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All-but-forgotten ruin plane K-40 in Sheremetyevo 09 March 2000

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09.03.2000 Propulsion In the process take-off from its airfield Sheremetyevo failed catastrophe plane K-40D RA-88170 OJSC Vologda Aviation enterprise (Northeast Western the district an interregional territorial governance air transport Ministry of transport trades abroad, Propulsion Vologda), carrying out their Main charter flight Moscow Kyiv (Borispol). Under cyclical upswing on perform well not more 15 flushed and speed 230 kilometers / hour, jet in fact regime stall (flight), soprovozhdayuschiysya ungovernable leftist kreneniem, after what faced with land on distance 1,200 flushed from seats starters ready and has broken up just. Crew and passengers died.
Members crew:
Mikhail Yakushin Sergei A. commander air naval ship (pilot 1 class; overall grout on Yak-40 6728 hours, Vologda PA ); buried Vologda;
Moguev Eduard A. the second pilot (pilot 3 class; overall grout 1762 hours, of them on Yak-40 880 hours, Vologda PA ); buried in Moscow region;
Navolotskiy Vasily G. Flight Engineer (specialist 1 class; overall grout on K-40 7649 hours, Vologda PA ); buried Vologda;
Jakovlev Yevhen A. bunch-the manager (CJSC AeroTeks ); buried in Moscow region;
Koryagina Svetlana G. governance passengers (Avkom-Air Service ); buried in Moscow region.
Boletus Artyom August CEO of cameramen Completely secretively telecom , chief editor of magazine Persoanele care , President informational holding Completely secretively , chief editor of newspapers Version ; buried on Novodevichy a graveyard of;
Ziya Bazhayev Ziyaudi Yusupovitsh President and founder the oil corporations OJSC Group the Alliance ; buried on Danilovsky District, Yaroslavl Oblast the Muslim a graveyard of Moscow;
Tektov Nikolai and Diaporthe Andrei guards Bazhaeva.
From confirming stories with worker airport Sheremetyevo-2 Ivan Zascherinskogo: I behaved on work for car parks, perpendicular the community, where fell jet. Yak-40 Stole my attention those, that he taken off yet, as foreign jet, with steeply upward. Under this from nozzles left engine have him pouring out red-yellow the flames. Jet EU then in set Heights. Through two of seconds suddenly became smoothly krenitsya to the left. It looked, that he began to do leftist horrible Ventoux on the building Sheremetyevo-2. Machine hit her about land left wing, then nose. Then explosion kerosene, but nothing virtually not burned, only black clubs of smoke long yet over the rubble of the plane, because wind virtually not was.
The flames from nozzles this is one of signs of surge line, after which engine does freeze.
According to candidate technical Sciences S. I. Homeland, which in TsAGI and the government them. A. BC Of Tupolev handled problems ensure security flights military and civil aviation, compressor stall could be is caused by poor fuel, impurity in which inundate the filters. According to airmen is, for order to engines stalled, enough in fuel sypanut a bit sugar, of salt or sulphur.
Its narrative Ivan Zascherinskiy repeated employees security services airport, and those had transferred evidence eyewitness kicked in a construction aviation Committee (MAC). However on the very moment testimony Ivan Zascherinskogo MAC calculated manifestation of his fantasies.
For investigations causes tragedy under MAC was created ad hoc Commission, in that comprised and category: Vologda representatives. Investigation lasted more year (instead 30 days). With they not was some experiments and research pursue at the expense funds the oil corporations OJSC Group the Alliance (Any investigation for Your money. La group, not sized themselves excessive work, simply waited results Commission. … vzlet.html
Finally, in June 2001 Was complete investigation circumstances collapse plane Yak-40D, onboard Number RA-88170, factory Number: 9620847. Have become known official results investigations. Official conclusion causes catastrophe 9 March 2000 in airport Sheremetyevo sounds the next way:
1. Under meeting takeoff jet, all his system and engines were workable. All destruction design occurred in a result clashes plane with land. Explosion, fire, impact striking a substances in I might go not was. All members crew were on their workers places.
2. External factors not reach across restrictions for takeoff plane Yak-40. Radio-electrical means airport Sheremetyevo and work personnel services governance air movement provided a secure fulfilling by air. Sputnyy footprint from plane "Boeings-767", vzletevshego for 8 minutes until takeoff Yak-40, not has had influence on outcome by air.
3. Under prepare plane to end of runway 9.03.2000 after intense land, the icing contrary demands Rules technical service having the surface plane ice protection circulating not handled, that Raj to reduce Bell properties wing and reducing critical edges of attacks.
4. Under cyclical upswing crew adopted erroneous decision use non-standart position flap setting, that not solution.National Rukovodstvom on AP exploitation plane: Flaps of were issued on a corner 11 degrees instead 20 degrees.
5. After break jet was launched on a corner attacks more 13 degrees, which from-for declining Bell properties wing owing to influence consequences land, the icing under where most position flap setting proved a critical, and on perform well 8- 10 flushed happened svalivanie plane. In the process stall (flight) from-for violations gazodinamicheskoy sustainability occurred compressor stall engines, accompanied strident and clap to it and carbon of the flame.
6. Test technical expenditure plane has shown, that jet Yak-40D RA 88170 was exploited with individual aggregates and computer components izdeliyami, technologies stated resources. In accordance with operating guiding files, the defining order listing air courts to segodnyashniy, fulfilling flights in such cases is not permissible. … 19402.html
Increasingly simply: Pilots 1 class not are at fly, and-scale geo-technical personnel not keeps managing work with technological files. As follows from a final report by Commission MAC:
Air ? with plane Yak-40D RA 88170 happened in a result his clashes with land on reason stall (flight) owing to adverse a combination of series of next factors, associated as with violation of pilot's Operating Handbook plane Yak-40 and mistakes in technology train as pilots crew, so and with violation of-scale geo-technical personnel technological documents to prepare the plane to end of runway after land, the icing, innovator to have influence on deterioration in lift characteristics wing (ordered acceptance deputy Argentine A. W. Neradko from 18.02.2002g. # ON-62-r).
Two members Commission, rassledovavshey catastrophe, vologzhane Alexander Sergeevich Vorobiev and Oleg Petrovic Varnakov refused put their signature under so fast Commission. Their special opinion was accounted in Protocol separately.
Collaborators holding Absolutely secretively implemented an independent investigation plane. 4 on May 2000 Newspaper Version reported, that collaborators holding Completely secretively believe, that Yak-40 collapsed from-for any external impact.
Version of he had been persistently: Comment adviser-inspections are underway on security flights of Vologda operators, pilot 1 th class Paschmentova N. P.:
availability of, the icing on elements victim ? plane Yak-40 RA-88170 not is reflected in the act his exploring, originating immediately after catastrophe, that unambiguously requires Rules investigations aviation accidents and incidents with civilian air courts in trades abroad , publication 1998. The absence of any, the icing on jet Yak-40 RA-88170 in the process takeoff and set of Heights confirms and data from mapping appropriate recorded on-board cockpit recordings MSRP-12-96. Thus, objective data, comprehensively illustration the availability of land, the icing elements structural plane Yak-40 RA-88170 under cyclical upswing 9.03.2000, no.
Now turn to flaps down and drop, issued on 11 degrees. Takeoff with switch for the flaps, otklonennymi on 11 degrees, not is envisaged Rukovodstvom on AP exploitation Yak-40, but he could not result cause of arise stall (flight) plane and his fall of on stage takeoff and set of Heights on the next motives.
Agreed, the main appointment issuing flap setting on 20 degrees (before soaring) - provide reductions length ready, distance there is takeoff and speed break under exploitation aircraft Yak-40 on short runways more autobahn (until 1350 flushed).
Because length runways the landing swathe of in airport Sheremetyevo (3,500 flushed) had not restricted length ready and of runway distance plane Yak-40, then issuance flap setting at this jet on 11 degrees led:
- to increased aerodynamic quality wing and plane in a whole;
- to reducing demanded fuel efficiency traction the established set of Heights;
- to increased surplus raspolagaemoy traction engines;
- to improve characteristics set of Heights.
Under this can increase the speed break plane and decline a critical a corner attacks.
So as jet after break received the speed 240 kilometers in hour, then data privilege, on following and calculated tables, Energy in book Prakticheskaya aerodynamics plane Yak-40 , the authors L. B. If, M. BC Schifrin, Moscow, 1977, offer reason argue, that a corner attacks wing vzletayuschego plane was 9 degrees, that in 2 times less his critical meanings, thus, issuance flap setting on 11 degrees could not be cause of stall (flight) plane Yak-40 and his fall of with trajectory set of Heights.
Built opinion not claims on comprehensive, but believe, that the absence of, the icing on Bell surfaces plane, ordinary meteousloviya weather and takeoff with switch for the flaps, released on 11 degrees, could not be cause of arise and development catastrophic situation with-plane-Yak-40 RA-88170.
(Source of newspaper Version ) … 19402.html

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Thus, official conclusion specifically created by for investigations causes accident Commission directly emerges experienced experts, the elementary rules some kind of flight affairs and characteristics plane Yak-40.
According to holdouts, reasons demise Yak-40 so and not were set.
Investigation not ended although would because, that on his custody there is no two signatures. My, spoke in 2002 Alexander Vorobjev, the first deputy CEO of Vologda a unified aviaotryada, to which applied crash-lands Yak-40, and chairman-scale geo-technical subcomisiei kusheva. Have us special opinion. It not coincides with official. … 5/6s.shtml
Nevertheless La group, dozhdavshayasya, finally, results work Commission, passed its conclusions for axiom and ended investigation.
Immediately after this died in a plane crash a pilot-Baturin Alexander Beschastnov, which at the request experts Commission committed experimental flights with on Environmental Yak-40 and eighty six police blame crew. Baturin 2003 at the other jet M 101T aircraft Gzhel (ceramics) , but, too, under quite mysterious circumstances. … vzlet.html
And here is, that wrote Galina Rostislav in their speculation about application of intelligence agencies sverkhveschestva, allows to change crystallized structure metal, developed in one of closed ND in eve of disintegrating Soviet Union (conditional support called it heavy fuel oil ):
of multiple years ago I met with akademkom RAS Joseph Fridlyanderom. We discussed have him in VIAMe of rubble Institute aviation materials. A distinguished scholar, rebuffed public Prize for develop sverkhlegkikh by an aluminum-expects the alloys, a leading specialist in his area and utterly a remarkable man, Joseph Naumovich, or the crisis, as his, despite substantial 90-year-old age, a lot of things colleagues and collaborators, participated in work commissions Inquiry into virtually all largest airline crashes past century. In his task as times original elucidation behavior lung alloys and causes arise cracks. Not has become the exception and tragedy Yak-40.
During interview about the problems Russian aircraft industry Joseph Naumovich himself suddenly I mentioned pro the contestant accidents. Wu me in Eckerbichl lie paper, associated with catastrophe Yak-40, said he then, but now I cannot their you show. On them of bow Classified. On my nedoumennyy question, as this may be, after all official conclusion Commission being published, and in it stated, that specialists VIAM, issledovavshie Yak-40, not being hunted down the fatigue destruction, capable of lead to such catastrophe , he only set them off hands. Remember, I even embarked this naive attempt to convince Fridlyandera to share information. But an experienced and greater part of life actually a top secret site academic, naturally, not succumbed to. I selling young horses is much, how to do this , promised he to prevent what she called.
Later he himself several times me called, mentioned about new book, that wrote, on-ancient movingly congratulated with holidays. Once I dared ask pro those paper in Eckerbichl. He, as me it looked, profoundly sad, responded: Until not can.
Joseph Naumovich died last summer. A sad reawakening me reported his true to cohort and adviser of Svetlana. I turned to it about backed securities. In the answer heard: Increasingly content personal safe Joseph Naumovicha was seen doing a Service security Institute, and documents destroyed.
(Being published: 1 March 2010 Absolutely No.3 / 250)
Incidentally, in the course investigations part of cladding left polukryla the magnificence plane, table disappeared: On one data even in Sheremetyevo, on other on path in Sovereign research institution exploitation and repairs aircraft technology civil aviation (GosNII Erath HA).
Interesting, also history with even one of those who signed official conclusion Commission about the crash K-40D RA-88170, working as on particularly important Affairs the Moscow transportation prosecutors Dmitri Latvian:
In August 2005 was brought criminal deal about smuggling in respect representatives firms . Media opt.
29.03.2006 Propulsion Under the check-out with territory sheremetevskoy largest have seized 167,5 thousand Phones companies . Media value of 530 million Br Under this in a separate production were allocated investigations in respect former sheremetevskikh a thousand customs officials.
24.08.2006 Propulsion Deal terminated for lack of the composition crimes. Part of phones decimated. Companies . Media returned 117,5 thousand Phones.
02.09.2008 Propulsion Collaborators law enforcement agencies conducted an interrogation by in central office companies . Media.
22.09.2008 Propulsion Yevgeny Chichvarkin together with Vadim Artemiev sell company . Media , ve they same in 1997. Network salons phone coverage . Media was one of largest in Russia and controlled almost 40% market cell retailers.
In November 2008 on suspicion in complicity in embezzlement maneuver property and illegally the judges the resolution about destroying 50 thousand Phones Motorola value of about $1.5 million, a seized have LLC . Media opt (about 2 thousand Of these same phones then proved in retail sale) interrogator on particularly important Affairs the Moscow transportation prosecutors on Supervision for prohibitions laws on air and water shuttles vehicles Dmitri category: Latvian people declared in internationally.
20.11.2008 Propulsion Chichvarkin left post chairman Council directors.
22.12.2008 Propulsion He departures in London. Latvian will tell you , too,, as would in the run.
14.01.2009 Propulsion A consequence were the resolution about attracting Yevhen Chichvarkina in as a indicted. Him committed the abduction in 2003) former service Yevroset Andrei Vlaskina, ulichyonnogo security apparatus companies in thieves cell phones (ch.3 UF. 126 (the abduction rights) and too costly and , it comes ch.3 st.163 (extortion) CC trades abroad). Chichvarkin was declared in federal internationally.
12.03.2009 Propulsion Chichvarkin was declared in international internationally
Its Resolution Propulsion Dress the prosecutor sent in Britain request about extradition Chichvarkina.
03.04.2010 Propulsion Mother businessman - Ludmila Chichvarkina was alternatives left for dead in its Moscow apartment in House on Leninsky Corso. Urge the in international seeking out Yevgeny Chichvarkin on funeral mothers not arrived.
11.05.2010 Propulsion In his blog Chichvarkin published appeal to president Russia to Dmitrii Medvedev, in which re-accused MVD Russia in bullying and extortion have him money for sale companies . Media in 2008, and also accused penitentsiarnuyu system in content of prisoners in brutal conditions specifically former chief security services Yevroset Boris Levin, prisoner with 2008 (the infested in custody hepatitis).
Right part Propulsion A Committee under Prosecutor Russia made public results verification on fact demise 60-year mothers Chichvarkina: Injured in area heads women veins antemortem, for several hours until offensive death. Despite the, that the entire apartment was drenched blood, in arousal Criminal affairs on article 105 CC (murder of) was refused. Investigators concluded, that death women came from acute heart attack.
ADM2010 Propulsion , Westminster magistratskiy Court sufered hearings trial about extradition Chichvarkina on 13.09.2010 Propulsion
31.08.2010 Propulsion Chichvarkin adopted participation in meeting in protection 31 th articles Constitution trades abroad (the right citizens trades abroad on rallies, torch and demonstrations) before building Russian embassy in London.
13.09.2010 Propulsion , Westminster magistratskiy Court appointed basic hearings trial about extradition Chichvarkina on 21.03.2011 Propulsion
In 2010 later two years Dmitri category: Latvian people show up with turn yourself in (Rasschityval on condescension.
05.10.2010 Propulsion Golovinsky Court Moscow sentenced former interrogator's Dmitri Latvians to one year and three months colonies-settlements. In as a additional measures punishment Court deprived his rights borrow posts in law enforcement organs and organs gosvlasti on two years.
17.11.2010 Propulsion , juries Mosgorsuda unanimously recognized innocent marine affairs Yevroset , which accused in abduction former contractor this firms.
In January 2011 the Investigation Committee trades abroad ceased trumped-up suit criminal deal in respect Chichvarkina. However entrepreneur-millionaire Chichvarkin declared, that its return in Russia permits only in case change of incumbent regime (A after all once, in 2008, he supported Putins and Medvedev).
19.03.2012 Propulsion President Russia Dmitri Medvedev grapes general-Colonel militias Boris 2004, from office chief bureau special technical ?????? MVD trades abroad.
Http :/ / / wiki / Chichvarkin … d_smertyu/ … na-uvolen/
The true cause of his prosecution creator of Yevroset believes revenge with hand generals MVD chief bureau special technical ?????? (Run By ) Boris 2004, and his deputy Constantine Chernyenko House of Machabeli for s unsuccessful in 2006 kidnapping have companies Party phones Motorola value of $20 million For theft parts of this Party interrogator the Moscow transportation prosecutors Dmitri category: Latvian people was convicted on 1 year and 3 month, but, according to Chichvarkina, category: Latvian people was only marionette these two generals, podpisyvavshikh all regulations about seizure phones have companies.
category: Latvian people and House of Machabeli with remarkable ability to manipulates Genprokuraturoy, Sledstvennym committee, foreign ministry (his representative Alexander Nesterenko in day my birth expressed confidence in successful completing the process extradition), spoke Chichvarkin. ?? indeed, until 2001 Boris Miroshnikov worked in FSB, and then somehow strange ways moved in MVD. … na-uvolen/
Here is such crystalline honesty and decency man on reverie attended by category: Latvian people on investigating in 2000 demise crew and passengers plane K-40D RA-88170.

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Through two years after tragedy, when many have become to doubt in official version of, in several editions emerged version of about how, that for the helm plane ostensibly sat Artyom Boletus (Sekternye materials / Proceedings, 5 March 2003).
This assumption was sharply refuted and employees holding Completely secretively , and members of Commission, zanimavshimisya would catastrophe. Such information at increasingly same made its deal. Undoubtedly, he even times put questioning results work the most Commission (bias is clear which and without moreover was evident), but he so and was able give response to the main question. As would there nor was, sat Boletus on place second pilot or not, but until now no one accurately not knows true causes demise Yak-40. Incapable impression, that subject killings (or terrorist) simply of well-zaboltali and a car discussion on false path
That same concerns MAC, then repeatedly it distrust of outcomes his investigations and criticism in his worded:
1) 06.12.1997 Propulsion McCain called cause of demise plane Ahn-124 Air Force trades abroad mistake pilot and there's too much weight plane, which fell on residential homes immediately after take-off. Immediate cause of catastrophe became refusal three from four engines. Previously Committee district to engines this plane, and according to series of experts, cause of catastrophe could become constructive shortcomings engines.
2) 03.05.2006 Propulsion Jet A-320 airlines Armavia Air Company, failed ruin in Tuszla. On his board were 113 man: 8 members crew and 105 passengers. All they died. McCain called actions commander crew inadequate. After this conclusions Run civil aviation Armenia and the airline conduits have announced their remarks, object to the fact absence of in quadrennial Committee data about as a weather equipment airport Sochi. Owner airlines Mikhail Bagdasarov even intended to dispute conclusions MAC in reopened the.
3) 09.07.2006 Propulsion In Irkutsk under landing failed catastrophe civilian plane Domodedovo F-OGYP companies S7 for. Died 125 people. The airline after, as the only convicted in catastrophe was recognized crew, also declared about of bias conclusions Commission.
4) 10.04.2010 Propulsion In Smolensk the failed catastrophe plane TU-the Sea. On board plane were dignitaries Republic Poland led by President Poland Lech Aleksander Kaczynski. All 89 passengers and 7 members crew died. First time in investigation, approved MAC, joined much group foreign specialists representatives Poland. Nevertheless final report MAC, in which causes collapse plane were called the wrong actions crew and shortcomings in prepare bombers, was resented Polish side, which shifted the responsibility along with crew plane also and on group the dispatchers its airfield Smolensk-the Northern and highlights the shortcomings in technical securing its airfield.
5) 07.09.2011 Propulsion Occurred the crash international charter Airlines Flight Number AKY-9633, carrying the team Devils club the Jets (Yaroslavl). Flight carried out due airline Yak Service on jet Yak-42D, registration Number RA-42434. In catastrophe died 44 rights. Technical Commission MAC panel called cause of collapse mistakes crew. Relatives pilotsnot agreed with so fast investigations and tried to to dispute their in reopened the. Zamoskvoretskiy Court Propulsion Moscow refused to accept lawsuit, it explained, that MAC acts from behalf of states-participants of inter-governmental agreement, and his conclusions nepodsudny, so as he enjoys diplomatic diplomatic-immunity. And then Mosgorsud acknowledged that decision legitimate. In the Supreme Court trades abroad the lawyers is dispensed with statement about recognition illicit and nedeystvuyuschimi Universals President trades abroad from 05.05.1992 N 439, autocephalous Governments trades abroad from 23.04.1994 N 367 and from 07.04.1995 N 316, Treaty between the Government trades abroad and MAC about conditions his tenure on territory trades abroad from 20.10.1995.
An ex-navy staffer Gosavianadzora the USSR, a-Baturin Vladimir Gerasymov in his book Mystery airline crashes Teplov the next claims to to remarkable person:
crisis tightening terms investigations on a number of airline crashes on term until several years, in a result what in a series of cases expires even term ago on exhilarated in about these catastrophes Criminal Affairs;
the simultaneous certification civilian air courts, aerodromes and their equipment and investigation accidents with them one and the same organization can continue to lead to inefficiency prosperously investigations;
status diplomatic representation not allows attract staff MAC to responsibility for implementation in the course investigations violations;
its permanent Chairman MAC Tatiana Grigorievna Anodina simultaneously with this is president non-profit public organizations International Association aircraft manufacturers and the affiliated the face of (member of Council directors and mother CEO) airlines Transaero , that can create conflict interests with participants data organizations. …
With 21.05.2001 year a director general of airlines Transaero is Olga Aleksandrovna Village, which works in Transaero with 1992. Olga Aleksandrovna enters in composition the first hundreds of reserves managerial cadres, under patronage President Russian Federation. In rankings 50 most powerful business women Russia, last fashion magazine Company , Village took a first place. In 2012 and 2013, according to rating American Fortune, entered list 50 most powerful business women world. Has become the only Articles Russian business in this list. …
Transaero Russian the airline, based in Moscow. Port registration of the the International airport Domodedovo. The airline was is based 28 December 1990 year Aleksander Pleshakovym, son Minister radiopromyshlennosti the USSR general-Colonel P. S. Village, away in 1987 year, and of Tatiana Anodinoy, freedom-- chairman of Interstate Aviation Committee (moreover the most MAC). Initially company analyzed here by charter traffic on planes external airlines (Aeroflot ), which of solidity in leasing; later became preoccupied with also regular passenger traffic; became the first private airline in Russia / the USSR. The first flights were done in Tel Aviv (Israel). Official a day to birth airlines is considered 5 November 1991. Then on a rented jet, but already under own code UN, was designed its the first flight charter flight on route Moscow Tel Aviv Moscow. Until Spring 2006 30% shares companies possessed a structures, controllable Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, however later they were bought back management Transaero. According to for January 2014 basic shareholders companies: Spouse Olga and Alexander Pleshakovy, possess on 18,39% and 18,23% shares respectively. The head of the Interstate Aviation Committee Tatiana Grigorievna Anodina owns 3% shares. Here is you and objectivity investigations all catastrophes with air transport!
Dr. technical Sciences, professor and its permanent Chairman Interstate Aviation Committee (MAC) - Tatiana G. Grigorievna Anodina, 1939 birth (75 years), in 1991 created a construction aviation Committee (MAC), which is structure CIS. Is director of GosNII Aeronavigatsiya. Husband Minister radiopromyshlennosti the USSR, general-Colonel Peter Pleshakov (1922 1987). Son Chairman Council directors the first however aircraft companies Transaero Alexander Pleshakov (the 1964). Sister-in-law CEO of Transaero Olga Village (the 1966).
Tatiana G. has many rewards. Laureate National bonuses public recognition achievements women Olympia the Russian Academy business and entrepreneurship in 2001 By an order Governments trades abroad from 7.12.2001 year # 1634-r awarded with honorable of Honor Governments Russian Federation for merit before state in area development aviation and in ties with 10-Years create Interstate Aviation Committee (A can, in ties with the end of the investigations collapse K-40.

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Relatives, friends and familiar pilotsconfident: It was carefully targeted murder of someone from passengers (newspaper Premier # 9 (235) from 6.03.2002 Propulsion) … 5/6s.shtml
Even 20.03.2000 journalists New newspapers was regarded version of custom killings Ziya Bazhaeva. Founder the oil corporations OJSC Group the Alliance , which rapidly received its weight, undoubtedly, many could to move a path. Perhaps, not for good reason same he flew in jet with two Red. But if would he indeed so US their competitors, then cost so spent them on such expensive way to his eliminate? Why more known the Chechen A. Kadyrovs simply made on mind have all? Why same use such expensive and complex way to killings for Z. Bazhaeva? Yes and was whether former chief of strangers oil companies such uncooperative mood? As wrote 20.03.2000 Propulsion New newspaper him very, nor his colleagues no one in open not threatened. Authorities unambiguously was not offended. Even in 1995 s then prime Chernomyrdin suddenly proposed maloizvestnomu in Russia president Swiss firms Lia Oil zie Bazhaevu create in title of war Chechnya public unitary oil company Junco. He knew how find common language with all. In circle friends he proud of those, that in him believed Chernomyrdin, not papered over his respect to team Kirienko, with which actively worked, valued location Primakov, trust Stepashin. On Lubyanka prison he meets with familiar even on work in St. Petersburg Putin W. W. on the very moment director of FSB, and ostensibly himself requests his to attach to at the the Alliance incumbent contractor FSB. Putin agrees. After this in service economic security Group the Alliance emerged officer Lubyanka. Thereby Zia he will enlist guarantee, that to openness and honesty his business in power not will issues. Thus, have him alia relations with far to team, and victory Putins, which he supported, movement before him broad prospects. … vzlet.html
Another matter Artyom Boletus, which not feared to publish in their editions materials investigations, affecting the most high floors power. ???? did this despite numerous threats, to which it applied enough seriously and so was forced enjoy services safeguard, armored ICE automobile.
For three days to death in program of Forensic Anthropology. Borovik, said about the second Chechen war: That its cynically have come up with as brilliant piarovskiy move , and he would very wanted to to know, who precisely. And because Putin replaced the Stepashin, that the was disagree on Chechen adventure as on a means decisions elected and other problems power. During last interview in his life, which Artyom gave host at NTV in night with 6 on 7 March 2000, from one of viewers came on pager question: If you such an honest, why same until now alive.
Exactly through 56 hours, on the morning 9 March 2000 Plane Yak-40, carrying out their Main the private flight in Kyiv, in which was Artyom Boletus, crashed, and together with him other passengers and in nothing not scot-free Vologodsky crew.
Through 17 days 26.03.2000 Propulsion Held elections President Russian Federation. An absolute majority votes in the first round received W. W. Putin.

The writing on site of Vologda operators:
of Cause tragedy remained so until the end of not identified, and degeneracy attempts Commission on of inquiry to appoint dead commander crew and maintenance personnel convicted, on our glance, remained light.

The second right commander crew Yak-40 Sergei Mikhail Yakushin, the third from Left a flight attendant Svetlana Karjakin

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