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Malay Boeings in steppes Ukraine II third party

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#p40804,gav wrote:

the Netherlands get have suffered again publication the report about investigation collapse Federation state of Malaysia air liner. Now on February 2016 th

From articles

And, know, something suggests, that February 2016 th this, too, not the most the latter date for the publication the report. Will and other, more the later. Certainly.

And February 2016, and 2017 and vast. How long people at all forgets about this 747 flying and why he at all "fell." (Not know as all, but seems, that already almost no one not recalled about offense, 's no one else except several drumming banging in mass media)
And journalists, by slaves their filthy responsibilities, increasingly continue to fulfill 'monkey-faced work and remind, until even is faring the slaughter peoplewar between Ukraine and Russia, will write, pee or eat, writing again their articles until "customers" not think of next more "snogshibatelnoe", than this Grabovsky the phantom airliner, rastvorivshiysya in Europe GmbH Donbasschiny.

And even
International tribunal on-by-a-Boeing not will mediaAnd not only such the text have "Smotryu-TV"
Niderglandy otduvayutsya. As talk withdraw from of a ball, if your white a suit accidentally covered himself with Hogan in shit, you're in? Task for scum easier ordinary, so as one people don't care, that at all is happening in world, other can be give (until muthafucka a suit tries to withdraw from zone semblance) the next hotter now on tray with somehow any "clarion" a terrorist attack, which same themselves through their channels and's gonna be blown on the whole world.

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#p40852, wrote:

International tribunal on-by-a-Boeing not will.
Were were.
And're thinking about doing.

Not know, how many months elapsed, when starred the, clearly not July, and they all in namordnikakh khodyut, smradnye suffering portray




Anyone has found here "the very" cube.

Reminds me of another movies: … Fender.jpg

left are right: John Young,, Charlie Duke (both even with the mustache), Donald Slayton and other collaborators NASA in Mission Control chew on ways repairs wing Rover



#p41000,Musicien wrote:

Who any has found here "the very" cube.

This there is, and here is what about the rest - cube deal. Where they their dug up)



TAC ", UK scientists look strange.

"British, scientists" worried - kosher or not kosher (immediately - not immediately) died passengers. Under falling people with towers twins (camping on E. Gemini (persistent. Gemini, by , something such a certified kosher not emerges again, 3 -4 minutes until land, the accuracy of of fixing death it is stunning.



#p41219,Vint-x wrote:

ah here is we and tolerate inequalities engines RR, not General Electric GE-90
I have where the in the archives adamlarsa derzhitsya present emeycha17, as would not in located cheap laptop of yours. Pity will losing

That means phrase "ah in we"? On the picture "From / To fields else happened to,?" Depicts Boeings 9M-MRQ with dirty RQ. Principal difference no. Spat what there engine was. In only have shown the second contour engine, question: Far over the first?
The first contour (front part of engine) has very big dozen. He not fit in a truck, so his not brought in only on Ploschadku # 1. … 8712_m.jpg
The artist Zhoren was in the resistance meanwhile every shoeon Estate # 3 and # 2 in a large resolving on a small distance, and engines on Estate # 1 he why something photograph forgot. Why forgot, as himself one is?

Have engine RR892- 22 might in ventilyatore first circuit

Commander Grabowski militias Volodya posing in have any puny sgnivshego fan, have which not 22, and 26 to the blades

Ah, and what there engine stood?
26 to the blades have engine General Electric GE-90, but he even more in diameter than RR892. Engines General Electric GE-90 the most large in World

Without difference what stood, because they with size increasingly-would still not are trapped
And not explained:
From / To fields over frame first circuit engine?
Where the second frame first circuit and the second krylchatka?
What force lifted krylchatku with axis engine and marked Volode under its feet?
Who "ate" might? If given, that they retain sverkhtemperatury and for them, the usual conflagration this nothing

This is General Electric GE-90, the biggest in world serial aviation engine.
We see, that 26-Flap-shelled krylchatka first circuit established in 3-'s metre the vat, she made from mini bar talent tsvetmeta, weighs many tons. She in only gone, then where, a mouse ate? There is no. She simply not meddled, in a truck.
RRTrent800, too, most
RR Trent800

And in the same time see, that was in the resistance meanwhile tartlets, which not raskroshilis and even not zwabial from wardrobe … 59080?rb=1
This says only about easily described and nor about fix friend



Engines here … 331786368/



proposal for Forbes

There is even they`ve alternaivschik nikitich.

I got surprises only himself fact the publication Vadim Poland in Russian media (proposal for Forbes). On this name of long being placed taboos and The editorial FaceBook, docile orders Mamou and horribles Putins, immediately consigned my records with as citing this behalf of and themes MH17 in Other , throwing an infinite combination record common downgrade FaceBook and thus reducing rating just my tweets.

Interestingly watch on list banned themselves nikitich. But this increasingly to word, there him well. It's reasonable otvetii in comments refers and on PBOC provide.

Forbes and PBOC provide --revolutionary, osuschestvlennoe

The alternative reality - Kanatchikova summer cottage

Ah and tomorrow asked if children, visiting us with morning:
"Pope, that said these candidates in Dr.?"
We contribute our children truth - them not would still,
Surprising near, but it - prohibited from.



Hackers tried to kidnap materials allegations … 3010_.html

Hackers tried to kidnap materials allegations on catastrophe "we worth roughly $" 24 October in 00 :3 9 marks, that kiberprestupniki assailed network resources opponents Kremlin. Kiberprestupniki tried to kidnap materials allegations on trial about the crash "we"
Group hackers Pawn Storm Moroz in the attacks on information system Council security the Netherlands in September and early October 2015. About this reported 23 October on its site company Trend Micro, for right developing antivirus programs, writes DW.
On information companies, kiberprestupniki tried to kidnap materials allegations on trial about the crash passenger for "Boeings worth roughly $" on the east Ukraine. Trend Micro declared also, that the basic objectives Pawn Storm in networks are government, military and mediaresursy the US, Ukraine and other countries in Europe, Asia and on Middle East, and also base data NATO and sites Russian opponents Kremlin. Under this companies on production protective programs not managed establish, are worth whether for group hackers Russian intelligence agencies. Are looking photo: Published report Ukraine Inquiry into collapse "we"
Recall, 13 October took place the presentation of the report Council security the Netherlands, according to which jet Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down missile in complex "Dr.-Ing." Russian production. In the same time, in report not called the responsible for launch this missiles.

Than further those stupider and funnier than
That even think of next to attract attention? :D


The Dutch prepare missile attack on Moscow

Site Perevodika previously was has been noted within in care productions. For translation choose those articles, which the Shop is launching for ensure Infomatritsy.

Hiding the all evidence, forestry after mortem tel victims collapse Airlines Flight MN17 airlines nestled for, officials from Council security the Netherlands and existing with them together Dutch military, police and prosecutors prepare to publish report about the crash plane with yawning hole in his credibility.
To the Dutch could prove, that MN17 was shot down equilibrium in Russia and primenennoy Russia missile in class land-air Dr.-Ing. , metals in dead bodies and parts of tel is the only reliable piece of evidence, holes in the body with seats the fall of the plane; painstakingly proanalizirovannoy with add it in Protocol of Dutch investigations; and only on homeland victims in notarized documents, which, as say Dutch and other sources of, have accompanied up the, when their dispatched on homeland. These documents contain now in external relations materials in the Netherlands and in koronerskikh organs in all countries, in which were relegated leftovers from the and up the.
For last week Dutch, British and, Australian officials all refused confirm, that they possess these evidence. Also they not responded on questions about how, when, and if at all they plan start judicial allegations, on which these tracks must be represented macho public way

Nonsense. In corpses can be was is stuff them with some increasingly that anywhere. What sense at all to speak of splinters of in dead bodies, if no one presented no protocols initial exploring corpses together with entourage photos? And protocols exploring corpses in Holland,, too, not presented. About any zhelezkakh at all is faring speech, if not represented nor their detailed description of nor photos?
John Khelmer, has exposed full years in fact studying grabovskikh corpses, but not made no conclusions.

Then passed nine months, above than Vesterbeke began again to lend leaks. Here is he gives interview, accommodating crafted in advance the BBC and screen shown 17 July. On this time Vesterbeke forgot at all to mention metals - and the BBC since forgotten his ask about this. Under this in London not hesitated titled this history so: on on trial MN17: Blow missile in - the most likely scenario.

John Khelmer points out attention on the, that "experts" water stirring up trouble jointly with media, however he not tries to deal and explain, why exactly they these engage in.

If MH17 was shot down missile in "Dr.-Ing.", then must be represented numerous remarkable for elements it comes / untangle missiles, and so same photos holes. Represented not words type "in the form of butterflies" "in the form of parallelepipedov", namely photos, and precisely numerous, camping on E. All 100%, and not 1.2. Photos all 298 corpses must be represented pomenno, 8-10 photographs on every corpse. If nothing this not, the means increasingly that the saying goes "experts" in media - lies.



Not know, was whether, … -mh17.html
Satellites the US in advance shot a bunch of place the fall of the flight number MH17

On kosmosnimki. Ru there is thumbnails those pictures and for not too big money can be to purchase originals pictures and compare, was whether smashed the very pole and was whether such zakopchenoy Overcard debris on chessboard of Number one, and the fruit bowl among of sunflowers of, where marshes and imagination not rose, had been empty for whether, but no one this to do not will :dontknow:

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#p41730,l2 wrote:

Dont know, was whether, http :/ / / articles / 2015 / 01 / 29 /s -mh17.html
Satellites the US in advance shot a bunch of place the fall of the flight number MH17

First let the right exile … ience.html
Second, you gave not snapshot from Space, and a ridiculous scheme. Where take pictures?
Without pictures the potency than Google Earth, conversation there is no, one empty the chitchat.
If would they there something shot a bunch of "in advance" (for 2 days) and have shown us, then we would saw training to easily described, water transport drawing only piece or the first doubles, which are visible here: first cadres fires mh17

For example this no not snapshot, this ass with handle not gave references to data, limiting themselves to reducing pustoporozhnim abzatsem

use for this goal data about cosmic the shooting, osuschestvlyavsheysya companions companies archives (DigitalGlobe) on territory DNR daily in for weeks, the pre catastrophe Airlines Flight MN17. It is this company is an absolute monolithic on American market DDZ high resolution. Its satellites are L.L.C. the most that neither on there is double appointments and perform not only and not so much commercial orders, how many direct orders spetsstruktur the US.

They simply soar brains, and media spreads this rotgut.

"MK Serpukhov" not gives exile on, he gave exile on pustoporozhnee, in this something increasingly and deal Yevgeny Eryomchenko such same cock as and Leontyev, with Shariem and Savva Ivanovich Mamontov



Not know was or not,
Instead with disappointing toys must were fall
Chairs with monitors, with chairs colourful,
Remote and headphones to Non-VESA compliant monitors,
Food, drink, wine, signature utensils and still heap nishtyakov.
Who responds for shortage?

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975 … 7-families
Australian journalist calls for family passengers not receive a handout in 10,000 hover near $from Fund Kcumming / Petronas Twin Towers and of Chinese regional commuter market, because on the Montreal convention they can obtain on 183000 for every, someone getting caught up in lists passengers.


The RM10 million fund was set up by Petronas and the deadline to accept the donation is Thursday.

Skinner told the Australian paper that each family would only receive about A$10,000 (RM30,500) from the fund set up about a year ago.
Calling the offer the dirtiest thing I have ever seen, Skinner said families who accepted the donation might be asked to repay MAS because of an indemnity clause in which they agreed to insure the airline against further claims by others.

Instead of offering anybody anything that approaches full damages, they are offering a year-and-a-half-old donation and trying to take advantage of the situation, he was quoted as saying.

The Dutch Safety Board (OVV) led a team of international investigators probing into the downing of the aircraft and will release its report at 1115 GMT (7pm, Malaysian time) at the Gilze-Rijen air force base in southern Netherlands.

- See more at: … zegoX.dpuf

Look, what attitude Kcumming / Petronas Twin Towers has to MAS
Towers twins do in miniature. Between towers not typical Masonic dividers, and line could be drawn Skaybridzh, for tourists and parachutists.

Nothing not reminds?
Moreover, this very Kcumming / Petronas Twin Towers sought on the vastness of ocean previous Lithuanian, Malay boying, moreover, he known connections with santsevoneftyanymi grifters.

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Andrey Andreev,
Lasting gratitude, fighter.

When viewed video from 18 July Exclusive Vice News footage of MH17 Aftermath: English Roulette (Dispatch 60), erysipelas on the field with refreshing dip was gaming some besides its archaism then move depth way of, but not more. Themes actors still not was on Forum. Colleague on branch has, editor of "MK-Donbas", still not fielded its a remarkable joined blindfolded, and for it not both sides of on publicized the next small Hollywood collectives.

Very helpful was watch video again.

This choad get - simple specialist only on the field of sunflowers of, I am confident, not who a different, as professional the actor, the director, stuntman, peysatel-series Nikolai Gubenkov.
"Caretaker of Museum Bandery in London", "work Enakievskoy factory" and many who still - here about him Tsekhovaya troupe Phillips-Lancaster.

Least grimerskikh stuff-those, but with taste.
Comparison with the role of "worker Vasily" from Pershamaiski, 7 months living in the basement and the summoning Motor Verkhovna Radu, Timoshenku and injured alive.

Life in Pervomaisk, Mykolaiv Oblast # 3 - 'We the Cellar already 7 confidently'- - 2 :3 1.
Exclusive VICE News Footage of MH17 Aftermath: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 60)- - 4 :2 1.

This is not the first the actor, porabotavshiy on "Grabovsky boying." -mobilizes maximum their media and were resources on key installation.

Moment "collection" deserves considerate consideration.

Evening 18 either 15 July. That makes KamAZ?
He had brought garbage - bales, boxes, bauly. More him here to do necherta.
To collect arrived? On stilts, uh, dog's. Remy-was sprawled out all summer and autumn, and remained wallow after uvoza in Netherlands "fragments that boinga", no one not interesuya. Only with burden he could here to come.

Let me draw your attention: Child in the hood, shirt on ofa wet. Rain goes. This means, that this is not can be 16 and 17 July, only 15 or 18.

Field activities.
Two in hoods. Without hoods capacity those, from whom their there is no. T. E. Again goes rain.
We see raspakovannyy grab the bag and in it an autopsy empty boxes.

That make these young, healthy?
They are pulling from tyuka a paper garbage and throw his on playground. Why something idiots-montazhery have left this.

That makes this warrior?
Reaches from boxes small objects, any our new, and throws their on playground.

Should team: Ah-pay defied what-thread in body, morons! Been flaunting any triviality.
Turn attention on playground near pallet.
In subsequent filming of garbage from bags here, packages and boxes snowing its entire. Here this still there is no.

After this follow another two throw not the most large gizmos.

After what idiots end the work on cameras and continue to engage affair.

Look at photo results their classes, on video from 23.07 Garbage from bags and boxes snowing entire playground.

There is photo until work this team idiots. Sack full not pochat. Are scattered only the first boxes. The grasses, absolutely fresh, ukatana under gallon of ink pallet, which here power, and primyata koleyami KAMAZov, which aiceee here garbage.

There is and other emki with this same not dismantled a bale for media other matrixes. Far not although -

Now articulate, when was this preparation the, uh, prop heap "the wreckage of the" and "things travelers" on chessboard of # 3.

On video, the check 17 July on NTV, three big not razobrannykh tyuka.

On video, where toil over razbrasyvaniem brigade idiots, and on previously reviewed by photo remained one sack full, from two other - only film, which covered a lot of paper debris on chessboard of and replicas - "corpses passengers" (question with "a pilot", corpse this or law has, until open).

On same video, pomechennom 17 number, visible smoke from shovel # 2 near roads Rassypnoe-only.

Together with those in networks there are - thanks to embrace - we in this confirmed (medal from Forum, fighter!) - emki shovel from 17 July-

from 18 July

on which bales cannibalized.

It could have been applied whether all emki with nerazobrannymi tyukami come at the 17 July and after? There is no.
When they charging? Closest day, when behaved rain, this 15 July, then they and charging. A guest Forum embrace - in fact has proven us this clear and amply.

That is why, I believe, need to establish for such valuable guests with such merits in fact establishing of truth medal Forum.

On archive weather most immediate date with rain was 15 July. The next rain was only 18 th, but gathering spaces that offer universal # 2 have roads only-Rassypnoe in this day could not risk burning, because its 17 th fire put out.

There is emki with the simultaneous fire particulate shovel # 2 and rain / bear witness rain, in the first parts of we their viewed.

. So, ``debriefing bales on chessboard of # 3 and all emki this process were not later 15 July 2014. Believe this fact amply Bary?.

the Shop, on headscarves worn, used emki a sham works training "collapse", in this case the Moscow-for the size garbage bales on chessboard of # 3, for restricted showing works after "collapse."



Water fuel not putting out.

Must be foam.



While turning a blind times and forever subject with those houses passports.
This is now souvenir. Repeat - souvenir on memory with beautiful visas.
Scramble / make inoperative passports on reason: Ended pages with visas. Remains term actions. Change reverie attended by / name. New grant only under repayments old.
Visas not are. Point.

Write recognized from first hands, with pasportistkoy in Poland now'm out having a drink.) Many these passports-souvenirs emits here-same under obtaining a new, she he says for week can be dozen muster (a small city).
A wooden his all versions of about any something circumstances, under which holes in them perform function document. Such circumstances NOT team with.



If start pressing hard on exile VSE reviews READER In chronological you alright:
The broke a what emerged.
The wall an inpenetrable, although, like, not stupid man Nazarov.

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MN-17: Australia says, that Russia not is to blame, tracks forged … ered-with/

the Australian investigation causes collapse plane Malayziyskikh regional commuter market MN-17 charged the Council for security the Netherlands (dsb) in inability of provide conclusive evidence moreover, that accurately eradicated airliner, and say, that Russia not can knock the nipples off jet, despite charges in contrary from dsb. About this gave testimony in international court in Melbourne senior Australian policeman, 's the investigating ruin plane MH-17, detective-Superintendent Andrew Donohue.

Donohue also testified, that later ten months after accident, only half of fragments that a plane fuselage was broadcast for exploring and, that some fragments not inconsistent with the rubble of the plane .

Donohue declared about this in Tuesday on the morning. He and other international investigators doubt in consternation American and Ukrainian governments, and also dsb, about the Missile military was not Ralf Buck. the Dutch the prosecutor requires convincing evidence about other types missiles, said Donohue. He also told, that the original information, that jet was shot down missile in []land-air not match its Australian or international standards evidence.

Hearings were open on one hour in Koronerskom Court (The Coroners Court) in Melbourne in Tuesday. Chaired Mr. West, deputy public coroner's, however state the coroner, judge be Gray found, shut down hearings in the last minute. The second session was falls on the environment.

In court, in addition to members Coroner personnel, participated one government agent intelligence, which kept its official personally-identifying tag within his overcoat, and refused say, was whether he staff are an Australian or American.
Donohue was the main witnessing. He continues to guide team from 22-'s Australian policemen, forensic ? medical experts and secret agents, stationed in the Netherlands and on Ukraine.

Giving testimony under oath, Donohue first time showed, that that's Australian for government ceasefires two implicit agreement on of inquiry collapse air liner in Eastern Ukraine. The first, he said, was is embodied with Ukraines government in Kyiv for security around seats collapse. The second was is embodied with leaders Federal State of Novorussiya with order to ensure order for same Australians exercise the search tel victims, personal property and other evidence, and also launch major team point in Propulsion , Donetsk.

About political recognition by the Australians. Separatists never was known. Donohue refused say, who signed agreement from Federal State of Novorussiya.

Reconditioned over the wreckage plane first time was photographed and registered in the Netherlands dsb. Image of the-1 shows first a picture of an dsb, with one visible an aperture. Image of the-2 shows, that on a new photos, published dsb appeared the second hole.

In their war testimony of Donohue said, that through ten months after accident, and after, as Kiev officials loss less than half fragments that fuselage folks, was done opening the, that some fragments not inconsistent with the rubble of the plane .


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