plane information until there is no, however, according to chairman governments Spain Mariano Rakhoyi, on air vessel was perched from eight until ten man and all they died.

Cases about refers on
El Pais … 36813.html
El Pias, Spain writes pro 4-'s dead.
In video El Pias, Spain - smoke on the horizon with several angles, else not informative. Another photo to add it in video


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And pro cargo nothing not write?



"Subtler" inklings on not subtler circumstances: … ur_region/

Skyfall data sources in Air Force Russia, PE with's strategic my first stop TU-95 Bear happened on cyclical upswing. During ready plane on the WFP military its airfield Ukrainka in one of his four turboprop engines occurred explosion, and then began conflagration. Moreover, in vzorvavshemsya engine has system avtoflyugirovaniya - his pyatimetrovye screws not marshal on flow of, and became in air drag, from for which jet already outside the WFP chosen on 180 degrees. The speed such bombers on moment break from land is about 500 kilometers / h.

And here is this indeed interestingly:

Interesting, that this already the third a serious the accident in Russian Air Force for last week. Only in one day 4 June in Voronezh area Russia the newest frontal bomber Su-34 it rolled out beyond the WFP and it turned over, and in Astrakhan area - crashed a fighter MiG-29.

Only deal perhaps not in mysticism, and in is, that rush, exercises spend and get in air increasingly old iron, which then and falls.
Means seriously to war prepare.



lublupivo wrote:

Only deal perhaps not in mysticism, and in is, that rush, exercises spend and get in air increasingly old iron, which then and falls.
Means seriously to war prepare.

Alexey Kungurov am confident, that 16 March 2015, must was begin world war, but Russia roused in air entire airpower and THEY ARE were scared... 7 :4 0 -
(Full lecture -



Airbus Atlas (A400m)

avkvadrate wrote:

an Airplane Airbus Atlas (A400m) fell on plant coca-Cola in Spanish Seville

Here is that means disaster the real. Nor you layvstrimov, nor razgromnykh articles, nor piles of photographs yes what, nor video on mrazokanalakh. Media virtually ignored event, giving news only on one never.

In Wikipedia hot dry row with just said, that event happened in Seville.

On TV just 20 second moves , on which is famously in sight, how are huge over the wreckage compared with people



Dmitry" wrote:

disaster the real

Disagree, why explain not can% -)




Dont agree, why explain not can … 79b_XL.jpg

Photographs race, on him on earth not counted, nor the large, nor engines, nor paddles.



I have quite a little Google not works. And on Yandex such news pro plane Since-130 Hercules: … =Indonesia

09 :5 8 30 June 2015

In Indonesia military plane collapsed on homes and hotel
Tragedy occurred immediately after take-off. In the latest data, died 38 people.

Indonesian naval transport aircraft Since-130 Hercules crashed in city of Medan in province North Sumatra. Its air vessel go to the island Natusa with military base Medan , however failed ruin, rukhnuv on residential homes.

According to a local media, on a data, died not less 38 people. Not discarded, that the number of victims even will grow. In turn, according to AP, on board rukhnuvshego Hercules could lie 12 troops Air Force Indonesia.
On information of Indonesian television, aircraft apparatus soon after take-off collapsed on residential homes and hotel. Operatives workers hotel, Hercules exploded over building the hotels, after what over the wreckage plane collapsed on residential homes and hurt transmission lines.


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