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Russian paratroops out there go to war on Ukraine

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Around the this "a scene" I see only one problem - this "'s bullshit. No," soon attend in RFiyu (think in October) and test Core troops "NATO-Shmato" with dismemberment RFii and "disposal of" 110 million population.
Ah and think, that in "Altaygeyt" they then will return, after sawing RFii.

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On Ukraine, it seems, has played out another an act of - RFiyskie military have gone border Ukraine.



On this about already and jokes went

Mustache Pieskowa @ Sandys organs is mustache 8 untangle
, that with Russia? - She's got lost.

Moustache Pieskowa @ Sandys organs is mustache 8 untangle
Accidentally-Amphibious Force.

One Rapid the Elephant @ FastSlon 10 untangle
Of Ministry of Defence of: Kostromskie paratroops out there were on midwatch border) and accidentally are gone on 15 kilometers on Ukraine

"And was whether a boy?" - perhaps was, challenged, there is no from II trades abroad, only attempts clever your way out.



Val wrote:

"A was whether a boy?" - perhaps was, challenged, there is no from II trades abroad, only attempts clever your way out.

In this case I not too later Gorozhanskomu "War not will", I think, that here rather RFiyskoe leadership, consisting of perfidy total overall fitness in world and in RFii before, to the bloody the reaping on territory RFii began. And at all RFii was more rational precisely blitzkrieg pursue even in late Aprelya.



udaw wrote:

on video all reading texts (interrogations)

perhaps, the other question "where you was with eight until eleven" - who they and as there are trapped? Understandable, that the Kremlin supports DNR / lnr, but the Kremlin says, that this support only "moral" (pro material not says), but if ??? there is fighters trades abroad on territory Ukraine, then here already the other German - is obtained that Ukraine has armed conflict with trades abroad on territory Ukraine.

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Listen to, ah already so much the big info on this about, that not to notice difficult. Propose a discuss, voice their considerations and complement in other materials.

Putting a small case.

In Moscow hospital without legs flown Russian trooper takes now he will the invalid until the end of life.

About this on its page in social networks Facebook wrote as during casualtys Sergei use this.

From people to comment trade mark for luxiory

Elena Mahrova This is very large sorrow, which impossible forgive.
2 September in 19 :1 8

Boris Nemtsov A where he served? And where was wounded?
2 September in 19 :3 2

Sergei use this 31-I ul'yanovskaya Oblast ', brigade civilians. Wounded - somewhere in / on Ukraine, I not know.
2 September in 19 :5 3

Jaroslav Borovikova Sergei, forget, that he disabled person and do all, that and he this forgot. Such word should be been permanently expunged from use in your family!
2 September in 20 :1 3

Alexey Lagzdin Sergei, God or enlisted?
2 September in 20 :1 8

Sergei use this God
2 September in 20 :2 3

Albert Tsukrenko Sergei, he? … 1885485056
2 September in 20 :3 8 1

Sergei use this Yes. I this already showed six months ago. In the form of a golden eagle.
2 September in 20 :4 1 1

Yuliya Wang lier, Norway Serezha, what horror
2 September in 20 :4 2

Recall, as previously reported, already was repeatedly confirmed by fact participation in fighting on East Ukraine Russian paratroopers from location in city of Pskov: So, in Russia appeared graves paratroopers, in which buried two paratroopers Kichatkin and Osypov. After, as journalists have become come on these landfills, there appeared military, which not concede there no one.

On the second photos we see the same human, Nicholas Koslow ( - page already removed, its e dimi), but already in the form of Ukrainian "Berkut (Ukrainian police)." Date the emergence of photo on page 22 March 2014.

About fix this us says?

About how, for example, that Russian trooper takes Nikolai use this hosted participation in the violent crackdown on eeaaneiai Maidan winter.
Or about how, that Kohl hosted participation in hero of the berkutovtsev in Sevastopol (20 March 2014: … l_nahimova)

Recall April:

stay put police
Russian law enforcement officials limited illegally in vacation more than in a hundred countries

Russian law enforcement officials prohibited from touring in vacation in a series of overseas countries. This stems with a warning Ministry of Foreign affairs avoid states, which delayed look Russians and grant their on request the US. Existence directives confirm in MVD and a 90 and are discussing on forums in Internet. In a corrections and the Passport proclaim, that not heard nothing about ban.

In Tuesday became known about introducing restrictions on the remittances of abroad for staff Russian law enforcement agencies. Central apparatus MVD was's been notified still last week about ban on the remittances of abroad in vacation and on personal Affairs, explained source of in office.

Meanwhile, who paid their tours, to go allow, and rest are asked not contribute money for the ride.

Week ago Prime Minister DNR Zakharchenko announced that on the side DNR go to war "personnel military trades abroad in Holiday." In social media and at all already in 120 very many the big info on paratroopers, different-and the victims and the wounded. Reality made OK happening? And with whom they there go to war voluntarily-coercively? With army Ukraine which as would there is no? With punitive batalonami, which are just breaking every 2 days militias with activities.Their? And how many there our paratroopers and how many died? As something this already not really jibe in control-postanovochnost war with zabrosom punitive battalions on the slaughter to mrazyam.

The Interview father Nicholas Koslow:

Vsevolod KOZLOV: And that tell? He soldiers. He gave oath and honestly nurturing order. And not escaped, and not chickened out, as your there. Banderlogi these, for which you vpryagaetes all time. Understandable? He not fled to there and not asked aid no one. I proud of them. He real soldiers. And that would with him nor happened I will his raise, d raising and not I will never. And wife, and I. We proud of it them.
Another wanted hear? That I will nytsya-crying to? Yes never in life.
Have us on Ural under Putin only to live began to, be reborn. And you in Moscow live there. You have utterly other country.

Correspondent: And you not know any something details? As all of this happened with Nikolai?

W. Goats: You on war were?

Correspondent: There is no.

W. Goats: You at all represent, that this such? You represent, when with both sides go shooting and shelling cities ? When just threw a snowball at borders our.
I not know, where he was. Likely, on the border. And that would he nor did, he rights. Hold, he nurturing order. Increasingly. This most important for soldier. He not've been running, not was mowing. Have called went. … l#comments



Here I still wrote pro into the key "lost in fog"

South-East Ukraine, on 32 page, made something on first going straight.

Done was for order to real military personnel, neglected on Ukraine and pogibayuschie there "well went" have shirnarmass. Blanket paratroops out there appeared immediately after overlook and scandal with the first to anonymous body bags - in particular, with Leonid Kichatkinym.

All of this of course unpleasantly and wrong :( Although and're trying not to succumb to emotions and sense "saint justice." So ever read any Poe, dead already not say to many, but there is. With dozen-the other bold enough. This those whom can be find in social media, those, to whose parents came borrow interview. Separately unpleasantly history with" Russian-Ukraines "Berkut on Maidan. (Computers chime.

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Darkeffect777 branches of mixed up,

At Altai opened first in trades abroad memorial equating the
In honor fought for separatists Donbas volunteer



I stsus. :flag: o.O
At night, Apu tried to crash in Gorlivka, Donetsk.



#p51058,gav wrote:

At night, Apu tried to crash in Gorlivka, Donetsk.

Need was in backpack slowly and even condoms, rates, medallions SS and the Koran,
And so, almost raze,. Not believe nathin '.
A rubber Polish heavy foot this something


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