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Challenge coins organs iss organs is Loose convened

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"challenge coin" - the first documentary film about September 11,, revealing the faulty official version of. The film made neprofessionalami, but eclipsed all professionals combined. In 2005 the film should be bomb year, if would. On him turned attention American TV. However his simply ignored. For what would sure, that Wikipedia this, too, Plato corrupt bastards, enough watch on number of content about movie "of the Republic of Moldova" on page this resource.

The second publication

13 April 2005 (1s publication)
11 December 2005 (2s publication)
June 2006 (peremontirovannoe 2s publication)
11 November 2007 (final proposal for)
$2000 (1s publication)
$6,000 (2s publication)
$then 200.000 (final proposal for)
Dylan Avery
Cory Roua
Jason Bormas
Dylan Avery
Tim Spark,
Alex Jones
Jason MakGion
The author
Dylan Everly



September 11, 2001 the whole world pane to teleekranam. There was happening what could not be -almighty and forbidding America attacked terrorists. But when the first shock past, many have become ask questions. And official version of already not ???? such logical and credible.
Where over the wreckage we, protaranivshego facade of Pentagon? Why so quickly crack the Twin Towers? Why struck the building WTC7, in which not he crashed nor one plane? Where, finally, DeepBurner gold from depository under the destroyed the World s easy Center? Issues was many, official version of some straight answers on them not ready.
The creators of documentary challenge coin gave exhaustive response to all these questions. Very the good documentation. Least of emotions. Maximum facts. Facts, not a distance stone on stone from official version of about terrorists man! Converting violence-supermenakh, peresevshikh with small sports control airplanes on huge Boingi and the perpetrators of the, that not under force vast majority of professional pilots(and in case with Pentagon even and rudely all laws physics).



Loose Change Final Cut (FULL VERSION)

On Russian … redakciya/
The film the third


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Video and Photo September 11, » Challenge coins organs iss organs is Loose convened