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Arkaim and dolmen

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lublupivo wrote:

In TV-play-by-play there is oddity. There say, that roof down dolmena has cost the passage. But under this small fragments broken bones and the remnants of two skulls remained on place.
I.e. you're so heavy stumbling water has cost, and small fragments the flow of not touched. Can this. The subsequent what any?

There pro though still states, and though depicts, with 0 :2 0
The second portal dolmen - here - archeologists at all main versions Marusya's.

Flint wrote:

There are suspicion, that in steel industry for obtain certain properties metal (will., of Damascus steel, for example), need substances which stand out under gnienii precisely living organisms. Being hailed this could as sacrifice prejudice any bozhku - Gefestu local and etc. About price damasskikh of blades many we've heard so much. And human life not the that then, and and now nothing not worth.
Unfortunately in steel industry - 'm an ignoramus, all these our range, ferroalloys, oxidizers-the reclamators, so 100% argue not thankful, but's very good for back brain can smell, that somewhere here dog put out some feelers.

Dull something as, and concrete that there is?




. Dull something as, and concrete that there is?

Of course. Lived-was the Author, there is no zatvarivatel. Built kamenye bootha potdolmen, eiaee natives, grinding up their as a practised cook and threw this stews in a small tooth: Where sea salt, parsley, pepper to Italian tastes. Ah and then this the angry a cyclops-zatvarschik, when now was is prepared uncork this the hole there and.
Why the hole such a inconvenient, but to life honey not seemed. :D



Val wrote:

And they enforced precisely with goal obtain gas (for something), and this gas was just climbing back through hole, but to not raskhodovalsya in vain, hole were covering up for? But that this for generator, if there is no applying "fuels", this bible canons then. Or hole served for refuelling? And under this not all they are airtight., received gas besprepyatsvenno could leak into through schlini, for example as here:

Here not schlini, and clear cutting loophole. On-my, he already destroyed, camping on E. In was toppled .



Flint wrote:

There are suspicion, that in steel industry for obtain certain properties metal (will., of Damascus steel, for example), need substances which stand out under gnienii precisely living organisms.

Even if with Iraq desert this suggest, then near existing (found) dolmens not are visible (not discovered) integrated furnace. Transpose gas on some distances without appropriate funds transportation. So why same?



Val wrote:

carry gas on some distances without appropriate funds transportation. So why same?

His szhizhivali (ever good at rzhavo-is biscuit liquid) and opening are set leaked in valley. In these "judgements" apparently resource "fuels" was not limited. Gulagov next door nowhere not dug up?
In light of this hypothesis and fascist "gas cameras" be in the new light of, need to same the unfortunate Germans on fix the as they fry. Wood the, only background - he grew up after nuclear war, DOCG level the entire acted precipitously in cutting up on boxes are for missile. They and now - the main vparivateli this "bio-generator room would give me" technology. Can so have them there and different "migration programs" - want from Russian gas to backtrack. :D



Val wrote:

Even if with Iraq desert this suggest, then near existing (found) dolmens not are visible (not discovered) integrated furnace. Transpose gas on some distances without appropriate funds transportation. So why same?

What pop, such is arrival. Judging by size Wood-gas generator, then near hardly should be Azovstal.
And futerovku blast furnace sometimes are just breaking, under this building block could go on other goals. Have us here near Scoria size Makeyevka yesterday years 50, so closest the private sector built from shamotnogo brick.



Flint wrote:

By all indications size Wood-gas generator, then near hardly should be Azovstal.

But under this wait week, to (suppose) one moth gas worked out, any part of from this festive gas then as something "communicate" until ironworks, to smelt out (suppose) one sword. And then build new the construction in another place with new "fuel." Sverkhneratsionalno. Man elaborating the best Wood-gas generator in been (in intestines is happening simply decay, only in accelerated regime, that not has time to degrade like, or not can - is deduced) - eat pulp with beans, for purity experiment - with flesh, and generiruy gas.



Theory about gazokhranilischakh was-would modicum not many at all a sound conception, if-would dolmen were of retarded statues watching that in land. As-would accurately not were there some way the stones, increasingly would still ideal tightness not tickles.



lublupivo wrote:

How-would accurately not were there some way the stones, increasingly would still ideal tightness not tickles.

And in ties with theory of zatvarivaniya this lack of dolmens not works?



Flint wrote:

In continuation of themes about dolmenakh.
A modern "portal dolmen" -

Small biogazovye installations
History is moving on spiral, here is and "dolmen" have returned in a new guise.

In basic replenishing faint bogas installations includes:

Preparatory capacious;
Reactor with electric system heating and pogruzhnoy system mixing, preying on the from networks power supplies tensions 220 or 380 In, system boot and unloading would through hydraulic valves, termodatchikom, effective parka and;
Gas system with necessary valves, cranes and razvetvleniyami;
dry gazgolder prerogatives output pressure bio-gas workers GDP 1 m3. Flushed;
Bloc automatic governance, check work systems heating, mixing and optionally boot.

System boot and unloading in dolmenakh not very convenient.

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tort5 wrote:

System boot and unloading in dolmenakh not very convenient.

As storage facility they - disposable use. After express, as object veneration, spiritual and physical contagion, can serve modicum century.

Pleased meet pictures of the from their posts)
Then perishing need to initial materials, to which they have served illustration, to lend.
return cannibalism - program misrepresentation
about nelyudyakh - XI
about nelyudyakh caliphate



Dmitry" wrote:

After 2000 speech have fun stopped like, because he began elsewhere. Obviously that jokes began simply o.s.. Mostly, ostensibly to him after biggest suited students and are beginning, za. With as on picking the, suck all students, as whether something pass casting, above than to approach with Maitre. Yes and that this for concerts such, on which he tells plitki with their previous )

In de he for good reason started climbing, not his this deal.

Since thus outstanding profile - most the.

And all rusisty / slavisty / vedisty, researchers any something most "ancient ukro. But "and etc. Akhinevichi, such same. Where you there goys saw?

Grammy found its political and a glade for okuchivaniya goyskikh suckers.

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lublupivo wrote:

the circle of about gazokhranilischakh was-would modicum not many at all a sound conception, if-would dolmen were of retarded statues watching that in land. As-would accurately not were there some way the stones, increasingly would still ideal tightness not tickles.

Their incidentally why something archeologists're digging out from land (even in burials). For example, on rice 4, truth the from articles about Korean dolmenakh, which in world about half of.
i dolmens VOSTOChNOY and representatives And I-Chosun era

. That most interesting gaps between tectonics are lacking.

. Under a huge number of dolmenami found leftovers from the people, but, as imposed contemporaries have these leftovers from the belong to more late-era, than the very construction their.

The story, Token is and Assignment dolmens

At the Caucasus meet dolmen - polumonolity, made from huge stone and nakrytye oven-with. Usually, under aid processing the surface around holes, them emphasized similarity with front facade plitochnogo dolmena. Were built also dolmen-monolity in very a limited numbers - apartments are hollowed entirely from one stone. Currently remained just one such portal dolmen in Sochinskom district.

dolmen lot of these. Dolmen Northern Caucasus

Here is even an interesting narrative prof. excavation dolmens

dolmen are on the surface land and for access inward enough remove the stony the cork or penetrate membrane. For Goals, that over after disappearances carriers dolmennoy culture dolmenami enjoyed all, who wanted to. Under this content dolmens vybrasyvalos and replaced, say, so other and all this occurred not times and not two.

. If in dolmenakh Kuhr-Dere, Esher, Novosvobodnogo and in some other dolmenakh on northern Caucasus were products from copper, bronze and even iron (tools labor, weapons, objects utensils, jewelry and camping on D.) and they belong to copper-Early Bronze Age I and Early Bronze Age I centuries of, then specimens in Shoykuskom dolmene comprise only products stone, fragments ceramics and bones, therefore, he applies to to early phase development dolmennoy culture. And content material, izvlechennogo to the surface, allows us argue with big share confidence, that he not is Tomb, and was only iconic ???.

Assignment dolmens

Is obtained for what initially depended dolmen is unknown, and use in as a tombs or cult facilities secondary on type Soviet which in Russian Revolution of 1917 churches.
And tightness increasingly-??? sought: About this says although would perfectly prityortaya cork, the lack of no gaps left between plates have nepovrezhdyonnykh dolmens and Polycarbonates-polumonolitnye dolmen.

There is truth and version of about military divided on the dolmens. ;)
appointment dolmens

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Article not about appointing dolmens, but explains technology construction and most importantly where and as ranging material for this.
Ancient technology dolmens the Caucasus



Not, Arkaim, Arkaim.
That write "researchers-historians"

7. In hallway was capital for water, which would leave in a ditch under the main street. Ancient arias were endowed sanitation services! Little moreover, in every home was well, stove again and a slight models. Storage facility. From thinks of, over levels water otvetvlyalis two earthmoving pipes. One had been in stove again, another in models. Storage facility. Why? All genial is simply. All we know, that from thinks of, if in him look, always "pulling" cool air. So here is in Arian the oven this) air, passing on made of earth pipe, nurtured traction such forces, that she allows melt ints without use Mechs! Such a stove again was in every home, and's ancient kuznetsam remained only to hone prowess, now competing in his the arts! Another reboot cube, leading in storage facility, guarantees the in it slower temperatures, compared with farm air. His kind of refrigerator! Milk, for example, here was kept longer.

And here is that writes flourish "alternativschik"

At 7. About sanitation in homes ancient category: Arias with exclamation sign on late I already said. And here is about well will run dry, furnace and a small a domed storage facility, imevshemisya in every home , conversation goes big, tedious and until Tears comical. Consider still times on picture, to me easier was to move to thermal engineering or although would to simple school Physics. All know about how, that smoke virtually always reaching to the sky, there, exactly, far directed simple pechnaya cube. But here is not all know, know only 2005, belonging on a hot day in cool inside ????, that oven melt an impossible the complexity of the, respiration a fair part of perform to the ground was destroyed by fire, when oven tried to all same melt gasoline from car, on which toured. In a result auto subscribes to already zapylavshey dacha. Here physics does end and begins small, but detailed, its part of thermal engineering.

At all speaking, smoke goes, for he warm, in cold place, which not necessarily closer to the sky, can be quite the contrary, from the stove to gender Cold apartment, not in pipe, for of smoke designed. For over pipe so feel hot, that smoke there not hurry, seeking to cold gender apartment. Village inhabitants me will be a laughingstock for razrisovku this platitudes, and here is urban, entire winter countries sitting about batteries and not akess ????, listen to and remember.

Although I already all said. So as far for our the era, I think, not less 40 centuries ago, times perishing Zdanovich such term us put, were invented of the smoke house. Cold smoked tofu, in which smoke should be cold, then kopchenosti will kept safely out very long under any the heat, not was would only flies. Hotter smoking I not regard, for this not smoking, and cooking on couple of, only koptilnyy steam well reeks, that and ceded product, which in the heat lose their cool roughly so same quickly as and boiled fish-meat. And here is meat cold smoked tofu, if would his found in Egyptian new pharaoh Egypt has reached, can be was would try accurately so same, as and the famous baby mammoth with Chukotka, being in a frozen the form of 10 thousands of years. Here is that such cold smoking, nadoumennoe nerastaplivaemoy, dymyaschey on a hot day hot plates.

For those who has built have themselves on balconies and terraces on images from magazine Knowledge force or Science and life (I perishing now not remember) the smokehouse cold smoked tofu, again will ludicrous, so as arkaimskaya koptilnya, presented on Figure, ah, spitting image of your replicates his own. The difference only in is, that current of the smoke house. For challenging, with chimneys from unnecessary as, obvalovannykh ogorodnoy land, and well, in which're hanging the pieces meat or fish, exactly, not well, and simply Pandora from as,, too, zasypannyy land, to was cold. Then smoke goes precisely there, not to heavens, bearing the gradually in pipe and reaching mailbox quite cold. So that and length pipes nemalovazhna, wiping out over- by.

But in Arkaime we have deal with mass, almost the flux production time, in 60 flats , continuing entire long in these places autumn, so technology was sharp a until perfection. ???? I strongly suspect, that not I?e?aeuou have its, and local ancient population, living among herdsmen cows and horses, (see Point 11, to which I still not even cracked it yet). And I?e?aeuou, as a dedicated salesmen, who built city, only used local technology, giving it on reason thirst profits a prototype line Ford.

That concerns kupoloobraznogo storage sites , then here all truth, only forgotten one thing, indeed do even, two things. First, there can be to do the bryndza, second, well because and deep, although there never was water, about than J.J. Cale the author, that there entire winter got nailed, trambovalsya snow and all summer slowly melt soon, water was leaving in the sand and the entire well represented a the glacier, widely known until invention electric refrigerators.

Now spit it out pulling cool air , for nor from one thinks of in world never pulling, so as pulling assumes movement air, the coldness same simply is felt, without any traction. Spit it out ) air, passing on made of earth pipe, nurtured traction , so as cold air on bottom thinks of wants as can be below, but bottom not lampooned, and upward him go nature, i.e. physics, not gives. Has remained only the phrase all genius simply , you perishing its leave for me personally, all scientists, sbivshim with pantalyku author articles, this phrase nor to what, she them image taints. And I, obodrennyy your genius simply , perhaps winds to lower melting point bronze. She until under figure 7 is swinging without affairs.

Initially I you let me give you from understood map Cheliabinsk area, us without it, ah, raze not indispensable in search of bronze for Arkaima.

Map modicum and petty Lies, but for us enough. Small river G-Karaganka, the mentioned in tranche 1, you will find in the bottom maps. With its the mouth of begins Zhayyq River, on-the current Ural. The rest part of maps me will require not only for searches copper, without which nor one bronze not the case, but and some any other goals.

Copper 40 thousands of years ago can be was find on Ural the mountains, tin ore kassiterit in Central Asia, but raze not on small river G-Karaganka. And if would ints plavili in one the oven from sixty, then this still can be was as something understand, earrings for queens such decided melted down, made. But 60ovens this such a on stilts for Arkaima, that on stilts about traction cold air upward, in hotheaded air, seem almost true. So that no doubt ancient smiths Arkaima honed its prowess on kopchenii meat.

Arkaim How many poetry! Where proza?



Day are a good, here is on these the photos visible brown color, this and there is zatvarka or some category: Oxides?

URL =http: //][/url]

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Here is such Arkaim I have poluchilsya.- from personal. Instead ", hello. And all"



Merely in Wu me here is what idea, give voice - under gnienii protein are formed many substances. Quote from a: At practice great importance has biochemical contents breakup proteins. Process of disintegration proteins or their derivatives under influence Putrefaction bacteria is called foul with decay. Processes rot can occur aerobno and anaerobno. The corruption is accompanied by ??????? sharply guarantees excellent substances substantially, of sulphuretted hydrogen, skatola, indola, merkaptanov and others.
Forth rightly move from corruption protein under gnienii to gain nitre (nitrate, ammonia) - it's ammonium saltpeter Mark A widely is used in chemical industry and in production for obtain industrial 1985-selitrennykh explosives substances, with, on industrial consumption this substances dilute the predominantly domestic market.
From it already is done gunpowder either "pervoporokh."
To what this I? And here is to than - in France in Paris there is catacombs to with grave 6 100,000 100,000 (six million) man, many vyvarennykh broken bones, skulls, are looking video Kungurova - cannibals in history. So can be part (either all) of them commanded on reprocessing of / production nitrate ammonia, and forth gunpowder? I not chemist, but interestingly was would deal in this issue.
And Napoleon the first affair in Egypt captured province, where can be extract nitrate, ammonia in impeccable (motives) the form of! Respectively he became owner "superoruzhiya" and went further on world pillage.
The result here is question - can be whether from protein obtain the end product - gunpowder?naturally with adding existing on the time technologies?


? , .



#p121575,zatvarkin wrote:

? ,

. , - , , .

, zatvarkin. , , . , .


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