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Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine II third party

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In Internet and press virtually immediately appeared lists dead with at work listing names, surnames, photographs, living stories. But key oddity virtually there is no stories and photographs relatives victims catastrophe. I found photo just of four relatives, with that dead 298 people. On the idea of, in this case must attend crowd relatives, but its there is no. Holland officially announced mourning, but huge crowds relatives not in sight nor in Malaysia, nor in Holland.

If relatives not, the means people fabulous. If Holland and Malaysia disappears, then whose corpses broke up the in field to south only?

Malware detection corpses on board proves the availability of deliberate have-plus contracting provocations

Andrei Polunin., corpses discovered not on board, and In s a big.


42 … boing.html

A. Venediktov:. But remains question, if not Ukrainian troops, then who? And this no one never learns on fact.

O. Bychkova: Why no one never learns?

A. Venediktov: This no one never learns. All understandable, that jet shot down, - this resolution Security Council, for which voted Russia, - likely, he shot down with land, because a trace missiles Air-air , even if there flew SU, - as say Russian officers IDF Chief, - there there is no air footprints, no one shows, that there was heat footprint,even if there flew SU three kilometers below. This times.

She came with territory, which not controlled by to all. To speak, that she controlled by village militias, ludicrous, - this guerrilla war, where there is no lines Front, where move military technique and weaponry. I.e., accurately always we will insist, that this is not we and not militias, and accurately always Western partners will insist, that this militias. Prove this impossible, - prove, that from this point, in this moment, control was here is these. Because through 100 meters, through 500, through kilometers - control was the other. Here is and the whole story.

Logic, yes. :)
With plane same tiny racquet not ran, because there is no air footprints, and with land missile ran, because as't sp nor air nor visual a trace.
(Heat footprint this reactive stream from engine missiles.



Group international experts will continue work on search skeletons and personal things victims catastrophe plane Boeing worth roughly $Malayziyskikh regional commuter market on the east Ukraine after, as this will allow environment. About this declared the head of the foreign ministry the Netherlands France Timmermans.

22 days passed. Most time start promise that work on search ??? continues



Dmitry" wrote:

If relatives not, the means people fabulous. If Holland and Malaysia disappears, then whose corpses broke up the in field to south only?

Andrei Polunin., corpses discovered not on board, and In s a big.

This corpses variables, part of with war, part of with the morgue somewhere, part of with inhumane, part of with rossii, part of with BULA. Team selyanka. That found, willing ness gents were laying out. Think predominantly those killed from of ATF and victims avtokatastrof.
These can be explain such shock the pre-mortems uvechiya.

So as almost 300 corpses muster in normal staff the, and without imposed spetskoservantov (to bodies not decomposed in s), little, then and found corpses. All that typically recognized on avtokatastrofam find - little!.

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Got a girl's knot pictures on yet boinga.
Are looking, pleased rzhite)).
Simply the.






Still (but this on all lines - makes a photomontage)
But good for a laugh can be - judging by this picture the chassis growth with 3-'s storeyed house))





More just thermal fluid this This picture wasn

As see there is at least got a body kit on turbines. With one of engines.
In the of the from Left (slightly below the mid-) - should be with mucus-2 ton.
And diameter of.! Will popularity bring
Look and department

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Andrey GREEN wrote:

More just thermal fluid this This picture wasn

Me this likes, eye not distract the-virginal net disk the chassis in such defense fire. Miracle, miracle do happened and happens on Ukraine)

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Here is found.
Is photo correspondent services news RTL News Berlin Jeroen Akkermans made about polutysyachi pictures alleged fragments that Boeing-worth roughly $ Airlines Flight MH-17. Propose a these take pictures (some ingenious the size of the 4608kh2592) to your attention on page author:
1. 125 photo
2.49 photo
Ssylk3. 121 photo
4. 87 photo
5. 90 photo
6. 15 photo



gav wrote:

I dont this likes, eye not distract the-virginal net disk chassis in such defense fire. Miracle, miracle do happened and happens on Ukraine)

Edited gav (Today 13 :36: 32)

People, ktonit will find from what make and composition tires for aviation?. Disquieting more another - no how about there umbilical there is no??. Was incinerated by?. Aluminum - will tell Viktor, but we the know - so not case))



And here is and reaffirming my version of pro corpses with the morgue and crematorium! … 87009.html

On anyone case here'll be in a minute tekstovku'll post an

Shock! Ukrainian refugees, that viewed leftovers from the passengers that crashed 'on a Boeing , tell their version of collapse plane. There were corpses, already pumped-up the formalin! AUDIO section

06.08.2014 20 :0 0

Ukrainian refugees that are now in Kurgansk area, promotes its an astounding version of plane, recognize in the sky over HC Donbass Donetsk. As told URA.Ru Yevhen Kabantseva, the leader in Kurgan from Shakhterska, she personally was on place tragedy we. We were there, wanted put an toys, flowers, people the simply, because such a tragedy. And when I this saw, told, that this abnormally. I immediately told: S beaches were among This is a setup . Is obtained, crew real, and corpses longstanding, not only sat across people. Because they on the sidewall the formalin, and the bodies yellowy-violet, as jellied chicken, drained of blood, on them even blood there is no. When they fell, hands-its feet crunk, unnatural any , tells woman.

Forth on exiled read


Site will have discovered not have all. Russian operators his block.

Neispovedimy path your, Boeings.

Frederick William F. William Engdahl (Frederick William Engdahl) prominent American economist, an independent journalist, writer and political scientist, the author series of known books and research, a participant project Postglobalizatsiya , widely known their appearances on pages newspapers. In fresh issue of the weekly Completely Classified he published article, person to the was being subtle about it demise in the sky Ukraine Airlines Flight Malayziyskikh regional commuter market MN 17. The main version of Engdalya disaster 'on a Boeing in the sky Ukraine is operation CIA-flag. Propose the full text articles your attention.

Mir saw such performances and before. We saw this operation-flag during Vietnam War in incident in of Tonkin gave Gulf. We saw this in mock CIA and Saudi Arabia conflict with gas been exposed to sarin in 2013. We saw this and in case with out to be falsified data about intentions to purchase uranium raw materials in Nigeria, which were used for moreover, to force Congress the US approve military actions against Iraq and regime Saddam Hussein in 2003, when so-called weapons mass destruction so and not was found. Now the world again looks this spectacle desperate attempts State Department the US and representatives CIA accuse Russia and its President Putin in ostensibly providing facing separatist to insurgents in eastern Ukraine high-technology Russian zenithal missile-, which ostensibly were used the latest for moreover, to whip jet Malayziyskikh regional commuter market. According to charges US Secretary of State John Kerry, which he raised 20 July in five) political talk show, President Russia Vladimir Putin de facto is guilty in demise passengers downed boinga. On question about evidence he proudly refers on social networks Is more not on that refer, Mr. Kerry?

Questions, remaining without answers

One of the most conscience-shocking moments in coverage catastrophe Airlines Flight MN17 Western media is an absolute the absence of serious, careful journalistic investigations. Instead of act with marginal pursued prudently and not to rush with reviews situation, which easily could escalate into a new cold war, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and most media the EU, including German media, simply cite representatives eeaaneiai governments and even post-fascists, as if they are with trustworthy sources. And meanwhile they should have start coverage this tragedy with several important issues, remaining without answers. The main question: Why Kyiv service governance air movement, an in composition level Ukrainian ministries, has asked this will also MN17 deviate from scheduled route, which behaved in bypassing zone military action in eastern Ukraine? According to the first sheets of, crawler all civil planes in regime real time, in Thursday 17 July flight MN17 Malayziyskikh regional commuter market , vypolnyavshiysya crew we worth roughly $and to Kenton never made it. from Amsterdam airport Schiphol in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), significantly but most damagingly on perform well and trajectory by air from route all other commercial flights, which after starters civil war on the east Ukraine in April this year eagles flew district conflict in southern direction.

Other key issues that must were be asked above, than to blame someone, and that were fully ignorirovany Ukraines government in Kyiv, the Obama administration in Washington and majority Western media, are the next: Why pilot committed flight in closed airspace? What instructions, if, indeed had place, were given Kiev governance air traffic pilot of for minute until tragic explosion? Curiously, that after the first the publication data FlightAware, site suddenly changed their version of trajectory by air Airlines Flight MN17. Had been vested whether on them pressure with requirement change data? If yes, then whom? NATO? Washington? It is difficult to imagine, that this could be pressure with hand insulated Russia.

Source: Screenshots with site, compiled Vagelisom Karmirosom, sopostavivshim all recent trajectory by air Airlines Flight MN17, otslezhivavshiesya FlightAware, which show, that then as all ten past paths acceleration on a safe distance south of Donetsk area and crossed zone over Azov sea, only 17 July tragic flight MN17 anodyne directly over Donetsk

Kyiv a forged video hard facts evidence

Most arguments, when the Obama administration about who bears responsibility for a downed flight MN17, is based on citation official representatives eeaaneiai governments. Later only a few hours after, as jet was shot down, service Ukrainian intelligence published, as she calls, proof of moreover, that flight MN17 was shot down separatists, trained Russians, on direct orders from Russia. This was video efficiently 2 :2 3 minutes, musicians on YouTube. Service security Ukraine projected to the ostensibly record talk, first between prorossiyskim separatistom and his coordinator to Basilisk Geraninym, which, as said, is Col. the Chief 15 governance General Staff of the Armed forces Russian Federation. They spoke of, that was shot down a jet. No rulings on the, was this civilian or military jet, no. ???? speech could go and about Ukrainian Su-25, a downed village militias several hours previously. Moreover, on video on YouTube impossible prove, that this near not was in advance recorded actors in studio on urging of of Kyiv or CIA for moreover, to boost credibility p.m. Kyiv government, lgavshemu virtually about everything ranging with the most first day coming to power.

All mention of the inescapable this fully disappeared from media, when degeneracy specialists-researchers information technology discovered time and date location of a video on YouTube, according to which video was footers are placed in network 16 July 2014 in 19 :1 0 on p.m. Kyiv time, i.e. for day before collapse Airlines Flight MN17. Check back back in Langley for drawing chessboard, boys! Here is you and credibility p.m. Kyiv government!

Its simultaneous exercises

Now we we pass to review very interesting things coincidentally. So same, as this was in case terrorist attacks on the World trade center in September 2001, or in case so-called Boston bombistov, or many other attacks terror, literally for a few days and immediately after catastrophe Airlines Flight MN17 were held appropriate Ukrainian-natovskie military exercises. According to, coup former by the employee NSA in Washington Wayne Madsen (Wayne told), NATO and Ukraine implemented desyatidnevnye joint military exercises under a code entitled Sea breeze , which include use Radio engineering and electronic funds struggle and aircraft Kashcheyev intelligence, such Boeings EA-18G Glowler and Boeings E3 the Sentry , system-developed detection air goals and Command themes.

According to Madsen, in exercises Sea breeze hosted participation missile cruiser the 70,000 Vella Gulf, equipped with Fighting information-which controls system Command missiles Aegis. From Black sea cruiser Vella Gulf could track flight Airlines Flight MN17 Malayziyskikh regional commuter market over the Black sea, as and any missiles, issued by on polyglots. Moreover, jet e-intelligence (ELINT) system-developed detection air goals and Command themes also was in the sky over region Black sea in moment failure Airlines Flight MN17 over Ukraine. Jet Glowler capable create Crackles in radar systems any funds destruction class land-air. Exercises NATO dilemmas with the collapse of Airlines Flight MN17, Western 17 July just in 40 kilometers from borders with Russia. cruise ships and jet NATO waged full radiolokatsionnoe and electronic surveillance of Donetsk and Luhansk areas. The actual question consists and in is, why the US government not unveiled precise data track by air Airlines Flight MN17 17 July with the indication, when he specifically flew and where he was shot down? Perhaps, it fears disclose available have him information, so as she can by the Boomerang hitting the D.C. field fire-makers of war?

Agencies the US not only have satellite data about flight MN17, have them also there is accurate take pictures likely anti-aircraft installations, from which was launched so far rocket, that hit jet. And on snapshots clearly are visible soldiers, dressed in Ukrainian fatigues. According to hotel's rewards former journalist Newsweek Robert Perry (will Perry), one of sources, predostavlyavshikh him an exact information in such issues in the past, told, that American intelligence agencies indeed possess detalizirovannymi ago images likely anti-aircraft batteries, launched fateful missile, but the this, seems, has been under control Ukrainian government troops, dressed in Ukrainian fatigues. Explains whether this, why until today days the Obama administration not projected to the detailed evidence in support their assertions, that the lethal rocket was launched so far Ukrainian insurgents, US Moscow ?

State Department the US changes scenario

, 17, , , , - ѻ- (Victoria Nuland), - (Dick Cheney) , (Robert Kagan) , 2000 , 11 2001-.

Deputy chief press services State Department, former press secretary CIA Marie Kharf (Marie harf) on briefing in Washington 21 July firmly under grad extremely insistent and acrimonious issues several journalists about moreover, why Hua have Secretary of State John Kerry and American governments hard facts evidence involvement Russia and insurgents to crash Airlines Flight MN17, they refuse to reveal these data, as this was done in other cases, for example, during Caribbean crisis 1962. The forced defend oneself and edgy such issues, Kharf objected that, referring on statements Kerry, made 20 July, that on our estimates, rocket was launched so far from installations SA-11 with territory, supervised US Russia separatists. But, that surprisingly, that same it was asserted as proof of, which demanded journalists? Kharf answered the next: We know we saw this subsequently in social networks, photos pro-Russian separatists, which bragging about, that brought down jet Please forgiveness, Westerners and Messrs., for his amazement: Telling the photos? This something rebuilt! Across semblance, sensing growing the need to imagine modicum any evidence on next day, 22 July, CNN a dedicated Margalit interests State Department the US published satellite images. Finally!

On this graphical portray the, which could do any newcomer in editor, there is no real or although would like on real evidence in any an independent investigation UN. As with every an hour has escalated pressure on American administration with those, to to publish take pictures aerofotorazvedki, all more grew strongly seem, that evidence , provided ago images CIA, on fact showed not pro-Russian insurgents, the shooters from anti-aircraft installations Dr.-Ing. in eastern Ukraine, but rather soldiers, dressed in Ukrainian fatigues, on than insisted source of intelligence-gathering information Perry. On least the publication Russian government and military intelligence own data, likely, some brilliant minds in the Obama administration, likely, from State Department and CIA and, judging by around the, not without aid a public longing for a war adviser President the US on issues national security Susan Rice (Susan pays), in 17 :5 7 on Washington time 22 July conducted closed assembled with anonymous senior public officials, the US. On his the results of high-ranking representative American intelligence declared journalists, that, although Russians supplied weapons's separatists, have the US there is no direct evidence, that fixation, from which brought down civilian jet, was delivered from Russia.

Representatives American intelligence recognized, that they not know, who released missile, and also participated whether Russian personnel under launch missiles. They not confident, that those who fashioned an launch missiles, passed training in Russia. , , : , , , , , , , , , , , . For example, they referred to video missile its start-up installations with is completed missile in, ostensibly peresekavshey Russian border after launch. However later, under poll, officials do, that they still not verify, that video is credible.

The last causes special eyebrows, because this means, that sensationally Barack Obamas 21 July on national television with exilesabout how, that jet Malayziyskikh regional commuter market was shot down over territory, supervised pro-Russian separatists on Ukraine and that Russia educated nuclear separatists and granted them military riot gear and weapons, including so one installations , was based on untrusted data. And incidentally, because of this speech the whole world became on one a giant step closer to the early Cold War with Russia, which easily could escalate into war hot. Later day one thing very top face in administration the US decided substantially weaken confrontation.

Published CNN photograph American government satellite snapshot, on which shown, as and where prorossiyskie separatists brought down flight MN17 in the sky Ukraine

Personal army bill: Who shot down flight MN17?

All of this causes counter question who then shot down MN17? And here is here is beginning to days and becomes truly dangerously. Specifically the district, where was launched so far fateful rocket, that hit MN17, on fact not controlled by pro-Russian separatists and is under control neo-Nazi private by army, organized and armed Ukraines the billionaire, oligarch price Igor Kolomoyskim. Our Ukraine is proxy reconnaissance services the US and Israel. He has dual citizenship Ukraine and Israels and runs its business empire from Switzerland, not from of Kyiv. Incidentally, an interesting fact: Son Biden Hunter Biden again appointed by director of Ukrainian gazoneftyanoy companies Burisma Holdings Ltd., Corporation Igor by majestic.

For recent months our Ukraine created its own taking mercenary army, with on weapons so one installations Dr.-Ing. , from no was ostensibly hit by Malay airliner. Interestingly, that our Ukraine not times threatened terrorist attacks against speakers officials in eastern Ukraine, in including ordering killings. Our Ukraine, which, estimates that, is the second richest man Ukraine, also has close ties in leadership eeaaneiai international airport Borispol, where, according to statements, troops Ministry of Interior Ukraine ranked programmed command-dispatch point shortly before, when was shot down flight MN17. Was whether this capture programmed command-operation points eeaaneiai airport directly before the collapse of Airlines Flight MN17 carried troops Ministry of Interior under the leadership and on orders a new Minister Interior Ukraine Arsen Avakov human, previously razyskivavshegosya concerned for fraud, and the staunch ally former Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko and the hater Russia Igor bill? Arsen Avakov (politician) the first called insurgents on the east Ukraine terrorists labeled, which, presumably, allows to commit any atrocities against lest an innocent civilian population, like Israel in Gaza today.

In personal conversation, chief newly-bureau magazine and Al Today Jeffrey Silverman (Jeffrey Silverman) pointed out on possible's involvement companies the satellite ties Inmarsat to catastrophe MN17. In competencies companies Inmarsat, among basic customers which itemized the Pentagon and the US government, today includes most international systems ties governance air movement. In case with the disappearance of the another plane Malayziyskikh regional commuter market , MN370, Islamic place previously, according to Silvermanu, the link with flight was lost because, that Inmarsat 16 their system, and until today days she refuses provide the available she has data. In one interview immediately after collapse MN17 source of, about which known only, that this Spaniard named Carlos, told ETN, utilises online service news, that, on his own estimates and based on military sources in Kyiv, for result TRACECA despite are worth Ukrainian military. He declared, that data radar in Kyiv were confiscated immediately same after, as became known, that shot down civilian jet, and all foreign collaborators dispatching services air traffic in Kyiv were immediately fired. Carlos also reported, that the same the most flight MN17 have accompanied two Ukrainian jets fighter pilot for 3 minutes before moment, as airliner has vanished with screens radar. We can more never hear no data from Carlos, because immediately after the publication his the report in Web he has vanished, his accounts in social networks were destroyed and, seems, no one knows about his whereabouts.

On Ukraine treks obsessive rumors about deep dysfunctional families has gained currency between disastrous crushing defeat on election Yulia Tymoshenko and chocolate cakes king Pyotr injured, whose business empire largely depends on economic ties with Russia. Our Ukraine, Jew on nationality and, presumably, simpatiziruyuschiy Israel or at least with Israeli citizenship, supports tactics neo-Nazi attacks, more imitating tactics SS, Hitler or Nazi Gestapo. Forces bill possess modern weapons received from Ukrainian military arsenals and bought on black market. And reportedly according, they have inter-missile complex Dr.-Ing..

Forces bill consist from troops regular Ukrainian army, neo-Nazi groups from western Ukraine, foreign mercenaries, in including from Georgia, Romania, extreme racists from Sweden and Germany and former commandos Army Defense Israel. They are organized in four battalion: Azov , airport to , Donbas and battalion Dnepr river-1 (or Dnipro-1 & # estate Uniform Echo Zulu 8243 ;) numbers 2 thousand Man, on which lies responsibility for arson buildings House unions in Odessa 2 on May, leading to demise people, and conflagration in building urban governance MVD in Mariupol 9 on May, in which people were eager buried. Battalion Dnepr river-1 for around also 20 thousand Reserves. The backbone of Army bill comprise forces in-style the Nazi korichnevorubashechnikov , sostoyaschie from fervent supporters bill who applied firearms, iron depends and Batons to commandeer control of factories and line up office space on Ukraine, ekspropriirovannymi Kolomoyskim have so-called supporters separatists. And reportedly data, Georgians in the composition of the army bill are trained manage black market OEZ Dr.-Ing. , which previous Ukrainian government Viktor Yanukovych have sold an togdashnemu give President Georgia, stavlenniku the United States Mikhail Saakashvili. According to be asking Madsen, our Ukraine now enjoys consultant-based services former President Saakashvili in Dnepropetrovsk in its military and political campaign against ??? Donets'ka and Luhansk popular republics. If bandits, behind Kolomoyskim, indeed own to catastrophe MN17, this DC would, why the neo-conservative and Israeli lobby in Washington and in world, especially in media, so fiercely point out in side from bill, on Russian President Putins. Across semblance, our Ukraine has an indirect access to tertiary circles of power Ministry of Defense, NATO and 15 departments the US. Needs start serious investigation in respect bill and created by them international networks. But on this stage clear, that attempt to accuse Russia and Putins in the crash Airlines Flight MN17 has failed. However utterly obviously, that such a attempt to not was of last.




That found.
Is photo correspondent services news RTL News Berlin Jeroen Akkermans made about polutysyachi pictures alleged fragments that Boeing-worth roughly $ Airlines Flight MH-17.

Better so write, so solidney: Jeroen Akkermans made one the twentieth from ten thousands of. You only imagine, from ten thousands of, he even 4000m2 as well as're sweating until photographed, but say virtually all his photo nor about fix.

Such mentally backward photographers as Jeroen Akkermans even find need to.
He not was able photograph nor engines nor chassis, therefore - ITS 4 through being asked. Him simply the ones who dropped derzhitsya, counting that much to be decommissioned not his inferiority.

Was in the resistance - the best master flower still lifes, or "who missed this establishment in of villages in Donetsk Oblast area?"
Said whether who him, that happened there, far his brought?)

Four in their ball caps and nor one we - the official style van Akkermansa



Andrey GREEN wrote:

"the, ktonit will find from what make and composition tires for aviation?. Disquieting more another - no how about there umbilical there is no??. Was incinerated by?. Aluminum - will tell Viktor, but we the know - so not case))

Chorde there if and there is, then he oblegchyonnyy. But likely his there and there is no, because not forget, this not Zhiguli, this the most advanced technology … onnyh-shin



Dmitry" wrote:

because not forget, this not Zhiguli, this the most advanced technology

Technology combustion wheel without soot and temperature impact / traces combustion? Technology razbortirovatsya TO strike, during the fall of the, camping on E- in the air?

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This not Boeings Airlines Flight MN 17
Over the wreckage'on a Boeing worth roughly $on Donbas represent for gaining small fragments, received by after carving corps aircraft for his disposal. Character the wreckage of the and traces cutting tools tool lead to conclusion, that in as a worker tool enforced hydraulic shears. Because it is difficult suggest, that the flight attendant's Airlines Flight MN 17 in the air used to clean the dead gidronozhnitsami its jet on parts of, then automatically drawn to the conclusion, that in Donbas lie over the wreckage not Airlines Flight MN-17


Back to the tragedy with Malaysian special Boeing worth roughly $as would letevshim flight MN 17 of Amsterdam, imbabers with classifications people, that will keep his the fate of.
1. Overwhelming part of not knows and not understands sense no details incident. This part of is like a faithful in temple, these people sacred believe official to individuals and media: Believe in the, that this Boeings shot down missile in militias or Russia.

2. The most advanced or nebespristrastnye believe with choices as shot down missile in Ukrainian ADIZ or cannon plane Ukraine. But shot down!

3. Those who so the whyfors closing for all in the details and in their sense, worse. They pass stages of, on first of which find, that over the wreckage at all not belong this will also MN 17. Already here arises many options, which I not d concern.

4. Further accumulation of reliable facts, finally, ends the withdrawal, that over HC Donbass Donetsk at all no one was knocking no civilian jet.

This version of respectively Crosses in still two: In my, according to which over the wreckage and the bodies fall electric vehicle-plane-, and version of, on which over the wreckage Head militias. Incidentally, the second version of well cogent ground glass facts photo and videomaterialami and technical data, I these facts'm using and for its version of. But transformation into a not expedited weapons hide the sky over head romantics-militias in keep an zhidomasonov ,-wielding in all sword world, say, with the air in Amsterdam or nations in Malaysia, seems me redundant bold.

However, as only researchers come to thought, that flight MN 17 not died in Donbas, before them comes nerazreshimyy question for what perpetrators requiring such enormous jet (and even two, if given Boeings, the missing in Indian 8 March)? If would vanished one machine, then can be was would suggest, that perpetrators need was not himself jet, and man on board, with an important information. Say, numbers accounts and passwords access to him. But considered, that such people were immediately on two flights one and the same airlines??

Account for postpone himself question until ?????? actual fate two Boeing worth roughly $companies 17 for. And now to address those, than there is opportunity to address, utochneniem facts moreover, that jet Airlines Flight MN 17 not was hit by.

And in this article I shall engage question, crumbled whether jet in the air or his disaster on Donbas symitirovana?

After all accessories to criminals argue that times in fragments shpangouty and the tent precisely users, and there is no neat ?ac?acia , then jet crumbled in the air. But who you said, that under disposal aircraft on earth make neat slits? Only new will come in head 100-200 tons future scrap-metal cut bolgarkoy or be removed with a hacksaw in metals, yes still and under line of.

Yes, over the wreckage on Donbas mostly lie several compact groups, in which single fragments rarely exceed even in length 3-4 Dam. ????, mostly this parts of supporting structure plane with beat priklepannymi to frame sheets cladding. Their size these are, that speech need to wage not about chauffeur-jet, but about razdroblennom jet.

So will discuss here is this smashing plane in the air from any something causes on small the pieces perhaps whether such?

Reasons collapse
Construction fighter pilot or pikiruyuschego a bomber envisages for these aircraft very big burden on wings and the fuselage under pikirovaniyakh and steep 1x03, and, respectively, these planes gather from failed and sheets invariably big sections (and more dire), to such burden withstand. (Need to write ShPANGOUTOV and of stringers, actually , but I not d mister Pecorari and everywhere d write failed , possessing in mind all profiles allow from corner until Z-shaped). However passenger planes not owe enter and exits from peak of, not owe to do back curves (twists) or dead loop. Build passenger planes very durable (heavy) foolish, because they will neekonomichnymi will borrow little passengers and cargoes, and fly on small distances. TRACECA aircraft headed for US rely properly might soar, properly overshoot, properly sit down limit there figures of higher class. Because civilian jet can unravel, if suddenly obeyed very a sharp maneuver. Such cases were.

Say, have plane on e?ueuyo there is flaps of, which graduate during takeoff, to increase podemnuyu force wing. This force, cooperative on wings, depends on speed plane, and under cyclical upswing the speed not high, so seats fastening Wings to main fuselage, okay capable this force withstand. But was case, when have flight on cruising speed TU suddenly poured flaps of. Lifting force Wings sharply has risen higher limits, on which was intended their fastening to main fuselage, okay, and wings we lost them. However under such accidents jet falls apart on large fragments and big map fragments of will fall on land. Rudely speaking jet car breaks down, as you hands will likely break took a toy plastic jet.

Incidentally, there is version of, that in system governance Malaysian we Airlines Flight MN 17 bypassing the the was sent with land or Sputniks signal on a sharp maneuver, that and led to his destruction of. But what on earth lie not razlomannye the pieces plane, and his wilds pieces of, makes and this version of questionable.

Now about erosion of the plane bursting of the. First the outside missile in. Jet this frame from failed, atop which priklepany Dyuralevye sheets cladding. This and holds entire pillar together. Under external explosion, jet, above all, will be impressed hundreds of and thousands of in advance prepared pieces Fighting parts of missiles balls or rollers, or prizmochek a small size. Their task underbid system governance-plane-( impress crew), to withdraw from by building engines and underbid beams design plane, weakening their these, and this weakening of failed would cause their gap and destruction design plane. But remarkable for elements small they can trigger weakening of dozen failed, but not can chop these beams on the pieces, say, in two Dam. I.e., and struck splinters jet in worst case razlomaetsya on two-three fragment, which and will fall on land.

Forth, rocketmaximum in two dozen meters from plane, so on Corps plane involves and high pressure the explosive waves of. Under this, side fuselage in place greatest pressure the explosive waves of must vzhatsya inward fuselage, the fuselage in this place develops a and razlomaetsya, but, again, the on two parts of with some number of more small the wreckage of the from of that part of fuselage, on that marked blow the explosive waves of. If explosion oblomit and wings, then jet break up on several large parts, which and will fall on land. I.e., defeat plane missile in, too, not can lead to struggling his fuselage on small parts of. Mechanics process destruction materials this not allows.

Finally, explosion within plane. Mine will dynamite in some one part of his fuselage, and in place explosion shock wave of will overpower beams and derail the with goods sheets cladding. Reprisal loophole and the fuselage in this place break up, but, again, the on two parts of, truth, with multiple pieces failed and torpedos sheets from seats, close to location landmine.

Explosion landmine in pet Decoupling we 747 over Lockerbie, U.S. from below beams fuselage the nasal parts of plane and put from by building system governance, you just drive, turned machine in their peak of. Armour part of fuselage the flood of air batter rotted its this sucks upward and chosen in side a tail parts of. Forth she quite decorating specially and kicked that, ago and like the the third engine. The main part of fuselage devolved in vertical fall with fueled engines and non-performing rudder, and under such a long dive the fuselage crumbled still on several parts. And only! Jet not razdrobilsya on small parts of, as we this sees Donbas.

At all, under raising within plane pressure (under explosion within fuselage), the first must pull to listam cladding internal upholstery salon, then must be thwarted sheets cladding with goods, and perishing then erode beams. After all Square, which beams perceive shock wave of relative to both their crosscut failed, on arrangements and less Square, which perceive shock wave of internal upholstery and sheets cladding, the amounts held not cross section leaf, and just fucking metal chunks on them. And we see from the wreckage of in Donbas virtually the complete lack of domestic coloured upholstery and entire rivets on the vast most the wreckage of the, little this, on parts of the wreckage of the in sight, that and upholstery otodrana not resurfaced, and inward salon.

We see integrity sequences failed and sheets! Lie relatively small the pieces balochnogo set of fuselage together with sheets cladding, and with goods even paint not's the shackles,. I.e., gap design plane on the pieces anodyne not from pressure from within on entire the surface fuselage (from explosion or from speaking, flow of air under falling) and not from explosion outside plane and from forces, up ONLY In MESTAKh division of design plane on parts of.

Realize, such smashing plane on small, but integral fragments should have clearly enunciated physical explanation, not the general bla-bla-bla kerosene in large pieces detonated.

Simply it's a shame becomes for aircraft manufacturers, which, according to these balabolov, make planes, capable unravel on small the pieces without visible causes.

Than's crushed in
Now about konstruktsionnom material plane. There is materials gentle the same malouglerodistaya or otozhzhennaya steel, or aluminum. If their stretch, then metals first begins to flow starts stretch and occur. So seats destruction will as would pointed. But the main used structural material plane dyuralyuminiy very is durable and firm, under a rupture, yes and under this, he not will flow , he, say the, bursts in places his path of least construction. So not are right those who perpendikulyarnost a plane seats gap accepts for out of kilter mechanical instrument. There is no, this gap Duraluminium, but under impact original tool.

That would understand, where appeared the pieces we in Donbas, need to watch, as utilize the old or victims were accidents planes. Here is two short rollers, truth, caregiver us there not many.
I.e., Corps plane is splitting in parts of here is such machine (photo 1).

Here is one of options its worker body hydraulic shears (photo 2).

As see, this huge shears or wire cutters, only the bottom have them two blades, between whom falls the upper. In this design atop the blade there is a tooth, pipelines dedicated keep razrezaemuyu detail from vyskalzyvaniya from, jaw. Let's estimate, that if ordinary shears give one out of kilter, then these as would failing dM, equal on width distance interval between lower bands knives or width upper knife. There is and options design these shears (photo 3).

As see, these type of shears can do and one out of kilter, if captures the deep enough. However need to given, that machines with these gidronozhnitsami not simply budo alongside kendo not simply chew on your , they ripping up Corps plane on parts of. And here is what over the wreckage plane have yielded on Russian advertising technology (photo 4).

????, in advertising purposes here jet ripping up on very small parts of, and on American technology jet ripping up just on large the pieces, ample for shipment cars on specialized plant for further of fragmentation has taken hold and reprocessing these pieces.

That WE's see, shall we ON Donbas
Here is now let us let's see on fragments'on a Boeing in steppes Federal State of Novorussiya.

Here is firm, for right disposal of aircraft, in his advertising shows, that remains from plane she has on a (photo 5).

Strongly whether differ these fragments plane on this a from fragments that'on a Boeing in Donbas? Say, this (photo 6)

Or this (photo 7)

Or this (photo 8)?

Here is reorientation, have been designed specifically on work under such liquid molecules plane, with whom bullet crashes from pistol (photo 9 and 10).

Ah and set itself questions, first, what force could distract the the very reorientation, second, what force could to derail dyuralyuminievyy leaf cladding with hundred goods, to sever his on zhivomu along and, finally, otlomat? Explosion within a plane? Force pressure air under falling plane? Stupidity! Only pincer of hydraulic shears under deconstruction of plane for his disposal.

Or here is a piece of the (photo 11).

This same what force, yes still and directed inward salon, soldiers interior decoration with samorezov?

Here is now still times look at hydraulic shears on photo 2 and 3 and imagine, that their the lower part of podsunuta under reorientation, and upper plunged. They same gonna slit reorientation not on two parts of, but on three: Two will on sides, and the third had a will pass between lower bands razor blades. If they not dorezhut reorientation until the end of, then we will see out of kilter in the form of broad swathe of. As on (photo 12).

Or on (photo 13).

And still typified proof, that worked hydraulic shears, will footprint of butt-end their upper blades out of kilter will come direct angle, as rightist near the brink on already newspapers Web photo 6 or 1,85 leaf on photo 7.

Or as on photo 14.

Not know, as you, but I, to several rezami exactly cut off scissors leaf paper, should very carefully aiming, otherwise I have out of kilter is obtained zigzagoobraznym. As on photo 15.

Truth, the artist on this photo decided to, that most interesting this ass this citizen, so I'll cut out the contestant part of photos, about which write (photo 16).

And, finally, here is enough a clear photo rotated (photo 17).

Itself surprises such prevents the corner. Impossible devise force, except forces machines, which here is so would took and chipped in have this corner slice of being shelved. But matte the surface enough metal, but on the under a rupture metal, visible only above, and in mid-the surface damage glitters grain zaglazheny slip (aerodynamic) blades tool. ????, from building an the shoulder down on this kind are visible and furrow, across corner and even zausenitsy. I.e., hydraulic shears in this place part of being shelved corner was bitten off , and the rest of from him a good dicking.


In end.

Over the wreckage'on a Boeing worth roughly $on Donbas represent for gaining small fragments, received by after carving corps aircraft for his disposal. Character the wreckage of the and traces cutting tools tool lead to conclusion, that in as a worker tool enforced hydraulic shears. Because it is difficult suggest, that the flight attendant's Airlines Flight MN 17 in the air used to clean the dead gidronozhnitsami its jet on parts of, then automatically drawn to the conclusion, that in Donbas lie over the wreckage not Airlines Flight MN-17.

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27 wrote:

This is not Boeings Airlines Flight MN 17

There exile on author not give, and far give, there, too, there is no exile.
The right the reference
This is a new article Yuri Mukhina
Article many run, only conclusions again little, pro corpses you don't tell nobody.
The pieces used to clean the dead scissors, but then with them even worked, prepared their for sending on Ukraine. Some dorabatyvali bolgarkoy, and some and so gonna get away with this.

Jeroen Akkermans " "




Dmitry" wrote:

There exile on author not give, and far give, there, too, there is no exile.

Smotri nije statyi-silka rabochaya!



Here is possible Canal delivery the wreckage of the in Ukraine:

Strategic aircraft over # Kharkov

C-17 usually serves strategic air transportation cargoes and troops. Belongs SAC (strategic aviakomandovaniyu Air Force). On several units (from 3 to 8) have on weapons Britain, NATO, Australia, Canada.

In Kharkiv and sat since the late July (23.07, 2.3 and 5 August). This only landing, proven emotsiyam spottinga (only aircraft). Filmed least two aboard (# # 28 and 209). Was and the third, not Australian, but photos there is no (on keel the designation "RARA").

Useful burden - maximum tons. Expanding with so burden less 4.5 thousands of kilometers. Four and Gulf aboard - 300 tons weight. No?


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