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Vnukovo 20.10.2014. Christoph de Margery, Total

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With morning on box bayali pro ruin in Vnukovo. One the passenger on board, Chairman some major firms. Three member crew. All died from clashes with a plow machine. Driver machines not suffered, but is in deep of shock. Plane fully was incinerated by, but black boxes are found in good able. Increasingly as always. :tired:

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Claire wrote:

Yes, hell is that full. Faced with a plow machine, exploded and got blown on the pieces. As??

As precisely - pro this suschestvennoy have shown.
As pro boying in Kazan.
But video with cameras surveillance, need to to believe, show not will. Too, a major rap, again information film roof down still cover it up not tickles.

Although. Still not evening. Information film roof down with kazanskim boingom, too, not immediately have shown. Immediately accented only cartoons



Claire wrote:

Uborschiku on cell not gave say, and dispatcher with certain comments and their dodumkami on cubicles serves.

Strong TVshniki! "Dispatcher" senselessly excuses with penny management reforms - theater one actor :D
And again push an ideal of pro Grabovsky boying (1 :1 0 listen to). Said would, on language; swears not want!

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A similar disaster in Eastern Europe Niko Nusmeier 30 years ago.
Clash TU-154 with cars you.
Dispatcher to on , not had included oaaei "the WFP busy." Began cars at all could not be equipped with the red or blue lighthouses (we light bulbs in deficit, we bosses on technology security a bunch of filthy thugs idiots.

On my view, enough easily do radio and electro implements, preventative clashes cars with by airplanes. All the more now, with presence of seed navigation, this question simply comical on price. The entire GDP must be It's full of video cameras, even not because that very important for investigations, and because that this is now few become cheaply.
If on the WFP, appearance of just 350 meters, then on slot machine, should included a special regime prevent clashes, pilot should know on 100% that had a net. If there is although would 1% doubt, then this means it's the categorical ban on AfterBurner and landing; ignoring avtozapreta should paid for by prison, outside dependence from outcome of.. Such accidents very many, all the most large plane occurred precisely when faced on the WFP, in these catastrophes is always present unbridled stupidity participants clashes.

- the Investigation Committee will maximally openly and operationally informing public about theory in investigation. Stressed representative Investigation departments.

Representative SK already only for this a lie need snout to beat by law and only try to dunk it in cask of with shit, this is the, if demon assault damage. (Such law should be).



Here is even interesting version of "plane" in Vnukovo



_ wrote:

That even interesting version of "plane" in Vnukovo

Drew attention, that in Vnukovo Microscopial number of Snow (have us already 4 days as navalilo).
Not know, owes it whether clean up snow service airport, if his the thickness of the not exceeds 5 mm?
And here is antiobledenitel perhaps raspryskivat must, under subzero temperature, although, too, not am confident.

VIPy die often, that as would itself beyond a statistical likelihood. Well very even perhaps, that Demarzheri was assassinated. In Vnukovo took place. The subsequent killings or the very murder of; can be smile, but this not the crux of the it is important.
After, as increasingly leadership Poland, all branches of power in full composition, contrary any sign logic ostensibly pochapali in one TU-154, already be surprised has not account for. 're VlP have scum this perhaps dessert some.



And even de Margery was against iaooa-dollar, and not forth as three months ago claimed, that there is no sense pay for oil in dollars, can be simply calculated evrami on course, in accordance with with the face value in dollars.

, , , "" , - , , , ( , ), , , - " ", , . Under the entire under this was against policy West in respect trades abroad and claimed, that Europe without our gas not would cost.

In 2006 th year on his the countess petitioned in Court for suspicion in trade Iraqi oil, which in the time was part of programs UN "oil for food", in 2007 th again petitioned in Court, but already on fuckin 'bribery ostensibly for conclusion Iranian contracts, in 2011 th he as times protested against the ban shelf D in France, in 2013 th him had to pay, increasingly same, penalties for affairs clockwork over Iraq and Irans, that dawdling the palpable damage office, ah and in 2014 th - joint projects with trades abroad and condemnation sanctions, good relations with Putin. Plus to everything, his term on office President, Oil terminated in 2015 th, but recently, Oil reversed the its charter, that allowed prolong his "on office President.

On backdrop of all these facts his death looks as precisely scrum between energy companies-giants, his projects Iran + Russia + Kazakhstan - this OK Caspian Sea, but on backdrop of moreover, that in Saudi Arabia to 2025-Mu oil will end, very can be, that precisely YuSam he and gettin 'in the way. Although version of so obvious, that can they that behind this and hide.

De Margery this grandson of Tattinzhera, and they what something a dark family, recent years tussling with Starwood Capital Group - this a major TNK from America, in including, Hypnotizes alternative power, connected with myselfjust a Stanley Morgan and etc.

In general, extreme again case of-his snow blower - from Russia, although first reported, that 5 tel found, and then, that 4 (de Margery + crew), and his snow blower - type alive. (This with discussions on amblogodrome)



Claire wrote:

There's been 11 October 1984 year, have us sum numbers, too, gives 11, also clash with technique.
Between dates 11.10.1984 and 21.10.2014 passed 10967 days or 77.
It seems on man-made sinkhronizm. Something beginning to appear.

On a data, 20October 2014 in 23 :5 7 (Our time for standing pat 19 :5 8 UTC), faced with a plow machine.
1 + 1 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 =2 5 (or 2 + 5) not no 11
2 + 0 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 =1 0 there is no 11
There is no 11, criminals there is no, suspects can be issue. :)
On drawing
Nothing Masonic there is no. Sponsor justified. :)

Together with those, Total - this is one of oil monsters, which in huge quantities, like oil from Africa. For example, oil production in Nigeria must on the idea of, to do population this countries one of richest in World, but in place this, Nigeria receives-of-shit rat ecological impacts, and population remains in extreme poverty.
(Lagos, capital Nigeria. Nigeria - largest neftenosnaya country Africa)

In the Constitution any country, should be videotaped, that earth bowels belong people, who in this country lives. And these dogs buy scoundrels and Constitution simply rewriting the. So and in Russia has rebuild Constitution, wrote that earth bowels can belong to whom anywhere and that Russian people is faring timber and he's sucking it off drying. (Article 9, point 2, black on white, and people something and not knows)

Annual turnover Total 171 billion the euro in year, that almost in 7 times higher, than GDP such major countries as Bulgaria. This an enormous injustice. Any mrazyuki, can forces routinely buy leadership any country and pump from that country that anywhere as its. Already only this difficulty puts any private company in rank enemies humanity, and this we not yet abide into account, that oilmen forces routinely can hire two army, to liquidate spiteful population.
Total pumping oil and from Russia, and have someone tide is turning language call this company other. Drats. What each, which in pocket even climbs its iiaaiie't? Christopher Demarzha assassinated and cult with him. :mad:



Dmitry" wrote:

Skyfall drawing - nothing Masonic there is no. Sponsor justified.

So, and can with the Freemasons the and mochkanuli, times have casualtys the nothing Masonic there is no, have those could be :), again same, here is, for example, emblem Starwood, which otzhimali estate have kind of this de Margery and star, on what they hint in the title there summed up

Here is she here bigger than others Link, emblem hotel their networks, for example

Their chief

Barry Sternlicht (surname with German - "star superior ECONTEL light") - is member of Council directors purpose & # 233 ;e Lauder Companies, registered Hardware, TriPointe Homes, Baccarat, Mammoth which constructed Mountain, and Advisory Council Zelnick Media Group and etc. - i.e. natural VIP from TNK, what about the mason / not mason it is unclear, but symbolism of the kind even.

Consider, whom instead "Mustache Fest" puts the on President Total, something yes and ISBN



In blood driver, efforts in a plow machine, in that he crashed jet head of Total, found 0.6 per mill alcohol, that can be would still 100 utmost grain, vodka. Media cite and other the details

Have my an over-familiar father, too, snow eliminates the authentication on "Kirovtse." When snowfall, they from-for helm of on 18 hours not goggling out, without 100 grams at all it is unclear as this can be withstand.



Happy New head of Total appointed Patrick Puyanne



I.e. yesterdays expectations, that head of will become Yves-Louis Darrikarrer - a member of Council directors simultaneously and Totalya and Fasylov - were not realized, current naznachentsy Puyanne and Desmarest will become permanent, not temporary, as stated yesterday same. With first glance, our's been moved, away from Totalya, can be budo alongside kendo financing Yamal-SPGkakogo any and those, who would have defended our position on energy supplies in Europe?



. Our stance, our interests. Whose this our.
If there are in mind some kind interests Russia as countries, if would this ruin violate its interests, then perishing perhaps one of two: Either it not would have happened, either his representatives and gonna be exposed
Because neither the nor another not will happen - conclusions are transparent)



Yes, I had in mind stance and interests Russia, as countries, many profits precisely as country Russia receives at the expense even natural energy, project, who favored and De Margery, in including, aims on diversifitsiyu this direction, with goal reducing dependence on only one market even natural. Understandably, that and when resources like from the country and unload, under this zasiraya ecological impacts and etc. - this poorly, that by law people not owns natural recourses - this, too, poorly, but if now Russia as country starts lose positions on their energosbyta, then economy from this only deteriorates, prevents Neftyanniki and this will find as itself these costs compensate for, but ordinary citizens from this will lose in money those more, so, precisely in this case, on my view, this common interests those who lives in Russia. And why not can happen something kind interests rossii? Can be regarded incident as fight there are some "clans" and etc., so after all and within rossii, too, not only one conditional support-@-@ called "clan" is based, and perishing will become whether to investigate or unmasked - it is unclear, if realistically the shitbags who popped this uncle guy, then here or they've missed us a diversion (camping on E. It's a shitty-system security) or same the shitbags who popped those, whom surrender a grid, and so and so easier on accident to write off. Ah this my opinion)



Claire wrote:

A cadres with seats catastrophe and comment as would controller; they do. The street sweeper on cell not gave say, and dispatcher with certain comments and their dodumkami on cubicles serves.

"Now will deal, was whether explosion, that there exploded and with what began destruction."
Turned attention on recent words in video?
Struck me stable that this pepper misspoke on "Freud along with the" pro explosion! If jet on outset takeoff especially resistant chassis (leftist
Wing of the / his snow blower -, where explosion? Where harming mutilations? Vopschem yes, it seems his dismembered forcibly and this kind of cloudy history fades into oblivion-- Leave in retreated together with strelochnikom, as however and the recent the awful disaster in the Moscow subway.



Pls to all, who injectsto adhere to rules "first the headline, then the commercial."
To then can be was track remote continents.



So: Who believed that could this happen accidentally?
I not was able.
Under any obstoyatelstvakh.0o0.
Too much engaged.
Chance - are possibly not incidental. Do vs. 0oo.

, ,

Nakladki and asymmetries. Official sources of and version of.

In night on Tuesday in airport Vnukovo under cyclical upswing crashed a small the private jet Falcon-50, Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for in Paris. According to staff air Milford, pilots not noticed snegouborochnuyu machine, that led to a sharp reduce speed and fall in. Died all, who was on board two pilot, in and the only the passenger, head of the largest French oil company Total Christoph de Margery.

Sources of in more Committee report, that now stratal four basic version of: Mistake pilots , mistake the dispatchers, wrong actions driver a plow machines, which worked on runways the landing front page and weather conditions in this night some areas the Moscow area development a.

A consequence made announcement, that driver a plow machines as W. P., on advance conclusion, was in able alcohol intoxication.
The crash in Vnukovo occurred from-for clashes wing private plane Falcon-50 with snegouborschikom, which according to media proved on intersection two pages, far access was banned. has air naval ship adopted decision try to have time might soar. However for takeoff lacked speed. Business be jets front resistant chassis it's snagged on for snegouborochnuyu machine, after what occurred disaster , note sources of various media, familiar with minutiae plane.

But, according to a lawyers and services airport, driver as, was a great experience and experience work, and also was absolutely'm sober. Also, according to obligatory instructions, before labor a change in he has passed apprenticeship, that measures have doctor in magazine, on the basis what received have mechanics track journal and began to work.

However, soon SK trades abroad published on its site video showing with seats plane and declared obviously, that cause of crisis engulfed became at all not an eerie tragic set of circumstances, as this try to teach representatives airport, and criminal appeasement officials, which failed to provide consistency action staff airport.

Kbit and parametricheskiy the station onboard needle's one of Falcone's men chairman E. Tugzhanov said and expect flying in Moscow French investigators, which also will work jointly with Sledstvennym committee.

Ruin in Vnukovo private plane business class Falcon with head of companies Total on board, now actively are discussing on aviation forums, where anonymously communicate existing collaborators airports and airlines.

's Falcon s goalkeeper touched resistant chassis precisely already after break from land, writes the user site under down Warpik. Skyfall domestic ties told the takeoff aboard and through roughly 5-10 minutes gave elimination in ties with catastrophe. An eyewitness to, working in this moment on the train platform,, first heard a strong cotton, turning, saw fall and very a strong the flames. Government employment toured minutes through 5. Explosion was enough a strong. If anything, in old terminal heard was very well, went ape. Decently.

At landing in this moment virtually no one has been stymied. But of those who has been stymied nor one business , mention any country by FAVT. Another anonymous specialist Seattle, wondered: surrealism some. Airport, a night, the lone machine doesn some snow, the WFP net This is that, with any of perhaps?.

In end one it's a discrepancy naslaivaetsya on another. A strange disaster, and begins precisely with produce several volumes President oil company Total Christoph de Margery, causes too many issues, on which there is no answers. Until there is no.

For Help: Total the fourth in world oil and gas company. Works in 130 countries. Reported revenues in 2013 189,5 billion the euro, net profits 10.7 billion the euro. Daily oil production and gas 2.3 million barrels. Capitalization 168,7 billion hover near $. In Russia with 1991. Production in Russia 207 thousands of barrels in clock.

That claimed and did Christoph De Marjorie

De Margery was, perhaps, hardly not the most denationalizing supporter of conservation relations with Russia and adversary the introduction of against it sanctions. In particular, when in May many companies not toured on Petersburg economic forum, he defiantly arrived, declaring, that refusal from visit was would antirossiyskim gesture.

As only against Russia have become impose sanctions, de Margery gave with condemnation this policy. In his view, Europe not need to to follow in stick limpet-like decisions the US, because relations the EU and Russia far more sturdy, than Russia and the US.

He publicly claimed: I believe in wisdom and responsibility people. In global economy cannot be simply say: I'm stopping it work in Russia, in Iraq or where something else. Russia not proves in isolation, even if not will remain no ties with Europe. People must understand, that embargo not works.

Also De Margery was against restrictions supply Russian gas in Europe. Recall, that on wave of antirossiyskoy hysteria among politicians the EU bells and such demands. Asserted, that level of European technologies well allows supplies substantially limit.

If supplies gas from Russia on European market disappear, then Europe will have more expensive pay for gas, buying his in more remote regions and with more complex transshipment, spoke he, Completely obviously, that winter, as only it gets cold here, have us will encounter problems, if supplies will cut. Can whether we survive without Russian gas? The answer no . Need to whether seek to survive without him? The answer, too, no .

And this summer de Margery made most kramolnoe, according to the US, statement. He gave against domination dollars in international calculations,. Theme, which on hand Russia in our country there is until still not implemented plans force buyers our resources to pay for them in rubles, to strengthen the ruble.

No reasons, on which pay for oil needs precisely with dollar currency, -govoril then de Margery, The first Joe to abandon American currency not tickles, however was would remarkable, if would the euro been the mouthpiece used by more often. The dollar ranks too a significant political in international oil and gas computing. The, that the price on basic world Mark oil is installing in dollars a barrel, not is an occasion pursue calculations precisely in this currency. Not there is no causes calculated for hydrocarbon commodity in national currency the United States.

Margery genuinely believed and repeatedly claimed about how, that Ukraine and Russia part of Europe and need seek to to promote early settlement crisis. And in recent months Christoph de Margery actively lobbied the supply of in Russia mistral.

And this the latter phrase in life, that delivered publicly the head of the companies Total Christoph-Gabriel-Jean-Maria Joaquin de Margery: Wu Russia many friends and partners in the West. We not believe, that Russia can be isolate from major global economic and political processes. I utterly am confident, that policy openness, which in the past helped us overcome so much obstacles, must continue.

So whom same US President Total?

Remember famous and solidly functioning wording whom benefits?. She not works only under version fateful chance, but in tragedy with certain doom Marjorie too perishing mysterious many of similarities, vystraivayuschikhsya in a flat a series of and essentially otodvigayuschie on the second plan the percentage of chance.

Here is such coincidence: This, in primarily, statements and active actions head of Total Marjorie, shedshie in full rupture with the underlying line of the US, as in respect antirossiyskikh sanctions, so and (most importantly!) assertion about neobyazatelnosti pay for oil precisely with dollar currency. This and place catastrophe Moscow, outside its capital empire of evil , depressed somewhere between fever Ebola and Islamic terrorists. This and different time as times in day meeting Marjorie with Russian premier Dmitri Medvedev, where the head of the Total declared: I against sanctions because, that they, am confident, were being unfair and under this ineffective. If in end you remains only to resort to sanctions, this means failure diplomacy.

This and some pristine the similarities overthrew the with symbolic glimpse all the rest of the global leaders business (and not only business), sustains Russia. Intimation of, that not worth sleep quietly under such as worldview ,-reaching in rupture with the actions and principles Great People's the US. Can same and accidents, happen. On utterly random we can circumstances.

I not thankful argue, that version of willful killings Christoph de Marjorie, committed in the interest the US, has now any direct evidence. And this even not version of, and simply a series of obvious events and facts, which lining up in well logical chain and exclude mounting economic ostensibly random of similarities.

But as such can be was implement? With a multi-year experience American intelligence perhaps conduct venue and bigger problems, than destruction head of major companies in the third country. And options there is enough from bribery or blackmail through mass of intermediaries any stakeholder events, until introduction in all sorts of networks and signals domestic ties, including, as human factor, so and technical innovations, about which the rest of the world until still not knows or only has hit on.

But it seems, that present answer on question Who killed de Marjorie? we, likely, will not know. Never!

The author: Oleg Laurier

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Video plane in Vnukovo



gav wrote:

Video plane in Vnukovo

Increasingly clearly. No installation there is no.
The operator not time come in head photographed onboard Number. (Usually operator, without any reasons, seek to "prove" that here is this here is a piece of the precisely from this plane).
There is no 90% the wreckage of the, which would disappeared in an unknown direction. Perhaps passed 30 hours after catastrophe. Commission works as and been paved, produces overall of after full 64B fire.
Corps present almost the entire, from him not has broken the fittest one thing wing, increasingly as and should be under accident on maximum the runway speed. Normal Matrix disaster, quite an ordinary murder of.
. However, there is much it's a discrepancy - the absence of Snow. Therefore, snowblower machine - a Tool for killings. Murder of, which was planned, but not debido under weather conditions. Machine not snow those, and to be waiting for plane. Another it's a discrepancy - the absence of on video the most a plow machines. Legke wing plane (which this "), albeit a bit of fluff, but increasingly same should wrinkle machine.




Hetero. Matrix disaster, quite an ordinary murder of.

And where same video the most moment clashes? After all in really latest mothertuckin 'podezde are worth cameras let and cheap, and here.
If murder of planned with snegouborschikom, then need to actors asses our ". By valiant" forces-darmoedam!
After all this direct human work in very enemy. I all often inclination is to more first over another explosion on board, so
And cannot be video posting, that would being asked unnecessary issues. Ah type as with "Kursk" -vinovata and the curriculum torpedo.
Who served liner? What equipment on board, the likelihood run by explosion -kopat need to here, but not will this is understandable.


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