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Means dealing with mass Dezinformatsii

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They there on ari TV, people drag the 1,000, thus same way. Ukrainians call ukrami and camping on P. Ivery created organization Slavic Reconstructionist Neopaganism and under its mask drag the 1,000 two Slavic people. If there in this organizations indeed were Slavs leaders this organizations and executives Ari, TV, and executives were although would people, not "the creature" them would was film itself thought whom the go kill. They would on this Ari, TV, if would was there leadership Slavonic talked brothers Slavs, Ukrainians look at your and on Our government let us Unite, us try to antagonize with each other, ????? blood, assassinations let us Obedinenim efforts against false rumours fa and creatures, which us try to with each other to turn against each other and to wage on the slaughter each other with two sides. Let us to live in world, wealth and fraternity two countries.
And these incidentally straviteli, quite morons not understand, that have Russians there is relatives, friends, beloved, familiar Ukrainians and so same contrary. This somehow same need me be Russian and become "creature", to to fight with their friends, relatives, ulyublenimi Ukrainian people.
And now imagine what the creature dwell now on Ari, TV, in ostensibly Slavic "Slavic Reconstructionist Neopaganism", in our and Ukrainian fa, in our and Ukrainian government, which every day drag the 1,000 two Slavic people. That for the creature there sit

Incidentally on this Ari, TV, so and there is no at all video any fighting. Alone cut the chatter.

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Feyki raining handsome as from horns of plenty.

Hi, would delete already, operationally work. Crusade YouTube under the Forum checks. And make a video blog was the even. , it is a pity not thought download. Can would find, who in cache?
Here is references to Bridge Over Time:
Rosiyskiy channel broadcast, look with 44 minutes. … id/1150620
Present video in youtube: … pp=desktop



Lena Miros paintings amusing personality, however

Zhovto-blakitnoe execution place TV project House 2.




For House 2 and Ukraine-Rwanda are worth alone and same historical writers, symbols and programs and vision. NadSMI.

that with him happened?

With better king? That is happening with Santa Klaus, flock on a pea, Cinderella with golden in single and camping on P.? That is happening with virtual heroes or skomorokhami and dolls?

Theater the Freaks and Ukrainian broken into pieces theater Carabas. Kharkiv. Square Freedom. June 2011

Super Mario, Dyan with Darth Vader for place in the Rada:
By law genre Super Mario - this Tsekalo.

Interestingly what role have Tsekalo in bringing up terrorist on Dubrovka Theater? That such again American cartoons and super heroes, dwarfs, beetles in the events on Ukraine? Why on war and in propaganda reference to them and forget the, invisible drawn from clouds?

How propaganda countries of socialism struggled with Patton a bug-boy
Frame from movie "The large" 1997, where in movie shows role media in the war and propaganda values, indistinguishable from advertising, American politically correct children destroy bugs.

As can be fight with mirror? With other the scale of the?

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Theater freaks - theater Carabas. Some characters recognizable, as brothers twins do-albinism and evolve from Aoyama in the plot. Yes and children taking now are growing older.

What is happening with virtual heroes or skomorokhami and dolls?

Towers identical twins and their a dreamlike existence.

Cut Tower twins do - the guillotine.

Me he crashed in memory one focus. Already not Drie Stoepen, where and in what TV transfer I his saw, but focus and in fact remarkable.

The crux of the his such is. On scaffold is worth the guillotine simple the guillotine, altitude Dam two, with heavy during assembly finally between wooden perekladinami. To the guillotine under hands lead from the convicted. Here is his feast on ring the face of down, under box. Torturer in red dust jacket with mask on personified by's for lever, and box with preparing their falls on a neck hapless. Head flies in basket.

Torturer dumping cloak, absolves mask. It turns out thereby man, which only that waged on the scaffold! And whose same head in basket? Whose the lifeless body lies on the box? On the box mannequin with, and in basket head 300! As and in what point live human typically recognized no doll mold, we never will not know Jevhimenko reliably keep their secrets!

Yes, now the guillotine can be see wasn that in arsenal actors,. Ah, still in what any museum. Or on factory floors: Some looms for cutting metal work on the principle of at the. And after all were times, when the guillotine of squalor not puff iron, namely heads. And not dummy, and real! And in large numbers! And ended these times of not so perishing and long. However, about everything on order.

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Video about shaping have herd certain stereotypes. Particularly interestingly, that for vkolachivaniya in heads lies, need quite a bit, enough couples words and subsidiary conditions. Under the guise of truth in nedumayuschee a herd can be putting any information.

Media precisely these and Hypnotizes daily.


Another an interesting experiment (the first in movie).

Need to was complement experiment, for example so to before as losers, either start to lend their putannye testimony, before them gave looking at perjury, which would presented "an expert." Was would demonstrated as a herd spectacularly numerous--there would on words ofweighted) worldliness.



Val wrote:

You can ssylochku on something similar?

Saw somewhere in September, the first thought was about how, that on forecast weather driving, only tell about fighting, "feats" Motorolly and the rest of the styobe "terrorists."
From news have made show, in-style zombovideniya
Here is has found something similar, only on behind backdrop of even was map D / Lukashenka's behavior is-HP



Kharkvska oblgosadministratsiya studies technical opportunities avoid spread of signal Russian fuel dispensers on territory area, told director of Department mass communication Kharkiv regional administration Yevgeny Yaroshenko.

Riga-significantly strengthened signal and in such areas, as Velikoburlutskiy, Dvorichna, Volchansk, he enjoyed even on stringing. Even in Kharkiv, if man volunteered the antenna on Bilgorod, he can look central Russian channels , said E. Yaroshenko on meeting an operational staff independent area in Friday.
He stressed, that the situation will change after transition on a digital television and full cut-off analogue television with 1 January 2016 Together with those, according to E. Yaroshenko, now Kharkiv regional administration this options, which would allowed in any time soon provide non-proliferation of signal Russian fuel dispensers on territory area.
E. Yaroshenko also noted, that operators cable television been ditched from their packages Russian fuel dispensers in accordance with solution District administrative Court of Kyiv from 25 March.

On stringing I have but a digital DVB-T2, analog painful for something not that on stringing, distortions big. A digital is faring in package on frequency package, and analog - every Canal on its frequency.. Perhaps Yaroshenko has in view that with 16 year will to stop the entire range of frequencies analog signals, because have all Ukrainians will stand DVB-T2, and perhaps Russian package DVB-T2 will with ppc are known.
But in such a case on territory Belgorod area can be put their jammer Ukrainian DVB-T2 on entire in almost area. Perhaps so. 8-)

I would voted for the plug (all TV channels across Eurasia





WTF? 8-)




work somewhere in September, the first thought was about how, that on forecast weather driving, only tell about fighting

Prikolno looks, ridiculous and foolish. :tired:

Incidentally in some movie heard, that forecast weather, this, too, probing. The film was pro television the US, there turned attention, that all American channels, lion part of time tell about weather. No one these forecasts, the more in other parts of the world, seemed would, and for a gift are not needed, but their why something stubbornly thrust us in the brain.



Val wrote:

That although would the, that in trades abroad no one looks (even not know who this), within 30-35 shadowing

The price barrel of for oil, konyuktura fall of, growth percent on rapid credit, course currency, intervention Central Bank.
Here not simply Russia-1, on this topics created channels entire, PBOC provide, Business-FM, Commersant-FM, cover ALL country. On 24 hours in clock such a February include, that ears wither. Who closely listening anymore Katasnova, or read head of pro economy from Starikov, the understands, that virtually 100% that say on these channels - this drugs now a piece of crackpot.
Telling of hunger pro economy and course, pseudo-economists specifically (words, which usual listener is unclear. For example say, "from-for low liquidity on Exchange. Saturn-pyry it is called train. ", instead" of dough there is no, because order came again limit bapki. " And why this is done? To people listened this and spat, and again not became would rethink about origins and essence money. These words puppeteers mask true reason difference level life in different countries.

Weather or 19 barrel of, essentially one thing and the same, and even fell or not fell football player foot explains, who won List of Pittsburgh Penguins captains or Panthers men's basketball, that he saws pes River-Coke or Coke-Coke...
Have all this there is goal, give man illusion, that he not can himself on their own deal in this "davyaschem on the brain diversity", in causes moreover or conjures, on their own to separate VAZhNOE from cruft, and means he should (owes)trust "experts" and other actors nazvavshikh themselves "power."



On indeed important issues have them not was absolutely no opinion. Them only seemed, that it they have.
In rush, Taverner ran a 100 Turing, dedicated other serious topics. All they proved creates equally: In one proposal Yancey asserts something, in next oprovergal, reaching in end full disappearances thought, the skilful of denial. Have listener, however, urge, that he only that Google to a rich and varied intellectual prodolzhenie..

Philip K. Dick "Skyfall way of and image Yancey" (The Mold of Yancy, both 1954). Produced in book Max Fry's (Svetlana the Labyrinths of Echo!) "Book imaginative only air"
Added later 2 hours 8 minutes 52 of seconds:
And after all Igor Prokopenko in their "territories misconceptions", "military release DepositFiles" and camping on Afghan on Oxygen, acts precisely
As virtual Yancey. (The so, suggested)

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34 - interesting insinuations declaring pro Television at all.



Eugeny wrote: - interesting insinuations declaring pro Television at all.

In principle yes, only that can be add (or a recap from): Not television is in that his have turned in tool impact on people, to blame those who his so uses. The same was with print the press, now Crosses in Internet.




Judging by the, that author find not, it seems possible the entire information removes to the most book, nor hint not has found on biography, then this braving and oriented curious to long, times book withdrew in 2005-forge the

She - part of plan underway today. And happening today, too, part of any another plan. Deal not in how this book distributed, and in what it had place be at all. And I smiled many debate on different forums, not all so unambiguously and not all had a good laugh and forgotten. When many people, vosprinyavshego this information seriously. I smiled huge pro great ukrov, as grandparents slightly whether not just of our continent. And disputes were at all not some sort of joke, and not today, and few years ago, when these Maydan still even not great.

So that modicum now this theme perekochevala in Russian matrix, first she ran everyone Ukrainian.


Reporter Admits Most Media Work for CIA, MI6, Mossad

Former German journalist, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, wrote book, in which tells about have cooperation all representatives "fourth power" with Moon CIA, Ml6, yesterday in.

you this you can prove?
Udo Ulfkotte:measures proposal in book confirms sources. Although I called 321 name of, no one not dared set on me in Court. Every knows, that I have there is evidence. I even described fact training razvedsluzhboy Germany messages for German newspapers from behalf of concrete authors. I can this prove, so as's Central Intelligence Bureau wrote and one of articles, under which is worth my name of.
German journalists leading editions write only that likes elites, boil down news so, as this want policy, to be invited in trip, lie in field of view political figures. In international context this looks even worse: Almost all German journalists leading media are members of American organizations, such as "the Atlantic bridge", Institute Aspen, German Fund Marshall Plan and so on.
Many signed obligations, that will be preparing first materials. I'm stating this in book very concretely. This not has nothing in common with freedom press. Incidentally, nor one German journalist so and not dared write about my book, although she has become a bestseller and redeployed on English and other languages. Otherwise they will lose work.



the Defense Ministry Ukraine plans to to lift feature-length blockbuster
Artistic the film about forceful operations in Donbas.

How reports with refers on adviser Minister Defense Alexander Danilyuka, agency hopes in most any time soon start negotiations on the subject with American filmmakers behind.

"After, as a series of directors and Hollywood fundatsiy saw the commercial about Ukrainian army, is viewed at all option moreover, that, can, will be withdrawn the film about this war. I think, this question closest month. Now will go negotiations, and if manages find under this an appropriate budget, then we can see something new for Ukraine, "said Alexander Danilyuk journalists on briefing.

Hollywood said that SHOULD come, Minister responded IS






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