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Means dealing with mass Dezinformatsii

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Today principles work media.
Techniques, stamps, tired cliche, owners, financing, lists and anything
Media Russia, Ukraine, Europe, World,
There is whether among them borders and the difference, are not whether they Scotlands one corporations, which show us only illusion competition?

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Putin virtually direct texts suggests,
That "Russian" media no amount not Russian.



Here that whether. Rolls?

Kara-Murza ("electoral manipulation without clear conscience") about events in Romania:

First time in history humanity recently corpses buried around corpses were was rushed exhumed, and other are collected on
Morgam, and then palm leaf, to imitating before TV cameras genocide, which
Should was would to legitimize the new regime. The, that the whole world saw in direct live on
Flashes as true truth, was absolute lie to the. And, despite the, that
At times fabrication was obvious, this was lawyered global system media
As the truth - to all it became clear, that true henceforth there is not more than one of
Moments in the required movement false.



'm gonna throw here. Can will comments forums

278.5 ties Alexey Wolin about a crucified year-old boy, nepatriotichnykh media and really a powerful man in Russian media(the reference)

Zygar: Alexey Konstantinovich, very interestingly, you said pro Russian television and have listed channels, whom you can be proud of. Impossible not recall in ties with this one of past news, scandal, which summoned the recent Newsweek in live acceptance Canal, when First Canal showed interview with refugee from Slavyansk named Galina Pyshnyak, which told about how, that ostensibly in city of Slavyansk crucified Arad boy.
This information was have repeatedly has been disproved all Russian journalists, which worked in this city of, and by all the world journalists, all residents cities, which nor until, nor after not saw such a fact. Nevertheless, this nor never not was refuted nor Central bankshighest channel, no apology not was been sacrificed. In the opinion of many representatives journalistic of workshop, this exactly behind in the, about than you talked, that is happening fall journalistic professionalism and quality journalistic activities. As you estimate this scandal, must whether incur what something punishment those people that have to this attitude?

Wolin: You want, to your colleagues to suffer a punishment?

Zygar: We might want, above all, your stance hear.

Wolin: My stance all normally. The first Canal bought these interview, he showed the, that said in interview. This fully fits all norms, rules and criteria journalistic ethics. There is man, he says. All. Sync by gave.

Kraemer: You same not chase deny, that we now are in situation quite serious display aggression the past few months. Agree?

Wolin: Yes. Moreover, we are in situation very serious display aggression, and we are in situation enough uncivilized methods waging informational standoff, largely happening with hand our partners. Speech goes, above all, about unprecedented things, when journalists try to include in any sanktsionnye lists, limit their freedom of movement, prohibit them sending of an in other countries.

Kraemer: I.e. to escalate needs?

Wolin: You call it this nagnetaniem, and this is called, by and large, normal journalistic emotion.

Kraemer: And journalistic emotion from propaganda as differs?

Wolin: Very simply. Propaganda is that you're isolating society from any alternative points of view and vdalblivaete this society the only its view. Now no propaganda in this respect there is no, because number of of views extremely important and very large. If we's try take very otstranennuyu situation in respect moreover, that happening on Ukraine, then our the viewer, Canal not will understand, and Canal will lose in rankings. And have acceptance Canal will happen such same rating, as have Canal Rain , what First Canal not wants, because this will be bankruptcy acceptance Canal.

Zhelnov: And what volunteers, which we call or you call it the volunteers, having looked scenes public television, value in ranks, go to fight, their up the then are returning on homeland this you, too, call it normal lighting altered?

Wolin: You only that themselves said, that when people see unfolding injustice, have them arises normal human desire to, have very many to accept participation in eliminating this injustice. Need to not to say, that happening on Ukraine? Why you, that precisely because, that they look the plot on how or different public host I want say, that those ratings, which demonstrate our leading channels, show, that society as times perceives precisely the contestant submission material, precisely such tone, which ranked our leading television channels. And it is no coincidence that, if we consider on ratings and share of, we see, that share of news transmission on leading Russian conduits based over the last few months increased virtually doubled. Have us for these months occurred largely even outflow public from the internet to television. Opinion polls show, that very large number of people became use television as the main source of obtain information thought about the world, and do Internet, that have very many was before.

Zhelnov: And from TV outlets who gives an alternative view, on-your?

Wolin: From publicly available, perhaps, no one strongly an alternative view not gives, although would in force moreover, that they think about his rankings. The Canal or the media, which today will take not healthier view, simply proves economically failed, because from him will turn away audience.

Zygar: Pardon, I, seems, get back a little Stuck in the Net terms. You asked pro an alternative, and you said pro nepatrioticheskoe. I.e. the alternative view she priori unpatriotic?

Wolin: In this there is no I have slightest doubts.

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Still example

Dmitry wrote:

trades abroad right successor the USSR with all stemming, so that increasingly legitimately.


When first pravopriemstvennost implies documents, if you know about fall, more accurately know where they are, who signed, you can give exile the caveat kind give. And so this goffing around and live broadcast maneuver opinion. The bottom line, that trades abroad not is pravopriemnitsey the USSR, camping on K. Are lacking documents.

First, our politicians us frankly lie, media this lies diffusing and, apparently, on our laws responsibility not bear.
Second, even people, thoughtful human, that media not believe, it turns out, believe. And then all subsequent conclusions about various situations incisions with fulcrum on this lies, camping on E., have yielded false.







Germans will ridicule the their means mass misinformation, their matrichnuyu dimension on osvtlennyu events on Ukraine.

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Dont quite on topic. Germans ridicule the their means mass misinformation, their matrichnuyu dimension on osvtlennyu events on Ukraine

Merikosy over How-revolution / war Harbor Bridge with the outset

It turns out, with yutupa video would delete a silent, I and not observed when. Only for name - under in other names this the commercial in a wide array is worth.
Because this "antimatrichnoe" name, to callso nizzya.
Under an attempt again inject was "rejected it for the possible violations property rights" through 3 of seconds)

Debilidenie the US fuckin 'laughing so hard over maydannoy revolution



We do news, we farting their from finger.

6 :5 5 liked)). Repeatedly about this spoke, that have station's in Moscow in a hundred times more opportunities to know increasingly faster, than have correspondent in knowledge field, which little that knows except as to speak dreaded "deemed" after every words.



DNR launched its telekanal- First Republican documents



Financial report for 2013 Th GROMADSKE telebachennya (code 38780085), on which governs TV-site The main-spender Ukrainian Gromadske TV-the US. The Netherlands.)
Report fully.(the reference GMT. swed.loki)



Goldmansuck$ wrote:

A most important: Why speaks out Russia?

Russia owes it finance those who for it "says", but not has rights their to censor according to Constitution Article 29 Toll 5

Russia no one not owes it to speak, yes and whom to speak something and about fix to speak? International organizations? So they such same phantoms, three Jew gathered, here is you and an international organization, for example "World Bank." Them that whether to speak?

Russia at all not can to speak, because that this is not people. In Russia there is different people and monarch, their tens of million, not so something simply determine who of them specifically has the right to speak for Russia.

The world share on people and aren't human, not west and east.
Up on the. after reading should not arise issue "The most importantly or not very most, what Russia speaks out."



Like not media, but the comments contribute its adds. Such a here is information - at least three trolls from Olgino Municipal Okrug have retreated in a new four-storey office on Savushkina.




aha, under this have readers this balandy in the minds the, that local can to do at all all that anywhere: Drag, otvinchivat, in scrap metal surrender, things with commuters tel until acute sack. This on outcomes attempts to open people eyes on something unusual about in grabovskoy easily described. On increasingly should the answer: "Ah this perhaps local have made"
With that yes, journalists no one not can to capture on how, to they such thought in head readers invested, (I, truth, particularly and not tried to, words in this case - this at all garbage)

Balaneda have people in the minds long got wound up. Under as on 900 UAH pensioners face, members--the handicapped a month ago sentenced, that money took in razgrablennom Privatbanke bill. People this perceived for granted,that this pillages uponwithout threat ofand allegations. That today've been robbed bill, and tomorrow can and you and anyone anywhere. Today arrested and dispatched absolutely bezzakonno podvypivshego or type a drug addict dig any special, and that can do tomorrow with the acquiescence and ?? such a's mayhem.


17 - interesting article relatively bots in blogosphere and in Internet SMDI in particular.



Election, elections - MPs'll get @ as a European!
Now suckers scare Ukrainian nuclear missile:D
Chieftain "Are your troops Donskoi" Kozitsyn declared, that have Cossacks there is nuclear warhead will be detonated

"A viktoriyu, propelling two finger, continues to chieftain, Cossacks would face already in Kyiv: To this belief need a, and she there is, we same Orthodox.

Here same Nikolai Ivanovich betrays sensational recognition: Wu us in disposal nuclear warhead will be detonated there is. Their was four on Ukraine, the rest ukropy somewhere to be fused, and one we had gotten. And they perfectly know, that she have us.

On question about a downed Boeing and scandalous audio statements condemning, on which he in fact recognizes, that responsibility for his demise bear militias, replies: Then why oh why said and now will repeat: Not need to fly over territories, where goes war. In this day behaved battle on Red partizane, earned emission ukropov who tried to us to circumvent with rear. Who shot down, the and shot down, realize me? " … 3505.shtml … rozil.html

recall, previously Danilyuk declared, that on the east Ukraine Russian troops use Sanyi "Tulpan", with in ammunition nuclear drone strikes.
In of Ministry of Defence of trades abroad declared, that not perceive seriously words Geleteya about application of nuclear weapons … 38983.html



Could and to buy some of that any Alan ponaturalney)



A long time all their materials Forum in as a guest, but yesterday decided to join.
The that flushed-different media get bullied over clear conscience people known fact. In light of events this year on post-Soviet space, remarkable the emergence of a new Canal in ternete, is called this Canal TV-ARI (or as they themselves themselves are positioning ARI-TV). There is there video false-Mr.Stati "At knowledge direction" and interview with tvAr-tsami "boyyov." I allow exile:


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