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On parts of Ukraine want to build a new country Hazard Khaganate, she same New template: Khazaria, she same Hampdenon ancient maps, she same Loser project New Russia (region).

Our forum directly or indirectly concerns this themes, Slavinskiy Cross, mass installation precisely in this place; Jews in Ukrainian power, which no coup 20 February of course same not suit, and simply changed signboard.

There Crimea from Ukraine, in western press, can be said passed unnoticed. Reaction too leisurely, especially she Treponema on backdrop of Federation state of Malaysia we. Sense such, that Russia deserves Kupkari for Boeings, and for Crimea its can be just-only scold.
Strange?, more than strange.

In the last time encounter articles on this topics, something'll be proceeding to convene in this the Frost.
Some articles at all not reveal maps, and have goal maximally confuse situation, this is so same should account for.






Khazaryanam remarkable fare in current gos-, polit-, info-, financial structures, they a-rockin 'all banking means from fereesov until of being a crappy one "should we expect-I-bank" in the region, resources, vigor, and are invisible. Why should they such gonna be super awkward - any khazariyu build? Have them and so everywhere clear cutting khazariya.



Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch tried to build a new Khazariyu on Ukraine

Radical Zionist a denomination Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch lusted after the relocation of on Ukraine from the US, already oschipannykh to the last extent. They want personally for themselves build there capital on Plane Hill , ones of course, destroying the local population.

6 on May 2014 in media project Kyiv Jewish deputy head of home town of Dnipropetrovsk B. March made sensational recognition: That to do with those who genuinely wants death my country? With so full of Fae Russians look like idiots, genuinely not understand, why we are prepared their kill? With some sneaky Russian journalists, which and the people call the language not tide is turning? With all of these sonmom evil spirits? Tomorrow will a new day and rises the Sun. And that will do the entire this scum both from earth? And we must let us build New Morsky. capital on Plane Hill , New Zion. Land pagans was outlined.

Ukrainian oligarch I. Our Ukraine lips his's little minion raised ultimate goal its and Martin Chabada home town of Dnipropetrovsk building on Ukraine a new state, promised land, a new Zion. Arises question: Who promised a new promised land, wasn God? There is no, Earth Promised Land already exists, this Israel and the other Earth mass exodus there is no, and not can be. Therefore, promised land from Ukraine try to do Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch home town of Dnipropetrovsk and oligarch I. Our Ukraine, which today finances and heads (and not the head of the SBU W. Nalivaychenko) way a punitive operation in Donetsk and Luhansk areas. Moreover, on celebration Purim 16 March 2014, when in Crimea anodyne a referendum about status autonomous republics (date was chosen not accidentally, and with goal as can be stronger hitting the Jewish economist Jean Ukrainian Martin Chabada), Rabbinic home town of Dnipropetrovsk Shmuel Kaminetskiy declared:
We live together with how Ukrainians view already 1,000 years. And Ukraine our Earth. Today we will to read of Heaven Ester, as read the his thousands of years in Purim. And precisely today this reading has special meaning. Precisely today, a new Aman -, our overall with how Ukrainians view enemy, is worth quite near.

Ironically mentioning about ukraintsakh, with whom Jews live together already 1,000 years, but mentioning about Amman, is worth very costly. Who same this new Aman -? In a broad construes, this Russia and a Russian people, and in more the exhibition President Russian Federation W. W. Putin, now in plans Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch Lubavitch (on recovery a new significant or, according to B. Metabolitic, a new Zion on Ukraine. Loss of Crimea painful for but on plans I. Bill and his patrons in the US, glory biggest and influential community Martin Chabada in New over, still most agonizingly became process secession Donetsk and Luhansk republics, for whom, undoubtedly, will follow and the entire South East Ukraine. Of dweeby of cards cities on Plane Hill - a new Jerusalem began deteriorate, barely the builders set to his new educational. Why? Because, that acted as lies and betrayal of, ritually sacrificed ordinary citizens Ukraine and unseen for twenty-first century cruelty, potryasshey very many people. Today the builders a new significant subsequently launched fierce entire its hatred against Russia and Russian people, against W. W. Putin and his team, calling President Russia new Amanom, thereby particularly highlighting his patriotichnost and understanding of huge dangers, contained in plans I. Bill and Ukrainian Martin Chabada.
But even more important for understanding of depth causes eeaaneie revolution I. Bill became recognition rabbi was S. Kaminetskogo about thousands history joint residence on territory Ukraine. On first glance Rabbinic not knows historical facts arise Kievan Rus and people, its naselyayuschego, but S. Kaminetskiy says about quite other historical events, namely about Hazard Hagan.

In Minutes century template: Khazaria borrowed huge on those times territory, from Astrakhan and Caspian Sea, until of Dnepr, including Crimea, with advanced post on the north White Vezha, from which and happened name Belovezhskaya Pushcha, far have in X century had fled routed significant Jews. And now speech goes about revival a new significant, center which has shifted in Dnipropetrovsk and, judging by around the, Ukraine must was become contributor for cities on Plane Hill - a new Jerusalem. I.e., Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch Lubavitch (rallied the relocation of from New Yorkers on Ukraine, making its capital significant Dnipropetrovsk, thereby violating the natural move history, after all precisely in Jerusalem state Israel must be world cooperates effectively Third Shrine with throne disposes Jerusalem czar, whose arrival so yearn for meet Jews around the world. But have communities Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch Lubavitch (its glance on historic prospect, after all Menachem Mendl Schneersohn, the latest the rebbe Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch Lubavitch (, deceased in New over in 1994, recognized moshiakhom, which will resurrected in a certain time. Under this in Dnepropetrovsk already created the Yasukuni for M. M. Shneersona, where he should vossest on its a throne of, this center Martin Chabada Menorah - the most big complex in Europe. So, members Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch Lubavitch (more not await arrival moshiakha in Israel, but gather build its Israel city on Plane Hill (Zion) in Ukrainian earth, recreating Khazariyu, a new historic homeland, after all Israel they not remember and, judging by around the, not want have nothing in common with genuine the Earth mass exodus.

In his admirable work Launchpad history , academic the Russian Academy natural Sciences L. BC Gumilev abnormally accurately predicted events, occurring today on Ukraine. In the early's century in significant occurred coup, in a result which the second man after of Hagan (of the, czar) became Jew Obadiah, son dagestanskogo leader Bulana, vested Judaism. Events, Roadmap for these coup, unfold L. BC Was happy the next way:

1. Circumstances, under which occurred this not so religious, as public coup, some multiple legends, which all without exceptions is rendered report with one goal conceal from people and history true position affairs.
The same today there is on Ukraine, when victory Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) 22 February 2014 used those who shaped popular anger against President Ukraine W. F. Yanukovych and his corrupt clique. All, who called for people Ukraine to rebellion, to active action against militias and a Berkut , under this can blood defenders of Maidan, heavenly majority W. F. Yanukovych, have seized power rightly winners.
But that this for winners? Without doubts, all they belong to Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch Lubavitch (and so have huge support in the US and EU. Can be said, that revolution Martin Chabada defeated on Ukraine, but goal its were hidden deeply in the ground a new power and only thanks to lightning Crimean operations, have become began to dawm for many, whom not ambivalent fate Ukrainian people. These goal in euros recreating a on territory Ukraine a new significant cities on Plane Hill, Jerusalem Martin Chabada with throne disposes M. M. Shneersona.

2. Obadiah was man intellectual and W did ties in Jewish diaspora. For pundits Israeli he not regretted Hazard silver content and gold , to only these wizards agreed, welcome in Itil. And if match with this fact well-known contingency, that for political coup need money and organization, then in sight, with whatever establishment was stems Obadiah. From change of power won not Hazaras and not: Khazar Jews, and those that Jews and the Jewish community in a whole. And't deliver soon so, then, means, they and organized coup, while conserving legitimate principle. All public office were distributed between Jews, with himself Obadiah adopted title Pech (back), remain Russian on Arab language as Malik , camping on E. Tsar. This means, that he headed a government under nominal Khan (Kagane), not with this time under detained and issued blindfolded people times in year.

There is no doubt, that Ukrainian oligarch I. Our Ukraine, today laying claims on title czar a new significant, runs eeaaneie power, forcing their fulfill orders Martin Chabada, namely his New York parts of, with an enormous impact on Administration US President B. Obama. A. The blame, A. Special, A. Arsen Avakov (politician) and W. Nalivaychenko just collective nominal Hagan in the service I. Bill, that distributes role and naznachayuschego their representatives on public office. To be sure, money and political influence Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch Lubavitch (helped to commit not only revolution Maidan, but and start transformation Ukraine on plan rich Jews, long vynashivayuschikh plans to of resettlement in a new Khazariyu from collapse of the US and impending war on Middle East. But ordinary Jewish communities (excellent from Martin Chabada) only lose from contiguity with this monster international policy, so as their business inevitably tolerate defeat thanks to skilful action the IMF and the ECB, aimed at borders spheres of influence in Ukrainian economy. Would benefit oligarchs, but all they already long are members of Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch Lubavitch (and as a who have invested with money and influence in revolution Maidan.

3. In 20s's digits A new order in significant won total victory, with small loss territories, answer pagan kaganam. Crimean Principality of Theodoro the Orthodox country faded from significant and joined Byzantium.
Adherence Crimea to Russia was caused a huge influence this peninsula on entire Ukraine, on the whole Ukrainian people. Except this of critical geostrategic significance Crimea on the whole Black Sea region and even the Middle East it is difficult reassess, that perfectly understood organizers intend a new significant in Washington and Dnepropetrovsk, but President Russian Federation W. W. Putin all outmaneuvered by.
It's lightning operation on opportunities away people key points governance not left no chance eeaaneie junta I. Bill and leadership Martin Chabada. With loss of Crimea had to live as Ukraine, so and the US, but in the answer was raskacheno until limit nakalennoe standoff two worldviews in Nezalezhnoy. Attitude to Russia and Russian people became litmus test of for the tens of million people, sharing Ukraine, under this those who considered themselves Russians, understood goal eeaaneie junta and mitingoval against it. Those who considered themselves schirymi how Ukrainians view ,-hating Russia and Russian people, protected fascism a new power, even board in themselves, after all hostage to the situation on Ukraine became not those who resisted revival significant, and those who welcomed its. The result this engagement standoff has become civil war.

4. Coup, victim of which has become the patrimonial aristocracy all ethnicities, newest member states coincide in Hazard Haganat and uzhivavshikhsya with Turkic dynasty, summoned civil war, where on the side insurgents issued Hungarians, and on the side Judaists recruited for money Pechenigy. This war was merciless one, so as, according to vavilonskomu the Talmud, neiudey, doing evil Judea, causes his very to the Lord and, ushering in thus insult Majesty, deserves death. Pogolovnoe extermination all people, request across the Front, was an echo deep absent. Obadiah revived rushes to antiquity.

Kyiv junta) sent on South East Ukraine troop compounds Western areas and Mobile burqa home town of Dnipropetrovsk, but all same little trust their own citizens, understanding, that to shoot in its people army not will. In rear to s powerful connections I. Our Ukraine put bandits Right Bank sector D. rosha member Martin Chabada and own attack teams, recruited, so same as and Right sector for money, with heavily. Naturally, that entire pay for punitive operations took on themselves not oligarch I. Our Ukraine, and subordinate him government A. Mayor, i.e. of ATF have been on popular money against the most same people. Similar treachery well in a spirit of Martin Chabada, which with the entire rigid suppresses willfulness citizens Ukraine, queued up only one freedom. Freedom from antinarodnoy power of Kyiv, freedom from dictatorships oligarchs Martin Chabada, freedom from opyanennykh personal impunity maydannykh sub-proletarian people, for money just coolly killing eldersand young, women and children.
This bloodthirsty the essence of degraded misrepresentation, podogrevaemykh chelovekonenavistnicheskoy propaganda Martin Chabada, led to dire tragedy in Odessa 2 on May. More hundreds of buried burned building and protocol "was identified with opening in House unions, which punitive detachment coolly solvent? Put the on heads and burned, and then cast on cameras second-guessing on halls survivors Torchlight, became epilogom of fascism I. Bill, after which Ukraine became the other. And now those who separated joy worth from burned building people, already could not be citizens free country, but have become slaves Martin Chabada.

5. After this war, the beginning of and the end of the which not are amenable to accurate datirovke, template: Khazaria changed its appearance. From systemic integrity she has turned into a unnatural the combination of amorphous masses subjects with mainstream class, left overseas people on blood and religion.
To call ???? situation feudalism there is no reason. Yes and can whether etnosotsialnaya chimera belong to any formations?
Indeed, after 2 on May 2014 Ukraine has lost its statehood in is the form of, in which she was until now, even with antinarodnoy power in Kyiv. Burn as opening, the fence on the altar Martin Chabada, and also musketry policemen in Mariupol 9 on May 2014 for refusal to shoot in peaceful citizens, as they celebrate the Day Victory, terminally destroyed as the very name Ukraine , so and Ukrainian culture, which has become incarnation horror of fascism, mixed from violent language policies in Ukraine population Nenki. Unsurprisingly, after recall referendum about independence in Donetsk and Luhansk areas, the results which have become staggering for many analysts, militias Novrossii began to conduct operations on total obliteration of fascist of assault brigades I. Bill.
The struggle for their freedom, were a used millions fellow citizens on Ukraine, now already not will stop in borders Donbas, but need additional on the West, in Kyiv. Understanding this, I. Our Ukraine began to pump strategic reserves oil Ukraine and sell in countries EU.
The first tranche credit the IMF not went to pay for Russian gas, that for eeaaneie junta already not perhaps in mind antirossiyskoy rhetoric, and has become divided between between the tip Dnepropetrovsk Martin Chabada and Ukrainian oligarchs. An amorphous education Ukraine is headed to his wane, handing its fate in hands Federal State of Novorussiya and its unclaimed supporters and zastupnikov.

So, attempts revival a new significant on Ukraine fully Flunk, and became obviously, that return to the former life already not will, even with Chet moreover, that Kyiv power certainly got those minerals and decamp following W. F. Yanukovych, but in another, western side. Jews Martin Chabada create in Kyiv teams-defense, but not for protection iie junta I. Bill, and to create corridors flight and needed time for exportation their savings abroad. Punitive teams fashistvuyuschikh toughs still continue to a punitive operation against an independent Donbas,, firing in the back soldiers of Kyiv and dobivaya their Wounded, but this rage already not so is dangerous, as still week ago.
The Rubicon crossed, and militant free republics rightly is building plans a hike on Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk, to in a fascist her lair terminally destroy perfidy and enslavers free people now already Federal State of Novorussiya. Memory about victims of Odessa will not allow shelves are popular militias stop on the border Donbas, but guide them further, accepting in their ranks all greater number of those who not forgets, not forgive. Fall regime I. Bill and Martin Chabada already not fast approaching, and that further? On any conditions will build a new statehood winners Dnepropetrovsk and eeaaneiai of fascism?

This is the most the main question, which should be reconciled already today, so as without idea flooding the protest against current devices power of Kyiv will look as replacing one leadership other. On than must be based economy Federal State of Novorussiya, who will become the main owner huge property, including land and earth bowels? Under this need to account for what ways Western and eastern areas substantially differs from each other, as dismissive to property, so and aspiration to collectivization labor.
Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch - Judeo-Nazi ultra-the Orthodox a denomination, known also as movement Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch-Lubavitch (. A denomination arose in the eighteenth century in the interface borders three Slavic states - Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - in Melk Lyubavichi. Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch is criminalized organization, with ties with Mossad. Homes Martin Chabada provide safe homes and window-dressing for Israeli intelligence and criminalized activities.
This includes all, from terrorism until money laundering, drugs, prostitution. Power Martin Chabada is happening from two services, which they provide illyuminatam: They work with Israeli intelligence in criminal and reconnaissance operations. They remove ideology superiority, which encourages Zionist to do dirty affairs. Khabadu permitted to exist in as a powerful international forces, because they serve Israel in two directions: Work with intelligence and criminal activity, and source of extremist ideology in as a fuels Zionist crimes.
P.S. Ludzu nejaukt tautibu, etnosu, vai ticibu ar organizaciju.



The author: armanski

So, decided to ??? reconstitute and outline the crux of the project "New template: Khazaria", that leader was coming do already a few days. Increasingly was as something decisional laziness systemizing for stating, very me the these things are clear and understood, propaganda same not am, so as would not was special motives for moreover, to systemizing facts and posting their for familiarization. But perishing, because here here is in blog couple of times noted, that write, then need to was already decide.
For starters immediately should know, that project "New template: Khazaria" - this there is project Moscow Martin Chabada and that in media he is served as "New Russia (region)." Gradually this will be demonstrated. Before as begin to osvtlennyu circumstances, associated with project "Novokhazarossiya", need to understand, that was, so say, - "prikvellom" this history. "Prikvellom" became there Crimea. Can be, of course, "winding tape" even previously, but for every iconic event will the, which him was a precursor and, respectively, for those will another and camping on D. Crimean the Napoleonic same is in attractiveness topic, so say, maximally landmark, so as not whether she implemented, then not was would and the rest of the.
So, jakie "also clear question."
To understand, as Crimea proved in the composition of the Ukraine and what premise for his rejection existed, - turn to facts, which unknown vast majority of people.

Project "Crimean California."

Can be add, that active participants this project leaders Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (Hebrew antifashistkogo Committee) S. S. Mikhoels and I. Itzik Fefer ``secular Moscow Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch.
To quote the text, which should help understand the crux of the projects, then events:

To this period of 1920 1930 s, Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch, as one school of thought khasidizma in Russia received glavenstvuyuschee position in our country. Appropriately, that (Hasidic dynasty), involved - on Kabbalah, nevnimanii to Torah, but warship Talmud, creating Institute Zadikov and commitment ideas moshiakha, had going in Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine and, as would this not looked paradoxically, in Tver. Ventilated caprices during prayer, razgulnoe coterie in on the Shabbat, worship tsadikam and Kabbalah, made Hasidim, one Spanish sefardam and German Ashkenazi, otvergavshim culture Hasidim,, largely-liner copied with those peoples, in environment which existed Hasids. However, such a proteins very helped in preserving inviolability of Jewish Digital khasidam and in especially Khabadu, that allowed his representatives over time take high posts in leadership the USSR.

The second attempt to create Crimean California was launched the US on Tehran conference 1943 year, where F. Roosevelt has taken attempt to link the supplies on his Lease Act of with end Jewish republics in Crimea. Need to say, that by the time arriving J. Shneersona in the US, in New over already was created quite an influential a hasidic a community, that their representatives not only among bankers, but and politicians. Answer on this in fact an ultimatum with Soviet hand has become delegation S. Mikhoelsa and I. Fefer, under this both were staffed in Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch Lubavitch (. "



The author armanski

"Before trip instructions S. M. Mikhoelsu gave personally W. M. Molotov (is the principal), and invitation on trip prizes, A. Einstein and R. Oppenheimer. Delegation Russian Jews was adopted at the highest level in the US, Canada, Mexico and Britain. Why Anglo-Saxon countries were so interested in Crimean California ? This center European khasidizma heirs significant, whoses rump are pretty much blown off throughout Europe. Precisely in mind importance of Crimea for Jews around the world, in this issue not was standoff between Sephardic-and ashkenazami with khasidskimi communities, in including and KhABADom. Outcome trip became appeal S. M. Mikhoelsa to leadership the USSR in February 1944. "

In end so, that Stalin supported the creation Israels and leaked "also clear project." But "Crimean the problem" not disappeared and was solved later, when Crimea was left in composition Ukraine. Thus, government RSFSR, which suggested obligations and should was already overburdened Mass Media on Crimea, authorities this, and Crimea became Ukraines. Take From same his in Ukraine not i?aanoaaeyeinu possible, so as this was other state, - legally precisely so, Ukraine was not only founder the USSR, but and was part in the number of states - founders UN.

Why fewer to occupy Crimea have Ukraine now? Came the moment, when Moscow is written calculated, that should launch implementation of project "New template: Khazaria." There is no large desires to paint with, that from themselves represents is written, the more, that higher slightly was already. Can be said, that in Judaism there is "for" khasidizma, and is written is sectarianism in khasidizme. Powerful sectarianism, but stimulating essentially anti-Zionist character. So, among other things khabadniki allow itself dismiss some basic position his Bible, in camping on CHAMPION About Israel, including those, around which at all removed a debate in in Judaism, using under this marazmaticheskie "arguments", but, think, that this here increasingly not necessarily to paint with. Among other things consider possible destruction Israels and creating a new neat flaming little world (with) in "New significant."

Again same ???, not scrolling in the details, should know, that is written presented their organizations in the US, in Russia, in Ukraine (other countries in discussed context not represent much interest). Headquarters apartment movement is in the US, but is written in every country can pursue own policies.

Moscow is written in Russia has the exclusive influence on politics state, virtually fully its by controlling, including and the ruling group "elites."
Here a slight retreat from "khabadskikh affairs" for moreover, to shine light on up-to-date "nature of power" in trades abroad. Have many same, certainly there is illusions relatively moreover, that "Russia rules Putin") To not to describe long, here is couple of references to materials, which will allow obtain understanding of about essence power in trades abroad.
"Nowhere" interview with Vladimirovich Deripaska:
"Project" Threads Russia ":

Many Lost they curse rush, "effective manager" this "gashki" - W. Putins, however he not more than guide will those who them manages, - in vyshepredostavlennykh external relations materials this quietly in sight. One moment here is:

What about the "effective manager" GDP can be was would many write even on his activities in St. Petersburg, when he have Sobchak oversaw the a series of trends, from such, for example, - as in Peter arrived motor ships with with dollar currency, for which skupalis Russian enterprises, until any sign small beer, - for example GDP became then the co all raid clubs and casino cities) and much else. This I to what at all - not need to to inflate significance this figures, to attribute "vsesilnost" and other. He plays its role in the system, not moreover.

And here is this Gashka, which orchestrates trades abroad, - is under control Moscow Martin Chabada, someone enters in is written, someone serves "policies Party." Can be stop much detail on who, yes as, but special in this sense in the context shapes of issue there is no.

Fact is, that Moscow is written controls most basic "systemic figures." Gashka, behind "effective manager of", conducts policies, a coherent KhABADom, the same Abramovich is chairman of remove cabinet ministers Council Federation Jewish communities trades abroad, berllazarovskoy structures.

And "effective manager", is written controls, the very a:

And "of the patriarch of"

On personality "of the patriarch of", too, there is no sense particularly to dwell, as couple of strokes can be be noted, that he became the billionaire even in 90- s, when decree Yeltsin ROC was liberated from paying duties on clear the alcohol and cigarettes and in Russia was higher then a huge number of products precisely through ROC, "economic an" which then oversaw the Kirill. Realizing products, incidentally, in share in criminal groups. Ah and on personality insurance such a type increasingly would still with whom to cooperate, modicum with criminals, modicum with office (sobssna, he at all its "birdie") modicum with KhABADom.

Vladimir Vladimir Kvachkov about mitropolite spreading Gundyaeve

And also FSB, army, the prosecutor, police, - leadership also supervised.

There Crimea became the first part of scenario to create "New significant" or "Novokhazarossii", given, that for goys was vbroshen the term "New Russia (region)." Will call attention on the, on what day was appointed camping on BC A referendum in Crimea - 16 March. That this for day?
In this day in this year domestic production was celebration Purim.Meanwhile, who believes, that this coincidence, at all can be not to read further) What does this for celebration, believe, all know, who not knows, the Google alert on in aid. Who same became on version of Moscow Martin Chabada modern Persians and "collective Amanom"? Over whom same prazdnovalas "victory" in day rejection Crimea from Ukraine? "Victory" prazdnovalas over Ukraine, which was reassigned, Moscow's KhABADom for victimization in sacrifice sake of create "Novokhazarossii."
There Crimea became the first part of scenario. A bit video in subject:

Clearly long already prepare sewage project "poutine"! This as with project "Yeltsin" was! Ah the type of drunk showed, more accurately were forced actor play "drunken"! And putinsliv will pozhyosche. But russoplebs not deal with the schuko! Here is got a fix for this project natslidera - that not peace already! Not slivemyy some kind! Increasingly ravages neftedollar! People in Rashke now was in control until of consumerism perhaps the first time for entire history! And people intuitively fear about to lose this! Know, that any "affirmative change and reforms" not to good. Puppeteers with nelYudyu perhaps themselves such a not expected!



The author armanski

Here arises several issues, demanding answer, basic of which - what is was the actual stance Kiev authorities in respect rejection Crimea and where are rising its feet have enough numerous to mislead vbrosov about how, that "New template: Khazaria" - this ostensibly Kyiv power.
Should utterly clearly understand, that Crimea was exploted. After, as Yanukovych fled to (this separate history) the to power came "people Tymoshenko." The blame - its knots hand, - former director of SBU (he posed there only judging by from personal devotion, curate never served in organs), Arsen Avakov (politician) - also 100% voter kreatura Tymoshenko, Special - sblizivshiysya with Tymoshenko and turned "play" together with it. Even can be to mention former. O. Of Ministry of Defence of Tenyukha, which bal appointed formally on the quota "Freedom", but also who was playing along under Tymoshenko.
To word, "Liberty" a long time do she played along for Tymoshenko, becoming for BYuTa than something like moreover, than were "the Communists" for PR. For example, freshly baked General prosecutor Makhnitskiy, appointed by on the quota "Freedom" acted also in the interest Tymoshenko, dealing with in including and thus mayhem, as the inauguration Criminal prosecution in respect those judges, which viewed deal this a regular right-a huntress.

Tymoshenko - this absolutely a grossly immoral being, increase to do increasingly from considerations personal benefits and ambitions, equipped to cooperate with whom anywhere, if this it benefits, express completely not caring under this on interests countries. To be sure, very talented and wily man, she poses huge the danger for countries, dispositions--taking its any guiding posts. Very well about it leaked here: … 2/4654456/ Does it work Dmitri Vydrin, man, which in its time did its as policy, forced to read Dostoevsky's and other books, man, which perfectly knows its nature.
Relatively its contacts with khabadnikami, it had excellent relations as with Ukraines KhABADom, as a virtually vyrazitelnitsey their interests in Ukrainian politics, so and with, Moscow's. What is worth onlys proverbial the gas agreement between it and "Putin" on kabalnykh for Ukraine conditions, when the country was duty-purchase the gas more than it needed, money same, understandably, in a lesser just extent came in Russian budget.
To word, Putin 6 times) asked Yanukovych issue Tymoshenko.
Decision about surrendering Crimea Moscow KhABADu under "New Khazariyu" was taken on solving monograph 1 March, where illegally was present Tymoshenko. However, what law, if there were virtually only it people.

! … 36968.html !

! … oslovskaya !

Leisurely reaction the US on there Crimea was due to in including and pressure actions American Martin Chabada, in which also there is idea support create "neat flaming little new world" "New significant."

Should be noted, that "a grey Cardinal" elites, behind Democratic party the US, Zbigniew Brzezinski 24 February declared:

And in his article in "Wall then Journal" from April 29, 2014 6 :5 3 p.m. ET
Noted: "To step climate change policy Sry," we would probably have to rising stock market aside the resolution of the Kingdom situation for the moment, "and over the longer run help Ukraine advocates of a to step" a completely on Hampden " some kind of joint control or skillz or pimps." T. E. He proposed in the future the creation some joint governance Mass Media on Crimea Ukraine and trades abroad, that means the introduction of the new administration. Much detail about this will later.

But Crimea - this was only part of scenario on "born Novokhazarossii." The second part of this marlezonskogo ballet was there from Ukraine several southern and eastern areas for subsequent unification with Mass Media on Crimea in "full-blown" Novokhazarossiyu.

Copycat "uprisings", - these degenerative show with capture administrative buildings, - preparing immediately in several areas, but level of willingness was everywhere different. The greatest willingness was in three areas - Donetsk, independent and Luhansk. In independent scenario has burst on reason refusal Kernes play in "Novokhazarossiyu."


Before as to move to insistence further "novokhazarskogo Bartholdy", should stop attention on one dear dimension.
After as occurred leaked about project "New khazariya", then in Internet went mass releases, conscripted hide-plus contracting and convener project, simultaneously at all fully perevrav and izvrativ the crux of the project, holding that ostensibly "New khazariya" - this Ukraine, and this project - project Ukrainian Martin Chabada.

For these several months emerged heap different articles, in which, with one hand, the main messedzhem is faring, that "in Ukraine to power came Jews", and other articles model, that Ukrainian is written is building in Ukraine "New Khazariyu."

If pay attention on national affiliation key political figures, - yes, most of them Jews, about this not so hard read - injured has surname Valtsman, Tymoshenko - Kapitelman, the blame, too, Jew, our Ukraine - the very a. But not happened absolutely nothing new in is, that these people now proved in power. The same Tymoshenko already was Prime minister, injured was Secretary General monograph and head of foreign ministry, when president was Yushchenko and minister economy, when president was Yanukovych, the blame was head of SBU, and Kolomoyskyi modicum and not held public posts (now he governor Dnipropetrovsk area) but to him these the most governors bed very's admission to one for other, as a dependent on him. This, incidentally, feel more comfortable, when on you there is no direct responsibility, that implies attractive opportunity state office, but when faces, their cover, from you depend and zaiskivayut.
Injured at all had own manual President - Yushchenko, which paid and who was under his influence. This increasingly to what at all, - for order to was clear, that in Ukraine not happened no "seizing power Jews" - they as and were represented in power previously, so and represented now, only deck peretasovana a bit. Under Fyodorovich nukovich the situation only slightly differed, - wasn that Ukrainian is written had less influence, from his representatives behind Yanukovych loomed only Tabachnik, which, to word, negotiated their actions with, Moscow's KhABADom more often than with Ukraines. And Jews were and in government Yanukovych, take although would the same Minister energy Eduard Stavitskogo, which after Maidan escaped in Israel and have which under his attacker in his flats found kilograms gold, tens of hours value of in several hundred thousands of the euro, tens of buy certificates on the right ownership land parcels in Germany and other. T. E. No seizing power not was, closing. Yes and in trades abroad, sobssna, who in power the? Aven, Friedman, the young, Miller and camping on D. With their hired by "natsliderom."

This one moment. The second - what about the sobssna Ukrainian Martin Chabada. Ukrainian is written, unlike "Moscow colleagues", which is raving about couple-after and sorrow-mystical ideas and projects, - unlike them Ukrainian is written, - this such a, ah, such a "Jewish sentimentality voice to," which wants to live the world by its bootstraps, have geshefty, and not the slightest interest nor about any new khazariyakh. These guys always so or otherwise were alongside power, - sometimes more, sometimes less, have them full of the motley riff-raff on service, like generals SBU, for example deviant Kozhemyakina, former spaghetti Office "By" and other, they have diverse business and them at all not smiles subject at risk all of this losing sake of dubious sorrow-mystical projects.
Benya was sent very of well-, - he became "to invest in patriotism", overnight becoming not only popular man and buying itself "absolution for this", but and thanks to such a competent orientation received opportunity for new gesheftov. Truth, he became already over-reaching himself ever, but this already the other conversation, not with relations to-discussed topic :)

Continuation of and corrected by chamallow
About further development project "novokhazarossiya", about postanovochnykh choreographers, about failed an attempt unleash war, about two "religious study-girkina", about game in "novokhazarossiyu" with hand Akhmetov, Tymoshenko and Yefremov, about conflict religious study-girkina with with "novokhazarskimi", about how, with here November Mumbai elections in the US, about project "girkina-swan", about psevdoboinge, about degenerative propaganda, about mythic Nazis..., about Internet razzhigatelyakh war and about many ways friend will in continuing novokhazarosskoy themes. :)



Dmitry" wrote:

not know where there is even materials armanski

A bit continued in this the Frost
Here very long bus drive the top
project elaborating on
And further - where cliche, where abzatsem. Then deserted. Then himself somewhere gone missing



I so understand, that ironically now the root of the just "Evil" lie will in Moscow and on territory RFii? And destruction RFii - good for RFiyskogo Private population on reason moreover, that in plans those who are building this nest seats on territory RFii radical population RFii allotted with gulkin nose?



Vyacheslav Klykov put its trinadtsatimetrovuyu sculpture group in Kholkakh, because northern the border Hazards Haganat proceeded roughly in those edges. Sculptor PAD eeaaneiai of the Svyatoslav III Igorevich height. His from disavows the magnificence warrior, which holds in drawn shield. On after depicts "star David" (design David with shield Vampire Bat always craves its khazarina erased, in on avoidance national problems).


shameful a monument in honor 1040 celebrations debacle Hazards Haganat work sculptor Klykov Peninsula can be established in farms kholki Chernyansky cleanup Belgorod area. category: Jewish organizations Russia gather set in Courton provincial power, if monument grand duke changed, popirayuschemu Hazard warrior, whose shield is decorated "star David", proves in the center of the Bilhorod, reports "Commersant."

Press service governor Belgorodskaya Oblast ', Russia Yevhen Savchenko spread statement, in which states about the "prevention any outpouring extremism" in area. Moreover, power turned to the sculptor with request to remove with shield shestikonechnuyu star in, but Klykov still not decided to, goes whether the wishes officials. Currently monument is in Moscow on a.

gap adjustment for alternative history Three of the Igor.
Son of the Igor, Svyatoslav Igorevich was father Vladimir Red Sonechko, krestivshego Russ.
Svyatoslav not only has crushed the Hazard Haganat (part of leadership Hazards Haganat adopted iudeystvo), but and tried to consolidate the conquered territory for a. On place Sarkela emerges Russian military settlement White Vezha, Tmutorokan Principality Crosses under power of Kyiv, there is leaks about is, that Russians teams were in Ithil in the Morgul Vale and Semendere until 990-'s, although their status not is clear.
On monument Svyatoslav on after, which symbol of OF THE SUN, wins warrior with a shield, on which Zvezda David. See both shield can be only despite a monument with different sides.
On photo: A monument changed in Belgorod area, sec. Kholki. Sculptor W. Greenland Start 03.09.2007, 2005 On monument desire Svyatoslav Igorevich, kills any Hazard warrior.


11 … pu_2376069



https://displacedpalestinians.wordpress … ry/khazar/



Who knows, that makes "Zvezda David" on whipping have a handlebar?
That this such at all? A canteen, bag with the cordite, trophy?
Rpn - Jew?



Maidan. Project under Hazard Khaganate

And its promise Vladimir Monomah performed. Tatishchev, relying on the data chronicles, later it or or those, reports about how, that Vladimir Monomah soon, in this same 1113 year, in Vydoboche, in the local monastery, brought together the Security Russians of princes, where debated question about zasilii Yids on Russias, about zhidovskom ate deception, about that lot a percentage, about smanivanii Christians in zhidovskuyu faith and question: That same us to do with these Jew?
The Russians of princes adopted LAW Oh deportation Yids:

Presently from the entire the Russian Earth all Yids with all of their manor will (possessions) deport and henceforth not the security; and if secretly will rotate, guiding role their pillage and kill.

And sent on all cities Russias about how of ratification of and everywhere immediately Yids have become derogate from. In many cities and villages Russians people, naturally, not kept at, naterpevshis of evil from Yids, and self-willingly and freely Yids have improved and pograbili.
Since stingy time Yids on Russias there is no, and when which are to come, at, people's robbing and kills , - wrote with satisfaction the author one of chronicles. (Tatishchev W. BC History Russian. T. 2. M.; L., 1962 1963. S. 128 130. … ov-iz.html



Deal in is, that no Hazards Haganat not existed. Indeed do he existed, but in another time and in another place. This-Haganat 16 century. And to modern Jews, created only in 19 century, relations no not had. And star David the generalized in the time symbol, again same have modern world secret elite relations not with.



I see situation such, that is happening on Ukraine:
Yids (Jews) in Ukraine have seized power and they began to engage those, than always engaged in on only as good as their book Judaism staged a another genocide local peoples on hijacked by territory (word territory, as sounds the as on Jewish: Terra- land, Germany and the - book and all together read more: Land rah) goys not Jewish nationality forces Jewish nationality. And with the help Jewish khutspy this another genocide lips with the help media, Valentina entire blame on to care, ah and our Jewish media all of this deal also lips telling pro signed fascists, not speaking directly pro Jews, Israel, American Jews, guiding the entire America true fascists, creatures and murderers no behind these killings. As would our as would rossiyanskoe media as the not tell about zhidakh, which recognized now be satisfied with genocide peoples Ukraine and drag the 1,000 Slavs and other peoples those same Muslims between themselves. And its khutspoy Jews uvsyu blame for genocide flocking on themselves negotiate from their hands. A disappointing conclusions about further fate Ukraine and Russia I have go especially on backdrop of pictures Putins have Wall crying, with Evreyskimi chief and camping on P. A sense of SUCH, IF compare ETTA situation Since excellent carvers, that black (Jews) only trek and're chewing all figures which them want, and Whites-keep going even not have made and course in Party.
On Ukraine that in Kyiv Yids, that in DNR Yids, big deal the remained game suckers with Ukraine and Russia and showed a goys with Hail Storm and artillery from all sides. In Israel Rifat Purim every day today, goyische meat're awash: That with Ukraine, that with Arab countries: ????? all in Israel joy and goyische meat

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-1 wrote:

I see situation such, that is happening on Ukraine:
Yids (Jews) in Ukraine have seized power and they began to engage those, than always engaged in on only as good as their book Judaism staged a another genocide local peoples on hijacked by territory (word territory, as sounds the as on Jewish: Terra- land, Germany and the - book and all together read more: Land rah) goys not Jewish nationality forces Jewish nationality. And with the help Jewish khutspy this another genocide lips with the help media, Valentina entire blame on to care, ah and our Jewish media all of this deal also lips telling pro signed fascists, not speaking directly pro Jews, Israel, American Jews, guiding the entire America true fascists, creatures and murderers no behind these killings. As would our as would rossiyanskoe media as the not tell about zhidakh, which recognized now be satisfied with genocide peoples Ukraine and drag the 1,000 Slavs and other peoples those same Muslims between themselves. And its khutspoy Jews uvsyu blame for genocide flocking on themselves negotiate from their hands. A disappointing conclusions about further fate Ukraine and Russia I have go especially on backdrop of pictures Putins have Wall crying, with Evreyskimi chief and camping on P. A sense of SUCH, IF compare ETTA situation Since excellent carvers, that black (Jews) only trek and're chewing all figures which them want, and Whites-keep going even not have made and course in Party.
On Ukraine that in Kyiv Yids, that in DNR Yids, big deal the remained game suckers with Ukraine and Russia and showed a goys with Hail Storm and artillery from all sides. In Israel Rifat Purim every day today, goyische meat're awash: That with Ukraine, that with Arab countries: ????? all in Israel joy and goyische meat

In general and a whole almost correctly if given, that what you described this the tip of the iceberg, most tasty under water, dive on health. And even one small detail, Jews this not Yids (Jews), and Yids (Jews) this not Jews. But this separate theme and moreover that you wrote relations not has.



Brunhilda, what there our troops. I so think there at all there is no ostensibly our troops. There there is only Israeli troops officially political-from Jewish leadership Ukraine and again same those same category: Jewish battalions type combatants for DNR, ostensibly against zhidovskoy power Ukraine. And with the and with other hand Jews with weapons in the hands of, and fall goyskoe population, which they on only as good as under the cover of all media genotsidiruyut, Oh, yes still there is the goyim loshki with Russia who traveled fight get knows for that, and in end their use as props for installation fantomnogo war Russia against Ukraine in the form of corpses.
And in deeds goes war get knows with any since the (read toru) Jews against all.
Simply count backward how many peoples cut out and genotsidirovali Jews throughout history. In their same books glaring instructions on obliteration of as much as peoples land. Here is who enemies you, me, the rest of the, and who here are, if they themselves are not Jews

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Diamond, me interestingly, if Jews - this one team generating cohesively since and clearly and this work UnionPay experience nor one thousands of years and nor one wise Jewish head and the exit from it for Jew death, camping on E. There is round locked and. The how you decided to distinguished good Jew from bad? Nott forget, that exists in Torah rule (precisely rules) that any Jew simply owes lie to Goyu.
And still Alligator, you like it or say, that you wiser thousands of Jewish pundits in 5,000 Jewish history, who had not rights work, that means had unlimited time develop thought in side obedience to Jews goyskikh peoples? I very in this doubt, this would still that 3 a pinch tries to beat champion world on chess. You thinking Jewish wizards would give you modicum one Jew despite on its side? This simply funny Diamond

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Brunhilda, Skif crusade Jew. Have Jews in Friday after 15.00 begins on the Shabbat and ends in Shubbotu after identity the first stars. Although there are, too, have Jews on this case exceptions for soldiers and emergency services. In on the Shabbat Jews cannot be work, enjoy the technique, electronic devices and camping on P.

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