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Libel on Stalin. Who Needs this benefits?

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I. F. Ribbentrop (Germany):

". The other question, patronage I to Stalin, concerned how to combine our pact with Russo-French Treaty 1936 On this Stalin tersely responded: "Russians interests more important all other." "
"Stalin with first same moment our meeting produced on me a strong impression: Man extraordinary scale. His sober, almost hot dry, but so clear the manner be expressed and rugged, but under this and a benevolent style waging negotiations showed, that its surname he wears rightly. Move my negotiations and reflective with Stalin gave me a clear misconception about strength and power this human, one thing wave of the hands which becomes ordered for the most remote villages, Victoria, where any in Seychelles, the vastness of Russia, — human, which managed to rally dvukhsotmillionnoe population its empire stronger, than any tsar above. "
“In those difficult days after the end of the battles over Stalingrad I have By highly inconspicuous from conversation with Adolf Hitler. He spoke – in inherent him manner – about Stalin with large admiration. He said: On this example again in sight, what implications has one person for whole nation. Any other people after crushing strikes, Philadelphian in 1941-1942 Propulsion Propulsion, no doubt, proved would a broken man.
If with Russia this not happened, then its victory Russian people owes only iron the courage this human, unsquashable will and heroism which have called and led people to continuation resistance. Stalin – this precisely the large opponent, which he has as in mirovozzrencheskom, so and militarily. If the someday leak into his hands, he will have him all its respect and will provide the most a lovely castle across Germany. – But on freedom, added Hitler, he such a adversary already never prioritized. The creation Red Army – a whopping deal, and himself Stalin, without doubts, — historical personality utterly huge scale. ”

I. F. Ribbentrop. Secret diplomacy III Reich.

Henry Mueller, head of the secret Gestapo Third Reich, routed Germans under WWII Stalingrad, on to the artist`s Schellenberg's:
“Think only, that had to shift his system over the last two years, and somehow prestige he enjoys in the eyes of people. Stalin appears me now in a very different light of. He is worth unimaginably higher all leaders Western powers … ”
(Quote on book mainstream Mukhina. Journey from democracy in dermokratiyu and back. With 201.)

Golovanov A. E., the Chief Marshal aviation with 1944:

“Stalin always had attention on being affairs and little reacted on form of stating. Attitude his to people in their labor and toward poruchennomu trial. Work with him was simply. Afforded himself broad grasp, he not endured shared of reports and shared formulas. Answers must were be concrete, extremely short and clear. If man spoke long, perform, Stalin immediately dwelt on neznakomye issue, could say friends about his inability of, but I not remember, to he someone insulted or major hostilities are clearly overblown. He stated fact. Ability to to speak directly in eyes and good and bad, that he thinks about man, was the hallmark of Stalin. Lasting time worked with him those who is impeccable knew its deal, knew how his organize and guide. Capable of and smart people he revered, sometimes not paying attention on serious shortcomings in personal human qualities would be needed. (F. I. Chuev. Soldiers empire. Conversations. Memories. Documents. M., 1998.

Mainstream K. Juho Kusti Paasikivi's first, Prime Minister Finland with 1944, President with 1946 Propulsion: “Stalin — one of greatest figures modern history. He firmly busiest his name not only in history Soviet Union, but and in world history. Under his leadership old story has changed, pokazyvayut,, younger than ever and has turned into a the the Soviet Union. He raised the USSR to levels powerful global powers — made his more powerful than, than ever was and could be Russia. Stalin one of greatest the doers state in history. In respect Finland Stalin demonstrated sympathy and Coherent extrapolated volition. So his departure from life causes wholehearted mourning of our people. I had the opportunity to many times meet with generalissimusom Stalin and to wage with him negotiations. About these meetings I retain the most the sweetest memories ”.

Archbishop Luka (Luka (Voyno-Yasenetsky)), canonised as saint Russian Orthodox Church:

“Stalin retained Russia, showed, that she means for the world. So I, as Orthodox a southern and Russian patriot low is my bow to to Stalin. ”

Stylised Stalin 2 a series of: The NLM: ZaSvobodu. Trades abroad: Natskurs. Trades abroad

‘ This he — the greatest and znachitelneyshiy from our modern. He is leading for for gaining 170 million people on 21 a million square kilometers. He to fame in work with multiple people. And all these people like his, believe him, need in it, splachivayutsya around him, support his and promotes forward. In the entire its growth he rises over Europe and over Asia, over the past and over the future. This — the most famous and in the same time almost the most unknown people in world. ” (A. Babyus. "Stalin")

A. Kerensky, head of the Provisional governments in 1917:
“Stalin raised Russia from the ashes. Made great power. Has crushed Hitler. Saved Russia and humanity. ”

Andrei Fursov. Stalin - here and now

"Stalin was the first among equals in Marsic coalition. Postwar internal and foreign policy Stalinist state due to above all aspiration Stalin strengthen Derzhavnyy status Russia, provide its global interests. "
Stylised Chiang Kai-( Taiwan, 7 March-1953)

“I never met human more genuine, decent and honest; in offense there is nothing of dark and the fair, and precisely these his qualities should to explain his huge power in Russia. I thought before, above than to meet with him, can be, about offense thought poorly because, that people feared his. But I established, that, contrary, no one his not fears and all believe in him. ”
Herbert George W. Wells about Stalin.

"Transformation into a the USSR in superpower and the emergence of dvukhpolyarnogo world. Was in primarily stems with activities Stalin. Other leaders, from which depended fate people in lost century, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Roosevelt, Churchill, Gandhi, Tito, Khomeini, Mandela, are worth already in next a range of, so as their influence had not the global, and regional character. "
J. A. Medvedev, R. A. Medvedev. Heizvestnyy Stalin. - M., "Rights human", 2001, st. 76

Stalin Truth and lies

F. Roosevelt about Stalin

"This man keeps managing to act, - spoke Roosevelt son in 1943 Propulsion - Wu him goal always before eyes. Work with him - one thing pleasure. No you. He his question, which wants to discuss, and nowhere not deviates. "
Roosevelt E.E. His eyes. M., 1947, sec. 186

"And was happening, of course, many puzzling things. Country the capitol on the eyes of. Sweeping away all with path industrialization, Stalin pursued a its iron hand. He little spoke, many did, many met on Affairs with humans, rarely gave interview, rarely Ugandans and reached moreover, that his every word vzveshivalos and Aristotle not only have us, but and around the world. Spoke he clear, simply, consistently; thought, which wanted to supposed to reel in heads, 've hammered into firmly, and, in our representation, never promised moreover, that not did would subsequently. This was unassailable fact, and behind this’much, that did Stalin for army. Gave it much time and forces, linked the it tribute significance, groomed country to the fight, armed struggle in difficult conditions, was for us undoubtedly. He not was military man, but he possessed about the ideal mind. He knew how deeply penetrate in the crux of the affairs and give you pointers important decision. In their speeches Stalin was bezapellyatsionen, but is simple. With humans. The simply. Put on simply, equally. In it not saves nothing the hollow, no external claims on greatness of the or izbrannost. And this in our representations about how should be man, behind led by Party. Chief Party and state. (I’d say in brackets, that on all issues literature, even the most insignificant, Stalin demonstrated utterly potryasavshuyu me awareness). "
Constantine Simonov

From speech Patriarch Alexy before the panikhida on to Stalin, said in all of cobore in day his funerals (9 March 1953):

Great of the Leader of of our people, Joseph Vissarionovicha Stalin, not became. Uprazdnilas force great, fundamental laws, public force, in which people our felt own force, he he rukovodilsya in their possessing writings of and enterprises, he he uteshalsya in for many years. There is no area, far would not break into anything deep gaze of our great of the Leader of. People science izumlyalis his deep scientific awareness in the most diverse areas, his about the ideal scientific statistically minded; military - his military the genius; people the most those created by different labor received from him powerful support and valuable instructions. As man brilliant, he in every fact set up the, that was is invisible and remains unavailable for blue-fin mind. Recessional, with love Christian, comes to God. We believe, that and our Recessional about favorite dead let us they should be heard Lord. And our lover and nezabvennomu poet Joseph Vissarionovichu we regularly, with deep, hot love vozglashaem Messiah--as memory.


Surgeon and Stalin … =endscreen

For that killed Stalin (01.03.2010) … /m20.shtml

Nikolai Starikov about Stalin and repression.

About postwar statement Stalin in August 1945 th year on Potsdamer Platz conference pitfalls partition of the lunar the surface (povergshee executives victorious countries in state of shock, and not simply discuss, and to sign agreement posts given undeniable priority the USSR in this sphere.

Moon: A different reality (1 from 5) … 6nv-4hhiow
On 01 :4 4 minute






Stalin. Debacle fifth pillar (Complete version of)

The truth about Stalin. The strokes to portrait. Anatoly Kaamus

Stalin killed his Teammates? … bdk2EVlpwI


“Free thought ” Andrei Fursov about Stalin

the Red Bonaparte: Secret war Marshal Tukhachevsky

He's as idea

Stalin has the right be on its cover: Notebooks!

I. Pykhalov. "About scale" Stalin's of repression. "

How many Stalin pay military. Some facts

Surgeon and Stalin … =endscreen

Plan Rockefellers -- "The enslavement world government the US"

The latter project Stalin
As Soviet leader fought against “dictatorships imperialist currencies ”

The last strategic venue Stalin’s foreign policy, in including foreign trade, included 23 February - 4 March 1953,. The was conference Economic Commission UN for countries Asia and Far East (EKADV) in the capital Philippines Manila. She was convened on initiative the USSR ,-backed China, Communist, India, Iran, Indonesia, Burma and Northern Vietnam. Vast Soviet initiative was that his faith impose system interstate mutual calculations in natsvalyutakh and sack the restrictions in mutual trade, i.e. move forward to regime free trade in Asia and Pacific Tongge.

Source: … na_685.htm


Eurasia - What such Eurasian of Ole!

Stalinist Economy

Stalin somehow we his not knew 2013, Economy

The USSR-society without krizisov.1977.


By issue about y origins Stalin:

Stalin region? … r_embedded

didn about Stalin

O. M. was about Stalin:

.. It we know sink O. Peychaud`s:

". As a horseshoe, smith of for decree decree:
Who Needs in the groin, whom-on, whom in stench of, whom in eye.
That neither penalty have him - the raspberry
And broad thumping interesting. "

Stalin, "Dzhugashvili", Dzugaev ….?

1) In reverie attended by Dzhugashvili the root form of — ultimatums surname “Dzugata ” (Russian (language). — Dzugaevy). On Georgian soil had place metateza “?-OK ” with adding in late Georgia“ shvili. ”

2) In accordance with this (and not only) ancestors Stalin — coming from mountain sat sources of rivers G-and Little Liakhvy South Ossetia, where and have in sec. Didi Lilo.

Should add, that until revolution literature reverie attended by in South Ossetia, for rare the exception, and appropriate with Georgian metameric points, especially after christening. Turn expanse surnames in Georgian contributed to the also desire to a certain parts of region, entering in a result migration processes among Georgians, be recorded under Georgian names. "Shvili" in the diversion with the Georgia this - "son." Such PlayStations "shvili" was than the like (chauvinistic) policy Georgia on simply put - on "ogruzinivaniyu" those who immigrants... moving on in Georgia for various reasons. Far exactly fell (as frontiersman) and father Stalin, region pro origin Vissarion Dzugaev (Vissarion "Dzhugashvili"). On some data known the, that ancestors Stalin have got over from of mountain settlements Ource-Don (North Ossetia-Alanya) in South Ossetia. Made there as already known in Georgia. Known and the, that initial name of Stalin (this him at birth) was Soslan (see In y heroic case Nartskom of works Soslan-Steel Man, but so as two his brother died in infancy, on advice decided give him name of Joseph. But under this father Stalin (and not only) always called his Coso - derived from Soslan.

Osetinskoe origins Stalin confirms and his granddaughter Galina Dzhugashvili, in book "Granddaughter-."

So same known and the, that Stalin in discussions with Osetinom General I. Plievym, absolutely freely talked with him on y language. (See Ways of payment). The key role I. Decided in addressing Caribbean crisis when the world stood on the brink of atomic war)

One of the first declared about y origins father Stalin writer-an emigrant Grigol Robakidze. Passage from his novel “Chakluli Sulee ” (Ian's, 1933), entitled“ Goroskop Stalin ”, was printed in newspaper “Literaturnaya Georgia ” (1988. 2 October. About this same in novel-narrative “I used to ” mentioned G. Konovalov (see: Volga. 1967. № II. S. 52). Later Anatoly by Rybakov wrote about parents Stalin: “conservation was bossy woman, 're a full-blooded gruzinka Alexander Kartvelishvili, and father like would from southern region, centuries Goriyskiy who. Ancestors his ogruzinilis, and grandfather osetinskoe s beaches were among opinion "in his reverie attended by Dzhugaev replaced the Georgian s beaches were among shvili" ” (by Rybakov A. Children Arbat. M., 1988. S. 191).

Lev internationally the (he same Leyba Bronshtein) next words characterizes Stalin: “. Raw ignorant redneck nature, as and all the Ossetians, living in high Caucasian the mountains ” (internationally the L. Stalin. M., 1990. S. 21).

And here is quote from books R. Tucker's: “Iosseb Iremaschwili explains crude and brutal character Johannes Cardinal Bessarion his Ossetian origin. Highlanders Ossetia known their vendettami ” (Tucker R. Stalin. Path to power. Years 1917-1929 devolving M., 1991. S. 109).

Add, that from one Aoyama, especially in memoirs General army I. W. Tyuleneva, should, that Stalin knew Ossetian working group language.
(Army General Ivan Vladimirovich Tyulenev I. W. Collapse operations “Edelweiss. ” Ordzhonikidze, 1975. S. 136).

And so on.

Stalin with perspective genetics:
I. W. Stalin applies to subkladu G2a1a1-P18, typically for region (incidentally haplogroup G2 prevails in DNA of Scythians, Sarmatov, Alan which are direct ancestors region, that terminally review global science, see The text higher. His 67-brick gaplotip the next:

14 23 15 9 15 16 11 12 11 11 10 28 – 17 9 9 11 11 25 16 21 28 13 13 14 14 – 11 11 19 21 15 15 16 18 37 38 13 9 – 11 8 15 16 8 11 10 8 12 10 12 21 22 14 10 12 12 15 8 13 21 22 15 13 11 13 10 11 11 13

Compare with basic (predkovym) gaplotipom young Ossetian branch, which reapportioning in the text higher:

14 23 15 9 15 17 11 12 11 11 10 28 – 17 9 9 12 11 25 16 21 28 13 13 14 14 – 11 11 19 21 15 15 16 18 37 38 12 9 – 11 8 15 16 8 11 10 8 12 10 12 21 22 14 10 12 12 15 8 13 21 22 15 13 11 13 10 11 11 13

Difference just on three mutations, and this with, that secondary rejection have all gaplotipov this branch from predkovogo gaplotipa – on 5.6 mutations. Y-STR haplotype I. Stalin sits on the tree 67-markernykh gaplotipov in his branch in dense environment gaplotipov North Ossetia, nor one Georgia gaplotipa there there is no. Secondary rejection in branch on 5.6 mutations fits 5.6 / hadn = 47 50 contingent generations (on 25 years), i.e. 1250 ± 175 years until common ancestor branch (hadn – this constant speed mutations for 67-markernykh gaplotipov, tag in including mutation on gaplotip on 25 years, arrow – tablichnaya amendment on IRS refund mutations). Note on calculation time life common ancestor Iranic branch in the text higher, which gave generators 1375 ± 210 years until common ancestor (calculation on 111-markernym gaplotipam). This times coincide within fallibility calculations.

Remarkable in this ties the, that Alexander Burdonskiy (grandson of Joseph Vissarionovicha, son Vasily), how known, agreed pint an analogous analysis. And that? As haven clear from different the Internet-sources, the results with tabulation research suggests, that blood Alexander Burdonskogo contains “the marker ” which't for region. Rudely speaking, if judge on this outcome, Joseph Stalin is Osetinom.

And so on.






Oh victory Stalin over kaznokradstvom and graft

Later almost 60 years after departure Stalin in the world a different, his authority in people, despite attempts followers “Nikita Khrushchev's a thaw ” and“ destalinizatorov ” still big. In fix same secret respect people to to Stalin? Why in project “Name Russia ” people route voting put candidacy Stalin on first place (in a result what“ destalinizatory ” were forced to was rushed “to accept decision ” and block the vote)?
I. W. Stalin, 1943 Propulsion

will is taken corruption?

’ s start with of encyclopedic Help. The notion of “corruption ” is happening from of Latin words corruptio, which means:“ defacing ”, “decay. ” Corruption – this crime,: The in using officials with the face of opportunities, associated with his post, in purposes personal enrichment and classes in society special (privileged) position. I.e. corruption arises with the emergence of superiors and, therefore, old as the very society. However the greatest scope this crime it acquires in such conditions, in any is beginning to be sold and know literally increasingly. In including and workforce human, and even his organs. I.e. in conditions, it in the vast dominance money, a premier to corruption is not only state officials and officials, but and political and public figures.

Socialism and corruption

If be historically precise, in the USSR with 30-'s on the beginning of 50’s were periods, when done increasingly necessary to neutralize this primitive public disease, and corruption stopped play decisive role. Offensive on corruption was conducted “front-loaded ” and all healthy forces, in including which activities punitive organs (as this nor seem surprising) far not always was the main. The main was political will of higher leadership countries to eradicate evil, relying on the strictly scientific approaches. Is worth whether to speak, that this will enjoyed unseen support huge masses ordinary death sentences, dovedyonnykh “initiative does bureaucrats ” until despair!

However in a result coup, made possible after killings Stalin, with 1953 Increasingly the beginning of to return on establishment its grains and reached peak in the years rule Brezhnev era. Enough lead although would such a meaningful fact. Georgy Maksimilianovich Malenkov, according to his son Andrei, 'Americain, that Kruschev, seeking possess among party and state elites prestige large, than was have Stalin, became not only Otherwise it payments abolished Stalin breaks and privileges, but and create new. Not this whether bylonachalom and one of favorable conditions for reviving and development corruption, in end swell which in country came the stagnation? Decay Soviet society ended his incarnations in “the rogue capitalism ”, cope with which not can even the most the bright minds of our time for already 20 years!



Tenevaya economy in the USSR: With what all began

In period finding Stalin in power shadow or underground economy almost not was, reminds professor Katasonov

Question about the causes of disintegrating and destruction the USSR – far not an idle. He not loses its urgency concerning and today, later 22 year after, as occurred demise Soviet Union. Why? Because some on the basis of this events make conclusion about how, that, nourished German, capitalist model economy is more competitive, is more efficient and not has alternatives

Let us come of what deklariruemymi key socio-economic of the hallmarks of socialist model are ensuring welfare for all members society (goal), obschenarodnaya property on means production (importantly a means), obtaining income exclusively on labor, setting character economy, centralization governance popular agriculture, command positions state in the economy, public funds consumption, a limited character commodity-cash relations and so on.

So here is erosion socialist model began long before tragic events December 1991, when was signed shameful agreement about section the USSR in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. This already was final an act of political order. This is not only date death the USSR, but and date full legalization a new socio-economic model, which is called “capitalism. ” However latent – capitalism takzhe in the ground Soviet society for roughly three decades, especially in Soviet trade. Vast Soviet economy de facto already long acquired traits multi structural. In it are socialist and capitalist orders. However, some foreign researchers and politicians alleged, that de facto in the USSR occurred full restoration capitalism still in the 1960’s – 1970’s. Restoration capitalism uvyazyvalas with the emergence of and development in the ground the USSR so-called shadow or “second ” economy. In particular, still in the early 1960’s a member of making Germany's Communist Willy Dikkhut began publication their articles, in which stated, that with the arrival to power in our country N. S. Khrushchev occurred (not began, namely occurred!) restoration capitalism in the USSR.

The shadow economy functioned on the principles, excellent from socialist. So or otherwise, she was connected with corruption, and earthquakes public assets, crunch netrudovykh income, violation of laws (or use of “holes ” in legislation). Under this should not be confused shadow economy with “informal ” economies, which not contradicted laws and principles socialist by building, and only dopolnyala economy“ official. ” Above all this individual unsteady activities – for example, work hick on lovely – or down a citizen on its Primorsko Holiday Village –. And in best of times (under Stalin) widespread development received so-called promyslovaya cooperation, which was busy production consumer goods and services.

In the USSR public and party power preferred not to notice such a phenomena, as the shadow economy. There is no, of course, law-enforcement authorities reveal to and presekali various operations in sphere shadow economy. But leaders the USSR, commenting on of this kind history, what language type “exceptions from rules ”,“ individual shortcomings ”, “’ ”,“ mistakes ” and the like. For example, in the early 1960’s s then the first deputy Council ministers the USSR Anastas Anastas Mikoyan defined black market in the USSR as “handful a certain dirty frothiness, vyplyvshey to the surface of our society. ”

Tenevaya economy the USSR: Some estimates

No serious research shadow (“second ”) economy in the USSR no comparable until of the late 1980’s. Abroad such research appeared before. Above all should to mention work American sociologist Gregory Grossman's (top university), which named “Crush Crew autonomy. Historical role genuine trends in the Soviet society. ” She received broad prominence after, as was published in 1988 in Artsibashev “World ``to in end of the tunnel ” (University of Berkeley, under the editorship Steven F. Cohen's). However, the first article Grossman's on the subject emerged still in 1977 year and named the “Second economy ” the USSR ”

here are some results these research.

1. In 1979 illegal production guilt, beer and other alcoholic drinks, and also speculative agrees alcoholic drinks, produced in “the first economy ”, provided incomes, equal 2.2% GNP (gross national product).

2. In late 1970’s in the USSR much bigger problem shadow market of gasoline. From 33 until 65% purchases of gasoline in urban areas countries individual persuaded cars accounted for on gasoline, sold drivers state-owned enterprises and organizations (gasoline sold; on price below state).

3. In Soviet hairdressing “the left ” incomes exceeded sums, which customers uplachivali through till. This only one of examples moreover, that some public enterprises de facto belonged exhorts “second ” economy.

4. In 1974 on share of work on private and courtyard box accounted for already almost-third of the entire worker time in agriculture. And this was given as almost 10% just worker time in the economy the USSR.

5. In 1970’s roughly quarter-products agriculture produced on personal box, a significant its part of flowed to the on kolkhoznye markets.

6. In late 1970’s roughly 30% all income urban population were elicited expense of various species private activities – as legitimate, so and illegal.

7. By the end of 1970’s specific weight faces, people employed in “second economy ”, reached out to 10-12% a common ???????? labor force in the USSR.

In late 1980’s emerged a series of works on shadow and “second ” economy in the USSR. Above all this the publication Soviet economist of Tatiana Koryaginoy and director NDІ worked Valeriy Rutgeyzera. Here is data from work T. Koryaginoy “Tenevaya economy the USSR. ” Annual the cost of illegally produced goods and services in the early 1960’s accounted for roughly 5 billion rubles, and in late 1980’s basket reached already 90 billion rubles. In current prices GNP the USSR comprised (in billion rubles): In 1960 year – 195; in 1990 year – 701. Thus, economy the USSR for, the 30th birthday grew in 3.6 times, and the shadow economy – in 14 times. If in 1960 year the shadow economy relative to official GNP accounted for 3.4%, then to 1988 year this figure grew to 20%. Truth, in 1990 year he was equals 12.5%. Such downturn was due climate Soviet legislation, which, delivered in-permanent legal a range of species economic activity, which previously were deemed illicit.

Threats and consequences development shadow economy in the USSR

And American, and Soviet researchers pay attention on some especially shadow economy and its influence on a common environment in the USSR.

1. The shadow economy as marked phenomenon Soviet life arose in late 1950’s – the early 1960’s. All researchers unambiguously associate this with the arrival to power in country N. S. Khrushchev, which near their uninformed decisions released of the bottle genie shadow economy. Remarkably, that even those the authors, which enough negatively belong to to Stalin, forced to recognize, that in period finding Stalin in power shadow or underground economy almost not was. But was legal empowerment melkotovarnoe production – for example, fruit plan in cities. Khrushchev destroyed such melkotovarnoe production, on his place came teneviki.

2. The shadow economy was more advanced not in central regions the USSR, but on the periphery countries. So, G. Grossmann were evaluated by, that in late 1970’s share of income from “second ” economy accounted for roughly 30% all income urban population in scale the USSR. Under this in RSFSR she ever approached the middle relevance on country, and in the region Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine secondary significance was some 40%, in Transcaucasia and Central Asia – almost 50%. In Armenia among ethnic Armenians figure reached 65%. Gipertrofirovannoe development “second ” economy in a series of allied republics plentiful illusion, that these regions“ self-sufficient. ” Nourished German, they have more high living standards, than Russia, and may well exist and evolve outside the USSR. All of this plentiful favorable stage for secessionist movements in national republics.

3. The shadow economy there was expense of public resources, a significant its part of could normally function provided theft material resources state-owned enterprises and organizations. Thus, built illusion, that the shadow economy vospolnyala shortcomings “a white ” economy. Was happening simply-plainly, “redistribution of ” resources from public (and Kolkhozniy) sector economy in shadow.

4. The shadow economy generated corruption. Masters shadow structures engaged in bribery of executives and functionaries state-owned enterprises and organizations. With what goal? To those as least not inimical tenevomu businesses. But as maximum – to became complicit such a business, putting promoting in the tally raw materials, goods, transport means and the like. This the first, mikroekonomicheskiy level of corruption. Forth should the second, regional level of, which stems with bribery of law enforcement agencies and at all organs state power on places. Appears system regional “kryshevaniya ” shadow business. Finally, corruption goes on the third, were united into one state level of. Teneviki are beginning to lobby their economic interests in ministries and institutions. Economy only formally continues to evolve as “whether engineered. ” Management economic decisions on state level are beginning be vetted by under influence tenevikov.

5. Masters shadow business accumulate such of pork securely that allow them engage pressures political power in country. Tenevikam becomes closely within even formal socialist way production. They are beginning be preparing full restorations capitalism. She and occurred in period finding in power M. Gorbachev under the cover of false rumours slogans perestroika. This perestroika ultimately was initiated by not M. Gorbachev or A. Yakovlev (Russian politician). She was organized shadow capital, on ukazkam which and acted “reformers ” from Central Committee.

W. Mainstream Katasonov, prof.,. Dora BC, Chairman Russian economic society them. S. F. Declaration

Source: … e-nachalos






Примечательно и то, что фразу эту, Сталин произнес именно тогда, когда до начала войны без малого 10 лет..

Сталин. Разгром пятой колонны … bgCQ3HSDZw

Инструктаж пятой колонны … XTeN_oFN6s

Почему убили Сталина? … dUIGk_91C0

СТАЛИН Убежденный русофил...


"Многие дела нашей партии и народа, будут извращены и оплеваны прежде всего за рубежом, да и в нашей стране тоже. Сионизм, рвущийся к мировому господству, будет жестоко мстить нам за наши успехи и достижения. Он все еще рассматривает Россию как варварскую страну, как сырьевой придаток. И мое имя тоже будет оболгано, оклеветано. Мне припишут множество злодеяний.

Мировой сионизм всеми силами будет стремиться уничтожить наш Союз, чтобы Россия больше никогда не могла подняться. Сила СССР - в дружбе народов. Острие борьбы будет направлено прежде всего на разрыв этой дружбы, на открыв окраин от России. Здесь, надо признаться, мы еще не все сделали. Здесь еще большое поле работы.

С особой силой поднимет голову национализм. Он на какое-то время придавит интернационализм и патриотизм, только на какое-то время. Возникнут национальные группы внутри наций и конфликты. Появится много вождей-пигмеев, предателей внутри своих наций. В целом в будущем развитие пойдет более сложными и даже бешеными путями, повороты будут предельно крутыми. Дело идет к тому, что особенно взбудоражится Восток. Возникнут острые противоречия с Западом.

И все же, как бы ни развивались события, но пройдет время, и взоры новых поколений будут обращены к делам и победам нашего социалистического Отечества. Год за годом будут приходить новые поколения. Они вновь подымут знамя своих отцов и дедов и отдадут нам должное сполна.
Свое будущее они будут строить на нашем прошлом"

(И. В. Сталин. Из записи беседы с А. Коллонтай )

!! Сионизм. Мировой заговор.

«Свободная мысль» Андрей Фурсов о Сталине … giNq-yYhAc


Навальный Агент США Доказано

Специальный корреспондент. "Болото" (14.05.2013) Фильм Бузаладзе



Путин вспомнил Сталина

Просыпайся Россия, время пришло!


Путин о новой Идеологии России

Путин считает, что война с США неизбежна

Путин: СССР=Россия

Специальный корреспондент. "Дефицит памяти" (21.05.2013) Фи



Елена Прудникова: Сталин, Берия, репрессии

Откровения ЦРУ о развале СССР

"Ложь о сталинских репрессиях. Э.Рустамов"

Неплохой фильм о сталинских репрессиях. Всего двадцать минут, зато по существу. Приведены правдивые данные о количестве репрессированных за все годы правления Иосифа Сталина. Данные основаны на реальных архивных документах.

Да уж, действительно, если бы жертвы сталинских репрессий насчитывали 100 млн.(как нафантазировал СоЛЖЕницын забыв видимо, что всё население СССР того времени насчитывало не более 200 млн.), или 20-40 млн. как нам впаривают наши либералы-демократы, то пожалуй на похоронах Иосифа Сталина народ бы пел и танцевал.
А вот вам яркий пример того, как нас дурят: открываю учебник "История России. ХХв." для 9 класса общеобразовательных учреждений, читаю:

"По официальным данным, в 1930—1953 гг. по обвинению в контрреволюционной, антигосударственной деятельности были вынесены осуждающие приговоры в отношении 3 778 234 человек, в том числе 786 098 — смертных. ПО ДРУГИМ ДАННЫМ, только в 1930—1941 гг. сталинским репрессиям подверглось до 20 млн. «врагов народа»."


Ещё в своём фильме о сталинских репрессиях Рустамов добавил пару штрихов к портрету Никиты Сергеевича Хрущёва. Хрущёв - это человек, у которого у самого в крови руки по локоть (а ноги по пояс), причём он очень ловко выставил себя белым и пушистым, повесив всех собак на Иосифа Сталина...

За много лет он и его подельники промыли нам мозги так, что как только где-нибудь произноситься слово "репрессии", то прилагательное "сталинские" возникает в голове само по себе. Как будто так и должно быть.
Конечно, сталинские репрессии вопрос непростой. И любая невинная жертва - это большая трагедия. Но повесить все грехи на одного только Иосифа Сталина - это, конечно, cовершенно неправильно (хотя и очень удобно).

Одно можно сказать с 200% уверенностью - размеры сталинских репрессий сильно преувеличены ! И вот тут уже возникает вопрос: а зачем ?

Красный Бонапарт: Тайная война маршала Тухачевского


Личность И. В. Сталина противоречива, Что тут скажешь. Кто-то считает его национальным героем, кто-то гением всех времён и народов, кто-то законченным злодеем и чудовищем. Объективную оценку дать крайне трудно, из-за стереотипов, навязанных нам со времён Хрущёва. Этот «кукурузный гений», у которого руки по локоть в крови, лично проведший террор 1937-1938 гг. на Украине и в Москве, требовавший «повышения процентовки расстрелянных врагов народа», вдруг становится «белым и пушистым» и вообще не причём. Все беды им сваливаются лично на Сталина, одного Сталина. Хотя есть документы, где Сталин сдерживает слишком ретивого Хрущёва и называет его «неуёмным дураком».

Так называемые «шестидесятники» - диссиденты, в основном, библейского происхождения, подхватили хрущёвскую истерию, а дети и внуки тех библейцев лелеют и холят её до сих пор. Но вот, что интересно: ФАМИЛИИ РЕПРЕССИРОВАННЫХ В 1937-1938 ГГ. И ФАМИЛИИ «ШЕСТИДЕСЯТНИКОВ» И ИХ ОТПРЫСКОВ СОВПАДАЮТ ПРОЦЕНТОВ НА 90. Т.е. получается, что Сталин УНИЧТОЖАЛ ТЕХ, ЧЬИ ДЕТИ И ВНУКИ ВСЁ-ТАКИ РАЗРУШИЛИ НАШЕ ГОСУДАРСТВО, не важно под каким названием оно существовало. Может быть Сталин знал, что делал и зачем это делал?
Мы почему-то сбрасываем со счетов то, что народ искренне поддерживал уничтожение Сталиным «ленинской иудейской гвардии». Народ 30-х гг. знал, кого на плаху тянут – тех, кто залил Россию кровью во время «революции» и Гражданской войны. Палач казнил палачей, и в этом была какая-то ВЫСШАЯ СПРАВЕДЛИВОСТЬ!

Для того, чтобы понять соответствующую эпоху до тонкостей, нужно жить в эту эпоху.
За 29 лет правления Сталина (1924-1953) было репрессировано 3млн. 788 тыс. 354 чел.
Из них расстреляно: 786 тыс.098 чел. ( данные из ист. Архива Новосибирского Пед. Университета, подтверждённые потом из многих источников). На 1937 г. выпадает 350 тыс. расстрелянных. Разложите эти цифры по годам, приплюсуйте прирост населения более чем 3% в год и сравните, что происходит сейчас.

С момента падения СССР и по наше время от региональных локальных войн, от недоедания, стрессовых ситуаций, от рук преступников и пр. и пр., погибло более 2.5 миллионов бывших граждан единой когда-то страны. Приплюсуйте сюда, что только в России нас становится на 1 миллион меньше каждый год и сделайте вывод: КОГДА ЖЕ БЫЛ ТЕРРОР И ГЕНОЦИД ПРОТИВ СОБСТВЕННОГО НАРОДА? – тогда или сейчас.
Ещё один каверзный вопрос: если бы в 1941 г. у власти у нас был бы кто-то, типа Горбачёв – Ельцин, смогли бы мы выстоять и победить немцев?

Вернёмся собственно к террору. Сознательная путаница в этот вопрос была внесена Хрущёвым и его холуями. Например: злой Сталин, якобы перед войной «обезглавил» РККА, уничтожив более 40 тыс. «самых лучших и талантливых офицеров и генералов».
СОЗНАТЕЛЬНО БЫЛО СМЕЩЕНО ПОНЯТИЕ «РЕПРЕССИРОВАННЫЙ И УНИЧТОЖЕННЫЙ»! В списки «уничтоженных» включались уволенные из армии по выслуге лет, по состоянию здоровья, погибшие в конфликтах с японцами и всякого рода дураки и пьяницы, которых изгнали из армии (с состоянием дисциплины в РККА было тогда очень и очень плохо).


Факты против лжи о Сталинских репрессиях

С. А. Киселев

Самой опасной для России, отпугивающей народ от проверенного историей наиболее эффективного пути социального развития, является ложь о Сталинских репрессиях. Этот гвоздь забит в головы людей давно, сразу после смерти Сталина, еще Хрущевым. Ложь Хрущевым использовалась для самоутверждения, укрытия собственной подлости в решении судьбы оклеветанных людей. Но она, вместе с его «оттепелью», измарала грязью весь проект будущего, сбила компас идеологии с правильного направления и породила стаи оборотней сожравших Советский Союз. Той же ложью травмируют разум людей и сегодня. И эта ложь по-прежнему создает смертельную угрозу, угрозу превращения в реальность кошмара, нарисованного больным воображением «художников» из творческой интеллигенции.

Не зря в политическую клоунаду Жириновского включена идея о спасительной борьбе диктатора Сталина против уничтожавших Россию большевиков и навязанного ими коммунистического проекта. По его версии Сталинские успехи обеспечила не советская плановая экономика, не архитектура советской власти, а жестокая диктатура одного человека, возможность его безраздельного господства. Поверившее в этот бред смертельно больное российское общество станет готово доверить скальпель и свою плоть для экспериментов настоящему диктатору и тогда сочиненные страшилки обернутся реальностью.

Видеосвидетельство: Солженицын призывает американцев уничтожить Россию

В этом фильме -- огромное количество очень интересного архивного материала, в том числе, в части первой, фрагмент пропагандистcкого антисоветского фильма американского "Комитета по существующей опасности" 1978 года "Цена мира и свободы". На 34 минуте (фильма "Власть кошмаров") на американскую сцену выходит Иудушка Солженицын и, обращаясь к американским властям, взывает к немедленной борьбе против своей ненавидимой им Родины:

... мировое зло, ненавистное к человечеству, и оно полно решимости уничтожить ваш строй. Надо ли ждать, что американская молодежь должна будет гибнуть, защищая границы вашего континента?!


Марш компартии Великобритании, 1 мая 2008 года.





Project “White partridge ”

Recently emerged video showing a curious TV programs. For those who not msog or not diary watch video (worded I dwelt in my the preceding Summit), 'm stating his content.

It consists of three parts of:
1) financial crisis in the US,
2) project “Crimean California ”
3) operation “White partridge. ”
(In brackets my notes).

Moment of truth (27th August 2012.)

Stalin outlined for April-May 1953, deportation Soviet Jews. Disorders were knocked out lists and prepared cars. (About this I knew and before.) But far their intended pulling? As something tacitly it was thought, that in Birobidzhan, in the Jewish JSC. On fact final point was New Earth, islands in Arctic finally came about for. There already were Catherine’100 thousand Chol., which engaged in construction KL – arrangements ring-fence from tree wire. In Moscow responsible for deportation was the second Secretary of the Moscow Sargsyan Catherine Yekaterina Alexeyevna Furtseva. Have shown movies: Tikhon Khrennikov says, that “this was would the shame – ambush the second Holocaust ”, don't stand much chance survive there not was. Then Stalin as something aptly suddenly died 8 March 1953,, and Khrushchev with Beria this venue canceled.



Zionism. Global plot.

The World plot

Zionists did and new GLOBAL Order!

Chubais and Gorbachev-agents British intelligence MI-6


Pedophilia and a big binder

Exhibited, BOOK A Pharisees 1

John Perkins Confessions of economic killers

Death Stalin averted the communist Holocaust

The best strategy for rallying nation always was, to find common enemy, and Jews for centuries represented an ideal foreheads. During cleansing 1937-1938 among his real and putatively enemies was very many Jews.


Sexy revolution and Jewish fascism

Fascism - grouping is written Lubavitch (


Revolutionary KOBA its an open judgment about associates from “small people ” - amidst all-menshevikakh - voiced even in the early century, in 1905, on meeting with bakinskimi workers.“ In fact, that this for people! Yuly Osipovich Martov, Dan, Axelrod - Yids (Jews) circumcised. … Go play with your and go with them. Nor on fight with them not you you're going, nor on feast not gonna do something fun. Cowards and merchants ”, - was perturbed “flaming kolkhidets ”, better position not assuming, that Jews pass through his entire fate, until the end of life - the friends like-minded, then veiled fifth the column, then wily neskryvaemye enemies - his and Russia.
/ Stanislav Gribanov. “Loved Russia ” /

Referring on the prevalence of Jews in menshevistskoy faction London Congress 1907, he / Stalin / wrote jokingly offering, that mensheviki - Jewish faction, the Bolsheviks - truly the Russian, became be, not seriously impair would us, Bolsheviks of, ambush in Party a Pogrom.
In Siberian exiled Stalin was together with Yakov Mikhaylovich Sverdlov, which complained on his extreme anti-Semitism. Court honor court to Stalin on this about on the wrist.
/ Yakov Ayzenshtat. About prepare Stalin genocide Jews. Jerusalem, 1994 /.

Stalin well Egypt in Jewish issue. Even in 1913 in article “Marxism and national question ” he wrote:“. Question about national autonomy for Russians Jews accepts several kuryoznyy character - offer autonomy for nation, buduschnost which are denied by, existence which need even prove! ” Stalin mind words Russian suggested, on Lenin during their meeting in Geneva even in 1890 year: “Jews - niei?u chauvinists and nationalists. The Russian party must be Russian, not to lend themselves in face prolonged captivity “her knee gadovu ”. You have, Mr. (, simply lacks knowledge Jewry and breathing experience in waging affairs with Jews ”.
/ A. Ignatiev. Fifth the column. 1996/.

After conflict with same person as Leon Trotsky chief Soviet state began purify party and government from Zionist, having understood, as is dangerous their ideology and game. Unfortunately, began the second world war, during and after the end of the which Stalin could not continue to this fight, every minute dealing with problems army, economy, elimination of devastation. But, understanding entire destructiveness of of Zionism, Stalin, nevertheless, acknowledged Israel, apparently, wanting to, to Jews in Russia became less.
/ Doctor Shaaban Hafez Shaaban.
“Who will free up these countries from Zionist pundits ”. 1998/.

At all biggest weakness, which I saw have Stalin, was nepriyaznennoe attitude to Jewish nation. He autocratic, he theorist, and so in their writings of and in their speeches he not gave and a blip on the on this. My God God, if someone referred on his talk, on his statements, from which clearly suggested anti-Semitism.
When him accounted for to talk about the jew, he always talked from behalf of Jew with familiar me utrirovannym pronunciation. So talked nesoznatelnye, backward people, which with contempt treated Jews, koverkali language, vypyachivali Jewish negative traits. Stalin this, too, very liked and have him left well.
/ Nikita Kruschev. Memories /.

Boris Bazhanov in their “Vospominaniyakh former General Stalin ” detail writes about Stalin anti-Semitic. He leads such fact. Stalin goes from its cabinet and in the presence of Bazhanova Lev Z. Mehlis tells to Stalin about critical letter, received from General the Chinese eiiniiiea Fayvilovicha. Stalin says: “What this mangy some sheeny named itself imagine? ”
Stalin KAZNIIEK occupies-Semitic remarks and during 1949-1969 zastoliy, on which almost every week several his Teammates. For meal on dacha Stalin was happening they union Slavs, was To strike back against Jews, - increasingly as in good imperial times.
/ Yakov Ayzenshtat. About prepare Stalin genocide Jews. Jerusalem, 1994 /.

17 and 18 on May 1948 T. Heifetz sent two notes in the Chinese PCO / it comes /, in which reported, that in Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in increasingly increasing quantities are treated people with request to go in Palestine “. For participation in the fight with aggressors and fascists ”. His faith on voluntary donations build examples incarcerated and call its “Joseph Stalin ”. In some cases similar letters, postupavshie from province, have become to relay “in UMGB on residence ”.
With Sassi in the USSR in September 1948 First Israeli ambassador Golda Meir, its the emergence of on the streets Moscow, visits synagogues, Moscow State Jewish Theater morph right in demonstrations thousands of Soviet Jews. Precisely in this time I. Itzik Fefer said wife: “They us this never forgive the ”.
/ A. Weissberg. “New sources of on the history
Jewish of the anti-fascist Committee in the USSR ”. 1992/

All us clear, that we stand before danger physical destruction 2.5 million Jews, and, want we moreover or not, we owe to act as can be faster, so as this concerns and us. Is unknown, it is structural whether action Storm public opinion, but we have no choice: We must to beat alarm, we owe conducted global public opinion. Instead czar Nicholas Alexandrovich appeared Joseph Vissarionovich and his colleagues do, full, chronic hatred to Israel.
/ referenced Yitzhak-Meir Levin.
Sensationally in Knesset’s 19 January-1953 /.

In night on 2 March 1953, in Jews celebration Purim, I. W. Stalin important, until morning 6 March in deceiving party and peoples “sudden and bears a disease Comrade Stalin ”. Already 5 March doctor, anatomirovavshiy body Stalin / Rusakov / was decimated--thanks. And 1 on May 1953 On tribune elaborate Lenin-Stalin Pavlovich Beria said Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov: “His deleted I. I you all saved ”.
/ much detail see T. Vittlin. “Lavrenty Pavlovych Pavlovich Beria ”, London, 1973,
On persistent. And Rus. Officials. /. / Alexey Chichkin, publicist /.




“England, France, the US - powers would look like in World War II ” (’ s much discussed in New York 9 July 1975\\ Solzhenitsyn A. I. American speech. - Paris :Y MKA-Monitoring, 1975.YMCA Monitoring, s.27), and lips their heroes says our people "Wait, reptiles! Will on you battlefield! Would cast a you atomic bomb on head! "(Archipelago the Gulag. T.3. S.52.)

Well known, that A. Solzhenitsyn - and areas a snitch, seksot, informant, a recruited without taking any stress with that "Vetrov", he and himself this never denied, for thing obvious. Serving its term without single disciplinary punishment, Isayevich has agreed, that wrote written denunciation from conclusions on his friend Kirill Simonian (. " Lost, I sprayed you on Bank. "- so vytvarne he has its betrayal friend in letter). In 1952g. Simonian summoned interrogator and gave read ileum notebook in 52 st., completed well familiar Kirill teeny tiny handwriting his friend Sani Solzhenitsina. "Forces celestial! - cried Simonyan - on each page described, as I skeptic against Soviet power and his the most has been pitching to this." Nikolai Vitkovich, too, read denunciations on themselves his naperstnogo reckoned. "I not believed their eyes!" - so he described impression from reading. All of this well known, only quite Osleplyonnye draw us auspicious portrait Nobel lauriata.

In his books so much lies and lie. And fiction, that have an unbiased reader causes simply sense of disgust, has.
When very Isaevichu pointed to this, ah, for example, part of a scary movie, that routed Wrangel in Sochi the wild beasts in the zoo fed White Russian officers and for other on stilts, writer simply claimed, that explored the reality method artistic creativity and nor from what not refuses.

A. Twardowski in eyes said Solzhenitsinu: "You have there is nothing saintly." M. Sholokhov pointed out: "What something painful shamelessness." Almost the same talked L. Leonov, K. Simonov and other.

Personally for me, man, which claimed about our Great Pobeda expedition over fascism roughly the next: What the difference, who won: Wash their hands would portrait with the mustache and be portrait with has, just and big deal something - unacceptable.
Obviously, that Solzhenitsyn actively participated in execution plan Dulles in the USSR, helped destroy a great industrial superpower, and now those who was with him in one I, sing him now hosannas to, place monuments, reward, faeces in textbooks.

In the US 30 June 1975 "Russian patriot" declared: "I each America’s. The US long have shown themselves as the most desmond tutu-ey and the most lavish country in the world. Move history himself led you - made world executives. Please, lot more interfere in our internal affairs. "

Liar Solzhenitsyn
A dead lion can lyagat and ended up.

Excellent words same A. I. Solzhenitsyn: "To live not on lies." Here is we and pereskazhem content books "Don’t hears us idol" (now, look at # 9-12, 1990 year), to see, as same himself Alexander Isayevich adhered to this principle. Its the author, former editor of vlasovskoy newspapers L. A. Samutin, honestly joined the its term in vorkutinskom camp, essentially, was co-author some pages books "riveting the Gulag." In 1970’s at the request Solzhenitsyn stashed have themselves this sent the. Samutin kept the loyalty Solzhenitsyn only before moment, when workers KGB have him this sent the withdrawn. For three weeks before this in organs state security personnel was caused by their the total the familiar Elizabeth D. Voronyanskaya she all, typing up Solzhenitsyn and was with him, as the saying goes, in relations "particularly close." Perepugavshis, woman hang itself, and Samutin, by analysing circumstances its demise and his arrest, makes an unambiguous conclusion: Has informed on them not who a different, as. Himself Solzhenitsyn! This allowed him to raise in the West noise around "Arkhipa" and in the foreword state: "But now, when the MSS just would still took this book, me nothing not remains, as immediately to publish its".

drug of sciences (he same Solzhenitsyn). A photocopy of a.
“… does nothing more than narrow Ivan (is Michael) was assassinated pritselnym mutilated in head. This was single in camps method eliminate people, which could be dangerous for secret informants lager leadership ”. (Naval historical journal, # 12, 1990 year, st. 77)

In whose schoolgirl the textbook included recommendations Solzhenitsyn for human, the will "to live not on lies."
"With this days he: – henceforth not will write, not it will sign an investment, not think Deighton would publish were far way nor one phrase, iskrivlyayuschey, in his view, truth."
As times during write this Isaich, I'll race you with Roy Medvedev for Prize in 5 thousands of "bucks" charge to prove to, that the author "the Pacific Don" not Sholokhov.
". Picturesquely ,-sculpt, actually most. Not Is going to be nor one distortions of truth, which ageand. "
Io, 11 class, st. 220

It turned out, that many "guilting zekovskie" photos Isaich fabricate anything already after stints in prison.
Another fact shameless morbidity. Here already not weathered workers the:
"If calculate number of arrested on article 58zh, then atoning, that in penal institutions-labor camps thru about two million people. Two million – many this or little? Of course same, many, but someone this seems little, and they bring figure until 110 million. "
(For Help: Few, ten, that, than implausible lies, those faster in it believed, was able "starving" only 14 million repressed.)
Workers the ridiculed, phrase Isaicha: "I not I dare write like-Ria Arcipelago di. Me not was connected to read documents. "

"Come in Moscow. These documents await you ", – with sarcasm was invited they" living not on lies. " Archives the gulag open! (Knowledge – people, # 6, 1990 year).
But have no time to visit him now these engage. Still recently he wrote:
"There is no on light of nation more despicable, more left, more an alien and an unnecessary, than the Russian." Still recently he of pleading have CIA Nobel Prize: "Me this Prize need to. As fist in positions, in battle! And than faster few, those into sterner stuff collusion, those robust'll hit! "
Time strikes on "an alien and an unnecessary" nation passed: Union lies in ruins, on recommendations Isaicha "absolved" Ventspils and Central Asia, across the country blood, refugees. Now Russia need to developing a for new hosts. And those know, that the best anaesthesia, to "a life doomed to nation" under this not rebelled, you know, – anti-Communism.
Solzhenitsyn well serves this work. Former seksotu not getting accustomed work on "owner."






AsLand, enough to spam already



Media (newspapers, radio, television) created image great-peoples.
Cosmonaut. All know, a hundred fa constantly lie, manipulate people - I made conclusion.
Stalin (brand) system state the USSR (Russia).
I am confident Dzhugashvili was other man.
This brand use for manipulation people, also as brand "ius khristos", "Superman", "the devil", "Churchill", "poutine"



Tell about which Stalin a good my the deceased grandmother, have which half of Rodney during autumn in 33 year rotted away



Debate about who better Stalin (Dzhugashvili) or internationally the (Bronstein) - increasingly-would still, that debate about which from culpable of 719 steep: Our or lined up against. And those and other criminals. Have made by comrades Trotsky, too, can be develop or and right speeches. But this nothing not means. Hypocrites they and in Africa hypocrites. But theme very actual. Because and raskruchivaemaya. Increasingly repeats itself again. Phrase "Enemy of people" soon will be very NetTradeX Mobile.

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#p28180,wtf wrote:

tell that about which Stalin a good my the deceased grandmother, have which half of Rodney during autumn in 33 year rotted away

Your grandmother in the Kremlin lived?
Long already all modicum a bit to assimilate people know, that the entire this 1967 was there is and works nationalists and co Levy made by comrades Trotsky, with goal trigger hungry riots and start second about his. Thank god, then Stalin intervened and the entire this the Vinalia shrunk, many saved, have order, injected aid food. Not the that on Western Ukraine and Belarus, where under power good Polish political people going hungry and dropped without taking any noise, and no one them parcel creche not sent. If would have contemporary samostiynikov all broke a, then your grandmother could would and the second than half its Rodney not doschitatsya



#p39495,l2 wrote:

How long you been already all modicum a bit to assimilate people know, that the entire this 1967 was there is and works nationalists and co Levy made by comrades Trotsky, with goal trigger hungry riots and start second about his.

of our protection, "’ s excesses tarnished on places", about which Stalin wrote in their "Dizziness, huh from successes. To issues Kolkhozniy movement "still in 1930, only hunger began several later. And perekidyvanie shooter on made by comrades Trotsky (who was already for was also taken prisoner) is by no means some ingenious. Can all-??? Molotov with Kagaonovichem and further peregibali, not having understood Comrade Stalin?. " In July 1932 year khlebozagotovki amounted just 55% from and without moreover under-valued plan ", and plan need fulfill, not so whether?


“Of-for a breakdown companies on ” as of grain in some areas Ukraine, the Security Soviet of People's Commissars and the Chinese Party Ukraine orders an local party and guiding authorities end with sabotage grain, who was organized kontrrevolyutsionnymi and kulatskimi elements. Needs brand those communists, who headed a this sabotage, and fully liquidate passive attitude to him with hand some party organizations. Advice Soviet of People's Commissars and Central the Committee jointly decided take on article all those terrain, in which there was many sabotage, and to apply to them the next measures punishment:
To suspend in these terrain all supplies goods state trade and cooperative networks. Close all public and cooperative trade point. Withdraw all the available goods.
To ban sale basic species foods, request previously in waging kolkhozes and private owners.
Withhold all credit these places and immediately abrogate previously the loans that.
Carefully spell out personal affairs governing and economic agents organizations with goal identify hostile elements.
Produce similar work in kolkhozakh, to reveal all hostile elements, implemented participation in sabotage of. ”
source of

In Europe, too, was hunger, and even in America, but not despite this mortality not was such huge.



#p39503,Val wrote:

of our protection, "’ s excesses tarnished on places", about which Stalin wrote in their "Dizziness, huh from successes. To issues Kolkhozniy movement "still in 1930, only hunger began several later. And perekidyvanie shooter on made by comrades Trotsky (who was already for was also taken prisoner) is by no means some ingenious. Can all-??? Molotov with Kagaonovichem and further peregibali, not having understood Comrade Stalin?. " In July 1932 year khlebozagotovki amounted just 55% from and without moreover under-valued plan ", and plan need fulfill, not so whether?

Deal in is, that “a repressive ” apparatus in the time niei?u yes near was comprised of well zamaskirovavshikhsya and dead-bolted vtershikhsya in trust to a new power, kingpins made by comrades Trotsky, terrible nenavidevshikh Russia and its people. And so good as to untie reckless excess from behalf of Stalin, they intend, if not immediately, then in the future use this situation for ouster of Soviet power through demonization way of Stalin. So and happened, when Germany criticism Stalin fueled starting signal destruction our statehood.

You ask, why under vsemoguschem Stalin were allowed known “’ s excesses tarnished. ” Start with, that “omnipotent ” he was not always, yes and not so, somehow we itself his represent. Was even such time, when his could to lift with party-office simple polling.

Deal in that, in 1924 year, contrary will Stalin, party made by comrades Trotsky (EKP), four or her limbs stood this on Zionistplatform, powerful column Borjigins in PCO (it comes), about than very detail written in dvukhtomnike Vladimir current “Generalissimo. ” And stance Leyby Davydovitch has become there so neprerekaemoy, that he amused excessive luxury attend on funeral Lenin. Firmly by trusting, that after demise of the Leader of power and so, not thinking up big, initially him on a neck.

But here we all damnably fortunate. Because the omnipresent, is as there's a draught internationally the, in maiden name Bronstein, became confidently lose power in favor of gosudarstvennika Stalin. Not simply this, not was would Great Soviet Union, not was would victory in Great Patriotic war. At all nothing would not was. Good. Because strangle the USSR in 30’s years, when he even lay in the cradle, was would much more practical, than in 90-'s, on top his power.



#p39495,l2 wrote:

How long you been already all modicum a bit to assimilate people know, that the entire this 1967 was there is and works nationalists and co Levy made by comrades Trotsky.

#p39504,Wind wrote:

Delo in is, that “a repressive ” apparatus in the time niei?u yes near was comprised of well zamaskirovavshikhsya and dead-bolted vtershikhsya in trust to a new power, kingpins made by comrades Trotsky.

Nothing new – increasingly the same the old Metodichka.
Peoples the USSR, for beloved JSC. Stalena, were, as raskhodnoe raw materials for winning world. Or as least Europe. In primarily Germany. After all German workers and engineers worth far domestic. And gladomory and repression need were for obeschelovechivaniya population, that would can be was force these people to what anywhere. And hunger in Leningrad, this, too, part of obeschelovechivaniya. And that Trotskie, that Staleny with Molotovymi, this increasingly one and the same chelovekonenavistnicheskaya power, as and their followers, type red kkhmer and other creatures.



#p39507,lublupivo wrote:

Nothing a new – increasingly the same the old Metodichka.

Can be. But Stalin left after themselves've experienced country with the pressures population. So that Metodichka "Stalin schmuck", too, as the not very. Precisely for this the handbook heads our country.



#p39510,Wind wrote:

But Stalin left after themselves've experienced country with the pressures population.

Perhaps this not "thanks to", and "contrary"?

#p39510,Wind wrote:

Precisely for this the handbook heads our country.

Western Roman empire, too, was in its time very powerful power, which controlled almost entire Europe and part of Africa, and, too, successfully unraveled. The reason of disintegrating union was in is, that needs one part of population not matched the needs the other part of the population (, because they ask different religious and racially-popular customs), and to these imbalances keep in pile, need was brutal’(Party and governments). Mass repression ended, here is and went has got a soft spot.

#p39504,Wind wrote:

Delo in that, in 1924 year, contrary will Stalin, party made by comrades Trotsky (EKP), four or her limbs stood this on Zionist platform, powerful column Borjigins in PCO (it comes),.

Perhaps, but vlitie was still in district revolution, and after death Lenin made by comrades Trotsky gradually ousted with high posts abroad (discredit me with Kamenev, Lev Borisovich as something aptly peremetnuli from left to as irresistible, putting forward Stalin in receivers Lenin, but this them not helped - in thereafter and their removed). Supporters and followers. Perhaps, but were executed by the they orders / regulations functioning power led by Stalin, not so whether? And schematic higher me the resolution not Trotskyites same have come up with (or Trotskyites.



#p39522,Val wrote:

Perhaps this not "thanks to", and "contrary"?

Thinking such perhaps? Contrary to, that Chairman collective farm I've been drunk and Orthodoxy, Y's been Mitch-slapping all sector, the collective continued be Millionaire. The collective farmers themselves became become financially literate, built itself homes,’s children, which priedsedatel ate on breakfast.

#p39522,Val wrote:

Reason of disintegrating union was in is, that needs one part of population not matched the needs the other part of the population (different religious and racially-popular customs), and to these imbalances keep in pile, need was brutal’(Party and governments). Mass repression ended, here is and went has got a soft spot.

So here is and need Chairman, which not will resolve (dictator) Masha dinner slutty, Mishka tailgatin '. And will create conditions for their life, on joy people and development collective farm.

#p39522,Val wrote:

Perhaps, but vlitie was still in district revolution, and after death Lenin made by comrades Trotsky gradually ousted with high posts abroad (discredit me with Kamenev, Lev Borisovich as something aptly peremetnuli from left to as irresistible, putting forward Stalin in receivers Lenin, but this them not helped - in thereafter and their removed). Supporters and followers. Perhaps, but were executed by the they orders / regulations functioning power led by Stalin, not so whether? And schematic higher me the resolution not Trotskyites same have come up with (or Trotskyites.

Of course revolution vershili all kogalom. But if Trotskie and not intended raising country, and only were ransacked and get wheeled on auctions in us believe that Europa may tons increasingly valuable (after all need to contributors vozvrashat vlozhenoe). The Stalin, on least strengthen, all of this ceased and much reinforced ago (hence and repression). Increasingly is difficult, much not know, much obolgano and oblito dirt.



#p39523,Wind wrote:

There is difficult, much not know, much obolgano and oblito dirt.

and much of the others. Behind this oblivaniem / obolganiyam / pridumyvaniem there is any goal (indeed do ????? its grains goal). One of goals - la "the USSR-2.0", for whom need a strong leader ("Stalin on you there is no (with)) for sgyoba disaffected colonies. And leader there is, like. Oblivateli recall the gulag (not for good reason, perhaps), goal - not allow "the USSR-2.0."
Offtop in subject:

Оффтоп в тему

That was Stalinist terror, and presided over them Yezhov. Have 31st was wife. Have wife was mass were. For example, wife 31st Slept with Isaac Emmanuilovich Babel and with Sholokhov (imagine, as this would looked now — any Dmitri Bykov, although I and not compare talents, removes wife have Bastrykin. Talk, and.
About how, that wife 31st sleeping not only with Nikolai Ivanovich Yezhov, he perfectly knew, because, when you the head of the NKVD, you know at all strongly more rest.
Wife 31st Slept with Sholokhov in rooms hotel National, and for TK collaborators NKVD waged Votul underway (“only ”,“ kissing ”, “Ah, Marrying ”). This same well have Yezhov wife later were swigging on slap.
Sholokhov wrote to Stalin letter — about how, that terror, spearheaded by Nikolai Ivanovich Yezhov, this poorly (and wife his, apparently, well). Stalin, of course same,, too, knew increasingly and pro Sholohova street, and pro 31st, and pro his wife. When you Stalin, you know far more, than the head of the NKVD — the knew, that knows himself and knows wife, but not knew, that knows Stalin. Sholokhov not knew at all nothing and simply wrote letters, than frightening Amusing. Joseph Vissarionovicha.
Stalin, in turn, to that point decided to, that Soviet people enough scarred and feared, and terror little by little the Arab.
Wife 31st passed a mortal dose sleeping pills. The most 31st and lover the deceased Isaac Emmanuilovich Babel accused in prepare assassination attempt on Stalin (wife, too, wanted, but she already emerged with a, so its death them same and ascribed).
First shooting Isaac Emmanuilovich Babel. Through week — 31st. And Sholokhov gave first in the Soviet Union Stalin Prize. Not only for the “Pacific Don ”, but and for active civil stance.

source of



#p39503,Val wrote:

of our protection, "’ s excesses tarnished on places", about which Stalin wrote in their "Dizziness, huh from successes. To issues Kolkhozniy movement "still in 1930, only hunger began several later. And perekidyvanie shooter on made by comrades Trotsky (who was already for was also taken prisoner) is by no means some ingenious. Can all-??? Molotov with of the Kaganovich Family and further peregibali, not having understood Comrade Stalin?. " In July 1932 year khlebozagotovki amounted just 55% from and without moreover under-valued plan ", and plan need fulfill, not so whether?

In Europe, too, was hunger, and even in America, but not despite this mortality not was such huge.

And who knows mortality in the same Europe? In Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey in 1932-33 was a spooky't arrive, people dropped as flies, the only salvation for inhabitants of cross-border neighborhoods and littoral was smuggling grain and other products from the same of Odessa and Crimea, that were shaving up all these Kosiory with Lyubchenkami and Primakovymi. Correctly their then to wall set! But then chief fighter with Stalin Nikita all reptiles rehabilitated. Still and memorial as they told the entire this scum. And the streets their names ponazyvali.

And pro bread from chapter and quinoa salad did you hear that?
This how many same arable lands was a police, that peasants cannot so much quinoa salad muster?
And field, derived from under plantings grain and zaseyannye of sugar the beet, half of which neuchtennoy pererabatyvalas on sugar and alcohol and commanded the same smugglers abroad?



#p39522,Val wrote:

Reason of disintegrating union was in is, that needs one part of population not matched the needs the other part of the population (different religious and racially-popular customs), and to these imbalances keep in pile, need was brutal’(Party and governments). Mass repression ended, here is and went has got a soft spot.

As well with sick heads yes on healthy.
If and was two part of the population, then perishing Following 2kh years can be see on benefitsiaram, who against whom was. .fat not in sight of Polish-gospodarsku tip, obogativshuyusya at the expense "hegemon."
In its time read Vaynerov (such "patriots", wrote in the table "Circus and stumbling in green the grass"). There well described by mood and thinking this the very top before "katastroykoy."
And the as always: Syria - tall tales about religious fantikakh, Ukraine - stories pro popular customs. Here is in Russia now Kasperskie, Ovalnye, Khodakovskie - this Th?:
- Or, little thoughts ambush deriban under somehow any pretext of as in 90’s or as have us here began was.
Wasn someone abolished principle Qui prodest, the more for lyubitelya "Roman empire"?



#p39525,l2 wrote:

A who knows mortality in the same Europe? In Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey in 1932-33 was a spooky't arrive, people dropped as flies,.

Statistics knows, and pro "as flies", too,. You have such a statistics? Some write, that nourished German yes, 't arrive, hunger, unemployment, several man obessililo, several through life suicide from-for crisis. But not millions of same (if there is data statistics about million victims hunger in countries Europe - request provide). Vast Soviet agitation could promoted wood in hunger other for averting eye from own. In times of KomZETa was aid from the US (from moslems Jews) in including malnourished from Ukraine, what it comes this they have themselves tear off the would, if would have them were screws? (Was here somewhere theme about transfer Crimea Jews after the revolution, there was pro food aid).

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