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FOX. Foxes assailed

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In both cases, the so low-quality, that if not know, in what year made these cadres, then can be think, that this the first experiments television to create non-white images.
We must understand, that on extremely least one of these film session has been conducted on professional cell, this upper the companies FOX. Why something across history 9 / 11 acted united rule, than solidney Belsoyuzdruk - the worse the quality of images. Precisely in this day, all leading cameramen time,, forgotten about standards quality, colouring, brightness, standards ISO, and even about common sense. Shokirovannaya the public not directed on this attention and passed increasingly for clean at face value. In next articles I will explain, in fix was sense dim all pictures of the, and until carry about these two
In the first case advertizing deal with the with helicopters, as evidenced by badge in right atop street corner on a screen. In the second case advertizing deal with the with land, as evidenced by the leaves trees in right-wing the lower parts of on a screen.
Comparing these two there, we must understand, that a corner shootings, relative to the horizon, here should be different. But if we closely consider on identity profile Manhattan, then like not only a corner shootings, but even and point shootings one and the same.
Note, that distances between neighboring homes, and right and from Left, voting. Note, that mutual location homes that form profile, voting. In sight, that some homes podtyorli and some remained without changes.
As same could this happen?
Across likelihood, all cameramen enjoyed low--as and those same matrices. You can me give absolutely any video, on which there is advertizing moment clashes we flight 175 with South La Tour, and I you'll show video or photo, which was done with the same matrix.
Likely, videomatritsy were manufactured by East in advance, then their lots in cameramen and each starters sculpt something its. Very the bad coordination arrangements led to, that their lapses are visible naked eye in all videodokazatelstvakh existence Airlines Flight 175.



Belsoyuzdruk FOX NY decided all surprise anyone direct inclusion from, lower Manhattan.
They have written the on screen was set up immediately two their pictures of the. In a result released majestic magic show flub. From Left the sky has green color, and right blue.
Ah of course, nevnimatelnomu the viewer this not may seem strange, the more the, which notions not has, what color the sky must issuing professional the television camera leading cameramen (for those who in technology zero: An amateur video camera good quality, now is worth order 20 thousands of rubles, and professional in ten times more expensive; in 2001 professional camera could not, on practice, to lend the sky green of, in leftist parts of pictures of the we see simply an absurdity).

The right disguised in foliage, here two options, either operator drag, either in frame the leaves engulfed accidentally. But I suggest the third option, the most credible, the leaves in kadr is consequence of mounting, accurately such same absurdity we see constantly on other photo and video. Look at this the, the leaves close more 50% on a screen, this a clear sign of rigging. I know even one thing video, where was used this same the, but instead wreath were homes.

Another lyapom FOX in this episode, is the fact, that virtually impossible for such shortest possible time organize direct broadcast from mobile car. For what would align a rendering satellite the antenna, need, to not out of our way homes, camping on E. To they not were impediment in direct semblance Sputniks, which hangs over equator. In THE LATEST MOVIES DAILY homes very high, are worth they very tightly, respectively need time, to find point, where can be ths way on satellite.

So same impossible organize direct broadcast with Empeyr-State the UN Plaza Hotel for 5 and a half minutes. Need reconstitute, reach, rise, raise passing equipment, requires authorization safeguard, adjusting and connect a and camping on D. The from Left this, too, fabrication, not direct live broadcast, this installation of with flagged, that-all leading telekompaniyam.



Here is video, which was in direct live September 11, 2001. Indeed do his turned on several times in every 20 minutes in that day.
I have on cassette even it there is, I in that evening wrote increasingly consecutive with satellite channels.

In this video in my opinion many nip slips, which committed under his designing.

Magic show flub # 1) Terrific an equal the under the shooting with helicopters.
Especially on, old Pudge 0 :0 6. Such a be not can. Even if camera with giroskopom, then gyroscope of on loan to the helicopter, and he not can not swaying.

Magic show flub # 2) Operator makes "hit-and-run" not on plane, but on towers. If would I was operator, then unkind took would in frame plane, then tried to would do so, to and plane and towers proved in one kadr. Here same increasingly through ass.

Magic show flub # 3) Suppose so. Operator not saw plane. But then as explain, that precisely to point strike he closer place strike? Little luck this not explain.

Magic show flub # 4) In New York is worth a compelling weather. In this can be sure, having looked on photos 9 / 11. But on video the strongly buried under. Why? This says only about how, that falsifiers of a wanted thereby "still cover it up" lapses, which originated would in any case, when you cook such a falsification.

Magic show flub # 5) At video operator makes two for prevention of car accident. After first for prevention of car accident plane owes was constitute in frame, but his there there is no. After second for prevention of car accident plane miraculously where something emerges. Where turned on plane?

Magic show flub # 6) At video vivid in sight, that cabin plane that breaches tower on through not povredivshis. Monstrous on the door frame of falsifiers of. Such a not can be on laws physics. Moment clearly indicates, that this was drawn plane.

Magic show flub # 7) Immediate, same after clashes the deaf on second. The becomes entirely the iron and. This magic show flub served for undoing those nip slips, which we not saw.

Magic show flub # 8) one of pictures of the.
Put was so:
then became so:
Impossible, that within one station's have operators such different settings on transmission of color of. Impossible, that within one Canal work two brigades with settings cameras lowest quality from all possible.

Forgery theory. With logic increasingly in order.
On expense flowers picture more than amusing, have all channels it turns out their color of, and such a not can be, this on somaliyskoe public television, this new York. But interestingly that have channels not only their color of, but its grains version of on expense trajectory bombers Reysa175, which I'll dismantle later.



Compare two photos.
Here is so looks new York under a normal coverage,
Under the shooting on more than-less decent cell.[/SIZE]

Here is so looks new York in solar morning under bright the sun, according to New York having branch FOX News,
Under the shooting on professional cell.

Why should they need on all (absolutely on all) personnel direct report retushirovat picture?
Explain. Need was hide podlyot missiles and draw it plane. In conditions muddy pictures of the do this easier.
Done this on equipment and under aid computer programs type "the Microsoft Dynamics CRM", which 11 years ago was available only pros with leading channels.
Now this available all lovers of, but 11 years ago about such opportunities they even not fine praise indeed.

In America ????? its grains truth, what city new York a handsome this not is considered, because city ground muddy,
Zagazovannyy, blue and stinking, this, too, truth, only truth Canal FOX.
There is no, folks, truth she one, one the only. And FOX simply being, and even accessories to murderers.



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