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Vnukovo 20.10.2014. Christoph de Margery, Total

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We incensed egregious actions with hand organs SK trades abroad, which in 2 :0 0 night 23.10.2014 years after virtually 48 hour continuous interrogation, were detained and get out in an unknown direction. Asia managers before these showed night change, interrogations through a without providing a lawyer. Attitude to them was as to dangerous perpetrators, camping on K. Lifted their from enterprises in handcuffs. They were morally and physically depleted and repressed. Three days were without nutrition and sleep. Dispatcher –! The intern was caused by quick aid.

We believe that detention was unjustified, camping on K. They not shrunk from cooperation with consequence of, were on protected territory Vnukovskogo center traffic and not can affect move allegations and hide.


And that we see? Full incompetence these thugs. Of the right try to pull fuckbag on a blimp.



With camping on ?. Visual control airport Vnukovo - the most equipped with in world in parts of line -

Features integrated system security line A includes in themselves more 1 700 video cameras, more 1 100,000 points control access and 2 100,000 detectors ad intruder alarm – this largest in world system of this kind according to producer equipment.

And perishing on AP front page "the collapse" should be filmed with dozen foreshortenings.

But there is no nor one-lousy records.


Layfnyus uploaded cadres first minutes in 01 :5 4 / news / 143202

On video The Wreck of plane in Vnukovo. The first cadres with seats PE. 21.10.2014 passed less two hours with collapse in 23 :5 8 - NO SNEGA.

Snow there is only in, uh, cartoon., vylozhennom in 03 :4 5 -

As always in such cases (Kazan, heap Ukrainian "sbitiy", too quickly been built suschestvennoy on motivation analysis recorded system video surveillance

Hell is that morzhovaya - the entire this a fairy tale pro "the cleanup Snow." Obnaglevshie mrazyuki full a lie model.

a trackback weatherconfirms: Snow not was.

Weak rain with covered in white was in 16 hours.
In 19 hours was followed on "rain an ice-free continuous weak."
In 22 hours moved in "flash rain weak."

Temperatures was in mixed results with 10 morning.

10.00 + 0,2
13.00 + 0,6
16.00 + 1,2
19.00 + 1,3
22.00 + 1,2

21 October in 01.00 + 1.7

In Vnukovo could not be Snow in moment "catastrophe." So video cameras observations not will. Only cartoons of hunger will show.



Dmitry" wrote:

. However, there is much it's a discrepancy - the absence of Snow. Therefore, snowblower machine - a Tool for killings.

Correction on expense Snow. He was, but at night (had a chance) and on the morning, (yes OK in snowballs typically recognized play Settlers)), in the second half of days almost the entire transformed in pools. Truth some where lay. But this airport, means snow was removed still at night, ah on the morning back yard with my friends technique. Protivogololednye reagents? Why they in plyusovuyu temperatures? Or mere as in childhood were broken up?

горожанин wrote:

When Vnukovo could not be Snow in moment "catastrophe." So video cameras observations not will. Only cartoons of hunger will show.

Had preceded me)) Yes, after 18-00 alone pools on roads were.

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Vnukovo 10 kilometers on p.m. Kyiv highways from MKADa

Fire, bring their apology. I deleted mistake down a citizen pro Vnukovo, she fact
Vnukovo is in 10 kilometers from MKADa. The city dweller with Asia him 50% credit

fire to Dmitry" :)

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Have "layfnyus" like would there is no manners clean up messages, but would still purely formalistika -


"" purely formalistika "", this when exile give, not two skinshota on kilometer space

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2+2=2 wrote:

Was snow, not was, what the difference if his snow blower - was drunk in scrap.

And this correctly. :D

A healthy airport incidentally


2+2=2 wrote:
And that we see? Full incompetence these thugs. Of the right try to pull fuckbag on a blimp.

Labor the collective not somebody in ofChina to treatment, point to their version of overthrew the. Is nonsense showpiece.
Signature perhaps Echo Maskvy and has. Digital. :mad: these bread not feed let--By the cops posklonyat. - instead demagogiy, labor the collective should would videotapes with booking, not and phony treatment for Ekhi Maskvy scribbling.



fire wrote:

na-a-ah, this not the Vnukovo. The that you looked distance, this under Dmitrovom village. Here is there snow realistically should lie. At least in Sunday he was. Station with so name in those edges not that I recall, if this not a bus halt, then yes. Exactly on 180 not there where airport. Under Dmitrovom "might soar" can be only on avtopoligone on direct speed, on Tsesne Perhaps.

Canvassed is worth. Somehow thread from (Afghan) oblichitelyam gorozhanskikh konspirologiy need to OK will I get the until what-thread, here is let until this default insult.
26 kilometers from Moscow. One get, archive weather Vnukovskogo airport, and no another seats.



His snow blower - rotary type Schmidt.



Okay suppose, that snow was, on skrine can be see his semblance of (after catastrophe, but likely this fire foam. As the saying goes could not be, not saw, not was groped by.
Suppose even 4000m2 as well as as much as TWO YEARS centimeter. But training had a this not the pavement FlSCHER: Man, and its RP're cleaning up in not so as the mill a path.

And raze not one snowblower life tonus, on which even scratches there is no and that us cooked up a on quick celebration.

And most importantly - this the, that for cleaning RP from Snow there is clearly regulated markets rules. And disrupt their means - minimal UI. 're just fucked. And here is one very interesting detail:

Quote -

"In the Moscow airport Domodedovo there is Service exploitation airport, a supportive all cover around the Airport complex in purity. And this purity supported by constantly, in any time days, in any time year. Tires chassis aircraft must well cling to coverage its airfield. On rulezhkakh and on vzletke should not be small rocks, pretty ones and debris that can fall into engines.

We knew, that from-for snowfall, runways the landing dM “14R-32L ” in 13 :4 0 foot on the cleanup and on has stopped for’loan grip exactly on 35 minutes.Outer rectangle size this swathe of impressive. 3,500 Dam-and 75 meters wide.
Podmetem its for half an hour of exercise!
For quarter-hours until General Assembly--China cleaning swathe of, urcha powerful motors starters flock “assault on-brigade ”, equipped to the fight with the consequences snowfall. This need to to see! "

Brought here:




And even one small detail, but me decisional laziness its to something links)
"Day 21 October on site airport Vnukovo had replaced name companies, to cleaning the Snow with swathe of."
Boonce: Link



Claire wrote:

would still without coordination with an operator (dispatcher) this do impossible

Precisely! This not the private aeroportishko with kukuruznikami, and VNUKOVO international aeroportische. So pan without resolution on AfterBurner, there even flies not climb. And if RP shut out for cleaning and there is snowblower technique, then resolve AfterBurner even to the private aircraft this a suicide. Although if in controller; they do there are gaining suicidees, then increasingly perhaps.

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.6 per mill in blood driver and .6 per mill in blood the Polish Glavkoma Air Force spellbinds Blasika) By the way. This dose 1l beer for bodies weight 80kg / 2-2,5chasa. Before 2008 permitted dose for governance auto in of England, France was 0.8promille. Now 0.35.



Claire wrote:

and reality who? I not is strong in Polish topic.

Ostensibly he forced pilots’drive in Smolensk the, from-for what jet with Kachinskim fell.



Organs absolutely not are ready to milestone. Always the omnipresent MAC simply not strange protruding; usually he statements about the causes crapping out.
Snowblower machine with drunk driver - hastily slyapannyy Brad.
That them task mrazyuki their the murder of French coach and "katastrofnym" cover of.
We, soon in despatch-the garbage for masses will emerge tserushnyy satellite, a piece of cracked jet about dM by home led governance, changes data on-board electronic equipment or similarly.



Кстати, я бы девушку-стажёра и снегоуборщика из Внуково заподозрила бы - помню, когда в казиношке работала, как на улице холодало - начинался аншлаг в заведении и, логично, именно в это время сильнее всего ощущалась недостача народу рабочего, брали новеньких с улицы, лишь бы кто в смену был запасной, из-за загрузки за ними особо тщательно не следили, и вот именно среди стажеров и оказывались часто мошенники - придёт кассир, отработает месяц - полтора и в один прекрасный день сворует крупную сумму при пересдаче смены - и ищи её, толком-то же никто с новенькими не общается - кто они, откуда, где живут - хэзэ, бывали и кто денег у всех назанимают и рассосутся, и кто из фсб что-то вынюхивали и пр. - и вот всё это - стажеры. Perishing how many cameras and microphones was have us ponatykano, and increasingly would still this OK technique - its deceive can be yes and if on a hundred cameras ten operators sits - understood the, so, recent graduates for me - a suspicious category.
His snow blower - - if kantora on ” as the guerrilla - so and he can be get knows whom - who his in airport knows that whether? The same "a trainee" from blue, incidentally, his same branch of Hypnotizes and cleaning the within private incarcerated. Strange, that in first the news with seats reports reported, that his snow blower -, too, died, and perishing only then said, that made a mistake and that alive he and the entire in of shock.

Even more strange, that SK announced, that authentication tel can be and without DNA expertise to do, negotiations pilots’Falcon to publish not will until, leadership airport from pichalki quietly - Over the, and no one their not paid, even the valorous SK. Can at all this "Mustache" not in Vnukove died?

Name same Total SA, it turns out, usually in environment power engineering specialists was written as 24 programs, plane Falcon - falcon, directly the Egyptian needs of any)

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Classic genre.

“Skyfall a data expertise, as was in alcohol intoxication, the final results will known in for 5 to 7 days ”, — have read them to document judge Natalia Dudar.
In turn lawyer detainee Alexander Karabanov called “tentative expertise ” absurd.“ Those conclusions were made on the basis visual exploring as doctor after catastrophe, but why we must this trust, we can trust only data analyses, and their no ”, — said quarterback.
Found on substance-States, Canada, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, San Marino, Frantsiya- 0.8per mill. Finland, Germany and other Czech Republic, Spain with Bolgariyami- mere 0.5per mill.
So that is dyad on laws "civilized world" was absolutely'm sober. Otake.



What and should wait.
The disobedient drunkards at work nor on building workers, nor in gruzchikakh not hold. And age - so at all nowhere.

The wife snowblower from Vnukovo: Husband never saws at work
She also surprised by those, that spouse dispatched on the cleanup Alternatively, where not was Snow.

Свернутый текст

The wife snowblower from Vnukovo: Husband never saws at work

Spouse 60-year-old snowblower from Vnukovo Vladimir as, which can arrest on trial about the crash plane convinced that, its husband never saws at work.

On its words of, which intraoral channel broadcast LifeNews, a man was drinking extremely rarely.

Currently spouse as supports the link with colleagues her husband. She also surprised by those, that spouse dispatched on the cleanup Alternatively, where not was Snow.

Previously driver a plow machines refused to recognize blame in catastrophe plane Falcon in Vnukovo. Lawyer contractor airport dismissed complaints data, that his grounds was drunk during PE.

Meanwhile, RS wants test on intergenerational accounts and drugs all the dispatchers Vnukovo.

The private plane Falcon 50 crashed on the eve. Vessel faces a with the snow the machinery of and fully burned down. Died four human, in including CEOs French oil company Total Christoph de Margery.



Here is this as call? Mass hatred loader to polyglots)
It seems on zaseranie informational field, type such incident occur slightly whether not every day and this excess reaffirming, that catastrophe had be place.
In airport Ekaterinburg liner faced with back up a forklift
[But before = "an Airplane“ Ural regional commuter market ” faced in ekaterinburgskom airport Koltsovo International under prepare to end of runway in Moscow with back up a forklift. About this reports in Friday, 24 October, TASS with refers on representative airport Dmitri Tyukhtina.

Incident occurred about 08 :0 0 on local time (06 :0 0 minutes Moscow Time). “contaminated prepare to end of runway occurred contact of the truck with-plane-. Technical services airport and airlines conducted of aboard. Damage that could draft threat security by air, not revealed ”, — told Tyukhtin. In moment incident, on his words of, on board plane passengers not was, no one not suffered.

Jet, as told the, in turn, in press service “Ural regional commuter market ”, already flew in Moscow. Delay, according to online oaaei Koltsovo International, amounted to order two hours.

In night on 21 October in Vnukovo the private jet Dassault Falcon 50 under the violent crackdown on especially snegouborochnuyu machine, which proved on runways the landing front page, after what ignited and collapsed. In a result died four human — President Total and three member crew. In Russia brought deal about violating rules security movement and exploitation naval ship air transport, in France — about of manslaughter. "][/spoiler]



Snow could be. At least on the southwest of the Moscow he began with the evening and in district 23-24 hours already lay, albeit tonyusenkim layer by layer, but lay.

On writing via registered murder of very it seems. But even times stuck pedalnut subject with possible staged, to. De Marjorie like as was considered a loyal to Russia. Highly it is doubtful, that matrix "the omnipresent westward" became would organize attempted in the Moscow airport, controlled along and forwards Russian siloviki. Perhaps, himself fact, that de Marjorie kept any shit with my with trades abroad or other obscure facts from his activities (who knows with whom from matrix or vnematrichnykh he that undoubtedly) someone are weary. Well could himself organize its tragic demise of the, cannot admins suspicious, and now's holed up where any in Abkhazia.



Earlier driver work’s most formidable snowblower refused to recognize blame in catastrophe plane Falcon in Vnukovo. Lawyer contractor airport dismissed complaints data, that his grounds was drunk during PE.

Pardon me for use logic, but guilt not can be in is, that grounds was drunk
The blame can be in is, that grounds was with his the snow the machinery of there, where cannot be was in the very moment lie
If he there was - is to blame, not was - not is to blame, drunk he was in the very moment or not - absolutely no matter
If would was video showing, - issue, was whether grounds in moment collapse plane there, where was cannot be, simply not fulsome would
Therefore, videotapes ??? there is no (erased aliens, can barely see her an outbreak of supernova, looted by lawyers one ’, at all never was)


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