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Sewage mraziynogo scenario Ukrainian of keeping war in 1998

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Claire wrote:

Don’t only our Lemons because I'm understudying segodnyashni

Pro installation with corpses from the morgue somewhere?



Here is and still one of leading mrazoakterov vistavi blabs to pro scenario transference maydanov-antimaydanov from "Novorosii" in Russia. Truth, pages of his one Girkinu, although the entire-on this worked.

Branch has need to something in matrix to paint.

Rubanulo on limits angular joints movements, with hard churchgoers.

Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Ponomaryov 19.03.2015 Propulsion



One of many candidates in chieftains, not potyanuvshiy this role (as and all other), the heroic Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov rightful ownership initial general plan have vnematritsy, with remove Putin’s.
Militia victorious Federal State of Novorussiya against liberal-zhydo-fascist coup in the Kremlin, arresting Moscow, the spread of opolcheniy from Moscow on entire Russia, establishing "Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church-social state", battle with the world evil Lightbringer Russian people - tyrts
Guarantor turned from supostatov-agents west in chieftains and svetochi Russian world in 11 against supostatov. Colonel load former genplanom.
Nature razdraya in camp scum, which has led to hang situation in days full disappearances guarantor, in odds two points of view and klanovykh groups - supporters first scenario with supporters second - current, in which Russian people beats with the world supostatom led by guarantor of.

Being published only today. May well be, that scrambled mess continues, although situation control second. As they gathered technically show svetonosnuyu battle Russian people with guarantor of led by and include real battle - kheze. On-my this impossible.



горожанин wrote:

the militia victorious Federal State of Novorussiya against liberal-zhydo-fascist coup in the Kremlin, arresting Moscow, the spread of opolcheniy from Moscow on entire Russia, battle with the world evil Lightbringer Russian people - tyrts

The reference not works.
Judging by often repeating situation with itself the big info, above than posting on forum video, picture or the text, need preserve their. Mrazotsekh works.

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avkvadrate wrote:

the reference not works.
Judging by often repeating situation with itself the big info, above than posting on forum video, picture or the text, need preserve their. Mrazotsekh works.

No one its not deleted and not remove, its now on gebeshnym communities Gibkikh've emptied out.

If on exiled there nothing - then on site Russians patriots - ah-PI in London) - … vicha.html
Or gebovyy profile Gibkikh
(In affairs general arrangement design all 1930-six, an agency, gru, SBU and other together)



Ah here is and participants mrazospektaklya bryakayut on the significance of the, which emphasized in "genplane "-level" novorosskoy "easily described. Perhaps, not understanding, that they bear.

Oleg Tsarev: "Shambhala is in Federal State of Novorussiya."

In sakralschine zverosolnyshkom (star chaos, Volos, apocalypse) metitsya the, that subject to obliteration of on "Cabinet" carnage and button matrix - from British world until ROC. Three spots, flower and camping on D. - the, that works on "Oh. Creation" - in particular, "creating a new human" (compound gene immortal / gods /, Werewolves, with human - the, about than spoke here Signs and symbols, Signs and symbols).

Colossal significance emphasized Slavyansku-Toru, where in "pervostsenarii" was harming butchery - the real, with pretty victorious the spread of this blood on Ukraine and forth, and in the midst of a process - Genezisom "new man." But scum plummeting has.

Three spots-flower, "mother world" permitted "sozidateli" - “practical Castro here in is, that this from machine" its circle "misrepresentation." Neyromir "with Musinym, KPE. Plan Torah (Slavyansk) - the same "mother world" (was very hard on here Bylbasovka and "business cards Яrosha").

There the establishment most video, and I have - almost all fotografii,

(Skyfall this reason all and states: Not Koristuytes by hosting the He fotki steals.)

But with plan - has remained. The key event should was due in Laurels.
As and "crucifixion boy" in Torah-Gorlovka (Donetsk region), which should was occur and collapsed together with the rest of the "sacred scenario", but was originally durischey, which on "pervostsenariyu" it was necessary this to do, that she and Cannito.
Children, thank you. On recreation and missing, somewhere there in next to ya held. But not succeeded - had to and children mock, and about.



Нижнее фото это Krupp (По вики:немецкая промышленная династия из Эссена)?



ismale wrote:

Нижнее фото это Krupp (По вики:немецкая промышленная династия из Эссена)?

Да. На этом же форуме, если не изменяет память. Рабочие демонтируют вывеску в Краматорске, 1943й  год, кажется.



National Bolshevik Party-Belarus think big. Them not only Ukraine, them the whole world limonkoy to blow up need to:

And people good fellows, sacked jerk.



The good article, albeit in one of "matrixes - in this case in" matrix junta. " Good for understanding of: That this for mrazo-misconception standing on Donbas physically and in the rest of the world in music scene, what are roots his and goal.

The authors ascribed authorship "project DNR" Party ?aaeiiia with Yanukovych, but facts from debate in context DNR say about authors global levels.

To this correct, that "project DNR" a longstanding. Those ten years, that he on mind - this small level of global general arrangement design. He is part of greater level, scale decades, on how level area Donbas and Crimea were merged with Ukraine in administrative matrix. In turn, level of decades - part of level centuries, when built itself Ukraine. All of this done as part of plan global carnage, detonation which must was be implemented this the most "DNR."

As usually, key seats allocated with our star status.

"Project DNR": "Republic" ten years ago

Проект "ДНР": "Республика" десять лет назад prepares a series of articles within anniversary of "Russian Spring" on Donbas. In the first parts of are talking about has been writte. "Donetsk the Federal Republic", "a referendum about independence", colour have buildings governance SBU Donetsk area. This here began not year ago. This here already long. With 2005.

Of course, this in Donbas began not year ago. This here already long.

If borrow in attention of villages in Donetsk Oblast area as "earldom separatism" in Ukraine, then ideas federalization here mussiruyutsya already recent 20 years, from and permanent emphasis on self-sufficiency region, particular view "the territory character" and level influence themselves "Yanukovych." In view direct border with trades abroad here always was and prorossiyskiy into cannon fodder (castle would region to a different advanced country, vector was would an appropriate).

Have same these ideas after 2004 – Orange revolution, lose Yanukovych on presidential election and understanding of, that power "Yanukovych" ??? be. Criminal affairs and detention centre after Patriarchal Congress gave understanding of: Calls even to autonomy can be inherently insecure. So this activities "regionaly" were quick on shoulders prevailed.

(Bullshit. What still regionaly? When-lost actor Yanukovych (likely, are a natural way), on all "aktivistskim" massovkam southeast the east has passed team to remove his from tekstovok and charm props and fight quite-quite for other things. "Party ?aaeiiia" at all never and nowhere not matter how sound in propaganda "activists southeast vovstoka")

Birth of the "republics"

За 2005 год в Донецке создали несколько десятков мелких организаций, среди которых выделялись "Рух пильних"(как заявлял ее председатель Александр Цуркан, именно с "древнерусского языка" переводится как "Движение бдительных"), "Союз рожденных революцией"(глава – Андрей Пургин, сейчас спикер "парламента ДНР"), ОД "За Украину без Ющенко"(руководитель Александр Хряков, ныне депутат "Народного совета ДНР"), "Мы"(председатель Роман Лягин, во время "русской весны" возглавлял "центризбирком" по референдуму 11 мая 2014 года), иногда мелькала организация "Молодежное движение патриотов"(ее возглавил Владимир Макович, председатель "парламента ДНР" с весны до осени 2014-го).

All they ten years ago actively supported Yanukovych, opposed "orange regime", for format federation for Donetsk area, for Russian language as the second public, against NATO, for ever union with Russia and camping on P. Many of their leaders not camouflaged its ties with Party regions, EIO and with still the former on vengeance leader Progressive Socialist Party (hotel and tourism Nataliya Mykhaylivna Vitrenko. Time from time community implemented shares to a memorable anniversaries Soviet period, on which intended until a hundred participants. In February 2005 th smashed "into a town" from five "small architectural forms of" on central Tiananmen Lenin (militia on the basis decisions court their periodically run over my, but over time, they again emerged until August 2005 th). But, in principle, special scale in their actions not occurred, journalism education cameras they attracted a foreign epatazhnostyu – budenovkami, Soviet symbolics, have 3 grandmothers with photo Stalin, him "Grandfather" with flags the USSR. In a whole Khryakova, Purgina, Tsurkana and eaea with them except as "urban marginalize their" all of this time until past year and not a lot of things.

Poepatirovav so within a year, already 6 December 2005 In Donetsk was officially floated urban organization with entitled "Donetsk Republic" (the founders – already governments cited very, Purgin, and also Oleg Frolov, then the leader "Russian movement in Ukraine", in 2015 st – one of deputies first "interim Council DNR", with June fighting in ranks "militias"). And 9 December – already oblasna organization "Donetsk Republic" (the founders very, Purgin, Gennady Prytkov, the late in 2008) with symbolics, made core in current "DNR." In this same time in other areas southeast the east Ukraine registered similar organizations.

And already 9 February 2006 in Donetsk was created Inter-regional the federation public organizations "Donetsk the Federal Republic" led by with the same Tsurkanom. In composition federation comprised regional social organizations "Donetsk Republic", "Dnepropetrovsk mill Republic", "the Luhansk Republic", "Zaporozhye Republic", "Kharkіvska Republic", "Khersonskaya Republic."

(In Forum repeatedly used signifiers of the all zakladyvavshikhsya "popular republics." In the real life the necessary extra,.. extra succeeded the only have two Regional State Administration, Donetsk and luganskoy, the rest have failed. The current "novorossiya" percent on 90 product enforced improvisation of workshop).

The organizers "federation" called themselves successors Donetsk-Krivorozhskoy republics (precisely 9 February 1918 year on IV) CIOs from councils Donkrivbassa in Kharkiv was created DKR, which lasted until 17 March 1918 year) and have identified goal reinvent the country's in original, but only "Ukrainian" borders DKR (in 1918 year in DKR was part and part of current trades abroad). To word, central street of Donetsk (str. Ripeo) wears name of founder Donetsk-Krivorozhskoy republics Feodor Sergeyeva, more known as "comrade Artem", and a monument revolyutsioneru until now rises in the center of the cities.

Superficially these and other such public formation created ostensibly for imitation illusions separatism on Donbas, with goal blackmail of Kyiv and kingpins "Orange power" in Donetsk area in period rule Viktor Yushchenko. Activists mainly by "to community", when need was the Picketts support session Donetsk regional and urban councils during decision-issues on Russian language or initiating referendum relatively accession Ukraine in NATO (for example, as this was in May 2006).

But deal it turned out more serious, and, as we see today, the entire this "the Russian Spring-2014" raze not wrought "venue."

?? shares

To 2006 activists-community already were okucheny Russian politformirovaniyami. In patrons between its mini-shares and Kherson leaders shock value traveled in Russia, incoming training, seminars about the "Russian world" and his the near dominance. The most close ties were with organization "International Atomic Energy Eurasian movement", created by in 2003 and-led the main ideologue "imperial Russia" and "Russian world" as such by Aleksander Dugin.

In 2005 under MED is shaped youth branch – Eurasian union youth (ESM). Un ESM sets in catechism, in every thesis which manifests itself nationalism, the exterior of precisely to Nazism:.

"You must be Mr. Pierfrancesco. You born to rule Eurasia. You is free. Get up, get up and rule! You more, than people. You should become more, than people. We Union we, new masters Eurasia. Us have peoples and countries, these are hand of the king lay away in half the world, and soles trampling mountains and Valley all continents of the globe. We all shall return ago.

“Without discipline man nothing, scum of the earth. When you learn submit to, you you can himself Pashtun.

Simple people on our side. But count on them not account for. Previous generation, our immediate ancestors, fail a all that could. Have them the good soul, but paralysis will and mind. Themselves they capable only to kill it. Salvation countries, Oh. Creation Russia-3 - this deal youth, new generations.

Everyone, that goes from America, napitano poison. All, that there say, lies and a disease. All, that there make, should break and out. To preserve our "I", we must introduce strict antiamerikanskuyu hygiene. This is the first step on the way great war continents: Eurasia against of the Atlantic.

(all using quotes responsibly "general arrangement design", in all his variations that all - about one)

Under threat today Russia – the latest bastion Eurasia, hope world, collateral save, hope of strong and free people planet, not turned neck before American evil.

Wu of our Union there is absolute enemy. This the US. This the beginning of and the end of the our hatred. All the rest – our friends. Such is law battlefield: Initially let's get the hell chief – great — adversary, then understand between themselves.

Eurasian union youth open absolutely for all, but enter in him will be able only elected – those, who prove its value affair. The rest prove trembling copyright between proliferation and the anvil. There is only two forces in world – they and we. The, who not enemy, – each. And not each – enemy (or coward and idjit, but this would still, that a classic enabler enemy: Guilt idiots enormous, and punishment them will without very sharp discount.

Eurasian union youth been charged save Russia, build Russia-3.

(Fringe 4x22 New Mir, which it was necessary to do by carnage, ranging with Russia, first staging a, then dense in real, was called "then so. Now have him at all there is no time he name. But invariably broadcast, vangovat, providet, yasnovidet Great Russia led by world owe all prophets, visionaries, yasnovidtsy)

Eurasian union youth nothing you should not, nothing not promises. To us simply come best. Come, and all. And they give us promises, swear they will Eurasia, oath is of the Third Russia. "

And here is fairs about involvement Andrei Purgina, Olega Frolova and Sergei Buntovskogo (the Donetsk activist "Russian movement") in August 2006 in "naval patriotic" camp ESM. Remarkably, that on this and other sletakh were the coordinators of the network rates "Eurasian Front" from of Kyiv, of Prykarpattya, Vinnitsa, Kharkova, Mariupol, and Mykolayiv, Luhansk and other Ukrainian cities.

Such mass gatherings of shovinistskogo direction on the lake STREAM TV ESM pursued a annually, and activists "Donetsk republics" were regular their participants.

In 2012 (after official ban its public organizations in Ukraine, about than speech goes below) Andrei Purgin and Oleg Frolov organized in Moscow embassy "Donetsk republics", in which began to contract passports citizens a new "republics." So here is office "embassy" troops precisely on base headquarters Eurasian union youth.

failure history

With summer 2006, and especially autumn, activities prevailed spy make more active.

22 June during joint underground meetings EIO, "Rucha (Rachel) pilnikh", "Donetsk republics" and other organizations, on which arrived less 200 people, first time hit the combination of "popular militia." "I want declare about great the domestic resistance FC people rusty occupation and the other bastards, which here she built their nest. We need enjoy by any ways in legislative the framework to win scum both from earth. Our movement called for folk militia,. We not are talking, that if this popular militia, the the necessarily with with sticks Caribbean. There is no. Until there is opportunity, until announced democratic transformation, we will act by law and, not breaking law, protest, but always have in mind, that can conduct shares public disobedience ",– called for in his speech Chairman DP" Donetsk Republic "Alexander very.

November 7 2006 in Donetsk "Republicans" in budenovkakh, makes customer satisfaction as a with homemade wooden rifles, conducted revolutionary march. Slogans "NATO – murderer Slavs!", "Over Russian language! For federation! "," No – banderovskoy occupation! "Raised already about 400 people.

And later week, 15 November, all those same on central Tiananmen cities organized information some deciphered and began to collection signatures for initiating project recall referendum about giving independence Donetsk area and still a range of regions Ukraine for subsequent create autonomous "Donetsk federal republics." On design organizers of, in composition republics must were enter current Donetsk-, the Luhansk, Dnepropetrovsk mill, Zaporozhye, Khersonskaya, 2010th and Kharkіvska area. "Skyfall very least, our supporters are planning also conduct such referendums in these regions. In Republic will reside 17 million population, in territorial terms of she will borrow 172 square Km. Donetsk the Federal Republic will created on analogies with Donetsk-Krivorozhskoy republic ",– he advocated all the same Alexander very. Similar July and "monitoring public opinion" (the so after claims power renamed process collection signatures) over on all large cities Donetsk area and neighboring five regions. In parallel with HC Donbass Donetsk in Crimea similar traction gathered "the People’s Front" Sevastopol - Crimea - Russia. "

In December and in the first months already 2007 shares "Donetsk republics" passed mostly under the watchwords federalization.

(on pervostsenariyu - already said in the Forum - "novorossiey" must was become much of Ukraine, including Kyiv, and this "novorossiya" must was beat with fashistko-banderovsko-western Galicia (Central Europe) and forth together with the rest of the "Russian world" against the rest of the "west")

And here is in April flag of "DR" fluttering already in the center of Kyiv – on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) - during underground meetings supporters parliamentary coalition Party regions, sotspartii and EIO.

Court goes

To mid-2007 th "Republicans" terminally "shoplifting is out of hand": Shares, July, rallies under trekhtsvetnymi flags (as "DR", so and Russia itself) already have become the usual for all areas southeast the east, the main same center shock value continued persist in Donetsk.

In end in November 2007 th at the request Donetsk regional governance Justice Donetsk okruzhniy administrative Court has forbidden activities organizations "Donetsk Republic." In turn Service security Ukraine’s office brought criminal affairs against leadership and activists "DR" on UF. 110 CC ("an affront on territorial integrity Ukraine"), in as a measures cheaters was chosen because about order ”.

Investigation resisted about two years, and in December 2009 SBU placed control in intently Donetsk area criminal deal on charges three leaders "DR" – Alexander Tsurkana, Andrei Purgina and of Tatiana Dvoryadkinoy. Members "Donets'ka republics" accused in spreading materials with by calls to climate constitutional by building Ukraine, borders territory and public borders Ukraine and violation constitutional order, associated with imposed national feud. Them has threatened term from 2 to 5 years.

21 January 2010 Court of Appeals Court Donetsk area sent criminal deal on additional investigation: Nourished German, in the process were allowed violations. Measure cheaters to accused were at has remained unchanged – "because about order ”." Ultimately in March 2013 combined criminal deal in respect leaders "Donetsk republics" was closed, Court even obliged staff SBU return activists previously taken out flags, and also notebooks.

(Indeed, as to do revolution without flags and technology? Qur supostaty SBU! Not understand historical tasks!)

In underground

After official ban "Donetsk Republic" plummeting has underground, the main emphasis was made on work in social media, where in 2008 was created of the same group.

One of impertinent base ostensibly underground organizations became-hour some deciphered buildings SBU in Donetsk area 13 December 2008. "How do they feel and began to deployed flags with, have all mood short-range battlefield and zadornoe, are starting to joke, emerges of operational only. In beer hall SBU stolpilos all governance, we the are more suited exhorts entry in SBU, then stand back. Somewhere in 11 :0 0 on, wrap it up and column with certain banner quit to Tahrir Lenin, passing on str. Ripeo. Sponsoring some deciphered on Square, we gathered and are gone on office to discuss the coming prospects and actions our organizations. Truth, not go off without excesses: On orders SBU wanted Catch one of our associates. Following time they decided to abandon this wouldn. In general, revolution continues, comrades! "– here is so officially proscribed" Republicans "in those days described on site organizations their" exploits "and" exploits "staff regional governance SBU.

(well underground!:D )

After such foray SBU is beginning to a generational be, arrests and interrogation activists "DR." In 2008 st die the head of the "Russian movement Donbas" Valery Medvedev (the official the reason – the sudden halt hearts) and so is the "DR" Gennady Prytkov (end stage). In December after be apartments Tsurkana, Purgina and Dvoryadkinoy "trinity" claims, that discovered in their dwellings decanted mercury, pairs which their deliberately tried to to poison representatives SBU. In 2009 sharply deteriorated health and founder organizations Alexander Tsurkana. In for six months he tried to fight with obostrivshimisya disease, but heart of, too, not couldn. Activists "Donets'ka republics" have bonded death associates with "by mercurial method next" and accused in them Ukrainian intelligence agencies.

(Brad Hart swallowed, of course. If need to to whack a, then grokhayut. Who not fit in there in utochnennyy "project", those was removed and have replaced in other artists. Whom not was removed, those were agreed on and came to full understanding the upcoming tasks with legal providers and tsekhovym master)

In 2009 "DR" organizing own naval sports teams youth, named "Donetsk Russian army."

And 9 February 2009 "Republicans" raised 285 man on its already the third the and proclaimed "Declaration about public sovereignty Donets'ka federal republics." In sheets that we passed out, common in those days in including and in Donetsk, stated, that in composition DFR includes Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk mill, Zaporozhye, the Luhansk, Kharkіvska and Khersonskaya area, on territory which public recognized Russian language. DFR was a reputed an independent in the composition of the Ukraine with the clause, that this happened owing to "Ukrainian occupation."

The entire this new wave of activity was coincides with to presidential elections 2010, on which in end won Viktor Yanukovych. After victory caregiver candidate need in by the faded, and "Donetsk Republic" superficially not one reflected. After death Tsurkana other leaders stopped to accept participation in public events. Only one times to 9 on May conducted share on as Order of St. George ribbons, waved on Tiananmen Lenin flags and again subsided.

Flags "DR" again appeared in Donetsk in 2012. monumental not on street missions, and already in agency institutions.

(This is is impossible without immediate participation officials and agencies junta, but no one Standup then. As and in "against Russian Spring 2014" no one nor stuck full Zaporozhya content and commercial law care junta "popular governments DNR-of Lugansk People's Republic, ensuring transport and communication, hard time delivering junta many tons wheel for divide, ensuring" are masses "huge number of sewing attributes, emblems, ribbons and flags, weaponry" militias "perekrashennoy Ukrainian technique, and camping on D., and camping on D., and camping on D. Setting the joint. How many need examples, to all of this saw finally?)

For example, in August in Donetsk national University has passed today the table "Regional reintegration as the starting gathering spaces that offer universal reestre unification", organized local activists "Donetsk republics" and Russian "Eurasian union youth." In the course arrangements representatives ESM have demonstrated forestry they in the Moscow "Embassy currently synthesizing proposals" passports. Here were and Purgin, and Dvoryadkina, and other agricultural (politlidery current "DNR"), and also Sergei Baryshnikov (then Associate Professor their policy political science has developed Donetsk national University, and with September 2014 To March 2015. – rector of this University, but already on base "DNR"). And as always, no reaction law enforcement and "silent" obedience local authorities.

(not obedience, and a direct promoting: To politicians, directly propagandiruyuschim in Lear establishment their dismemberment state, avoid - as least - the detention and procedures, need direct team departments pravokhraneniya and state security personnel about how, that imnadlezhit and that not the proper to do)

To 2013 "Donetsk Republic" devolved already to avowedly aggression. So, 4 April activists led by Purginym, Frolovym and in other adherents "republics" stripped in Donetsk holding Ukrainian-American, on IT technologies because, that set up his Ambassador the US in Ukraine John SSMSC website at http. First about hundreds of J-J-Jasmine peacefully mitingovali have entry in cultural center "Izolyatsiya" (where anodyne-door workshop) against "American expansion." But literally through couple of hours they began to assault on buildings, vylomav gates and raskidav guard. Since hand power agencies and then in the answer – silence.

(who would have doubted? Setting global, all departments must if not to Appease, then not hinder)

Here is thus by with 2005 "Donetsk Republic" lived to see it until 2014 th, presided prorossiyskoe movement, vylivsheesya in already "of villages in Donetsk Oblast popular republic" and subsequent war. So that "against Russian Spring" on Donbas natural by raising the popular masses raze not one.

Inna Bessonov, specifically for



горожанин wrote:

"Project DNR": "Republic" ten years ago

As has the city dweller

горожанин wrote:


горожанин wrote:

She's a beaut for understanding of

Now let us think of what are goal this articles?
Rusurs as and eponymous "112 news Canal" podkontrolen structures Benzion Kolomoyshi. Need to believe, that "dirt" on DNR (skoroee his part of) emerged have him not today and not yesterday, and vbroshen precisely now. Means was struck tree come down - Project DNR is closed.
In view events last six months (ministers change and merge with enviable speed, Baran-instead and khabadnik A. Kauffman... it is disclosed, until on its office and continues to Caribbean on entitled policy. Talk show bearing pure some B.S.) can be suggest, that DNR seceded from under control or has passed intercept governance. Version of the second can be well with matrix.



Валентин wrote:

Now let us think of what are goal this articles?
Rusurs as and eponymous "112 news Canal" podkontrolen structures Benzion Kolomoyshi. Need to believe, that "dirt" on DNR (skoroee his part of) emerged have him not today and not yesterday, and vbroshen precisely now. Means was struck tree come down - Project DNR is closed.
In view events last six months (ministers change and merge with enviable speed, Baran-instead and khabadnik A. Kauffman... it is disclosed, until on its office and continues to Caribbean on entitled policy. Talk show bearing pure some B.S.) can be suggest, that DNR seceded from under control or has passed intercept governance. Version of the second can be well with matrix.

Coagulates, circus, what here dim. Further his display only discredit the Europe-ideas, whom even loaded performers and "media-army." So now branch has should although would fix in policy-matrix the, that managed vklinit in brains - DNR in the form of "autonomy" or any "special territory." - and be preparing other forms.

This still by the early winters it was clear, but-ugly dragged. In camp "the writers" very all fragmented, their disassembly have "hawks" and "soglashateley."



In Zaporіzhzhі the ones who dropped Lenіna ua 1992 th

Has whether archive accidentally and why? But reality not it is important. Interestingly, that called in Ukrainian. Nationalists started demureness "these little check-in" (do other old symbols history) public still even 4000m2 as well as after razvalivaniya the USSR and wanted redesign your, principles, still then - "from ceasefire yes in the firehouse and."
Centimeters. With 1.21
And face semejantes in Ukrainian. Nationalist a bit it seemson Bezlera :unsure: since "revolyusoner" -

Ah, yes, forgot - on 1.32sounds voice its human to super 8 camera (likely term “the) for shot:" closer not need to. See, to people you not have closed."(the favored German emki such a" the magnificent events ", I believe). ! ', krch.

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горожанин wrote:

"Project DNR": "Republic" ten years ago

Is well Illustrated (with hard, but ??? has found attributes failed narrespublik here), with the indication multiple-of references material titanicheskimi effort assembled in a flat post, which published I have in an online journaland in community 911TM


In the text mention Aiseau-ideo-evrazo-fashisto. Mrazyuchok Alexander Dugin

Let me give you for forums below something about Dugine.

А не хочет ли Дугин организовать Апокалипсис через противостояние в Новоросии?

A not wants whether Dugin organize the Apocalypse through standoff in Novorosii?

In his last article I proposed three possible scenariodevelopment big game around Federal State of Novorussiya, coming from participation in the process the oligarch-a monarchist Malofeeva, his dependent Strelkova and religious study, his friend and partner the occult fascist Gelyevich Dugin and other. But as me seems, is possible even and the fourth scenario, the most extravagant bailout, but in principle allowable, given Occult Art, Occultism-Gnostic mythos viewsAlexander Gelyevich Dugin.

At all participation Gelyevich Dugin in antifashistskom movement DNR not can not to inspire issues, because himself Dugin even with 80’s is denationalizing and profound ideologue and practitioner the occult gnostitsizma and of esoteric of fascism (see My article about this). For decades Dugin writes articles and books, wedding bells proclaim the most glaring and bloody fascists, such as Karneliu Codreanu, Gimlera and their organizations “iron Guard ” and“ Wafen SS ” as structures “intellectual freedom and pluralism ” and a“ new heroic humanism. ” For 90-'s Dugin strategically in various organizations and movement (NBP, Russian Orthodox Old Believers a community) and was imposing them occult Gnosticism as true content their ideology. Behavior Gelyevich Dugin in 2000-krizhanikh (create Eurasian movement, teaching in MSU, patriotic one-in support Putin’s) created impression moreover, that Dugin has just departed from their views political youth. Many same at all nothing not knew about previous fascist activities “patriotic philosopher. ” Now Dugin is participating in information companies around Novorosii, but his drug business accept directly participation in the political process Donbas. So Alexander Proselkov - assistant Gelyevich Dugin and chief Southern coordinating center International Eurasian movement in Rostov-on-Don charges of, leader which is Dugin, in fact Headquarters Paul Gubareva and even coordinates armed provocations, “The most likely themselves Dugin. In May Dugin in Vienna met with “black International ” - elite post-fascists, executives neofashistkikh parties, Princes, election, and the Pashtun and discussed arrival fascists to power simultaneously and in Europe and Russia. Closed the anodyne under predsedateltsvom old friend Gelyevich Dugin the oligarch-raider Constantine Chernyenko Malofeeva, a township boss religious study and Strelkova.

As demonstration moreover, that Dugin and now not has just departed from the occult gnostitsizma and as may this exercises puts highly ominous goal, propose a watch the film, magnifying Eurasian movement Gelyevich Dugin in 2011. The film devoted teaching either camp Eurasia Union been (ESM), called “Finis when a ” (End world)and past 7-9 on May in Moscow region. Video ranks at articles.

About the most events on site evraziytsevnominee wonderful description of: “Obyavlyaetsya eskhatologicheskaya mobilization evraziytsev! All nearing its conclusion and resolving. FINIS MUNDI. The end of the World.. Camp Eurasia Union been, win CC. Theme artwork World will examined with perspective mifoanaliza, etnosotsiologii and sociology imagination. On three days evraziytsy immerse themselves in the world dreaming, myths and of prophecies. With the help methods mifodramy and etnodramy will detail are investigated Hindu, the Jewish, the Russian and other Eskhatologicheskie model. On the results of camps will shaped composition Cold Radikalnogo, so the unsub's ”

Very revealing the impression participants, that--at camp: End of light became closer. Absolutely all were included in process apocalypse, directly, route residence his in one way or another tradition. Hindu, the Jewish and, of course same, the Russian an eschatology – have become nucleus camps. Evraziytsy voploschali all marked with tradition in theater Government Decree starting, the breath from the viewer and erasing the brink of between valid and transcendent. Rehearsals has been going days and night, in dream and ancient, with full fall in the the world, which to us even are to come, at. <..>is Hindu an eschatology … The beautiful and a brutal, ended she in incineration world – telling destruction of the globe, truly 1920s and merciless. ”

Another means: “In the ultimate scene, scene the self I already not understood, who there is the viewer, and who teenage. I sheets as I indeed'm on fire and as surges my eyelids, face, eyes, hands. I sheets what something liberation. ” A nasty and ominous voice from the scene: “with krestisya Russ! In fire overthink it and its a diamond rescue itself from black of industry! ”

Ends the film naputstvennymi words Gelyevich Dugin: “We have lived three days our life in side death. I think, that in launched these scenes, which you set, not need. -movement hermeneutics of the late of light – this that you themselves yet to do.

Zaostryu attention on what performances passed 9 on May - in day Great Victory over fascism, Occult Art, Occultism-Gnostic content which Dugin playing the with their students, that lends additional charged-dram scene back, which is as least psychological classes, but as maximum occult misteriyami, in fact black Messami.


One of the main ideas pushed Dugin in his information companies - this will be fast intervention in conflict armed forces Russia. Makes he this, creating hysterics, in fact Armenian power and personally Putin’s catastrophic the fall downgrade, which Dugin himself and organizes, blaming power in surrendering Federal State of Novorussiya.

Believe, words in the text about (the very) burning......, apocalypse, release, burning world and camping on D. At all are possibly not incidental. After all according to "Cabinet" [далее цитирую Горожанина неточно, но по сути]ruso-evrazo-the world ("Eurasian" matrix) should go war against nato-shtato-Euro-bibleo-khibero-siono-masono-supostatov ("Western" matrix). Evrazomatritsa globally is taking over from western. "Russian the world" subject to full obliteration of. And ultimately, refrigerate biomass overtake "heavenly the fire apocalypse" (closed technology misrepresentation).

[В принципе к зачистке "огнём" в том или ином виде сводятся все "религии". Откройте хоть Иоанна, где описано уничтожение "народов, находящихся на четырех углах земли", число коих - "как песок морской": "и ниспал огонь с неба от Бога, и пожрал их" (Отк.20-9).]

"Would otherwise remain hidden a new world" scum. Remain 60 million in as a "the aft base", the busboys are “Pelagie islands ” - a necessary for industry, dіlovodstva, food chain“ demurrals ” least.

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Video with quite accurate scenario "ukrovoyny" was all bathed in still in 2012 Luganskim politician Krivobokovym.
Ostensibly his vision of the upcoming events.
Materials are subjected creativity, possible recurrences stage of scenario "Russian Spring" with transition "Ukrainian war" in global massacre "evrazo-world" with "nato-west." Virtually in the same the form of he was defined still here - East Ukraine. Part of II.

"Militias" still not have come up with, but basic traits "volunteers" recognized by its.

Video was presented Ukrainian media in May 2012, immediately same on his willingness Lugansk politician dismantled the commercial about the future civil war in Ukraine (video)

The roller about civil war in Ukraine

In interview 2014 The Interview with blindfold, predskazavshim civil wartsekhovichok repeated cable backbone line scenario about spreading maydanov-antimaydanov in Russia.

Scum was delirious these scenario in all his variations the entire 2014 year. The entire gebovaya army propagandonov networks "nyuslanda", "mirtesen", "maksparka" and camping on D. Year has broadcast this "popular war" on five times on day. In 2015 scenario automation manager got canceled together with lopnuvshim a spectacle "ukrovoyny", but troops NATO levy and to this day.
Us he seems interested with perspective real COP productions the Fellwick. If compare planned spring 2012 with "Russian spring", that realistically managed show in 2014, then in "against Russian Spring", she same "ukrovoyna", Goddes even not a tenth of the, and much, much less.



С приветом из 90-х Лимонов на 53 сек про черноморский флот, Крым, Донбасс, Харьков.
Да и сам по себе видеоролик весьма актуальный =)

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Нашел на просторах дурнета:

В 1995 году Эдуард Лимонов выдвигал свою кандидатуру на выборах в Государственную Думу РФ по 194 одномандатому избирательному округу. К этому округу были "приписаны" граждане России, проживающие или проходящие воинскую службу на территории Украины. 11 ноября 1995 года я снял на видео обращение Эдуарда Лимонова к морякам Черноморского флота РФ. Было записано два варианта - один ушёл в Севастополь, и скорее всего, пропал. А второй сохранился. Фрагмент из него и предлагаю вашему вниманию. Отношение Лимонова к Крыму и Восточной Украине уже тогда, двадцать лет назад было четко сформулировано.

Вениаминыча направили на округ, где голосовали русские моряки с Севастополя.  Совпадение - не думаю(с)!

P.S. Вдогонку еще один сценарий развала Украины и создания Юго-Восточной федерации - знаменитый съезд в Северодонецке от 28 ноября 2004 г. - верховодил там знаменитый когда-то (и очень странно погибший на охоте) губер Харьковской области Кушнарев:Первый_Всеукраинский_съезд_депутатов_всех_уровней_в_Северодонецке
Самое главное:

Задал тон работы на Съезде председатель донецкого областного совета Борис Колесников, выступивший первым и обозначивший причины созыва Съезда:
на Украине сегодня сложилась чрезвычайная ситуация. Вслед за оппозиционными политиками, Верховная Рада преступила Закон и попрала Конституцию страны. Ситуация выходит из-под контроля. Мы до последнего момента надеялись на спокойное разрешение конфликта. Но сейчас уже понятно, что это стало невозможным принципиально. Мы обязаны защищать интересы своих избирателей. И если нам не дадут защитить свой выбор, мы готовы идти на крайние меры. В этом случае мы предлагаем: выразить недоверие всем высшим органам государственной власти, которые нарушили закон. Создать новое юго-восточное украинское государство в форме федеративной республики. Столицей нового государства станет Харьков, таким образом, будет восстановлена первая столица независимой Украинской республики. Чтобы защититься от противоправных действий, направленных на наших соратников-губернаторов, в соответствии с законом Украины о местном самоуправлении, больше не делегировать полномочий обладминистрациям, а на её основе создавать областные исполкомы. Руководителю Центральной избирательной комиссии С. Кивалову мы говорим спасибо от Донбасса и хотим выразить свою поддержку. Мы знаем, как на него давили, и чего ему стоила принципиальная позиция. Экономическое процветание и стабильность новому государству обеспечит его высокий промышленный потенциал и членство в ЕЭП. Мы также заверяем мировое сообщество в том, что новое государственное образование будет иметь самую демократическую Конституцию в мире.

Но не надо испытывать наше терпение… на любой выпад у нас есть достойный ответ — вплоть до самых крайних мер. И я хочу напомнить горячим головам под оранжевыми знаменами: от Харькова до Киева — 480 километров, а до границы с Россией — 40! (аплодисменты) Мы хотим жить в государстве, где каждый человек защищён. Защищены его права, его культура, его язык, его история, его традиция и его обычаи. Мы понимаем, что восток имеет серьёзнейшее отличие от Галичины, мы не навязываем Галичине наш образ жизни, но мы никогда не позволим Галичине учить нас, как нужно жить! Мы должны защитить, сохранить главный духовный стержень, который нас объединяет, нашу веру. Мы не примем навязываемый нам образ жизни, мы не примем чужие символы, наш символ — православие! Дорогие друзья, мы хотим спокойно жить, работать, созидать, творить, но над нашей страной, над нашим будущим нависла страшная оранжевая угроза. Поэтому ещё раз призываю всех быть непоколебимыми, стать в полный рост и отстоять наш выбор.

Тогда все это слилось, хотя по российскому ТВ показывали картинки с отколотой синенькой частью Незалежной (помню, мы с другом, у которая мать с отцом из Киева, поржали над этой бредятиной))) И все равно непонятно, почему Цех устранил Кушнарева (видимо, именно он по идее должен был поддержать Аксенова и Чалого в 2014 г., да и все события "войны на Донбассе" начались-то в Харькове...
P.S.Ради юмора: в 2005 году для молодежи запустили дебилореп, разжигающий ненависть между русскими и украинцами по поводу первого майдана:

На 2:02 ключевая строка: "разжигать войну Запада с Востоком"...

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Древняя игрушка
История Черноруссии "От arma до dayz" - Часть 1



Тупо на мамбе с девочками общлся из Донецка,,,. Они вообще не понимают о чем речь( любовь морковь -все что их интерусует)!!



Крайне любопытное интервью Анатолия Собчака (крестного отца старика Кабаева в политике). Великий демократ мочит по-полной проклятую бандеровскую Украину и считает Крым и базы в Севастополе исконно-посконно русскими. И это 1992 год! Еще одно доказательство того, что матрица (при помощи ЦК КПСС) еще тогда все эти постановочные войны вокруг Незалежной придумала:

Собчак отметил, что есть единственно правильный вариант раздела границ.

"Все республики-учредители, которые вошли в состав СССР, после того как они аннулировали договор 1922 года, должны вернуться в те границы, в которых они вошли в состав Союза. Все остальные территориальные приобретения должны стать предметом для переговоров <...>".

Говоря о судьбе Черноморского флота, на который после распада Советского Союза претендовала Украина, политик отверг любую возможность его перехода под украинскую юрисдикцию.

"Севастополь никогда не был базой украинского военно-морского флота. Это всегда была база российского флота. И это ситуация, которая не может измениться под влиянием каких-то сиюминутных обстоятельств".

Он добавил, что, "даже если предположить такую нелепость, что Крым — это территория Украины", существуют прецеденты, когда военная база одного государства находится на территории другого.

При этом Собчак призвал привлечь к переговорам с Украиной международное сообщество. Он увидел "колоссальную угрозу для всего человечества" в действиях Украины в отношении советских армии и флота и предложил подключить ООН.

"Нельзя допускать, чтобы Украина создала такую армию, которую (если она создаст) она обязательно пустит в ход. Я в этом ни минуту не сомневаюсь. Я считаю, что сегодня мы закладываем мину не только под наше будущее, но и будущее всего человечества".

По его словам, в украинской власти после распада СССР возник опасный симбиоз из крайних националистов и "заскорузлой", консервативной партийной номенклатуры. Собчак отметил, что в своих выступлениях руководство Украины образца 1992 года не упоминает о правовом государстве или правах человека, а все речи начинаются и заканчиваются словами о независимости.

"Теперь мы видим, какую именно независимость они избрали. Для этой их независимости нужна, прежде всего, армия, которую они бы сколотили как можно в более короткие сроки, затем им понадобился бы еще и Черноморский флот. Я не сомневаюсь, что завтра они предъявят свои претензии на ядерное оружие".

Он добавил, что задумка украинских властей была в том, чтобы перевести всю армию СССР под свою юрисдикцию.

"Я не могу понять, почему житель России, Узбекистана или Казахстана, призванный служить в советскую армию, должен отдавать присягу украинскому правительству", - сказал Собчак.


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