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Black transplantology

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Or same I something missed on this site, or subject illegals organs missed. The last time both sides blame each other in that, in zone anti-terror operations work so-called black have the transplant team.
Here here is the reference on a small article on this topic as separatists try to vyvezsti orphans in trades abroad:
Quote:. " Russians emptied major Party of value raw materials - 150 orphans of Donetsk and Marinka, Ukraine managed save from illegal exportation in Russia. Although militants DNR a few days stubbornly demanded from executives local orphanages for children-orphans internationalist documents on supply of is puerile in trades abroad.
Cost remind, that this far not the first attempt to pro-Russian thugs to forge exports Ukrainian orphans from Donbas in Russia. Ukrainian foreign ministry already celebrated precisely systematic character such achievements on temporarily the occupied separatists eastern areas countries. "

In particular, many noise H. here is this news: … 84360.html
Quote: "According to account station's" Russia 24 ", Sergei Vlasenko led" with German doctor Olga Viber about bottlenecks organs in return on materially-technical ensuring, and organs supplied commander party "Donbas" Semyon Semenchenko "

Quote: "According to separatists, to" black Transplantology "proved contributed mayor developing. Under his aiding children ostensibly they were shippin '"on organs" through Odes'ka firm. "

Not know is worth to believe or same there is no, but of smoke without ceasefire not case.

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Of smoke without ceasefire there is no, but pro Mayor of developing not can say nothing bad. My friends with him crossed paths constantly on work, city realistically became to revive. Perhaps, that try to create information noise and hide a genuine get gruesome.



Perhaps, so as the creation informational chaos always was on hand those, from whom his snout up in its.



[was introduced external governance, for three fronts route appointments ministers-foreigners:

- finance (vyklyanchivanie the IMF has of dough for creditors)

- economy (razderbanivanie remnants of liquid na selski imoti)

- health (``debriefing suckers, not the escapees from regime, on organs)

Losers, either on it comes / Wu, widely provided in gives untangle and in FaceBook, thought, that came to power a normal a fascist regime and so can be survive, if actively jihadi rusofobiyu, to beat zhydov and not oppose official ab. On fact such a happiness not o 'luck meself, and the main goal regime - ``debriefing conscripts on organs in purposes meet creditors.
Because "cabinet to run the government eliminating" and personally Kvitashvili called into G on satisfaction demands creditors on 20 billion Dollars, this means plan on mop-up on organs until a half-million inhabitants the former Ukraine, healthy young cattle.

Again about essence processes on it comes / Ukraine
Here is a serious the reason permanent these murky boilers. There is no pleasantly the guilty, then again another hearth and jingles And pro cunning Putins and Russia.



Flint wrote:

Again about essence processes on it comes / Ukraine
Here is a serious the reason permanent these murky boilers.


Since technical same hand, as doctor repeatedly world under fence organs even with Soviet time, announce, that all taking organs occur on live man, not a dead Supreme Court, as report public in our Looking Glass. Sense borrow with corpse? On the corpse, with reversal blood circulation all vessels immediately trombiruyutsya and increasingly organs already not inadequate. The entire sense, that bodies should be chairman E. Tugzhanov said on tsirkuliruyuschem the blood circulation and on Different be not can. No fool not sits and not and fulfilling until sick with trauma of heads old relic dropped dead; and as only decision adopted, even live patient the pericardial a huge knife and without anesthesia, after, retroactively package sequence contrary, that, aaneaou he first died, and then [organs. Looking Glass. Correctly, this technically impossible wait until sick with craniocerebral-storming trauma of old relic dropped dead, their budo alongside kendo alive, and that there they can to experience and how deeply they without consciousness this The vultures , so on jargon call we have the transplant, not worries.



Val wrote:

Since technical same hand, as doctor repeatedly world under fence organs even with Soviet time, announce, that all taking organs occur on live man, not a dead Supreme Court, as report public in our Looking Glass. Sense borrow with corpse?

Someone said about dead bodies "Oh Grand Fludermen"?
No one and not harks back I think with corpse my so Padawan.
PS. Have us here in Donetsk in OKB Kalinina is worth Group Corps-box. Not remember moreover blatnogo Department, that began to build Transtsentr in the early 90-'s, but doctors almost all clever Jews with connections and immediately all increasingly learned. Were in of shock, that will ensue in Donetsk, but then power has been replaced, seems Scherbanya get taken out and project's stalled and all breathed. Then rumors that someone project on Mirnom - so and is worth there another lipn box - 2-oops a monument Donetsk Transplantology.



Flint wrote:

Who something said about dead bodies "Oh Grand Fludermen"?

This quotation indicates, that on procedure reinstate the donor organs are intermixed with some demands, which complicate the very procedure, "Oh Grand Vbrosmen." This still not states about compatibility.

Flint wrote:

Nobody and not harks back I think with corpse my so Padawan.

Flint wrote:

That a serious the reason permanent these murky boilers.

And as "you think", is happening procedure taking organs method organizations boilers?



In Russia with 1992 the consent on it is post-mortem the former Soviet Republic, camping on E. If not wrote statement about his our disagreement and not assured his by notary in the presence of two witnesses, means, not against become contributor. Along with these faith-based bigotry in country until now there is zayavitelnaya system on all, in camping on CHAMPION On obtaining allowances (pensions) and others. Social aid. Without statements retirement, that've made a living years to come, not start charge Your calls - requires willfulness. And here without curiously statements go off: Not wrote refusal-dont, question time and case. With 2016 levy child the former Soviet Republic, the consent remains and further: Country-Dragon, eating waffle carcasses of their citizens, not capable of more pay taxes: ((



Val wrote:

And as "you think", is happening procedure taking organs method organizations boilers?

As option can be in food soldiers into the sleeping pills. After, as withdrawn the right organs you shoot positions from cities, and other arty. As example IL-76, "crash-lands" under knowledge. Far guys realistically gone away?

Although mass fence organs this hardly. Rather across "under client" the right guys "die" from the shelling separatists, or junta.

In into the, of course, realistically Being thrown and there shot. But this may be simply cover of such a here is reinstate organs. Someone rastrelyali, untangle someone organs took - type shooting, and someone for extra,.. extra in trenches there one could... freezing their butts off.



Gave already not one times.

the former Soviet Republic not needs in organs corpses

Quote - who not likes walk on exile.

organ donors artificially fed, can be tested and if they have came halt hearts, their reanimiruyut. Them give drugs for hearts and blood circulation. People, which have death brain not yet came, but is expected, on anyone of fire give antibiotics (but not procedure will be pain free. Donors organs, so-called "timer" - warm, have them works place veschestv and cells breathe. Have them, typically, reduced temperatures, but can arise and high, and when their sawed up from chin until bottom, to take organs, have them rises davlenie, is faring emit shot of adrenaline and-rate is faster Associations. Face index,, stands out warming. I.e. increasingly what may occur have other survivors under operations. Blood even reprisal, wounds capable take to heal. Kidneys filter blood, piss reprisal and it would radiate away an, hormones work, women have even 14 reflexes, in men 17. Women can one to carry the child, men have erection.

Correct, that conditions for reinstate and use of organs there, where durnet and media transfers carnage on "black we have the transplant", not there is nor in theory, nor in practice.
Deliver body instantaneously in conditions, where can be to apply, is unthinkable.
All records "dolgokhraneniya" regrind organs - this minutes in any case.
Establishment organs in the maximum reaches 70 percent, and this under many conditions, in primarily direct of blood kinship donor and enabled recipient here. The usual figure (in equipped the center of the, under Exchequer all conditions, available equipment building in two and two dozen goals fact) - percent for 15.

Man-flesh goes on affairs, which claiming the mantle "black transplantologami" in matrix.
Potravu air-food-water, pharmacy (a grey and black sector), pischevku.

Survivors budo alongside kendo under superpowered equipment. Another donation not there is. Understandable?



Quote indicates, that on procedure reinstate the donor organs are intermixed with some demands, which complicate the very procedure, "Oh Grand Vbrosmen." This still not states about compatibility.
And as "you think", is happening procedure taking organs method organizations boilers?

Than here on Forum trolling and fleymit, Walk useful than accidentally you. Take care of, for example: Zeta, Kyiv, (essentially corpsman today - floors to wash it in manipulke), together overheard scientists talk and will you come up on level of fluderstva.

In now transplanting widely is used in popular items for production governing cadres throughs buttocks on place heads and zipper to them ear and a mustache.

For you gonna get away with this entsiklopopiya, and the would you read it to anything can die and vozomnish themselves somehow thread Spasokukotskim Ali Alfeldom. Then without the burqa at all people walk will cannot be even at night - 'd look positively radiant a a firmament.
Let's go please

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the city dweller, suddenly came to similar conclusions - "black transplantology", this another matrix at. Emerged question.
On than is based careful selection donors in terms of health? Why all stands at around groups blood?




the city dweller, suddenly came to similar conclusions - "black transplantology", this another matrix at. Emerged question.
On than is based careful selection donors in terms of health? Why all stands at around groups blood?

There is no special selection, matters a direct relatedness enabled recipient here, else - in sketched. Tsirroznuyu liver, naturally, to transplant not will, but and ship types- wet on 40 indices - this only for movies.

No one long not polices the group blood, still one dulloid for masses. In centers krovozabora can and ppo group not ask, many resent.
Individuals the first groups installation the second-fourth and camping on D. On scheme now there is only in textbooks biology, books, media, durnete. Blood share on faction, is to mostly plasma and drugs from a plasma. In emergency cases-with the first group. Lewt plasma the second and the third groups, plasma fourth groups - all consecutive.

For nedeklariruemykh goals groups at all not are important.



Could take provoked on topic


- How my hand, mastication? - suddenly topic of hero.
- It is a car afire as a cutlet soon. Had to to amputate.
- A this that? - with horror vzvizgnul Bill.
- self hand I cut off from corpse. After battlefield their was abound. Lost about forty two percent crew. Swear to, I only and did, that he was sawing down, was chopping and stitched.
The latest bandage fell on gender, and soldiers enthusiastic for-akhali.
- Kvartalnye, what plush paw!
- A ah-pay wiggle your fingers!
- Damn reasonable rates seam on a shoulder - employed, what aligned stitches.
- Ekaya she a muscular, a big-ass and a graveyard, quite not resembles on the contestant looking for the short one right.
- A black what! Here is this color so color!
- This is hand Tembo! - zashelsya in scream Bill. - take away its back!
He ran with bed, but hand lagged far for him. His force Ulozhili on, ports.
- year same wildly was lucky, you dumbass! Received such a lapischu, yes still from friend!
- He would have been happy about, if it comes learned, that she secured you!
- Now have you forever persist about him memory!
Hand indeed was Good. Bill bent its and lift a finger fingers, googly eyes on them with distrust. Brush worked normally. He was reaching and grabbed for hand one of soldiers. Have moreover zakhrusteli bones, he yelled his head off from pain and have backed away from Rhoda.
Bill closely looked on its new hand and suddenly began spew psychiatric mumbo jumbo curse in worded doctor:
- Cretino, ? ? Osteotome ? damned! Klistirnaya plug is.! Good work - this same knots hand!
- Nu, knots! And that same?
- So you same me cut off left! Now I have two the right hands!
- Listen! Left was race. I same not struck! Did for you all, that could, and you still lashing! Whether exasperated, that I you instead it pace not prishpandoril. - He viciously grinned at. - Illy something another.
- Excellent hand, Bill, - said soldiers, pounding small insect which was followed brush.
- year large fortunate. You can give honor any hand - so more no one not tickles.
- That's right, - demureness said Bill, - me this simply in head not time come. In fact fortunate.

Harry is the teacher "Bill - Hero of Galaktiki"



Here is such affairs:

After victory subliminal paid promotions translator at the State Department panic room W. Nuland .-Nudelman and Jewish oligarchs revolution dignity , people Oleh Tyahnybok-Frotmana from 24 hundreds of -defense evremaydana engaged habitual affair. They not only had been burned in demonstrations you uninstalled corpses in Kyiv s on the street oranzhereynoy. According to allegations, through hands Ukrainian black we have the transplant it has been roughly than 50 of people. Under this there is leaks about is, that the bodies of the dead proactively were dissecting , izymaya have them organs. Moreover, emerged information, that organs there seize not only have the dead, but and have even survivors people [24].

But a special scope , business we have the transplant has acquired with start a counterterrorist operation.

transformer war on Ukraine: Organs goys for ravvinov- we have the transplant

So us bringing not only on the field battlefield until dying soldiers. Us bringing bodies absolutely clean and well-groomed. With one round-mutilated. More often - in head. I thought - this most ghastly, that can to see doctor. But ahead us waited real nightmare. We have become part of line on capable to and safety mobility organs. And I was part of the entire this pekelnoy (the so in the text REM. Ed.) machines. When us brought in, Donetsk (new area), the situation became even in the. Now us have become force carry plan. Every day us provided list of, that we must find on the streets cities, which is ablaze. In this list were children and pregnant women. Those who refused fulfill plan , beaten and threatened, that they themselves will become donors.

, devour up American transplantologa, working in Odessa 2 on May
And we speculating went template: Khazaria-Novokhazariya?

Dobryi evening, Olga. Question, which we discussed in Valdkirkhe, soon should decide, with my hand environment in order. But as your customers? writes Vlasenko 22 February.

Forth from dialogue should, that Wieber serves in as a mediator, and Vlasenko organizes supply of material. gap adjustment characterized by as perishable. Moreover, supplier highlights, that preferable to channel the product parties.

This, that need, writes Wieber, 5 cor, 12 revolutions, 3 Hep, 3 pan, 1 pul.

Vlasenko replies: By. We can and more, you at all for news, are you checking up? Think about it, find the signature someone increase Party!

And such as WXD increasingly not realize why increasingly there is no victories have army, increasingly and fulfilling as Chukcha in plague dawn, and fix victory - importantly process.

26 on May Vlasenko Teplov discontent work an executive: Wu us originated problems with of last party! Time come many low-quality product, our customers unhappy with the! You all need to do operationally! Hurry it up there, because, if you not ukladyvaetes in 14 hours since taking we get only 30% from value of! And means you not will your-, don?

Semenchenko justified: I in rate, Sergei Vladimirovich. We seek, have us many losses, here is in latest you access more 20 guys lost! Wu a lawyer Tymoshenko, incidentally,, too, patronymic Vladimirovich. He requires find for enforcement invoicing new people, but Semenchenko refused: " remained little, but on this work whom --something, I questioning not can.

Moreover, in Ukrainian media regularly is published information about the problems, associated with treatment troops, media strips bare during punitive operations of ATF. Also emerged numerous messages about obezobrazhennykh bodies, found on places fighting and in zachischennykh forces of ATF populated points. 19 June, one of militias in Stanitza Luhansk told, that have many corpses, which they have after work rasstrelnykh brigades, not was domestic organs.

transformer war on Ukraine: Organs goys for ravvinov- we have the transplant Fabrica death is pursuing volumes of. Hazaras unload Ukrainian much as before meat on organs
If would not otbutsnuli under sraku dyrkina and his team, on our side was would the same opupeya.
PS. Before increasingly stuck, why on ukrotv are asked money on planes prejudice any child adapt bone marrow, kidneys and vast 100 + tys the euro in Israel. It turns out there gathered the most frozen up businessmen / surgeons world.



Flint, "our the Good, start first,.." Fors need living donor, with desirable relatively a healthy and an opportune for several parameters too. And "chornost" is that relatively laws state such a procedure is illegal. No war with any number of victims not decides problem raw materials fors (donors), can only solve the problem recipients, reducing their number of.



Val, ``Our the Good start first. Not can be because not can be never.
If you you know, me dreaming last time, that I with you agreed - there is no, question only in numbers (Gilbo believed millions, although were talk about camps for people from Donbas, increasingly could be). War, the more "war" very convenient place for curiously scoundrels. This may be nespasenie in hospital of the Ukrainian, where works a gang of, are possible history such imprisonment. The trouble only have them, that the war pleasantly not began. And parameters already in waiting lists long are worth and who suffer greatly and yearn for. All LlVER REClPIENTS and not need, for those money, that been described in articles here routing on much or you not local or. Did himself Igor to the throne? Ah then yes, who for a pittance will soil oneself. Not read Muscovites bummers.



Yes, mess under firearm training many, can be straight for the many all in water. Suppose, business have someone overcome the or debts not Otherwise, by removing creditors.
Now look at called the shots with hand medicine.
- in first a total anti-proper sanitation help, of sexually any contagion of was in elementary (and is desirable a healthy body).
- second much mortality, means "product" lose their cool and the, that can be was obtain paying couple of hiljada individual donor will simply takoe in direct sense.
- third compatibility, not always relatives suited tos (mainly, of course, from-for diseases), and here any not Partzuf who, whom contused and still until life-support.
Still there is several factors on medicine, but I not so acquired a this theme, to deepen.
Not medical side, and social - you make many noise, many are beginning take an interest in, and noise this not a soft-spoken has embraced industrialization, can thing to the surface the, that on muss to a minimum to turn could.
Economic side - that economically justified: Find caregiver donor and pay the layoff him any accuse amount or no contention war, to from thousands of can be choose almost suitable organs?
If is the recipient Bagat money, then for him will lead tens of man and he himself chooses Rouseff itself moreover, who like, and no one will offended so, to raising noise. If recipient is not very Bagat money, within bare minimum, him well be appropriate case with traffic accident on extreme case, only need wait.
Text or: So and knew, that in medvuzakh have been teaching were trailer trash, so and medicine have us such a (the kind, which-free laborers before was, and now social). Not d their to read.



Flint, in Pakistan people give organs for couple of thousands of $$. Source of - Russian, that so already in world. Need as least two unconnected. In favor of says only the absence of metal -1 and difficulties with ID the John Doe now, in the time when even Germans had jetton, and Soviet - documents or, too, incidentally? Incidentally, Apu or militias have with a documents? Yes and other on themselves and neighbors - no one you not eviscerates why something, although in zone conflict a confirmed missing let modicum 50 man - whom you are going to complain, who will seek, as however and everywhere. Those same orphanage long remained in DNR - and can and now still there is. - Why not not've gutted the? Prichine, something not porezov.

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Val, and where such a confidence, that organs go on planes or that those medical testimony, on which you are referencing realistically are obstacle, not genocidal obyasnyalkoy for bummers?

The, than today can take advantage of most, once was shadow side medicine, for elected. Now those more there is.


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