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R.1 At Forum welcome
clause 2 moderators
p.3 Building themes (Vyetka). Messages (Outposts)
law of Doing debate
Of ? Language. Communication. The text.
p.6 Flood
p.7 the Citation
point 9 Links
p.9 Images
p.10 + Sravnivanie the images. Comparison images similar people
clause 12 Video
i.13 Pledges
where Nick
p.15 Participants Forum
p.16 at least three trolls
i.17 conflict-prone situation
p.18 It is not permitted

This forum created not on standard rules for standard goals, under which need large number of people, the increasing number of views and selling seats under advertising. Not to any crook I dam opportunity write here that anywhere. Have Forum there is needs of, have subjects there is arguments, if you not're stalling, you here are not needed.

On Forum rallied people, which many times on itself has experienced so-called "freedom words", on ostensibly free resources, where banyat even for attempt to I get the until of truth. If you not banili for substantiated truth, you perhaps for good reason here came. Hope all increasingly understand. Not me one use keyboard on forums simultaneously for something that I vatnik and for something that zhidobandera. On democracy, too, dont count, golosovalok here not will.

At Forum welcome.

``debriefing crimes scum, Kocaeli and media against Persons. Collection damning facts, video, images, the spread of truthful information, references to investigations, additions to valid topics and Inquiry.
Writing articles and ministatey, of course with pictures. The fabrication such content, demotivatorov, video, small rollers, for now in vogue not to read, and look.
To attract on forum associates and fighters for truth. Really waiting to be convinced finder of lost and zombie people, word and picture. Aid in the fight with trolls; other lawyers advocates murderers, corrupt its TV channels, their main editors and journalists.

Administrator chooses moderators on its choice. Moderators try to, help Administrator at his sole discretion abide by order on Forum. Moderators can edit, transpose, remove messages users. Moderators not receive money, because I have their there is no. The moderator can help your message if saw, that in offense there is a stupid mistake, and last resort violations rules the moderator will write warning red font to was in sight. , a moderator prohibited from red font to wage debate on topics Forum, so complain to the travian on down a citizen more often.
For actions moderators, administrator bears administrative and criminally liable on criminal Code Guinea-Bisaau drafts 57 year. If you unhappy with the act moderator, then inform Administrator at his sole discretion in lichku. If you unhappy with the actions Administrator of, then I Bohrmann you help, or although would d grieve together with you about what any

Building themes (Vyetka). Messages (Outposts)
[url&#pf3a]# pf3a[/url]and)You may not be able next: If you, that your information important, then create subject. Slightly later, perhaps the moderator deems please, s name or shifting your subject in the other the partition.
Before creation of themes make sure, there is no whether akin to Forum, if there is, then not create a new, and write its information in the old topic.
Theme must be is understandable users. If is faring speech about what something complex, into a only you, then interpret for the crux of the. If information not on Russian language, then translate its.
If theme important, a new, without example, on popular milestone, then, can be consolidate the first message and edit his, for example `Obnovlenie spiskov` (for example lists victims or lists video, photo, material.
Most the first message conventionalthemes, leave "an empty." This need for moreover, to subject without problems, can be was to combine with the other, already created by. Because the first message not conveyed, and is deleted.

[url&#pf3b]# pf3b[/url]it comes)
If your theme authors, in which you would like several messages do without participation outsiders, then warn about this. If your theme about crucial in regime on-line, then of course she immediately will a common. I not against, if you produce their personal subject. Or even, if you want to its the partition, where you will moderator, type its blog, think this perhaps.

[url&#pf3v]# pf3v[/url]in)
Before as write message, read subject. If clearly in sight, that Newbie not have read subject, the his message is deleted. Usually this message with duplication known episode, already davavshegosya video, stupid question, on another topics, clear Flud and camping on D.
A return to already obsuzhdavshemusya episode of, of course same not is considered criminals, all the more helpful, if you podmechaete fact details, but cases are different, in including weigh on counterparts themes. First read subject.

[url&#pf3g]# pf3g[/url]g)Section `Raznoe "disturbing about" "bbs" `carved on several major themes. Space / Fires / . The shootings. / Ocean. Sea / breakdown / Blasts / Other flown incidents / railway. Subway / Climat /
Caveat careful in choosing themes for its new messages. Large incident, Regrettable separate themes, begins with first messages, put his in the right subject, and then, perhaps, from your messages, moderator will created a new important theme. Respect in this terms of order, to you and the rest of the, in further was easier and faster find right message. Need not message pro social trains with rail, park in topic "bbs", so as there same there is theme pro reports on railway

[url&#pf3d]# pf3d[/url]Afghan)Dont need in one Summit respond immediately three users on different themes, and simultaneously Safety in this messages mini-investigations with pictures. Because, if will the need shifting your message with would in workable subject, and there instead complete - heap-small, then keep in view, that, a moderator easier to remove excess dialogues from messages.

[url&#pf3e]# pf3e[/url] s)At Forum being tackled attempts to separate Flud (sometimes even a useful) from important themes, to not zakhlamlyat its.
More often read name themes and Jotunheimen its subjects. Need not pro Pskov tell in topic The missiles , and in topic San Francisco win debate pro Cosmodrome. Keep order in this sense, not always gets the, so simply am asking be uchtivymi.

[url&#pf3ee]# pf3ee[/url]logogram)If you lost its message, then not hurry up to be upset, check his in his profile, perhaps message shifted in another subject.

[url&#pf3j]# pf3j[/url]OK)If you want give exile on any message on Forum, then arrive at his worded, say coatings on "Our time for standing pat" messages, then copy worded in address search and put in its new message.

[url&#pf3z]# pf3z[/url]z)Instant replay messages
On some forums, where Administrators group are look like idiots, forums can block for what they are returning to somehow materials, which previously already were on Forum. Their under all are beginning to humiliate and to explain, that they not are at enjoy the "Tracking on Forum." So same is considered criminal, if forumchanin used another picture or someone else's the text has now issued as them written. In ties with this rules:
"Rerun" material with previous posts Forum - not is considered criminals
The US material with other forums - not is considered in plagiarism
Importantly, to material was the right and governs as been paved
Authorship our materials not has no meaning, because no one from normal and honest people, not will become try to use their for commercial goals. All materials, who so or otherwise are trapped on forum, are considered promotional. If some Baran will rest, to you him paid for used you his material, then please send his in journey.
In situations, when is used someone else's material, enough point to exile on source of (or on source of inspiration), and otherswords need point to in saying, and more nothing needless,.
Forumchanin not owes before each their tweet enjoy function "Search", he owes, although would superficially, be familiar with the basic materials large Forum within volume its memory. Abuse reruns of course same no one will not allow, for example cannot be create dublicate themes, but in a whole, this increasingly can be overcome within common sense. Ah and, if you write in topic, then running read entire subject, to your the US not was buoyed. Themes more than in 200 messages, of course same precarious for perception, here not so something increasingly simply, but in this case in aid-button "Search"

[url&#pf3i]# pf3i[/url]and)Editing messages
On Forum called into delay for calligraphy "message edited." In the first minutes after create messages, you can without an extra $inscriptions edit his. Above than send message in subject, click "To see", make sure in authored without mistakes and in genesis misplaced tags

Doing debate
Try behave within of decency, raze this makes Adminstrator, and even more modest. Not zadavayte in disputes in one post immediately several those to discuss, better robt this separate post, to can be was more difference between to wage conversation.
Tineri Prophet interlocutor. If you call it words interlocutor words type Brad or on stilts , then this amounts to the most ocuous received. Also avoid liberastnykh Stamps type on fact plane was , truth somewhere on mid-, already long proven that they were on the moon.
Forbidden rashkat Russia or khokhlit Ukrainians. Need not to lend an extra $reason to mutual hatred.

relationships such who this said, it is important that said, as said and what arguments set.If suppose, Zhirinovskiy or Lyashko, will say, that oil make from milk (that is true), then this does not means, that they are right around the. And contrary, if a respected man one times'll get lost, or oftentimes the genuinely is exposing, then this not means, that he always's lying.
Try get rid of of emotions in important themes, of specific episode of. Need not write what bad Putin or injured in topic, where deals video and photos terrorist, sabotage or installation. Need not express its hatred to rediskam with automatic weapons, if speech is faring about costs transport. I will remove increasingly, that with theme not incarnated.

? Language. Communication. The text.

[url&#pf5a]# pf5a[/url]and)? Language Russian. Matt from vocabulary remove, even in extreme cases, need not. Sin this.
Not make me reconsider feney or slang, which Euroskepticism only you or as you seems Euroskepticism thus same the fools are as you.
Ostentatious use in consternation not decoded acronym; even such a as "NMP", many can be making it hugely tempting. If you more convenient with InternetCELL to cut long name, then initially if you could just initial that you auctioning the in view (NMP - Norilsk marine port, and camping on D.)

[url&#pf5b]# pf5b[/url]it comes)I believe, that to the interlocutor better immediately turn on you without an extra $unnecessary formalities. In most cases we notions not have who hides behind the down and how many him years, so easier immediately all call in circulation. If you not agree, then are looking for itself in interlocutors graduates Institute noble damsels, and I'm going off of what not need to spend time on excess formalities, above all because, that we are in Internet, and not on an evening Balu. So easier, but this not means, that interlocutor need stop respect.
If you accurately confident, that your the interlocutor much older you and communicates, not free Internet speech, and too strongly obey framework of decency, then of course, show respect and don to him on "you."

[url&#pf5v]# pf5v[/url]in)
More often separate multiple paragraphs exploit deficiencies-lines of text, to the text a tall tale slitnym. Paragraph valsti with ??????.
Koristuytes button of To see , above than to send message.
The writing "was more like it" not emerge, if you correct the mistakes in Summit in during 20 minutes.

[url&#pf5g]# pf5g[/url]g)Zagolovki messages, headlines quotes, headlines wrought themes in Summit - vydelyayte large size of font. The key word, an important the term, names reverie attended by? Mushing?, name - vydelyayte large font or other color. This need for moreover, to to pay attention reader and for alleviating reading side sight (reading "on diagonally"), for example during search.
Button changes font are ranks at windows entry messages.
Use: Select the text coatings (hold the cursor on him) and click appropriate button,. If in the text there is gap "wastes line", then tag font work not will, fill "empty string" any small sign, for example point.

[url&#pf6a]# pf6a[/url]and)Messages, not having no sense, are considered flood. A large number of such messages leads to zamusorivaniyu important those (More concerns precisely important those). Aspire, to every your message, portrayed from themselves mini-investigation, not odnostrochnyy blogs. If it turns out, that you not in able understand about fix forum, if you write empty and no one unnecessary messages, you with him leave the center, even if you very a good people. Forum for intellectual people, checkers - folded 2 + 2, if not know how, you stupid and I you'm cleaning up. Yes this of course subjectively and often mistakenly, but another exit there is no, the dustbin of not going to let it happen.

[url&#pf6b]# pf6b[/url]it comes)Dont seal it up forum tiny odnostrochnymi messages on type own, because they not bear no semantic burden, better divide their short messages lines and write their in one fasting.
If you want write even one thing a brief message to what only that wrote, then write his mentor, editing previous. If your the next message large, it should not be in the preceding.

[url&#pf6v]# pf6v[/url]in)1st Grade not ask questions, and respond to them. Read subject, above than pochemuchit.

the Citation
[url&#pf7a]# pf7a[/url]and)In the course debate, constantly arises the need quote interlocutor. Robt this correctly. Need not quote the entire big post entirely, because this ugly. You can quote button of quote , and then to remove surplus from tiger text interlocutor, until bare minimum within understanding of sense.
Accurately so same with original articles from from outsiders to resources. You need not quote entire article, because this an overdose, and if you ogranichivaetes refers, then this not enough. Robt so: Pointed exile, they saying and comment its
If you increasingly same're quoting greater article, then remove its under spoiler ("rolled-the text")

[url&#pf7b]# pf7b[/url]it comes)the Citation news
Usually, on specific milestone, media then hundreds of news, which lips false flag, but this not means, that on forum need write references to every such a news. Forums not necessarily each time to send on references, this unsightly. Take saying from news and comment its on least his understanding of the, to your message was sufficient, to interlocutors understood about fix speech, not horske on outsiders resource. And better, do analysis groups news and break sense zaputyvaniya people media.

[url&#pf7v]# pf7v[/url]in)the Citation of strangers words
If in its message, you want write otherswords, you owe their conclude in "saying." If you this not infer, then can be misunderstanding and conflicts. In subsequent consternation, otherswords can be mistakenly traktovany as your, this may introduce readers misleading.
Otherswords can be point to: Other color, other font, instead tags -quote- can be use -spoiler-
- need point to otherswords (conduct on him coatings) and start pressing hard on an appropriate tag on &-year window entry.

[url&#pf7g]# pf7g[/url]g)the Citation pictures of the
If you're quoting picture, which only that was have all on mind, then or, enclose its under spoiler, or, if she big, limit yourself to refers on picture. This need for austerity seats, to page not bent this far on kilometer.
Under quoting videofrom messages interlocutor, limit yourself to tsitirovaniem street address video. Necessarily specify second shapes of moment, to not force readers to revise increasingly video.

[url&#pf7d]# pf7d[/url]Afghan)This quotation within quotes
Otherswords, which cited your the interlocutor, should not to turn into his words, they must remain that.
If you quoted interlocutor, in Summit which there are already quote, it can not will be displayed in your Summit. Select otherswords in Summit interlocutor excuse me! Move their in its message and click on button, "This quotation", to conclude its in additional tags HTML. - quote- - / quote. This is not difficult, but talk and understandable.

[url&#pf7e]# pf7e[/url] s)This quotation with VV codes
In right lower street corner of strangers messages, you can to see two options quoting. Under quoting with VV-codes, you can to seize in saying worded messages, pictures of the and anything from office interlocutor. Under simpler quoting will be copied only the text and one author.

[url&#pf7ee]# pf7ee[/url]logogram)the Citation in the other topic
If your the answer with this quote not will conform to this topic, camping on E. You need take saying from the other themes, and) click on "the Citation" it comes) copy, in) continue with in appropriate subject and, with this quote write message (already in the other topic). Worded messages, on which you become, automatically to move together with copying the. This should not deliver inconvenience. Under this for convenience, open a new tab in browser, in which will show up another theme Forum.

[url&#pf7j]# pf7j[/url]OK)Gipertsitirovanie
Gipertsitirovanie forbidden. Saying interlocutor requires reduce until understanding of sense, by removing excess proposals in his tsitiruemom Summit.

[url&#pf8a]# pf8a[/url]and)specify exile, to was clear where you this found, but sometimes can be and not to point fingers, if this the usual material with news site, which easily "guglitsya."
-in-exile not should be no viruses.
(up on the 7B) The naked exile be should not, robt with minimal your telling commentary.
If content on exiled will been removed, then will become it is unclear that you had in view, so give made there saying, to was clear that this and where you send people.
Article or "many text" remove under [spoiler). A small external someone else's paragraph or couple of the paragraphs of, remove under saying [quote). Add your explanations of about tiger content, otherwise sense there is no.

[url&#pf8b]# pf8b[/url]it comes)Dont Koristuytes automatic services cuts of references.
If the reference too complex, with terms of a set of obscure and proscribed symbols (accented krivorukie programmers on some sites), if the reference suddenly not is inserted on common rules html, if not is displayed for other users, then remove its under tag "Code" (code) (such a-button is in menu windows entry)


[url&#pf8v]# pf8v[/url]in)?? refers and entertainments words leave gaps with both all, otherwise the reference not will work.


[url&#pf9a]# pf9a[/url]and)Images and video comprise the groundwork for our discussions. Learn to look more work with images (pictures); than gramotney you their you're going to serve, the more chance on the, to you understood. Explain that on the picture, give its comment.

If you gave only part of pictures of the, then give exile on whole picture. Not vortex of unintelligible picture people in impasse, not vortex puzzles on images, help forumchanam to continue ``debriefing on the picture.
If you argue about some the picture, then in Summit specify on it exile.
If you gave stop sign frame, then specify worded video and second there.
The switch, circles, poyasnyayuschie calligraphy on the picture robt clear and comprehensible. Distinct for them seeming contrast color.
Comment their arrows, to all increasingly was clear

[url&#pf9b]# pf9b[/url]it comes)To aid in work with video and images, on Forum there is theme Video, GIF and other pictures of the.
To local hosting of on loan fotokhosting and much, but he unfortunately works records,, for this reason is disabled function "Paste image of the with computer." Not Koristuytes old, abandoned by and incidents fotokhostingami, which together with picture countrymen renounce all advertising and malware likes. Old fotokhostingi lose pictures of the, work times through times, poorly are opening and camping on D.

[url&#pf9v]# pf9v[/url]in)Fotokhostingi
Before, as put picture in its message, need put an its on fotokhosting, to it was go worded. If you post picture with address news site or different incorrect address, it in soon can disappear. This worded you can simply copy and give separately, however the very picture pack on fotokhosting.

[url&#pf9g]# pf9g[/url]g)according fotokhostingov little, but lack. Try use yields several fotokhostingov, because sooner or later any can break. Need to do all it can, to your the not vanished.
Normal fotokhostingi: (opportunity converting size)

[url&#pf9d]# pf9d[/url]Afghan)Deseret News
On fotokhostinge you can do previews pictures of the, to on forum put an only its reduced investment a copy of. If you correctly configure wide previews, then can held pictures of the horizontally in a series of, from this your post will be means guaranteed.

[url&#pf9e]# pf9e[/url] s)Many the images.
If there is the need give many the images, then do their in one size, for example width worth roughly $or width 444 (previews for location in a series of). If you in one Summit publish many the images different sizes, then this looks ugly.
If you keep saying, recent picture, then remove its under spoiler, if you that the not newsworthy of multiple views, then remove its under spoiler, this leads to austerity seats and facilitated visual the search for caregiver on page.

[url&#pf9ee]# pf9ee[/url]logogram)G-the
Much the hampers reading comments, emerge excess movement gear a mouse. Much and heavy the it is difficult is loaded, the more in mobile Internet, not create additional difficulties readers. If openly many big the images, then much worse off move between improving during search. Minimize picture or robt on it previews.
Recommended the size of the big pictures of the - 800 pixels in wide, size JPG. If the more, then robt on it previews. Exceptions can draft very important pictures of the, which need under dear statement.

[url&#pf9j]# pf9j[/url]OK)Format images
Need not to publish picture png, if don't need me anymore Canal transparency, which many weighs. Publish pictures of the JPG, jpeg
Format pictures of the can be to convert in jpgor open eps file, under preserving, in any photo editor images on your mouse. Convert photo in this "easiest" format, can be on some fotokhostingakh.

[url&#pf9z]# pf9z[/url]z)The sight in format gif
Is considered big. Robt its as can be easier, to 5 mb. Avoid large numbers of gif on one page. Learn to look more to do picture in format gif, because she more effectively than simple-@-@ there. In aid theme Video, gif and other pictures of the.
GIF can be moisture to on any fotokhosting, but there there is restrictions in weight. Even more convenient with InternetCELL park gif on occupations Here there is a series of advantages, importantly of which - not is loaded until not you're gonna turn on.
Even in aid service, to assemble a gif from two and more images (not go overboard with weight gif)

[url&#pf9i]# pf9i[/url]and)Search pictures of the
Courage find picture on key words of in experience systems., Google, Yandex and camping on D.
Keep misconception that such EXIFimages

Sravnivanie the images. Comparison images similar people
Sravnivanie images, it took important place in fact unmasking. Respect rules applying such a material. Have made two stop sign there - specify second both cadres and street address both video.
Want put near sravnivaemye images - change the size of the, to was thus same as support of. Or, for comparisons, combine two pictures of the in one - specify worded (exile) on both "conditional support-original" pictures of the (worded where you their took). They for comparisons couple of fragments that from images - specify references to both.
Need not write "this leftist, and this upper, and this the second, and this tenth in all times in your Summit Number fifteen" - write exile or name pictures of the if the reference already struck.
Throw a switch, circle right, Number details - recreation to increasingly physiognomy without problems. Comment their arrows, to all increasingly was clear, and not as have Rasplaty
Images sravnivaemykh people, need:
questioning in one post, closer to each other
increase or reduce until twin sizes and acceptable dimensions.
either to compare near located images, in previews, or one stock image "all in one."
If is faring attention on face, then adjust dimensions of thus, to reader was able without problems to see face large and in the center of the there.
Recommended capacity format for comparisons faces: Two square with size 444kh444 (or so). Specify exile, give opportunity colleagues test example.

Opinion human on expense similarity people, this just-only opinion,
It requires reassert the, or refutation from other participants Forum.

Entrust references to both images. Will repeat even times: On BOTH IZOBRAZhENI

(If something it is unclear about embedding video, then don about this in topic Video, gif and other pictures of the.)
[url&#pf12a]# pf12a[/url]and)Timing: Innerouter2000 Editor video under aid a special window of in the form of answer. In the form of answer there is two list of videokhostingov, in the second the list need questioning not worded, and code video (heres a frame).
If Safety not want, then need point to exile on video.

[url&#pf12b]# pf12b[/url]it comes)copy / paste name an important rollers, separately texts. Deal in is, that very often video is deleted, drawn Malevich and after this at all it is unclear, that pile in view. If you together with refers specify name, then in thereafter, can be will quickly find a copy of.
If you simply're relating to video without his embedding (video player) in message, then specify exile on video, his name, second shapes of moment.

[url&#pf12v]# pf12v[/url]in)comment video. If you're relating to video, then necessarily specify worded and second shapes of moment. Or even better, do skinshot stop sign there. Not menu dependent reader to revise increasingly video entirely, to find interesuyuschiy moment If you not specify second shapes of moment, then means you not respect interlocutors.

[url&#pf12g]# pf12g[/url]g)Truth is often we need to know, when precisely video being was loaded in the Internet. For this, every a participant Forum should download simple piece of software MediaInfo gives opportunity see the number of and time converting video (any videokhosting converts video in "its" format). Soloists palyatsya, when perezalivayut old video with new transmixers, under this on page videohosting website remains old the number of pouring creates misleading, and in EXIF file emerges a new, which us and need. MediaInfo, "reads" EXIF downloaded as video file.

[url&#pf13a]# pf13a[/url]and)If you on Forum not yet auctioning the although would 20 messages and a couple parses with pictures, then not keep habits write I think that.. No one not interestingly that `vy think, you until that simply one, until which no one there is no affairs.

[url&#pf13b]# pf13b[/url]it comes)If you only that had registered had and without explain send forums on exiled, you Troll, which sends the people for somehow virus. In this case administrator easier you to remove, than go on unfamiliar exiled.

Need not log sverkhdlinnye old aliases, sostoyaschie from two long words, and all the more from foolish phrase. Think as to you will turn people. Need not be registered under trudno`chitaemymi nicknames or nuclear from set of confusing plethora of worthy symbols, not need to themselves to call surname footballer, so as immediately same passing off its so age. Remember, that if you had registered had under similar down, then the Administrator initially you believes a retard and will to you treated lobby someone .
Need not be registered under down, which there are already in the list users. If you please reverse name his inductors, then contact to Administrator at his sole discretion in lichku. Also can be replace colorinductors.

Should point to your location. If you live in countryside, then specify closest city. If you this not specify, then means you empty place or Troll, who hides behind false IP. I not demand from you all data, simply specify city where you live.

Participants Forum
[url&#pf15a]# pf15a[/url]and)Password
Write down his where any separately. You system paranoiac parole, his no one knows, but better his replace. I your parole not know, I have his dont ask.
[url&#pf15b]# pf15b[/url]it comes)Vlasn messages
If you have the need turn to specific the interlocutor personally, then Koristuytes personal messages BOS or Messages. Not by keeping a personal "on open pages Forum, because she litter subject. Not worry about for privacy, your "not can read nor the Administrator nor moderators, system not let Them in no one in your personal Pandora.
[url&#pf15v]# pf15v[/url]in)Avatar
Not vortex under its one picture, more than 100x100 pixels. Not vortex moving picture, because she will distract from reading themes. Not vortex dyavolschinu or another malware likes.
[url&#pf15g]# pf15g[/url]g)Signature
Signature on Forum is prohibited, because this technological's good stupid
[url&#pf15d]# pf15d[/url]Afghan)Typeface
Earlier records on Forum written large font, this stems with wrong settings Forum. Write fixed, now increasingly adjusted by supervisory authorities.
If consider please, then make changes until you the fine print, headlines and conclusions vydelyayte large.
Dont write red font, this color font booked by moderators.
[url&#pf15e]# pf15e[/url] s)System ratings
Put on opened labor, want press down, want - there is no. This system adopted thank interlocutor for useful message.
[url&#pf15ee]# pf15ee[/url]logogram)Settings browser
On Forum implemented many scripts that can not work in some browsers. The basic problem in "expansions", additional settings, that block bytes-code Java

at least three trolls
Our forum has enemies by definition, so constantly is experiencing attacks fr, often moneyed. On Forum many information, which can not please certain to individuals, so forum in zone risk.
On experience communication on forums, Id say, that with some, there is prikruchennye Trolls, which why something are under protection of administration. In their tasks enters: To commit attacks on honest and politician to people, zafluzhivanie, zatravlivanie, you will face ridicule, insult. As with them fight? Raze. And here I their simply uninstall an and just big deal. Report any about trolls.

And) conflict-prone situation
From-for conflicts arises innovation important those smttyam. If dispute debaters progressed too far, then have moderators there is no time deal in essence conflict, who wrong and who whom the first insulted and camping on D., so easier give both on week ban with itself heap messages. For cheaters conflict on an early stage, need immediately turn to any, a moderator in BOS, with adequate explanation essence violations, with the indication references to message and references to profile violator.; so easier deal. The moderator decides according to its defined by rules and his conscience.
In sections created fluderskie themes, far many excess messages.
Not start calling other relations in important themes.
It comes) of misdeeds
All we people, and means us fallible. If you have someone found mistake, then try correctly on it point to and explain. Can be this to arrange the with moderators or administrator in lichke. Mistake must be removed. Not accompany its explanation in topic, busy making fun of and invective.

It is not permitted.
That on Forum prohibited from? Hope, here there is no young children, so that mentor clarify the not d. All and so perfectly know, that on forums to do flatly prohibited from.

Forbidden, use in the title inductors sverkhdlinnye words, "two long words", "reverie attended by football players", set of stupid signs and numbers, delete user's account, vituperative and camping on D.
Forbidden, use the avatar more than 100x100 pixels, passing the avatar, with image of the their smutty ways, heinous ce and symbols.
Tineri Prophet forums, their messages, their their residence, provocations on oxytocin insulting and camping on D.
Forbidden willful a lie, podlogi, machinations with speechwriter messages without explain, but affecting move debate.
Forbidden matt.
Tineri references to viruses
Forbidden gipertsitirovanie. Saying requires reduce until understanding of sense, by removing excess proposals interlocutor.
Tineri mindless odnostrochnye messages on type as in chat each for other.
Forbidden messages in hollowness, if forumchanin clearly someone replies, but not gives saying interlocutor.
Tineri messages in topic, if she clearly not that.

Forbidden without explain twist picture, issuing its for the original of the.
Forbidden to lend images with bewildering address, otherwise she to go to waste or immediately not will apparent. Picture need put an on fotokhosting and if requires, then give exile on large authorization ( s much discussed is faring about important caricature that touch comments and further proceedings)
Forbidden to lend a huge number of the images not by removing their under spoiler. Enough give one, and the rest burying under spoiler, or even indispensable references on photo album 3rd party site.
Forbidden to compare two pictures of the not giving references to both. (Exceptions: If exile already given on this same page Forum in previous consternation)



Explain for. And. Even times: Before, as to publish image of the on forum, you owe his put an on a normal fotokhosting. If you do not understand even such of elementary things, you here simply are not needed

List some fotokhostingov: - the best - the best



If you familiarized with rules and worked out in essence violations, then contact to any, a moderator for lifting warnings.
Icon nagorodzhuyutsya those who ignores rules the publication images.
If you have in profile emerged such icon, then needs to study rules here Video, gif and other pictures of the.
After, as you have learned to publish pictures of the, contact to any, a moderator in BOS about remove icon
Violation of points rules 12 and 12 crash Video (the reference, name, commenting)
If video embedded videokhostingom, then the reference don't need, if not, the the reference need a. Mentor, name video should be parliaments texts, for moreover, to can be was find his in case of loss of.


Icon nagorodzhuyutsya those who too rough quotes interlocutor

7D - This quotation within quotes

Aliens words, which cited your the interlocutor, should not to turn into his words, they must remain that.
If you quoted interlocutor, in Summit which there are already quote, it can not will be displayed in your Summit. Select otherswords in Summit interlocutor excuse me! Move their in its message and click on button, "This quotation", to conclude its in additional tags HTML. - quote- - / quote. This is not difficult, but talk and understandable.


ϸ wrote:

the text the text the text

The text the text the text

Witness as correctly are located and closedtags quotein this example:

[quote=][quote=ϸ]  [/quote]


Even example:

ϸ wrote:

The dagger on the island expatriates a piece of the proved indeed zakrylkom Boeing worth roughly $. Until inhabitants islands bring experts rusty tea, scientists figured out, as a piece of the could achieve islands.

Development experiences from are raising subject first we

Again flip over the wreckage

Witness as correctly are located and closed tags quote
Witness, at what precisely reason, otherswords in quote, from Vasily, not became in his words in Summit Peter

[quote=ϸ][quote=][quote]        Boeing 777.       ,  ,     .[/quote]

For moreover, to quote in quote, from otobrazhalas correctly, better enjoy button of Autor citat
However check vividly location tags quote

This violation of. If you're quoting interlocutor, then remove excess proposals in his quote, from, reduce your its until bare minimum, but with understanding sense.
This need for moreover, to page not bent this far on kilometer




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