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Monuments. Doctoral. Facilities

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Октава wrote:

And why Georgy Pobedonosets kills the snake?

One of countless (Latin "general arrangement design" for masses - ruso-evrazo-the world wins in General Assembly--China carnage West-the world lime reptov. The very apocalypse-the third the global and there is, in physical terms, sake of which all Syrian, Libyan, now novorosskie installation zateyany.

All these Ebola, super of each-nuclear reserves, on five times all being killing - much fluff piece. Only themselves people, dvunogimi tvarnymi, can ambush massacre



In Rostov small-town Arbat - Arnautish street the entire in balloons produced iron. Have made entirely pedestrian streets and the one pointing balls. Every balloon within, at the vigil, divided on 11 sectors and all of this within fire stars. Became be for good reason, times so studiously Feng-Shui honor. Formally on duct walls fishnet balls forged. A from life Alexander Sergeievitch Pushkin era and at night in them and times light bulbs, type aesthetics. A good tone is considered in light, started walk around on Pushkinska Street along these balls with backlight, near even skameechek worldwide, to sit about them, if you get tired. Summer crowds trek.

Apparently matters azhurnost and elektrofitsirovannost design.

Principle sign although would and for this picture, that once posted the city dweller:

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Ювеналий Балабас wrote:

In Rostov small-town Arbat - Arnautish street the entire in balloons produced iron.

Neighborhood have Arbat a remarkable

Here is the preeminent the statue. Still one mother-were, recognized from-capping with glazastymi ribbons



горожанин wrote:

A one mother-were

Any mother, whether man, whether cat, whether a bird, cat on moreover, who on its view, threatens its child. I was horrified by those instincts, which in me awakened, when was born child. So that character goddess truthfully described, not from finger "The Further" just.
And at all this Cali on Brazilian Jesus resembles. Ministry not one such, such taken the full of the.



горожанин wrote:

A one mother-were

In Rostov plain old tradition build on the bones.
Palace charged and Palats Sports have built on place Novoposelenovskogo cemeteries.
Little who knows, that the filing from inscriptions 60s went on furbishing theater Gorky. In light of this utterly logical and appropriate seems
Fixation regarded with Cali on Tiananmen before theatre.



Семьянин wrote:

Khmer flipping heck are they - antennas?
Not can nowhere find date discoveries this monument. Everywhere 2006 year, and dates there is no.

Yes there is no this globe already with Spring 2014. Slavic Reconstructionist Neopaganism with a sledgehammer raskolpashil) This is already the second split per the ball. 'll be in a minute place is vacant. Have us in Dnieper River peasant women interesting since, especially knots monumental, Nimera it the entire in all that blood. Museum periodically land zamazyvayut.


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Рус wrote:

Ha-ha, place is vacant

How understand, now there is worth "Lyustratsionnaya the guillotine"
Change such a symbol of a perhaps means, that Dnipropetrovsk had replaced with center governance in Ukraine or contrary means shades of other, that who against them, moreover and fulfilling freak fate.



Семьянин wrote:

Anything in Aramavire there is worthwhile attention, for example, a monument the cat ?????????????? bulgakovskomu the cat ?????????????? in it for the hippo from "Masters in and Margarita"

Even not knew, that it turns out have us such there is such with a nice voice.
A downside quite fresh, 2 of them ended only in late summer. Ah and still have us radar there is and one of industrialists the our popped up on aid maydanu month 3-4 ago. And still, look at the poles,. Nothing not reminds? ^ ^



Паша wrote:

And still, look at the poles,. Nothing not reminds?

It is good to see MALOLYuDNOST in this the contour of the.
As and have obelisks with angel higher.
People avoid be delivered in zone actions genodryani "on autopilot."
In Barnaul such same facilities so same exploits. Pro roundabout the memorial-Stonehenge under station I spoke - no one wants cut path and undergo near to Vokzal and on station - and there thousands of every day trek.
"Demidovsky pillar" - the same. Through a path in 50 flushed from him - largest in city of ultimate halt urban and rail transport. People - a, many hours are worth, their routes await, near "pillars" bezlyude. Nor beer quietly popit, nor from it's poke for a holiday not goes no one.

"To a pillar of" soon two century, and this public recently set, on main "transit" Tiananmen cities, point the crossing more 100 routes gortransporta, passengers thousands of here switched, and the same - close not suited.

There is the congenital "the sensor with the autopilot" have people.




Although theme the old. Perhaps someone it will be interesting.
There is some Alexander famine, engineer, known those, that coined some kind energy doctoral. The most known his the pyramid built under Moscow, on Novorizhskom highways. If who remembers, in the early 2000-'s, his oftentimes the showed on Gunnel, where he was the world's biggest small pyramid for household use of (I and not knew, that these pyramid they "Esencia schedule" in pyramid on Novorizhskom highways).

This subject we with townie get back a little debated in remarks,, in his diary on whether-ru. Some would delete, and otvechennye comments remained:

Sergey_Sergeicn 28-07-2012 20 :5 8
"Anton! Podskajite these doctoral have attitude to plans misrepresentation? Sam famine a charlatan or one of “? (I remember in the early 2000-'s he actively - doing a commercial for in the body-stores their mini-pyramid for household use of). Simply trigger any alerts some details (1). With great interest to Pyramid under Moscow met delegation monks from Japan, Korea and Tibet, of nearly its as an ideal place 98th space within and around it. Their conclusions and research Russian scientists, conducted in various institutions RAS and RAMS, confirmed positive effect for ecology and human health, as under visit to the rebuild the Pyramids, so and under using specifically small or anti in it products, mortars and of crystals. (2). Himself architect argues, that over his pyramid, built under Moscow, but station fix found pole.
Biolokatsionnye research have shown, that as over pyramid, so and under it reprisal chain “energy oaioiiia ” pyramids. (3). Some funghi and rust on external walls pyramids-write people are used there. Photo and article on exiled (though the pyramid made only from glass, without metal (4). Entry in a pyramid free, this with, that on construction doctoral took more 1 million dollars … B%EE%E4%E0 "

The city dweller’s organs is from’s organs is Global [вложенный комментарий]
28-07-2012 21 :1 6 (the reference)
SORTIE’s organs is Sergeicn, there is no pyramids "from people", unfortunately.
Poteki on stekloplastike - from activity "inogena" from numerous enrollment carriers his, in conditions ionization - as is true said

Sergey_Sergeicn [вложенный комментарий]28-07-2012 21 :4 2
I.e., blocks from glass were initially are loaded inogenom?

The city dweller’s organs is from’s organs is Global [вложенный комментарий]28-14-07 2012 21 :4 6
)) there is no
Inogen of the word. Visitors - piece inogena, those same tvarnymi, delegations monks, and can, and himself the author in pyramid somewhere source of posted.
Can be, J.J. Cale about glass. Manual methods in such quantities his not do, hot pressing not survive no DNA. Or now there is technology OEM cold production. On photo almost all poteki go from joints between plates.

There is still interesting article Mozhaysky District, Moscow Oblast Local historian Vladimir Kukovenko, about numeric it`s uncertainties inherent in insufficient in pyramid famine's and in other modern new pharaoh Egypt has reached (Parizhskya, Astana).

"Doctoral famine's or occult in architecture"

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Doctoral many where make. The same A. Hunger their "poppet. Oodles he got his shotgun pointed. By themselves, established on forceful lines with jobs mass during people and facilities fuel of emotions, impose "the seal-necked parakeet." A. Hunger he got his shotgun pointed their on such lines (under Moscow, on Seligere, in Bashkortostan 8 units, began generation to drive and propagandize for mass visits people. Flowed the kind, which shown, after many delegations buddo-a pan-Shatii. Undoubtedly, from-for carrying the gene very important prs in generation ierarkhiyakh.
In Barnaul my pal, inventor wasn prorubey, such a same many years.. giving, asset eco-prosvetlencheskikh communities supports.
All of this under pervoaprelskuyu muynyu pro "grinding blades" in new pharaoh Egypt has reached and "mumifitsirovanie dead cats," which picked up by all khezoterikami.
In whether-ru I like gave photo, where and for metallo-navershie did, have electrified, and kreschenskuyu Font jointly with right-and thank-establishment suit, and simply place okhzdorovleniya walrus masses. Now already not can find the money.
Pro Barnaulskogo the inventor, as and pro famine's, world media wrote and all with their. Information not is perceived, the pyramid crumbles physically (, in an information field, and in all "mental pain) levels", as khezoteriki say. Sites with it are closed and glyukayutsya.

Renovated its - … p;yy=1963, technocrats this - … p;yy=2010. although increasingly.



Claire wrote:

This is Number such, dance. There there is and other numbers, quite or virtuallywithout sex. Portrayal.

Ban such need for restricted showing, censorship must be, but its, a clear deal, there is no on private conduits based.
And in those rooms, where virtually without sex portrayal raze not abolishes permanent, inklings and posyly. This exactly as - virtually not by consuming heroin, to speak, that I not ”.

Ещё пару фото по Днепропетровску -



Семьянин wrote:

location couple of photo on he -

Here is there Ukrainian Air Force and work, where the sky such (the first a picture of). As and here Air Force trades abroad.



Me always seemed strange to see here is such figures on Christian (in this case Rica) kindergardens:


An obelisk high 30 forge the Marble. In honor victory. Saw his many years but only recently found on, that this it seems.



On lightning or on appearing?






Olaf wrote:

On lightning or on appearing?

In my on "that gap there." :D



The most center countries.
The pyramid with 180kh180 in 1 kilometer from Sanyana suburb Sian province Shaanxi
34 ° 22 '29.24 "Since - 108 ° 41' 53.08" In
34.374853, 108.697647

Not despite proximity from 7 million cities, pro a pyramid there is no information, as whether something the pyramid is invisible.

Here same, in 3-'s kilometers on northeastern east is worth another the pyramid wide 250's 250 meters.
Gush on North without shift unlike the first.
34.397941, 108.712421
34 ° 23 '52.59 "Since - 108 ° 42' 44.72" In
On of the People ’, this the pyramid more than the pyramid Cheops (230's 230 meters), in ties with this, quite strange, that authorities message isn't getting through even the very its the availability of.



34 ° 24 '2.82 "Since - 108 ° 45' 52.91" In
34.400826, 108.764681
Another 180's 180,, too, gush on sides World.


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