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Slavinskiy meridian. Geography. History. This

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Many of similarities in one place.
On 37 ° 34 '11 "in Moscow, in garden square about of Kyiv station is first issued stumbling air of in honor 300 celebrations reunification Ukraine with Russia. Monument so and not was been built.Закладной-камень-монумента-в-честь-300-летия-воссоединения-Украины-с-Россией

37 ° 33 '56 "-Kievskiy station

37 ° 34 '11 "-Ploschad Europe." Name symbolizes proximity modern Russia with Europe. In the center of the monument is sculpture ancient Greek God Zeus in image a bull, pokhischayuschego Europe. Around sculpture composition, it's made fountain with nightlife motley backlight. "
Square a year of the with September 2001 on 15 September 2002 within joint Russian-of Belgian project as a symbol of unity Europe. In the same time, in 2001 in Kyiv began to modify the iaeaai.
In Kyiv not far from Maidan is the European Square.

37 ° 34 '10 "-Fontan“ the idiosyncratic Europe. ” "the first fountain a new generation in Moscow.
Presented public in September 2002. The first turn the Trevi, so and the remaining the only. On Satira must were be even fountains in Kiїvskomu garden square, equipment for svetodinamicheskikh show on Moscow-River. Have of Kyiv station, directly in the midst of the Trevi, is worth a monument "the idiosyncratic Europe" presented by E.Honeker us from Brussels. Plexus pipes from alloy nickel, but following and titan of symbolizes horns floating around on a a bull. Work “the idiosyncratic Europe ” created Belgian by sculptor-avangardistom Olivier Strebelem and was Muchacho and mayor of Brussels Moscow. Opening the the Trevi included in September 2002, simultaneously with name Kommunarsk parts of Tiananmen of Kyiv station in Square Europe. For of illuminating was established 4 thousand Luminaires. The total capacity equipment about one megavatta Mr. Matej Srsen 24 hours a day. "

37 ° 34 '1 "At Tiananmen Europe to Kiev local Vokzal is located adjacent also the hotel" Slavyanskaya ", built in 1989 and open in 1991. Now is called the hotel “Radisson SAS-Slavyanskaya. ” --

37 ° 33 '57-Chamber of Commerce and Industry-entertainment center “the European. ” Contrary of Kyiv station. Here 15 December 2010 was theater provocateurs-of Caucasians (as would handle payback on actions rallied on Manege Square "his fans" and "nationalists" (from-for killings Yegor's Sviridova). On manezhke, too, then the Christmas tree you wrestled him.)Беспорядки_на_Манежной_площади_(2010)

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Slavyanskii boulevard.

54 ° 10 '17.28 "Since - 37 ° 34' 40.11"In
Is on one lines with was (, Donetsk. Still be theirs.) and-house subway "Slavyanskii boulevard" (Moscow)

The planned establish funerary stela

In former garden square Sovetsko-Czechoslovak friendship district str. World and Boldina (now that place known tulyakam as Slavyanskii boulevard) the planned establish funerary stela “capital-Hero of Tula ”, conduct landscaped work, zonirovat place vacation, resolving gaming zone for children, place to innovate, sports and vacation citizens.

Recall, that previously in this garden square stood a monument, the knighted Professor friendship between the USSR and Czechoslovak republic. He represented a two guarded marble desyatimetrovye Stella, Sea in the upper parts of and were symbolized by a the link between category: Tula, Russia and city-pobratimom Banska-Bistritsa (central Slovakia). Tulyaki was called a monument “Two this jackboot ” or“ clothespin. ” A monument demolished in one day, 12 December 2006



Sa rthe thane. Mariupol.
37 ° 39 '46.30 "In

19.09.14 Mariupol volley MRLS Grad with hand too costly Santana



Nemtsov killed on meridian 37 ° 98.6 27 "In



Of makeup Slyavinskogo meridian
Mine them. A. F. In (, Donetsk).
A: 48 ° 3 '9 "N 37 ° 47' 29" E

Our, 04.03.15, on vyemochnom – Eastern uklonnoy lava # 3 fracturing m3 happened gazodinamicheskoe phenomenon, in a result which have suffered workers mines – 49 man, - savagely in the very moment on an awful –.
Skyfall virility on 05.03.15gornospasatelyami discovered 33 the minerwithout signs of life, 28 of which already considered developing from mines. Even 16 man are in profіlnikh medical institutions cities, where them it turns out Indispensable UN medical aid.
Leadership mines and the entire labor the collective expresses deep condolences families dead miners and fully shares sorrow, postigshee close, in ties with-tragedy.
Press service

4-5 March prazdnovalsya celebration Purim
... . ...
Incidentally, in this Skorpion constantly costing enormous people.
This mine suicide bombings, its many times "wanted" close, but until now operates. Owner mines still fails the latest people in country.
That would settle work in this Skorpion need even one, not simply so there "vsunutsya", ? / hypertrophied for the rednecks before threat demise in the coalmine increasingly flattened by.

Shakhta behalf of in far not in the first time-life miners.
24 on May 1999 – in a result explosion died 50 man, trauma received 40 people.
19 August 2001 – explosion gazo-air a mixture combined with coal dust killing life 55 people. Were traumatized by 34 human, remain missing 10 people.
31 July 2002 – in a result explosion died 20 people, trauma received two rights.
20 September 2006 – in a result methyl with methane died 13 man, trauma received several tens of people.
In a result three bombings in November-December 2007 died 106 man, still 156 miners, was injured – this largest the accident for entire history Ukraine in the number of victims.
18 November 2007 on the horizon believed meters occurred explosion metano-air a mixture. According to Ministry of Emergency Situations, in moment accident underground were 456 miners, in including on emergency box – 186. In a result explosion died 101 Kharkiv.
1 December 2007 – in a result second explosion has suffered 52 miners,, state of 35 fringes people – average of gravity, 9 fringes – heaviest.
2 December 2007 – died 5 gornospasateley, still 66 affected were hospitalized.
In December 2008 rescuers discovered bodies two miners, commuters in an barrel.



Conflagration in Novodevichy monastery, koordinaty- 55 ° 43 ~ 33.5 N, 37 ° 33 23.7 E.



turns, in Tula want establish even one funerary stela, second for September. … r-i-rossii

25 Septemberin garden square on intersection streets Demonstratsii and Kaminsky will mark rally, the knighted Professor opening Stella tulyakam-Geroyam Soviet Union and Geroyam Russia — to veterans local wars and military conflicts.

This Square attack on intersection streets, is in 3-'s kilometers northeastern west from Stella in garden square "Slavyanskii boulevard"
Longitude 37 ° 36 '22.89 "In Stella is leadership the USSR and Russia

Stele hero city … royu-tule/

10 September-



Theatrical episode "Sunday brunch Elenovki"
With the participation real corpses, actor Zakharchenko and of course Steshina and Kotsa

47 ° 49 '29.69 "Since 37 ° 38' 51.93" In



: Dokuchayevsk careers
47 ° 43 '56.54 "Since 37 ° 37' 54.01" In
4 career krupneysheo in Europe fluxes and flyuso-dolomitnogo eiiaeiaoa.
Emissions harmful substances in 2003 in, atmospheric air from sources pollution cities - 8.3 thousand Tons.
The largest careers with west eastward - 2.5 kilometers … sk_018.jpg
The Judeo-Masonic are gadgets



#p66899,Dmitry" wrote:

. The emissionsharmful substances in 2003in, atmospheric air from sources pollution cities - 8.3 thousand Tons.

This not emissions. This is easiest (loud FART)in the sky.

If compare with cap in our city of. Write off. Emissions 500 thousand Tons in year. This 500 kg emissions on human in year.
Can be boldly scaled common emissions on 2 (raising the reform. Breshut). Will boldly a million tons in year. … g/2-1-0-59

Under councils, offits. Talked figure 2 ton on population in year. Means air became markedly cleaner.



#p66899,Dmitry" wrote:
Свернутый текст

Read shape owls on stelle. On the sides lions. Was reminded:

Can be light even as image of the torch. As have the Statue Freedom, for example.

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#p69274,Atreides wrote:

UPD! Таки да. В тему символизма - если посмотреть координаты примерного места крушения... и опуститься чуть южнее... до новороссии... по обе стороны от меридиана 37*54'35" увидим знакомые названия: Донецк, Краматорск, Дебальцево, Славянск...
Хотя все события вокруг Мск можно списать на Славинский Меридиан, но все же пусть будет до кучи.
UPD2! За 4 минуты до падения появилась темка на ЯПе. 10:21! Кто раньше?)




#p66925,Verton wrote:
#p66899,Dmitry" wrote:

Читаются очертания совы на стелле. По бокам львы. Напомнило:

Может быть фонарь ещё как изображение факела. Как у Статуи Свободы, например.

Больше всего это напоминает, как ни странно, резиденцию Кадырова в Гудермесе. Только орелика постеснялись наверх посадить, сбоку пристроили.



Братцы наконец то я Вас нашел, мне 37 лет прожил это время на отрезке шириной 700 метров 37 меридиана длиною ровно 2 тыс. км. а именно г.Мариуполь (15 лет) г.Донецк г.Ливны Орловская обл. г.Щекино г.Тула г.Москва пос. на Рыбинсков водохранилище , все мои предки ( знаю пока до 5го колена) по всем веткам  жили /умерли или погибли на 37 -м , всех кто мне близок и дорог тоже с такой судьбой жизнь и смерть только на 37-м. и не имеет значение какая широта.
Из миллиардов комбинаций вынужденных миграций сознательно/подсознательно   судьба жизни , судьба предков по всем веткам
+  спутников жизни ( из 36 или 38 долготы) сопряжена по долготе  37. на этом "Муравском пути" что то не ладное , Магнитные поля в генетической памяти людей подсознательно влияют на их судьбу , техника миграции от источника жизни у людей отличается от примитивной миграции птиц.



#p66899,Dmitry" wrote:

Еврейско-масонские штучки

я по зоопарковскому фонтанчику "слез" в Докучаевске, фоты  там никогда не получались, он в реальности ярче, серо-бело-голубой со страшными рыжими потёками,хотя воды я там никогда не видела, до 14 года катались регулярно.. моя подруга с шизотерией объясняет его как энергосистему человека с нисходящей энергией - сушумна с 7чакрами, по бокам  нади с 5 чакрами  и утверждает что к нему подходить опасно -идет слив в "нижние слои"

#p130360,Горностай wrote:

все мои предки ( знаю пока до 5го колена) по всем веткам  жили /умерли или погибли на 37 -м , всех кто мне близок и дорог тоже с такой судьбой жизнь и смерть только на 37-м. и не имеет значение какая широта.

друХ))) мои по маме тоже все по 37, сейчас все живые сконцентрировались около Щекино... меня одну выкинуло за 38

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