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Bookshelf the sniper

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Hello respected forumchane, founding fathers, habitues and strangers!

Want have a cutie here another temku for reflections. Like would and "triviality, but".

at the aoa poraneniy granatometnik Andry Dromn ? Ternopil (pozivniy Svtlyak ). Kolessa Berezoviy kinuvsya on will Svtlyaku ? oaae otrimav kulyu in pace , rozpovv a.
Pokey 1930 aee?ee ?-i obstrlu ? poranenimi ? toodle-oo prikhala medichna support is, Kolessa Berezoviy are a. Krupnim kalbrom eiio rozrvalo arteryu on noz in ?aeii ? the GUl-? iaa ? ou dzhgut not Ukrani ta klkokh ukranskikh zupiniti padnee , iia ? aiiea Kolessa quot; Liakhovich.

Very an interesting nyuans.
Bookshelf snipers work surprising way coincided. Accidentally whether? Here are appropriate saying

What you attention: Snipers sought constitute in the thigh mitinguyuschim, continues to our the interlocutor. Such wound is considered lethal, because it causes chiefly bleeding--has, which man himself not in forces stop. Moreover, on video measures have, as attempting had to do was listen the wounded simply'd blow, and themselves Wounded finished off by.

(Promaydannaya newspaper "Facts on", material entitled
snipers sought fall into the thigh mitinguyuschim. Such wound is considered lethal , 05.04.2014)



Poapdeytit subject a ginge, think not would prevent.

Needs - talk waved good-bye "? soratnykom".

Effektneyshie polupostanovochnye photo! Chyorno- red "anarchist" tone, for one is emphasized mourning, winning sun with limiting brightness, tour to game actors.

More photo can be watch on exiled.
On some photo observed near with spetszakazovskimi "on firm" colors on bumper a coffin - neatly most 7 units of a drone 5.45kh39
To what would this? Here is even page has found "magic actions on funeral". There nothing such a not mentioned. Ca, this what the a new the Judeo-zapadenskaya tradition?



On maydany claimed that the sniper blasted away mostly in a neck.
About hips. In real fighting sniper not killer and his task not kill enemy (if this of course not intrigued by the task on specific your targets) and to withdraw from by building. On Academy made it the likelihood embody in head on significant purposes extremely small, on breast see the vest which in principle observing, but enter need under the right angle, remains the lower part of bodies, on it and work and this well lack for metaphorically of a soldier from battlefield.
And these all stories "separatists-terrorists" that on their the balls work Baltic biatlonistki Brad a white-haired in foreingn countries.

This berezovogo could order and itself Chornovol or company, can many knew, and can were sake of assets or business. Although not fact that his at all killed, the coffin of the the closed.



dex wrote:

Although not fact that his at all killed, the coffin of the the closed.

Hmm. I confess, me, too, came such thought. As the not In outline. Complexion, same have dude's quite ??? a major - and the coffin of the appeared on photo - somehow the "standard". And even och an interesting nyuans, Muammar el on that blog Chornovil - is this'ovyi bought itself weapons. "For simeyni pittance"!

Guardian pokyniy man, that i?eeiya ?aiiy pti on vynu not pitav: "Ui ?iaeou for mene capital inflows in Ukraine?." Vn for smeyn money buying ? aieo nia ? machine gun ? pshov, raising the vvazhav, ui after a responsible of i?eaooeiaee a for e?a ?ie all mozhlive, raising the after a robiv for t e?a ?ie in which virostati eiai ? oyi.

Interestingly, in how many costing him this variants and as widely this predominant military snare-trade was deployed in post -- maydanoaktivnyy period?



Pod Illovayskom a company of battalion "Azov" fell under a sniper shelling of with two sides.Cyber this with seats events told the volunteer Nikolai quot; Liakhovich. "Only that with an attempt liberation Illovayska died Nikolai Anatoli Berezovoy, this husband of Tatiana Chornovol. He was his platoon, our a company of behaved for the BMP and fell under a sniper shelling of with both sides. Worked Russian mercenaries-techs have ", - told quot; Liakhovich. According to of a soldier, first wounded was granatometchik Andrei Dremin from Ternopil, Anatoli Berezovoy charge him on aid and received wound in pace. Until fighters were covering up for Demina and berezovogo, a one with 6 "Sokol" snipers are trapped in open . "Had to handle Wounded under too much heavy fire of snipers and only miraclemanaged avoid other victims.contaminated this sniper still times shot down "a firefly", than killed in combat, his, just he received five armored, two of them weathered helmet. Until we withdrew from the under the shelling with as one, and until has arrived medical aid - Nikolai Anatoli Berezovoy died ", - told fighter. On this moment battalion "Azov" has two dead and four Wounded, battle continues. … 80788.html

In other words: From whole platoons (soldiers (from 9 until 50 h.) under too much heavy fireof snipers died one (husband Chornovil), the second wounded. Chudny affairs your, Christ.

Effektneyshie polupostanovochnye photo! Chyorno- red "anarchist" tone, for one is emphasized mourning, winning sun with limiting brightness, tour to game actors.

So you think, husband Chornovil not killed? And pachimu? :)

Me here is seems contrary: His killed and as times in superlunie-a rager. For any kind of ab, psychopathy, JTS. I not such a good as Chornovil (hope), but transition well felt, it's kind of heavy was. And have Chornovil certificate with diagnosis "schizophrenia." On Maidan it did all sorts of place as well, can and now hoped that something's gonna throw?



Claire wrote:

So you think, husband Chornovil not killed? And pachimu? :)

Not know. Not know. That the not letter disquieting, in this chain "postavannya way of a new national hero". But here is that?. "Superideynyy ukrainstvuyuschiy, exemplary family reasons (absolutely not marked in the shadows frichikhi-wife), in good faith-besslovesno otmaydanil, bought weapons, followed to fight. Died "smertyu geroya"

Before eyes why the emerges Sashko Bilyy, poluurka neo-Ustym Karmaliuk, vivid charisma of with rokochuschim, mega-memorable Baskom, unworthy clearly "plus" on this bright amerskom megashou

This my comment on site "Web Based Poker", as see - for a few days until known events. Of course with these people I not was sign, nor days not maydanil always has avoided and correctly ignored invited not mnogochislennyk "ukroprodvinutykh" known on rollicking rallies and get-togethers. For some lack-style am asking excuse us, many posts here is so simply without editing and review's when I place. :)

Interesting detail. Mournful vshivanka on wiki-page Bilogo-identichnaya on style with Tatiana's! Coincidence
A curious, of course same.




Mourning vshivanka on wiki-page Bilogo -identichnaya on style with Tatiana's! Coincidence
A curious, of course same.

Most shirts factory from white fabric. White color were long symbolizes God the Father, and also force, life, energy, purity. It was thought, that white national costumes of Ukraine attracts fortune, positively affects spiritual and physical health moreover, who its wears. Red color, which is dominantnym in the embroidered latest fusion style symbolizes element do of Fire, coterie life and male the beginning of in nature. And here is black color is at all not symbol of death, as commonly realized. He symbolizes land, wealth, knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, our ancestors believed, that black fabric absorbs information and energy, so black shirts book passed from father to son. Together with on father transferred their knowledge and circuits experience.
Black vyshivanki indeed existed, their wore and be loved in many areas Ukraine, especially on Podolye. In many areas such shirts wore exclusively elderly people - guardians knowledge and wisdom generations. Known also, that in shirts black color of dressed the bodies of the dead. However, this does not means, that black womens and male vyshivanki were burial chamber clothes. Their use depended on situation.
Especially popular and amount black shirts were have insurgents in period World War II. Deal in is, that white shirts were simply are impractical, so as soldiers implemented much time in trenches there one could. Moreover, in the White plumages was easier discern human on distance. That is why soldiers UPA wore black vyshivanki, they protected their spiritually, so and physically. There is also knownthe, which so and is called - December vishivanka .
Black shirts not bear in itself bad energy, so that you can not fear buy and wear their. Simply black color more practically-minded, he not so quickly and markedly Corrasable Bond and it smudges, as white. Cannot be say, that black national costumes of Ukraine - this is only modern interpretation of Ukrainian national shirts. Such shirts were known long. Simply today they especially us liked your looks.
Source: Link



Human killed realistically :(. Good rights. This my acquaintance, Countryman. Naturally, now around such death will public and will are engaged all opportunities, to obtain bonuses in information war. Pledge not to throw stones and practised in conspiracy nut in other themes.

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A good man - never "zgolosytsya" (whether he modicum three times ukro-svydomyy) even a hypothetical - to go kill their fellow citizens, and never of course, NOT STANET proactively, for their money even and buy not legal empowerment weapons. All the more after sequence of bloody events on maydaune, not clever promote which, alas, this geroystvuyuschiy so and not figured out, all right.

And this theme created here, of course same not with goal "simply so practicing left in conspiracy nut", and pokizdet down - this theme created I conducted with the only goal - to zaglyanuvshiy here accidentally're Lamey candidate in the airbender recruits had although would the theoretical and only a slow chance think and to abandon fate block maydauno-supplying labor force and pushmyasa.

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