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Country voice under Putin’s not worked. Pyetrovich Shary increasingly botched.



"Zakhvatyvayuschee video" Peter injured … video.html
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#p41123,Dmitry" wrote:

"Zakhvatyvayuschee video" Peter injured … video.html
  … 808263181/

So's himself Jaros on a tank in airport Donetsk is going

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1930 stvorili boezdatno viysko (injured)

Assembly fairy tales and Sonnin :D
As 300 my 10,000th army had been fighting with as a security guard - Ghivi, avtomoyschikom Motorola and not was able their defeat





Interview injured with harsh issues Deutsche Welle.

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- President injured, welcome to the Conflict Zone.
- Dobryi evening.
- you talked, that the world will come then, when will released the latest meter Ukrainian land. You had in mind Crimea?
- Of course.
- But you same his not beauty parlor, this impossible.
- The situation with Mass Media on Crimea - this the typical anshlyus, annexation sovereign Ukrainian territory. This rude violation of international rights.
- And that?
- Nu, in late all the international right should be restored.
- And as you this see? Russia nothing you not will put.
- aggressor must be punished. But I emphasize - strictly diplomatic by. Will is difficult, but if level of life on Ukraine will strongly higher, than in Crimea, freedom press, freedom media will higher, then if we will European nation with-free regime and freedom entrepreneurship, krymchane themselves will want to us.
- One deal your son or son krymchan, and quite another - reality. You not you can take From Crimea force, and Russians not give his simply so, this will be suicide for Putin’s. All of this know, the whole world.
- Ves the world understands, that this illegal annexation, and all 170 countries world not recognized its and never recognize.
- But they tolerate inequalities these fact.
- No. No one in the EU not have learned. In Crimea not fly planes, there not invest money, this illegally annexed by territory. And if recognize annexation and live with it - this will be violation of and the complete destruction system international security. Encouragement an aggressor, as in 1938. Imagine, that in 38 ode someone says: “complicity, Austria forever will remain part of Germany. ” This is impossible.
- But look at occupation Israel of Western Bank rivers Jordan River. Passed already a half-century, no one its not acknowledged, but all accepted. In Crimea will be the same.
- Don’t will. For us truth, and with us the world.
- What same could would say and Palestinians.
- No, here absolutely another the situation. Aggressor now fully isolated.
- But Ukraine something never will become member of the EU, and a NATO member, too, not will become. No one will so to risk. No one wants provoking Russia.
- Russia already pays huge price for violation of international rights. This sanctions, this's gold reserves, this subsidies Crimea. Let us realists. Russia - beginning country, but the world will not tolerate recognition annexation of, this will be come to mean destruction global system security.
- Do you really think, Ukraine someday joins NATO?
- Yes. Not in the near future, but …
- A here is Germany argues, that not will no of membership. Steinmeier said, that will partnership, and of membership not will.
- Nu yes, we same must conform to criteria NATO - this deal not one days or year.
- Nu so you and in 2008, too, denied. Because intruded Russia. And in this time will accurately so same.
- In 2008 simply prodeklarirovali, that doors in NATO open to Georgia and Ukraine.
- But no one their not opened.
- Because Ukraine not match its criteria …
- No, because Russians said “no. ” Prime Minister France said, that they against accession Georgia and Ukraine, because this would violate balance forces in Europe.
- I glad, that you experienta with me their opinion and opinion French premier, but we - sovereign, an independent state. We not ask anyone's resolution. We must reform our country, for this we need to six-seven years. Need to hold a referendum and ask have Ukrainian people - and you want accession in NATO?
- A still for joining NATO you need invitation.
- Two year ago only 16% population Ukraine supported membership in NATO. And now 60%.
- you want in NATO, Ukrainians want in NATO. And the West not wants. No one will to risk confrontation from with Russia sake of you.
- This is you live today’s day. And that will through six-eight years? The world will utterly different. NATO now - the only effective system security, all the rest destroyed Russian aggression and occupation. We need to prove their partners, that the world will become safer, if Ukraine would give opportunity to join in NATO. For us this “carrot ”,“ light in end of the tunnel ”. Motivation for the reform country.
- A Germany would still will tell there is no. Steinmeier expressed its position.
- This is not stance Germany, this stance celebrating the in 2015. And in 2022 stance Germany can be quite the other.
- you're saying, that Ukraine is leading their struggle sake of Europe, opposes aggression. And not crossed whether you in head, that Europe needs in - Russia more, than in Ukraine? Europe need a Russia for treaty with Iran, for resolution of the conflict in Syria, for struggle with Islamic State.
- you offer, to Europe has betrayed Ukraine?
- I say, that Europe not wants mebers Russia, simply to make you derive.
- A that such the EU? Simply 28 countries member? That you united? Money? Markets? Russia? Security? There is no - values. Why I absolutely am confident in unity deal the EU, in his support Ukraine, in his solidarity with us - because this question values.
- the EU not so perishing am uniform in the last time. Nor in issue migrants, nor in issue Greece, nor in issue Ukraine.
- In the early 2014 I met with minister Foreign the EU and asked: If will aggression against us, will introduce whether the EU sanctions against Russia? Me said: There is no, never. Nevertheless, through three months this happened. So that not need to underestimated the EU.
- Let us Look at a Good arrangements, they look very fragile in the last time. After calm past months we again see shelling, minometnye shelling, the OSCE the agent about a number of cases violations a truce. Will endure whether truce, or violations and shelling will grow? Minsk not works, not so whether?
- a Good arrangements - this plan peace settlement. No one not opposes Minsk, because he implies ceasefire, directing dire arms, exchange prisoners, access inspectors OSCE on any place, where was heaviest weaponry, humanitarian activities for resolution humanitarian crisis, social and economic development territory. And still there is political part of these arrangements, process--including free and honest elections, to inhabitants of Donetsk and Luhansk could choose their representatives.
- But timeline something all thwarted. All timeline suffered on the next year.
- Don’t-not-not! This I not earlier timeline. Ukraine very responsibly applies to human all arrangements.
- Then why oh why why you have installations “Grad ” are there, where their should not be? Here is November’s report OSCE, in which all of this states - data two-day ago!
- No!
- Yes!
- No!
- Yes! In report this referred.
- No, our stance is clear - we with relish cooperate with OSCE and fully have a Good accord.
- A why then OSCE says, that your “Grady ” are worth there, where their be should not?
- We fully have even the most tiny conditions, including directing dire arms.
- So that, the OSCE is exposing?
- No nor a single case the Pact help agreements with our hand.
- So they are wrong, or that? After all not can be such a, that and you, and they were right.
- We fully have a Good agreement. We fully cooperate with OSCE. And here is Russia not serves - in twelve-fifteen times more, than we. Russia shoots the hell out, not permits inspectors OSCE. And in is singular case, pro which you say, we for forty minutes negotiators have settled the entire question and have been downgraded all installations on the right distance. So that we cooperate struggling forces, not the that Russia.
- In general, such a here is you have interpretation of.
- This is not interpretation of, we fully have a Good agreement. OSCE confirms.
- Two days ago not axiom,.
- Format our conversations not permits disciplining numbers, but after her the end of the I will provide a you appropriate figures, and you their publish it. Because that the situation worrying - this Russian scenario, that, aaneaou, “both sides violate agreement ”. This not so, we fully have agreement.
- A let us talk pro promises, which you provided the presidential election. You promised fight with corruption. And here is a month ago Ambassador the US in Ukraine accused your Secretary-prosecutor in corruption and covering up a corruption back activities their employees. If this is so and there is, why he until now not sacked?
- First, we immediately same launched a joint with the US an independent investigation this issue. If facts petition proves to be true, then all perpetrators in the same second fly off with work. Second, we created system counteract the corruption, cops are bureau, it is beginning to work 1 December.
- A here is two days ago representatives the Commission have expressed its concern condition with corruption in Ukraine, in including concern those people, which you appointed an in this bureau, and particularly commemorated, that cooperation with the EU directly depends on success your struggle with corruption.
- That precisely! So we and laid off those people, about which us talked and appointed an those, whom have recommended that in the EU. We react very quickly and effectively. This structure is beginning to work with 1 December and she will have support and Ukrainian people, and the EU, and America’s.
- you want show, that are engaged in Ukraine in a new era of, want show openness and transparency. Then why you until now posses their TV station? Here is and OSCE says: “We firmly convinced, that policy should not ownership means media in his country, whether this Ukraine, Italy or where something else ”.
- In 2003, when I was oppozitsionerom, I created the first free Ukrainian media. And have him were utterly transparent and public relations - miles between journalists and owner.
- But after all there is always conflict interests. Have politicians always so. You promised, that chase behave otherwise!
- No! I never promised sell “Fifth Canal ”.
- you promised, that chase differ from oligarchs, which possess media.
- A I and so different....... “Fifth Canal ” - the most kritikuemyy, but and the most respectable Canal.
- A you something he why? You same President, stake their affairs. Have no still President in Europe there is own channel broadcast?
- I - the guardian freedom press in country. Journalists on “of Fifth host ” not confined to nor in than, on them there is no slightest pressure.
- A still you promised sell its a chocolate factory of the, and defaulted on this promises.
- A this because, that part of my business in Russia impounded Putin, and still part of arrested. And detainee business cannot be sell. But we terminated agreement with one of the most respectable European trust funds ’, and this business all-??? will sold out.
- Ionou so, but from majority their enterprises you all-??? not have removed the smoke.
- I the only President in history Ukraine, have which such transparent business agreement. I are applied very came dangerously close.
- you still promised get rid of so-called “handheld armies ”: From“ Right Bank sector ”, from “educated volunteers will give battalions ”.“ Right sector ” nowhere not over, as and oligarchs - and you promised, that on Ukraine oligarchs more not will. And they well successfully have shown its strength on local election.
- you very guiding role're interpreting my words. I not promised destroy “Right sector ”, this political party.
- But this still and short-range battlefield compound?
- Bankers can I finish the? I promised disarm his and deflecting with lines Front. Now on the front lines there is no nor single representative “Right Bank sector ”. And at all, this prerogative militias, not President - disarm and deal with any HVF, whom would it nor has belonged, oligarchs or illegal naval political a wing. Country’s ruling oligarchic army were unarmed, we with this in truth …
- “Right sector ” no one not razoruzhal.
- He in the process disarmament, this lasting process.
- It were armed clashes between them and militias, nearby from Western borders countries.
- It was several months ago …
- Yes, but there were any mercenaries with automatic weapons, okruzhivshie a major producing company.
- If you something not know, ask me question - I answer. This was military operation on Disarmament “Right Bank sector ”. Have us here goes war, on the hands of many weapons. But we seek effectively disarm illicit formation and try to build order and legitimacy. And the best proof the serves the fact, that Ukrainian troops on lines common ground support regime ceasefire and suggest legitimacy and order.
- But there is meriting confidence sources of, international organizations, who say about violations human rights in this district. ???? with both sides. Will whether investigation these violations?
- No. The scale of the violations nesopostavim. All violations with our hand investigated in the presence of representatives international organizations, and with the hand borders - there is no. We - civilizing European state, which holds its promises, and they - bandits and terrorists. Take there and make sure themselves.
- Amnesty International argues, that both sides committed the crimes in respect people, the entire guilt which was that they or members opposite side.
- Take a look on statistics, how many criminals in Apu been proven to responsibility. And with hand terrorists and bandits with the hand not was absolutely no reaction. Eight thousands of Ukrainians killed - and with their hand no attract to responsibility. More two thousands of Ukrainian soldiers killed Russian soldiers. Not need to play in these game - “both sides to blame ”. Russians assailed us. They provide aggression.
- What there is you deny charges in violating human rights?
- We not reject, we're investigating. I simply say, that we excel from them. We cooperate with international organizations, we open to investigations. This very came dangerously close.
- Thanks for interview. "



injured has forbidden discrimination sex-minorities

President Ukraine Peter injured approve amendments to Kodeksu labor laws Ukraine, which, in particular, prohibit with protecting rights representatives sexual minorities in admission standards on work. Law published on site the Verkhovna Rada.


48 … 85?lang=ru



injured declared, that victory in World War II not was would without Ukraine
"As same only can be on backdrop of such tipping point has occurred historical facts have s boldness to declare, if Russia won would war and without Ukraine. Not won would this war without Ukrainians … ", — leads words injured his press service.

And who same then according to Яytsenyuka on Ukraine and in Germany poached
Yes Long live radyanskі io
Death tsinіchnim category: Bender, Moldova



Очередная победа украинской дипломатии

МОСКВА, 1 июл 2016. Президент Украины Петр Порошенко заявил, что продление санкций Евросоюза против России состоялось благодаря усилиям украинских дипломатов. На своей странице в Facebook Порошенко поприветствовал продление ограничительных мер и поблагодарил лидеров ЕС за "неизменную солидарность с Украиной".

Низкий поклон Европе за то чтобы у москалей ещё корова сдохла.



В этих картинках возможно есть и другой интересный момент.
По типу "Найдите десять отличий".
Например, когда всунули Петю вместо Вовы, затерли пацана с единорогом на бейсболке. Совпадение?
Еще под секс-меньшевистским флагом вместо детских игрушек всунули олимпийские кольца - к чему бы?



Автодяковальня твиттерная
даєш європейські зарплати і пенсії в Україні !!!



6 октября, выступая на встрече с учащимися вузов, Порошенко посоветовал студенту-историку после получения диплома отправиться в зону боевых действий в Донбассе.

«Вам советую пойти в военкомат после окончания и год провести в АТО. Вот я провел два года в советской армии, и в том числе участвовал в боевых действиях»,
— сказал президент, не уточнив, где именно он воевал.

o.O  o.O
врёт собака

В 1984—1985 годах на службе в Советской армии в Казахстане (Актюбинск) в войсках ПВО.
В 1985—1986 переведён под Киев в связи с рождением сына Алексея.

Боевые действия были только в Афганистане.
Всё сходится, значит Порошенко там сбивал душманские самолёты.  :D



#p80470,Dmitry" wrote:

Вот я провел два года в советской армии, и в том числе участвовал в боевых действиях», — сказал президент, не уточнив, где именно он воевал.



«Мы за трудовые династии» - сказал Алексей Порошенко

"Никто не должен был знать, что я сын президента". Алексей Порошенко рассказал, что во время прохождения службы в зоне антитеррористической операции он носил другую фамилию.

Об этом народный депутат Украины Алексей Порошенко поведал в интервью "Главком".

Как рассказал сын президента Украины, такой шаг был сделан для того, чтобы не ставить в опасность себя и тех людей, которые находились рядом.

"Никто не должен был знать, что я сын президента", - отметил Алексей Порошенко.

Как рассказал Алексей, многие во время службы узнавали его, но он отвечал им, что они ошиблись.

Алексей также отметил, что его решение отправиться добровольцем на фронт поддержал отец.

"Я просто поставил его перед фактом. Невозможно не быть на фронте, когда все туда едут",
- заявил сын президента.
«Невозможно не быть на фронте, когда все туда едут»,
- заявил сын президента.

Отец участвовал в боевых действиях ;
сын участвовал в боевых действиях ;
внук вырастет, тоже участвовать будет.

По документам, урожденный Алексей Вальцман, женившись в 1956 году на Евгении Сергеевне Порошенко, взял фамилию супруги. Однако фамилию, отец президента сменил немного позже. После того, как Порошенко-старший стал фигурантом уголовного дела.



#p80470,Dmitry" wrote:

в том числе участвовал в боевых действиях»

На полигон съездил на занятия с боевыми стрельбами и всего-то делов.  :yep:
прим. Для ПВОшника - стрельба с АК-74 по ростовой и поясной (грудной) мишени.

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Ранний Порошенко с Путиным





Пранк с Петром Порошенко


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