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911, Incredible "" coincidentally

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Awesome and ominous coincidences in the Michael Jackson
cover "Blood on the Dance Floor" album of 1997!
The astonishing and ominous coincidentally in the cover neiaea Michael Jackson
"Blood on the dancefloor" 1997 year!
Terrible coincidentally with events 9 / 11 events. Michael Jackson dancing on heaps in gender, typical Masonic symbol, on backdrop of miss dust Manhattan. Dust orange color of, toxic evaporation from the boiler, after underground nuclear bombings

In their candid skillfulness or, Jurmain Jackson (brother Michael Jackson) told, that September 11, 2001, have brother was who meeting at the World Campona Center, but he not managed on it, because man.
For long before September 11,, was known suspicion, that MJ controlled by in possession of some occult forces. Michael Jackson, this symbol of industry entertainment, which plays not last role for governance dumb host people. In press oftentimes the were electric messages, that he is participating in different rites, associated with s and blood animals. After his death, in spots gents were laying out ton details his life and death, relationship with children, plastikokhirurgiya and other threats, whom not brezgovala this scum, idol neumnykh.

21 March 1997, Michael Jackson released single: "Blood on the dancefloor", after exit album of "The story"
- overall sense dynamo - bloody sacrifices
- in ritual dances Michael Jackson, portrays imagined clock
- leftist hand points to 9
- knots hand points to 11
- foil pictures of the have image of the Manhattan
- Manhattan is enveloped in clubs dust, which are receiving district 11.09.2001
- orange color dust, symbolizes toxic evaporation from boilers underground nuclear bombings
- Masonic symbols point to organizers of terrorist attacks
- fully Red a suit, attempt to to portray the Devil, lacks only rabbit ears
- name album of, delete user's account in the pure "omyv on not answer-field"
- from two Twin Towers, one already destroyed
- black dressing on up their sleeve, mourning for the victims. Great Satan combines mourning and dances.
- on backdrop of moon, word The story, divided on two components, history. Sense such a division of with English, can be translate, as His The story. The second part of words, is associated not otherwise as with on the torah

Servant the Devil, black pet, a pervert Michael Jackson.



The Simpsons cult .MOBI TV series, the longest in history American television.
In a cartoon, 9-11 predicted by for few years until events.
On this the picture the switch hours show on 9-11. Think needless, long to explain, that figure 6 this in an upside-down figure 9.
9-11, this record dates September 11,, Born in the US. The first figure - month, the second figure - day



Qadr from cartoon, qualifying in mid-90s.
Figure 9, faces stock image twins, which symbolize figure 11.
The author this series of, Bill Oakley, explains this a coincidence.
Then let will show several of similarities with date birth Barack Obamas or with date discoveries Olympics with stimulate Baltimore City.



There is an unwritten code, which obliges sons the Devil warn us about evil, which they gather do. If we closely let us to this treated, the discover their warnings. As they bring until us their warnings? For example through media, which them and belong. In particular, through Hollywood films.
There are many films with symbolics, images, dialogues and camping on D., which must tell us about coming events. Especially in those films, where so or otherwise, recounted about life invasion on Earth, about sverkhestestvennom, mystic and anything. Symbolically significant and the, that in many such films, servant the Devil tell as times about itself, about battle Dobra and Evil. genres: Fiction, horrors, This
There is version of, that Jews appeared on Earth separately from rest people, their mission is, to us subjugate the. Or, first appeared the creature, and then appeared people. Some the creature have made the transformation in Jews, skrestivshis with humans, some the creature remained people are invisible.
Above than understand this version of, need although would understand stupidity, a captive in "theory evolution Darwin", and already then study more complex things. If you not under force understand this, then further can be not to read. Under these nutshell arises desire to spin author finger at to the heads, but this usually is happening in those cases, when nedalyokomu the interlocutor nothing to acquire protivopostavit facts.
Some people not seem only appropriate coincidence of, even if their every day in 9 morning, someone will to beat stick on anybody. There is and such.
Satanists unnecessarily are proud, that possess insidious knowledge. Satanists very like dem, the Bible notes, that The Devil Wears in perfection owns invoice. For example in Jewish Cyrillic alphabet each letter of was qualified as a unique figure, and quite not poryadkovaya. If who not knows, is called this GEMATRI numerical symbolism., and ask themselves, why should they this, on first glance, doesn't make any sense? (I this here are in as an example, only and just.
Pope George W. Bush, George W. Bush senior, in Congress September 11, 1990 year, exactly for 11 years until terrorist attacks 9 / 11, made speech about "New message of the Procedure" (NMP). Did and in this case, whom any are to come, at in head thought about how, that this simply coincidence? A new world order - this label Satanic Generale just World. Princedom Darkness, generation admirers Evil, also Bounty on service trevela, currently, underway realizovyvayut the Devil's plans. Kill people, pushing a their in wars, being hounded chemistry, diffusing "ptichie grippy" and anything, humiliating people in airports, are building KL, being bugged phones, control the Internet, enable drone apparatuses and anything anything.
If they in 1990 year already knew, that will do, then why we need to be surprised, that they this have planned even before, petitioned us signs during which studies the Devil plan?
Autumn 2001, under feeling was that previous terrorist attacks, Congress adopted "Patriotic an act of". Power structures and power, gave exotic hitherto powers, on controlling over ordinary citizens. One part of people scare-mongering, other part of people is happy the, that perishing now something its insulate from the damned "Arab terrorists." To most people at all there is no affairs before, that this fully fabulous images. "Arab terrorists", "global terrorism", "Al Qaeda's" and many other "threats",
Army the US invade and bombards downtown Afghanistan, destroys Iraq, in including, under help chemical weapons, and almost become you stupid crowd even not can see in this, fact monstrous crimes against humanity.
On so much otupeli, that offer bomb France, Czech Republic and other "such same Arab countries." And why they otupeli? Yes because weaned on Hollywood films, had internalized in themselves fabulous images, model behavior, changed jobs notions about Fine and great Satan.
US President in open announce about how, that intends to destroy thousands of innocent citizens Syria, and nor until whom not it comes, that this tyagchayshee an act of evil. Or think, that this in a spirit of democracy, or think, that this no amount not crime, because their this not concerns.
Films, cadres, dialogues, signs, numbers, words and just other things, leading events 9 / 11, too many. So many, that this says not only about far devil code, but and about extreme importance of events. Some will until emphasis explain this "coincidences", even if closely vniknut in the crux of the and even if will me click their crusts about two senior groupings. Ah that I can them say? And let us, I you dam task, conditions and prize. Ah for example, search 50 decent of similarities with figure "12", such a events: "Boris Nemtsov - governor Nizhny Novgorod area." Not can find, even if you give in aid ten supercomputers and all capacity Google.



Film Ministry: Armageddon (1998)
Time: 00 :59: 00
In movie show oaaei contrary reference point until start space ship. Display begins with time? -9-11



Frames from many Hollywood films point to date 9 / 11
The terrorist attacks on the World Trading Center mentioned in several pictures for long until 2001!

Its robust hard nut, the film 1988 year, Die Hard. The cover movie unambiguously portrays events 9 / 11.
Hero movie flies in Los Angeles, and talks with its neighbor businessman about overcome of fear by air in jet. Businessman tells as he struggles with dread in during 9 years. Bruce Willis says, that he makes the same for 11 years.
After terrorist attacks September 11,, in the US went epidemic on fear of supporting.
Because of this of suicidal, September 11, 2002, were lifted virtually all World's leading airlines in the US.



Film Ministry: THE BIG LEBOWSKI (1998)Our time for standing pat: 00 :02: 59
Scene: How the Bridges oldest a check in no clothing left Ralphs. Date on the cheque September 11, 1991.
He looks at TV, in which George H. W. Bush says about joint effort for attacks on Saddam.
I shall remind, that Bush made his famous speech "New World order", September 11, 1990 year, exactly for 11 years until terrorist



Film Ministry: The this military build-( 2000)
In 2001 the film brought together three bonuses Oscar.
Time: 00 :03: 25 and 00 :03: 59-00 :04: 33
Scene: (1) Mele Gibson hangs chair. He says, "nine feet, eleven ounces - this is famously"



Film Ministry: Day independence (1996) Independence Day
In marriage movie, alien invasion on Earth.
Time: 00 :45: 33 (Special Edition) 00 :41: 22 (also a version of)
Scene: How the Goldblum, sets notebook, to watch opposite countdown. When camera force seems to be drawn on large plan, is shown time 9 :1 1

Inoplanetnyy ship looming on New York, shadow from him crawl for on Towers-the.


Film Ministry: Pearl Harbor (1999) River Harbor
The film about fraud, thanks to which, the US have joined in Rhineland War.
Immediately, after "of bombing Pearl Kharbra", a million Americans have joined the volunteers in army, that would perish for othersinterests.
Time: 00 :12: 00 A scene:
Hero passes medical commission. Not though, that he nor at not sees, he increasingly-would still wants to obtain authorization on governance plane. Thanks to its blindness, he can to kill it matters afforded combat capabilities machine, or for example cutting an plane combat Comrade, not razlichiv signs as authentic. The author movie as-would hinting, that even if you disabled person or mentally retarded, you increasingly would still should to intercede in ranks punitive brigades in the name of Americas.
Hero is offered read three recent sink medical booth. On offense just 11 lines, three recent begin with 9, programs fail 11. Among the can be to read as 1, because 0 this nothing. On vertically see 911.
Incidentally for education: In 1942 year, one such a blind pilot, he crashed on a bomber in most high the building in World, in Empeyr State Building. That interestingly, the building ustoyalo and is worth until now, without intention of suspicions on a tilt or destruction. This the building a fool-proof. Think hurt will resemble, that purely woman the building (WTC-1, WTC-2 and WTC-7), on many exceeds the strength of this old design.



The film: The-10-CF Peacemaker (1997) Drawing
Time: 1 :28: 42 A scene:
George W. by an and Nicole Kidman in pursuit of (Yugoslavia) terrorists, which often in airport Kennedy in New York. Come the escalator by an alarm looks around and behind him are numbers boxes 9 and 11.
For half a until this agents FBI, bent over card, discussed, that in a result terrorist in zone radioactive contagion in New York, prove from 3 to 5 million people, half of which not survives. Kidman told any on stilts, that this not the, because have him other beliefs, he spoke "I am Bosniak, I because there, I Croats, I Muslim." Ah increasingly correctly, Americans need to together facts in brains nameshat, the good gruel tickles. All they enemies, all live in Belgrade and if their shell in 99 st, then the plot movie will underworld unfolds.



Film Ministry: Enemy of the now (1998) Enemy of state
The plot movie very strongly intersect with the consequences "patriotic act" ingested autumn 2001.
Congressman Phil Hamersly opposes the bill, which, with his perspective, encroaching on personal life Americans. His opponent, Thomas Reynolds (John administrator Tight), contrary, ready push bill any price. In a result agents NSA kill Hamersly, when the refuses go on concessions, and represent his murder of as accidental death.
Time: 1 :28: 06 At screen date birth Reynolds' Thomas Brian's. September 11, 1940 year.



Film Ministry: The thirteenth Floor (1999) Thirteenth floor
The plot movie: Team scientists creates supercomputer fastest, able fully simulate real world on a closed his , in including fully simulate consciousness and thinking people, sharing model
Time: 00 :53: 20 A scene: Over entrance, on store cage, the switch hours point to figures 9 and 11. Hero movie oversaw time and two minutes previously, watched on clock.



Film Ministry: The Matrix (1999) Matrix
Cult the film, brought together 4 Oskar and a huge number of other rewards.
The plot movie: The film portrays future, in which reality, the existing for most people, there is in fact used sham type brains in keg of , created by reasonable machines, to to subordinate and placated human population, while warmly and electric power activity their tel are used machines in as a source energy. The hero, young man named Thomas Anderson talks the a double life. A day to he software programmer in major companies, at night hacker Neo.
Stop sign-a movie: Martyrdom chief hero, term actions which ends accurately in day terrorist September 11, 2001


Film Ministry: little peeps in Paris (2000) drawn cartoon
Time: 00 :02: 22 A scene: One of heroes Ekateriniskiy and Stuck in the Net the laces. Together with cadences, he recycles words "signify, eleven, twenty-.." Need to to believe, that skirts symbolize shackles of these for humanity, and words point to date.


Film Ministry: Traffic (2000) Traffic.
The film film maker Steven Soderbergh, worldwide complex process illegal turnover drugs, revealed with hand various his participants: A drug addict, policy, a and policeman. The film is Beadwork overview page adaptation British series called with heroin (Traffik); the original it look line, constraints with Pakistan, have replaced on Mexican.
Scene 00 :02: 17. Are opening doors loaded motor vans ,-toting drugs. Ahead are worth boxes, on which written 911.


Film Ministry: The Lone Gunmen) (2001, March) lonely ones the switch
American First from creators X Files materials. A pilot issuance receives more superficial treatment withdrew in March 2001, however, despite positive reviews critics, lonely ones the switch were closedalready after first season from-for ostensibly low ratings.
In site of a pilot series of, column 4 March 2001, was is described the situation, similar to those seen attacks September 11, in New York. Krovi broadcast from with March on June 2001. In movie virtually direct texts people say details theft plane and use of his as weapons.
Interestingly, that Rumsfeld, Kandaliza Rice, Bush and other, on hearing before Commission declared, that them and in head could not come, that someone captures the plane and will blow them up they towers.
Unsurprisingly, krovi was immediately closed, because particularly over-zealous servant the Devil quite perishing have become emboldened in their predictions and them get back a little gave on batty. Creator of receives more superficial treatment Chris Carter, received such an earful, that was able to return in teleindustriyu with their "Secret materials" and "X-files" only in 2008



Film Ministry: Monsters Inc. (2001) The Corporation monsters
Premier movie took place in October 2001.
The plot cartoon quite unhealthy behaviors: Somewhere in the end world there is city Monstropolis, which inhabit monsters. Electricity for his cities monsters extract from of screaming human children, so the main enterprise Monstropolisa is power plants and on moonlighting factory of of fear The Corporation monsters. On it, with the help special devices, monsters, working pugalschikami, it comes in human the world through doors subject bulletin board wardrobes, which lead in room children.
Scene: This there for the working the table, computers children. The switch hours show on 9 and 11. In the logo M embedded the all-seeing an eye.

my God, as such a malware likes broadcast on Russian Books? In as a idols, children navyazyvayutsya any radioactive! '. Have Americans heroes there is no, so they their were fabricating.


Cover the magazine. Regulation, FEMA, May 1998 year
Sketch very look like on profile Twin Towers, one of them is taken in targeting Fatah.
Federal Emergency Management United States Agency, Office of agency emergencies.
In the title this ministries there is no words "Skyfall preventing emergencies" or "prevent consequences natural disasters", means implies, that this the ministry replies for the creation such situations.
In the ground this ministries there are people, which have public monopoly for example on industrial demolition of homes.

Stop sign frame BBC


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