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Missiles, ballistic and intercontinental

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Val wrote:

if equivalent of in 0.1-0.2 kt can be was do from 100-200 kg of TNT and in hundreds of, and the and thousands of times cheaper?

O.o. this 100-200 tons!



Бухтияр Ж. wrote:

People, are used in of ATF, confirm the availability of "pipes" in earth with depth penetration until 3-'s meters (somewhere on Forum already spoke).

This increasingly relatively. For example just one teenage on reverie attended by Busarev, managed to play several tens of passengers Airlines Flight Kazan is-Moscow. Increasingly that him it took, this ticket, one tvitt Sobchak, an impudent time so erysipelas, several organizes groups "Ross" TV outlets and in the Ostankino on TVshou.

"Are used in of ATF." And that this such? Have visited about pipes, to which their aiceee on hosts? Yes is nonsense all this, is nonsense multiplied by on a virtual "many are used." We increasingly would still not know accurate statistics on these slide down certain pipes. One pipe can be to issue for ten, if its three times peretknut, seven times photograph and send on eight hundred sites. Yes, there are people, they saw pipes, and that this changes?

I am confident, that photographed 100% stuck pipes. Under desire their all 100% can be find in Internet and to number. Ultimately tickles not so perishing and many, I think units fifty together with "Hail Storm." Even nor never, nor in Donetsk, nor in Mariupol, nor where-either even, near such pipes not has appeared real specialist, which previously served would on Saint-Petersburg Artillery shooting-range, and now detail, showing and asking me, told would that this for bullshit such a sticks out.



Here perhaps, more apropos will. Note on ioniziruyuschie disadvantages on matrix cameras.



“got" A "team blow ” Saudi Arabia on Yemen — have of fear eyes big. Not need to was go almost everywhere NVP. There in remarks, the reference on Neutron bomb A.We by IAF large factor with Saudi markings.. In turn there in remarks,.
Was would in Donetsk go lighter., the was can be a similar state (one of video).



CBO’s measure Apu shot down the drone - Ukrainian Buk, suffering down drone

Berlin shoots an Indian Yegor))



:D Brilliant (modicum not "poplar (botany)" drones hitting)


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » New Russia (region) » Missiles, ballistic and intercontinental