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Tir, yolochka, yalinka

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Claire wrote:

The tree is worth in the form of in better Russian will await action / companies IAC, from Left sacral number of 7, pronizyvayuschee all adultery is, right 22-two team in work. Any yellow stick constantly screens near-7, hinting on 17? It is unclear that for gestures shows Jelka, I not start, am asking aid. Give in chronological order, as in music video.

She does an impression of the stewardess, which God sheepishly rules behavior in jet or technique security. And nothing more.
There is no there no Ukrainian flags and no to take a hint on war or sacrifices.

(In 17 for)

Claire, that even for "company IAC"? Shipping Macintosh or, like, McDonald's?
Let us learn write not of images and not the big-kid ciphers.




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(Claire, we here with Slavyantsem poizdevalis over with your verbose tweet. In spoilers need to surplus clean up. Forum get back a little podglyuchival from-for my preset. Spoilers the worked the there is no))

Claire, okay, persuaded :)

In music video Firs 7 :2 2 stop sign-a 1 :4 0
Rigidly stylised: Color of Ukrainian flag in blood’s organs is rigidly stylised: Blood were taken in another place

Even frame an interesting. "Disputes are bound to worsen" to worsen waltzed on side, she is worth in Sea blood.
The Christmas tree ritualyat on glass blood.’s organs is And even frame, 2 :4 6, like scene on backdrop of "Donbas-arena"



On backdrop of "Donbas-arena" The tree not smiles.

2 :4 2 - comes with sour the face of in black glasses
2 :4 4 - suited on place, men its ignore
2 :4 6 - absolves lens
2 :4 9 - lifted lens, face is, Swollen
2 :5 2 - Gold Fancies uneaten lens, on it not pay attention
2 :5 5 - freaked out, headed to "Donbas-arena"
2 :5 7 - from around the clumsy both hands's vomiting when accessories

Why would this put a in clip? :suspicious:

Then before decoration be satisfied with dance, and then The tree passes through it. All men dive for it through accomplished the hole.



Claire wrote:

And about the upcoming events. Before always emerge signs in movies and in music

When happens something a whopping, are beginning seek signs, and someone necessarily will find someone (or something), who this "foresee" still. Dtsat years ago. And why-would not contrary: First goes familiarization with description events, and then goes "embodiment of" his in life?

Сергей27 wrote:

Malaysia, Holland, the US and Ukraine pulled off scam that with Boeing, to raise gas prices

Don’t know on expense Malaysia, Holland and the US, but Ukraine always sought reduce price on gas.






Claire wrote:

Warning for 4 year about the disaster.

Wise create a separate subject for debriefing video conveying the. Many what noticing, that deserves attention.




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Claire wrote:

Jelka. An interesting choice alias. On fact its name is Lisa. In wiki written

Christmas tree simply sings. And coined a little song urozhdenets all the same Slavyansk, Yegor Solodovnikov. Was given them this Slavyansk.



Claire wrote:

the Fourth "gesture" the wink - glaring reference to eye of Gore

Have Firs wearing eye driving on eye Gore
Singer The tree joined in as a judges in Ukrainian version show "X-Factor" 2 season-
I season - 2010-2011 (in Swords - guys 14-25 years)
Enforcement Provence trees (spots 08 / 01 / 2011)


II season. Name - Revolution- 2011-2012 (in Swords - collectives)
Enforcement Provence participants show (spots 24 / 09 / 2011)

Show the popular, looks his large his-in people. So that zone influence is big enough.
Even talked, that songs Firs include sick in hospitals, they reduce, divert from pain and etc. Here is thus way also on the Christmas tree prisazhivali people Ukrainian.
Out a message from VFЯ






Musketry people in Zhanaozene 16 December 2011.

In the center of the cities had been organized some celebration, people time come a bit, then came a group of marzotnikov and began to on cell to do kind of, that be satisfied with unrest. When Square already quite sobirayutsya and on it itself has gone police (or at all not she), group provocateurs dropped the Christmas tree and long tried to its firelog. Burned the ??? with fifth attempts, likely have -By the cops of gasoline asked. Then, obscure scum, depicting silovik, began to kill people.

Fall YoLKIwas is dispensed with in media as, excess protesters workers. All the Kazakh policy in remarks, and interview for television, owe were prove, that in Zhanaozene there has been an outpouring staged a mass unrest, arson buildings and most importantly - dropped your and burned the the Christmas tree.Even if would the Christmas tree not managed firelog from-for-asbestos material, increasingly would still, words from songs not played, that in’wrote, so policy and talked.
People killed? - ah betcha increasingly dissimilar, they same the Christmas tree dropped your, and bonbon Christmas tree in East Caspian Lowland, in deficit.
Not though, that protests workers in Mangistau oblast area, for many years, always wore peace character, in this time their virtualizirovali and presented as demon from hell. Oilmen not have slightest relations to those burning and have, which them attribute official Wikipedia and other can kick out.

The entire the blame for what happened, as-would falls on leadership Kazakhstan, in this us admonishes the information matrix, even the fact, that stopped erase your video pro Uzen, Kazakhstan with YouTube. And the blame their only in is, that they provided Information State cover murderers, although this, too, itself, very severe crime.



, but I suggest that s name subject and do more broad. Either to expand until events on Ukraine, either (best) "event that came with ample as representing world events in mass media"
A here is what me on eyes messages, when on NTV behaved 6 season "cop war" and after viewing 1 season in 120.
The first season withdrew in 2004. Blockbuster Grisha Lyutyi (the actor Igor Ivanovich Golovin was born 21 March 1964 in village Frunzovka (Frunzivka district), 2010th area), gollivudskie in Peter from of Donetsk. Firmly made from series of 7, 29-I minute and series of 12, 18-I minute.
Hookah called Lyutogo "khokhlyatskiy refugee."

refugees — faces, shoulders,...... country, in which they constantly residents, in force extreme circumstances.

Asylum-seekers — mass relegating residents their home seats owing to war or natural disasters. [1]

Лица, которые в смысле определения Женевской Конвенции о статусе беженцев ООН 1951 года и её специального Протокола [2]в силу вполне обоснованных опасений могут стать жертвой преследований по признаку расы, вероисповедания, гражданства, принадлежности к определённой социальной группе, сексуальной ориентации или политических взглядов, находятся вне страны своей гражданской принадлежности и не могут пользоваться защитой этой страны или не желают пользоваться такой защитой вследствие таких опасений; или, не имея определённого гражданства и находясь вне страны своего прежнего обычного местожительства в результате подобных событий, не могут или не желают вернуться в неё вследствие таких опасений.

I think, that this phrase not is casual it turned out in movie. Human someone in different country, sake of a better life, not call bezhentsom, and if to saw "refugee" to apply the right sense, then becomes understandable, that in movie happened prophecy future events.

Next 6 season, 3 a series of 7-I minute. Characters Duday and, pleads for mercy - a drug addict from Luhansk

At wall weighs gerb MVD in better flag Ukraine
The character he's basing, pleads for mercy - a drug addict, can be suggest, that she represents Ukraine,, pleads for mercy - selling out (geopolitiseskiy choice Ukraine), a drug addict - dependence (dependence Ukraine from the Russian gas)

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Not particularly about yolke, but all same permanent there is (on my view of course).
In late 2014 released here is this cartoon:

Remarkably that massive (with dresses Ukrainian heyday) on advance collusion thief some a sorcerer and she leak into chaos events. That still remarkable that theft there is no, and there is setting, as and all that now happening.
Many taken the in the form of view.

Saver, too, symbolic. Characters are tied by Ukraine, except owls (symbol of wisdom have of masons). Present also Culorile star.



On tool tip "the viewer from the room" detected the next:

On 3 :1 2 well in sight the writing 50. With-50 this the kind SA-N-, which "get knocked down" boying.


As option, 7 :2 2 - this Bugtraq type (Type ID) a bit the other model plane. B 722 BOEING 727-200
Interestingly, not just popped up whether in early "erroneous" consternation information about podbitom 747 flying 7 27?


Provence this is not only "pro us", but and southeast eastern region France.

“A there still a bit and South-east. ”



Me why something uvidelos not 50, and soc's last merger. As option. Who owns the English, can there is in this something, in these letters?!



Лесник wrote:

“I don’t why something uvidelos not 50, and soc's last merger. As option. Who owns the English, can there is in this something, in these letters?!
Very many what, about 50 meanings, and even here is such
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Or such Special Operations Capable
Concept corps the US Marine, on fulfilling context of security operations

50c this nyuyorkskiy RELEASES 50 Cent. -drugs, seller drugs, son saleswomen drugs.




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